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  1. Give people who don't wear backpacks Red Caps and see what happens. Only then will you find the truth you seek.
  2. For Fanart specifically - I'd like some clarification on this. I have an idea in mind of what to draw but I don't know if it'd be PG enough. Referencing the designs in the spoiler below:
  3. Before players could adhere to min_attack_period in their combat component to allow attacks to have cooldown. They no longer pay attention to attackperiods and can attack regardless if CanAttack runs true or not. While this only causes issues for mods, it is a pretty big bug for things like Playable Pets where some mobs have attackperiods for balance purposes.
  4. Woooo, right on time. Was just about to compile some stuff.
  5. in stategraphs/commonstates.lua: name = "run_start", tags = { "moving", "running", "canrotate" }, onenter = function(inst) if fns ~= nil and fns.startonenter ~= nil then fns.startonenter(inst) end if not delaystart then inst.components.locomotor:RunForward() end inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation(get_loco_anim(inst, anims ~= nil and anims.startrun or nil, "run_pre")) if fns ~= nil and fns.startonenter ~= nil then fns.startonenter(inst) end end, fns.startonenter gets called twice for the run_start state (line 305 in my current build of DST). As far as I'm aware, none of the vanilla mobs make use of fns.startonenter, but it can causes issues to modded mobs that might use them.
  6. This is because he has the "death_down" animation but no other sides to the animation. I believe the intention was to make it a single-faced animation and just be named "death".
  7. Note: This only applies to ingame hosted worlds without caves. Despawning on a boat will cause the camera to stick to the boat when you respawn. Causing you to be essentially be blind until you get to your boat again. Jumping on and off the boat will fix the camera.
  8. Permanently stuck like this, game didn't properly crash. Log is included below.
  9. I agree this is not the place to continue this discussion. But if you're interested in continuing this I'm free in my DMs or other places (like Discord). If this is all truly a misunderstanding (which I doubt) then perhaps we can settle it there. Edit: Also just looking through the screencaps now, we weren't even rude to him (we didn't even him call idiotic). I'm even seeing stuff that doesn't line up with your post.
  10. Idk if you've ever been there when this stuff happens, but he has a history of being arrogant and pretty rude to people right off the bat. A good example is when he left all the public discords. It started off as an innocent conversation where Fuffles thought the malbatross wings were 3D, when proof was shown that it was just fancy 2D animation tricks, rather than admitting he was wrong, he instead double downed and got to the point where he was faking evidence to back up his claims. When called out on it, he called everyone stupid for falling for an epic troll, called us all triggered and proceeded to leave several discords. He turned into drama for no reason. This is a common theme with him and has been for a long time. Now ofc people shouldn't be mean to Fuffles or harass him and its a shame that he decided to leave, etc etc. But if you're going to be outright rude or talk down to people, people aren't going to be nice to you in return. A fact that Fuffles doesn't seem to understand. I do hope he returns and keeps up with modding, because he does do pretty great work, especially with art.
  11. inst:DoTaskInTime(0, function() if TheWorld.components.mermkingmanager:HasKing() then RoyalUpgrade(inst) end end In mods like Forged Forge, TheWorld doesn't have mermkingmanager so it crashes.
  12. Crashed when it killed a player (dead malbatross shown below is the player, is a mod ofc) with a swoop. I was not in the server when it happened so I don't know the details beyond the crash log.
  13. It seems the followcamera crashes the player when removed from the world after leaving boats. This issue can happen with changing characters via the celestial portal and more notably happens with mods that allow you to despawn/change characters.