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  1. Geometric Placement

    @Zarklord & @rezecib Then again I come back to the question: Would making this mod all_clients_require_mod = true be enough to enforce use by all players on a dedicated server?
  2. Geometric Placement

    @Serpens I don't think I understand how this works... The wiki says "NOTE: This doesn't auto subscribe and enable for dedicated server's, and you should probably make that clear in your workshop page." Does that mean I can't use it on my dedicated server to force players to download the client mod? The wiki also says to place the library manager inside the scripts directory... which doesn't make sense to me... those databundle game files start zipped up and I was under the impression they were just there for reference for modders... and how would this alter my dedicated server's behavior??
  3. [Game Update] - 371739

    @lakhnish Yep, I'm blind!
  4. [Game Update] - 371739

    @Jason Can existing RoT worlds be retrofitted with Salty Dog content?
  5. Retrofitting Non-Beta Worlds

    @ScottHansen Does retrofitting work to update RoT worlds with salty dog content? EDIT: Answer is yes, I'm blind:
  6. Suggestion: Please add renewable ways to get points, even if they are time locked. Right now I'm feeling on the fence regarding whether or not I should get the sign and the tent, simply because I don't know how easy it will be to get more points in the future. Bottomless pit should stay sacred. I say that with full bias as someone who's been here from the start and has it.
  7. When connecting through the game browser to my locally hosted dedicated server I have noticed that my ping fluctuates as though my connection is still going through some external matchmaking server (presumably to obfuscate user's connections to prevent malicious behavior?) I have tried using c_connect("", 10889) in an attempt to connect directly to the server without utilizing the game browser, but I get a message saying there is a server/client version mismatch. There is not actually a version mismatch as I am able to connect using the game browser. Some details on my server: It's a private steam group server owned by me and hosted locally on the machine I use to connect to it.
  8. That was nearly six years ago! I am honored
  9. I just managed to re-locate that post right as you replied! In that case @Dynamix_Roxx I respectfully disagree with your opinions on how the devs should communicate with the community. @JoeW There's no way you remember me from years ago when I first contributed here, do you?! I hardly even remember what I contributed!
  10. @JoeW I'm struggling to find the forum rules. Am I allowed to be disrespectful to other users in this venue?
  11. Geometric Placement

    @rezecib I'm tired of hosting servers and having people without this mod connect. How would you recommend trying to enforce players having this mod? Would it be as simple as reuploading the mod with the following in modinfo.lua? all_clients_require_mod = true
  12. The Gorge Event Extended

    When do we get information about the tournament?
  13. Agreed, I posted on this same topic recently as well. Inventory management and crafting should be a simple addition that would add much to the overall game feel.
  14. I believe that adding a mechanism to toggle the on state of the miner hat would make it a much more user friendly item. I'm not sure exactly how this could be implemented. Potentially, the "examine" shift-click or the ctrl-click feature could be altered so that while equipped it would toggle the on state.