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  1. Keep in mind that theres more posts in that thread saying that Swimming Hounds are an issue. So OP should look at that thread. For me personally, I don't think it is an issue. I kind of like hounds being a threat that you have to pay attention to again, as ADM mentioned, boats are already powerful against tons of situations and very little poses a threat to you while on a boat.
  2. Yes, I want to fight Bowser in DST.
  3. What I'm saying is not make yourself vunerable when you noticed you haven't been attacked in 7-12 days. If you can't plan ahead to where you can get to the lunar island before a specific time in a 6 day hound-free period then I'm sorry, its your fault.
  4. Plan ahead and take account when hounds are likely to attack before you start sailing. All else fails, abandon ship.
  5. If you use the plank to abandonship (before your ship breaks), you will keep all your items and avoid death, at the cost of full wetness.
  6. The Great Sea Cube

    Angel reported this on another thread, its most likely whats going to be used as the edge of the world.

    Theres a small indicator at the base of the mast that shows you the exact direction of where you're going. Not saying ripples shouldn't be fixed, but you should use the base of the mast to determine where you're going to go (since ripples don't appear until you start moving.)
  8. Giants vs Ocean

    I think this is more due to lack of content rather than a bug/oversight. They plan to put more stuff in the ocean after all.
  9. Void Base?

    Klei are flat-earthers confirmed
  10. My only hope that Klei doesn't find this too much trouble than its worth and goes the way of Warbucks and just removes the horror theme from the game. Because whether or not you think its too unsettling (I don't think it is, I think its no more unsettling than a telltale heart, a human beating heart, or exploding whales), unless they add the config option (I'd prefer worldgen option) for it, you're going to make one side upset over the other. I'd personally hate to see this whole horror idea go down the drain and would like to see where it goes.
  11. When a planted tooth trap goes off, theres no prompt to reset it, only to pick it up.
  12. I'd kill for HQ assets.
  13. Its never coming out But no theres never been any news or updates about it in over a year(?)
  14. Your post still has misinformation on how panicking works on non-boss enemies. They can still attack while on fire.