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  1. That's true for most concept art though. Sucks, but it happens. But don't get too disappointed, it's likely that they will be used at some point in the future still.
  2. Wait... Wait... votes were actually improved? Thank goodness, I was trying to avoid public servers recently to avoid all the vote abusers.
  3. Ok, I did this, but my game decided to not work, and I can't make cave servers without my game locking in generation ( I left it overnight and it was still generating world when I came back 8+ hours later) so I don't know exactly whats happening with that.
  4. see, the weird thing is it doesn't crash if there is no caves, it works as it's supposed to. I don't know if there is some weird thing between the caves and flowers or not or if it's something else. here is what I have, line 215 is the last line:
  5. Greetings. I recently helped make a character, and everything works fine, but the game crashes after selecting the character if the caves are generated. It's a problem I have been trying to fix for a while now, but can't seem to work out why it's happening. any help would be appreciated. Here is the client log:
  6. That depends on what kind of mod you want to make If you want to make your own character, go here If you want to make your own usable items, then here anything else, I recommend actually getting someone who knows what they are doing you should read through this before you start doing anything though.
  7. As far as I am aware, every mob has a chance of dropping one.
  8. Pins update, they arrived! and much to probably everyone's disappointment, none of the skins it comes with are unique or astounding. They are not commons though, so there is that. As far as I am aware, its just random not-common drops for 30 or so dollars free with the pins.
  9. sale ends 28th. They will, most likely, still be around afterwards. Albeit with much less sale.
  10. Update: now its not even giving me a reason for crashing! yay! just generated a new world, here is the log: if I can't work out how to solve this, I will probably upload it all here and see if someone can solve it.
  11. its a fresh world I am using to test it. well, back to screwing with the prefabs until it works then.
  12. greetings. I have been working on a character recently, but have run into a crash I cant seem to resolve. here is the log: As far as I am aware, a value in strings/mod.lua is not existant, and is breaking everything, and I don't know why. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  13. damn it, why do I miss all the fun things around here.
  14. ill let you know in a week or so once they get here.