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  1. That is strange, multiple vote checker is on now. I guess It was done before I edited the post.
  2. What characters should get refresh in your opinion and why? I heard that Wolfgang is coming eitherway this year, so my two other choices are Maxwell and Walani. Maxwell feels like he need a strong boost nowadays, as he is mostly a harvester Walani is my second choice because we have so much content around the ocean now. I'd love to explore the ocean without large boat. REMINDER. Warly was NOT a DLC, but a Refresh, which is why I included characters from DLC. However Wormwood is an exception from this case since he is part of reward from Hamlet. Edited: Forgot to check "multiple" for the poll...
  3. Wortox for life! It is a shame that sometimes I have to use mod to hide my personality from pigs. (Guess who's the main builder in teamplay) However friend of mine really likes Maxwell, and hopes that when rework hits, he will get more HP.
  4. What about his hat? It's still looks messed up on Wortox
  5. Walter's hat seems to have issues with positioning on Wortox's head. I assume it's not supposed to be this large. Warly's pepper food doesn't seem to affect Slingshot damage. I feel like it has something to do with the game reading Slinger base damage (0) without ammo. EDIT: I remembered that "Amazing Ringmaster Hat" didn't have an icon when it was dropped to the ground, not sure if it was fixed since then. Comments about slingshot: As of right now, Pebbles as ammo feels to be underwhelmed, The damage is almost lower than of boomerang. Once player obtains gold, he has basically infinite gold ammo (rabbit hunt + pig king), which feels like a waste. Sadly, same can be said with Slow-down rounds, they are quite expensive for some people, yet due to the slow cast/low range/low damage people genuelly would skip it. When finding Melty Marbles player is choosing between one strong shot vs 40 shots of 34 (4 gold for trade) which feels to be unfair.
  6. probably, because on PC it still says the same to me.
  7. Clarification: It will always say "claimed" even if you did use the link before.
  8. I guess it's dead now. EDIT: NVM, Thank you! Link just bugged.
  9. Sorry for necroposting, but why is this not a bug? I have the same issue with Bloom setting on. Or this is something that is supposed to happen because of "bloom"?
  10. Dupe of these two: This is a known issue, and devs haven't replied on it at all. Enjoy while you can.
  11. Basically you just made whole change pointless and just anti-helpful.
  12. I believe it is because getting shaked off beefalo while ship is sinking would let you walk on the water.
  13. I believe this is related to one abusive system of keeping Shadow Bosses on boat, which could be easily fixed by making them floatable since they already can pass through objects...
  14. Rip convenient way to transport suspicious marble...