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  1. Given that the recent update in the beta, at long last, updated containers to finally support custom params without having to override functions to do it (aka making it far easier to make custom chests), I suggest that the same should be done to writeables. Writeables have the same problem where you'll need to override functions to allow custom writeable objects to use existing widgets (below is an example of what I did for writeable gravestones) local writeables = require "writeables" local params = {} params["gravestone_l"] = { prompt = STRINGS.SIGNS.MENU.PROMPT, animbank = "ui_board_5x3", animbuild = "ui_board_5x3", menuoffset = _G.Vector3(6, -70, 0), cancelbtn = { text = STRINGS.SIGNS.MENU.CANCEL, cb = nil, control = CONTROL_CANCEL }, middlebtn = { text = STRINGS.SIGNS.MENU.RANDOM, cb = function(inst, doer, widget) widget:OverrideText( SignGenerator(inst, doer) ) end, control = CONTROL_MENU_MISC_2 }, acceptbtn = { text = STRINGS.SIGNS.MENU.ACCEPT, cb = nil, control = CONTROL_ACCEPT }, --defaulttext = SignGenerator, } local writeables_makescreen_old = writeables.makescreen function writeables.makescreen(inst, doer) local t = params[inst.prefab] if t ~= nil then if doer and doer.HUD then return doer.HUD:ShowWriteableWidget(inst, t) end else writeables_makescreen_old(inst, doer) end end Overall sign mods are not near as popular as container/chest mods so I'm not surprised that most people aren't aware of this. It would be a nice change regardless.
  2. The issue just fixed itself after hours of retrying. I don't know what in specific was wrong.
  3. I haven't played a genuine game of Don't Starve in over 2 years.
  4. 10kb is the filesize for all the modinfo.luas as expected. The size of the mods I'm updating varies greatly from 10mb to 120mb (not compressed, current mod is 22mb). There is a workshop filesize limit, but these mods do not reach these heights (the update actually reduces the filesize since its carrying optimizations, so its definitely not filesize cap ). Updating the OP with a bit more information that I've found in just a sec.
  5. h, I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue recently and knows how to beat the mod tools back into submission: I'm in the midst of updating several mods which kind of need to be updated to work together, alas ds mod tools broke on me with this error message: Pretty standard error message that doesn't tell you anything, so I went to the log for more details on why it failed: 13:38:44: Progress: Writing mod data file... 13:38:44: WriteFileToCloud() Writing [C:\Users\Leonardo\AppData\Local\Temp\modA31A.tmp] to [mod_publish_data_file.zip] 13:38:44: Steam file exists. 13:38:45: Steam FileWrite ok. 13:38:45: Start FileShare [mod_publish_data_file.zip] ... 13:38:45: Progress: Uploading mod data file... 13:40:49: OnShareModFileResult 13:40:49: EResult 16, ffffffffffffffff 13:40:49: EndProgress FAILED: Failed sharing mod data file. 13:40:49: MainFrame::OnUpdateComplete FAILED: Failed sharing mod data file. Nothing too helpful here besides EResult being 16 (it was 10 before) but I don't know what these errors actually mean. I've looked through the log to see if it was having difficulty with any specific file... and nope, it zips everything just fine. I've tried uploading a new (basic 2-file mod) to see if I was just having trouble sending large mods to be uploaded. Alas, same error message. I've also tried the following: Restarting mod tools Verifying file cache Uninstalling/Reinstalling mod tools Restarting PC Restarting Internet Changing Download Region At some point there was a brief period where it fixed itself for seemingly no reason and I was able to update again. But it broke again shortly afterwards. If anyone has any ideas of what I could try to make it work again, please let me know, I'm in a pretty awkward spot with these mods. Update 2:37 PM According to fellow modder hornet EResult 16 is timeout error, after some more tests it seems like after getting EResult 16, you are blocked from any further attempts (which results in EResult 10) for about 30-45 minutes. Still don't know why I'm getting the timeout as my internet, while not spectacular, should be more than sufficient to upload mods (30-35 mbps download, 1.75-2 mbps upload as of writing these). Will be attempting to change download region as a suggestion from someone. ModUploader.log
  6. Looks very interesting, I don't get to play much but I'll be sure to spread this around to some friends.
  7. Strange that those last few lines weren't in my log. Let me ensure its not a client mod of some sort.
  8. Upon entering the Item Collection screen and leaving it idle for a few seconds, it will crash and close the game. No Error was reported in the log, but I will attach it below:
  9. 2021 is off to a great start ain't it
  10. At the time of writing there is a topic directly under this one called "This game is way TOOOO HARD" who was having problems with many things, including bosses/mobs and have been suggested to read stuff up on the wiki. Granted I don't think they were specifically mentioning to look up mobs on the wiki, but there are many threads like these out there and some are specifically mob related. There is more information that could be useful outside of attack periods and pure stats. Like when/how they spawn, diets, how hostile they are, etc. I'm sure most new players will take awhile before they learn things like that they can plant pinecones to pacify treeguards. Regardless of complexity, stats would be nice to have handy.
  11. I like filling out the cookbook. I like filling out the plant registry. I like mobs, give me a bestiary. While it might be asking much given the sheer amount of mobs (and some of them having override builds, multiple parts, etc. which imo sounds like a nightmare itself) I think there would be a benefit to having one for newer players as well. By having them be recorded when killed, it'll reward players with information for trying to fight threats rather than trying their best to avoid them. I don't need to look far online to find people struggling in the game looking for help and the usual response ends up being "crack open the wiki", which can be understandably offputting to some. A bestiary could be a nice ingame solution to part of that. I'm sure people smarter than me can easily point out more benefits of having an ingame bestiary. But I don't play much of Don't Starve Together these days and filling out the cookbook/plant registry has not only been fun, but continues to be helpful in the few playthroughs I do. Maybe make it interesting for veterans by putting in descriptions with lorebits about those mobs, idk.
  12. Before players could adhere to min_attack_period in their combat component to allow attacks to have cooldown. They no longer pay attention to attackperiods and can attack regardless if CanAttack runs true or not. While this only causes issues for mods, it is a pretty big bug for things like Playable Pets where some mobs have attackperiods for balance purposes.
  13. in stategraphs/commonstates.lua: name = "run_start", tags = { "moving", "running", "canrotate" }, onenter = function(inst) if fns ~= nil and fns.startonenter ~= nil then fns.startonenter(inst) end if not delaystart then inst.components.locomotor:RunForward() end inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation(get_loco_anim(inst, anims ~= nil and anims.startrun or nil, "run_pre")) if fns ~= nil and fns.startonenter ~= nil then fns.startonenter(inst) end end, fns.startonenter gets called twice for the run_start state (line 305 in my current build of DST). As far as I'm aware, none of the vanilla mobs make use of fns.startonenter, but it can causes issues to modded mobs that might use them.