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  1. Seven out of ten. Full stop. You know what, eight out of ten, No one can stop me! This is one of those times where even I can’t tell wether or not I’m kidding...
  2. The 2C3D

    [Game Update] - 370332

    Who even discovers and replicates these things? Colour me impressed.
  3. Just post every individual frame as an uncompressed bitmap and ask everyone to click/tap through them really quickly.
  4. There’s a technique to catch rabbits with just an axe, or at least to increase your chances of getting it. It’s tricky enough that it doesn’t normally work every time. You may have noticed that rabbits have to circles around them, one that causes them to run towards their hole when entered, and a smaller one that causes them to run away from you, in whatever direction that may be. Line yourself up so that you are off to the side of the line between the rabbit and their hole. Move close enough to the rabbit that you would trigger them to run to their hole if you were on the line as opposed to beside it. There is a sweet spot for this, so it may take a few tries to get it. Run perpindicular to the line between the rabbit and the hole. (In other words, run towards the line, not the rabbit.) The rabbit will begin to run towards the hole, and since you’re between it and the hole, towards you. Attack just before it begins to run away from you. If you’ve lined yourself up right and you hit the timing, you’ll catch the rabbit. It’s not the easiest thing but it works. Here’s an ugly diagram. It is not in the least bit lined up correctly, but it’s the general idea: (For the record, that was not first-try)
  5. The 2C3D

    [Game Update] - 342138

    So, I’m not a dev, but I can see a few things from this. The crash came from a Shadow Hand trying to lock on to a light source. It tried to get the coordinates of the fire and, in response got the computer equivalent of “I don’t know”. Then, it tried to lock on to the coordinations (I don’t know, I don’t know) and the game didn’t know how to handle those coordinates and chose death to crash. So, my questions would be: Was there a fire nearby? Did it burn out? Were you on the island? (It’s got lots of light sources, one of them could be accidentally flagged as something hands can extinguish)
  6. Pacus (tested with the Gulp Fish living in my colony) will attemp to swim through open mechanized airlocks, but once they do so, they can not leave. They become glum and confined as they would in a wall. Dividing a tank in two and showing their pathing confirms that they do think they can swim through, the “show pathing” lines are indicated as per normal inside the airlock and on the other side of the tank. Upon attempting to swim through the airlock, these pathing indicators disappear and the fish becomes trapped. These airlocks are opened by automation wire hooked up to a clock sensor.
  7. I don't trust anything that has anything to do with the moon. I mean, I get that it's mechanically a critter, but lore-wise it's probably evil and it wants to mess us up. But it's cute so my stupid human brain loves it anyways. Until it eats my soul or something.
  8. I’m going to be heartbroken when it inevitably turns out to be evil incarnate or something else cosmically horrible.
  9. Elite Sign? Looks like the YotPK battle sign breaking during the minigame...
  10. Webber can tame them, they’re just not happy about it.
  11. Oh. Oh my. ‘Ain’t this neat.
  12. At this point I'm making outfits for no reason. I don't even have all these skins.
  13. Wagstaffs’s blindness can pull causes of death strings from the Morgue. The game has a special case where Maxwell’s death by darkness is referred to as death by Charlie. This string is available for Wagstaff to pull. It can also pull things like the Dev Tool and the Ressurection Sickness cause of death (too many meat effigies)
  14. Wilson Scissorhands is still the scientist we know and love, if you look past the hands. Legend says he once bested a pig in a fistfight when Webber was in trouble, but in reality, he just shouted fiery puns and gestured menacingly at it until it ran away. Having grown up alone in the constant, Webber has limited understanding of the culture of the outside world. They know only what they like and what they find comfortable. Everyone had the good sense not to correct them, though Wolfgang may have tried had Wendy not advised him to reconsider.
  15. Darkest Dungeon profile pic? Emwill’s Resolve is Tested... “Reeling, gasping, taken over the edge into madness!”
  16. How do you replicate it? Is it reliable?
  17. Was this a corner by a portal or what?
  18. The 2C3D

    Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Imagine actually using Wes... AT ALL!
  19. It would be annoying to accidental examine things when you're trying to run for your life or whatnot. Well, that's my guess, anyways
  20. They said on stream that there was something they couldn’t tell is, but hinted to look at the topiaries. I think you got it.
  21. The throne has points that I blew out of proportion. And messed up the perspective. They’re my less favourite bit...
  22. I had Wilson on the throne, with Wendy on the right
  23. Ha, because today is Halloween, I was told to do a spooky art instead of work because drawing is a “mindfulness activity” I’m not the type to turn down a chance to not do work, and thusly began my artistic misadventures... I’ve been headcanoning that the Hamlet was developed during a nightmare throne reign by Wendy, and ended up with a very specific image in he head. I decided to use this as an opportunity to not do that idea justice! I don’t have anything to scan a drawing onto a computer, so I’m literally just taking a photograph of the paper. Luckily for me, the photo washed out the fact that someone gave everyone a lombotomy when I wasn’t looking! This was fun, I should do this more ofte... Wow, look at the time. I should NOT do this more often, I have other things to do! Why am I putting this on the internet, again...
  24. I've been wondering what Webber was offered to lure him into the DS world. Now I have an answer. This is canon lore, no doubt to be had! This very legitimate theory is supported by Webber's vignette description "Webber could have easily seen his unique predicament as an affliction or a curse. Instead, he's chosen to view it as a second chance, and one that he fully intends not to waste." See, he doesn't see being a spider as a curse! Very canon! Edit: To clarify, the thing I'm making fun of is my joke idea that Webber was lured into the DS world because he WANTED to be eaten by the spider and be a spiderkid
  25. they are used as filtration for making tea. YES. USED AS FILTRATION FOR TEA Orange Pekoe tea is a thing IRL so I guess we're replacing leaves with squirrels! Okay, I googled Orange Pekoe tea and man, tea is complicated.