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  1. Generally anything that has meat or requires meat isn't a veggie dish (Im sure anyways). I'm sure the information on what foodtypes they are is already existant.
  2. Zark's world conquest to get everyone to download Gem Core continues.
  3. Crashed when it killed a player (dead malbatross shown below is the player, is a mod ofc) with a swoop. I was not in the server when it happened so I don't know the details beyond the crash log.
  4. waketiomeline needs to be: waketimeline
  5. It seems the followcamera crashes the player when removed from the world after leaving boats. This issue can happen with changing characters via the celestial portal and more notably happens with mods that allow you to despawn/change characters.
  6. Log attached. No mods enabled. Has caves enabled. server_log.txt
  7. That is true. But it would kill our rework that we've been spending months on lol.
  8. But I'd be out of buisness. Rip Forged Forge.
  9. OH! OH! OH! LEO! You wouldn't believe it, I can write this on your page, too! 

    How amazing! So splendid! So superb! Isn't it just wonderful Leo!?

    I hope you have the greatest most bestest day of leaving the female womb day ever! Aren't you having fun, LEO!? 

    Did you enjoy our gift!? The giant hole in your wall! Free water forever and ever! 

    Look! More commissions!11!!!!111


    1. Papa Zach

      Papa Zach


  10. LAVAARENA_CHARACTER_DESCRIPTIONS = { wilson = "*Revives allies twice as quickly\n*Restores three times more health when reviving allies\n\nExpertise:\nMelee, Darts, Staves", willow = "*Protected by Bernie the Bear\n*Fire and Explosive attack damage increased by 10%\n\nExpertise:\nDarts, Staves", wendy = "*Protected by her twin sister, Abigail\n\n\n\nExpertise:\nDarts, Staves", wolfgang = "*Becomes Mighty when health is low, increasing attack power, defense, and movement speed for 10 seconds\n\nExpertise:\nMelee", wx78 = "*Shocks enemies when attacked\n*Electric attack damage increased by 50%\n\nExpertise:\nMelee", wickerbottom = "*Gains a buff after dealing sufficient damage, amplifying her next spell\n\n\nExpertise:\nBooks, Staves", wes = "*Can be revived twice as quickly\n*Gains minimal aggro when attacking\n*Less likely to lose aggro once drawn\n\nExpertise:\nMelee, Darts, Staves", waxwell = "*Summons Shadow Duelists after focusing attacks on a single target\n\n\nExpertise:\nBooks, Staves", woodie = "*Lucy returns to Woodie when thrown\n*Attack speed increased when wielding Lucy\n\nExpertise:\nMelee", woodie_us = "*Lucy returns to Woodie when thrown\n*Attack speed increased when wielding Lucy\n\nExpertise:\nMelee", woodie_canada = "*Lucy returns to Woodie when thrown\n*Attack speed increased when wielding Lucy\n\nExpertise:\nMelee", wathgrithr = "*Battle cries increase nearby allies' next attack damage by 25%\n*Gains less aggro when attacking\n\nExpertise:\nMelee, Darts", webber = "*Accompanied by itsy bitsy spiders\n\n\n\nExpertise:\nDarts", wortox = "*PLACEHOLDER\n\n\n\nExpertise:\nPLACEHOLDER", random = "\nSelect a random character", } In strings.lua. I don't think its intentional since her gorge description is still there. Really the missing strings are only missing on mods like forged forge.
  11. Giants vs Ocean

    I think this is more due to lack of content rather than a bug/oversight. They plan to put more stuff in the ocean after all.
  12. When a planted tooth trap goes off, theres no prompt to reset it, only to pick it up.
  13. Its never coming out But no theres never been any news or updates about it in over a year(?)