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  1. It's a problem with a mod you have installed, thus the /mods/workshop-1289779251/ directory. Looks like it's this mod? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1289779251
  2. I've been absent from the game/community for a while, and while I was gone one of the bugs I reported was patched. I'm interested in seeing how the fix was actually implemented, but unfortunately I updated my game when I signed in to get the Year of the Carrat and Glass Eyebrella drops. Is there anywhere I can find old versions of game files so that I can perform a diff between version 386213 and version 386795?
  3. @ScottHansen Amazing, thanks! I haven't really played since the turn of the new year, but I'm really excited for this change!
  4. Guess it's intended functionality then. Unfortunate.
  5. @ScottHansen Speaking of tangentially spore related bugs... Do you think you could tell me whether these two are intended behavior: Sorry to bother you! With the update of spore spoilage in mushlights and glowcaps I stared using both of them frequently and found these two aspects to be suspect and frustrating.
  6. Have you been through all the big tentacle holes?
  7. @ScottHansen Could you elaborate on this change? Does this fix path-finding around certain edges? RIP land gnarwails
  8. They're just pointing out that there's currently nothing to suggest this is anything but intended behavior. No entities other than the player have are affected by sandstorms. This is also pretty explicit in the code. Only the player_common prefab has the stormwatcher component, alongside a GetSandstormLevel function and custom sandstorm animations. If you have suggestions for changes to current intended behavior it's best to put it in the suggestions/feedback forum.
  9. @ScottHansen When you do fix it there's quite a few bug listings to close! Thanks for looking into this! annnddd part of this one:
  10. I swear I had previously seen another very similar post where someone had identified the changelog which introduced this behavior. I have spent way too long looking and can't find the post I was looking for now. I did manage to find this: Which might be the bug which was fixed which caused this change in behavior.
  11. You don't want to... or you can't?
  12. @Lucidi0us That is awesome! Using this mod is it possible to have certain shards synchronized? For example: two pairs of independently synchronized overworld and caves?
  13. I mean, steam says minimum system requirements is 1GB, but I doubt that's current.