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  1. Is this what is waiting for us at the end of the year of carrat
  2. He’s hundred years old. That’s the cannon and the end of the story.
  3. After thinking for a while I figured out why I don’t like this idea. The game stops being don’t starve and becomes something else, especially seeing drawings made it clear. It takes away the whole “constant” aesthetic and being staged feeling. The idea is rather good but not fitting for this game, in my opinion of course!
  4. I mean again I really don’t understand. Imo there is only so much difference between rivers and the idea of elevation. If there is a river you are going to go around it if there is a elevation you are going to go around it.(of course they are not the same tho) The idea only provides visual benefits and aesthetics and I don’t think it would match the effort.
  5. I really do not understand all the excitement over “elevation”. I’d argue it does not change anything since it is a 2D game and it would be really waste of great time and resources for a such change but I decided not to comment on what I don’t understand.
  6. It makes you asexual
  7. No need to litter the soil, it requires fire.
  8. Those words aren’t actually directly meant for you. Of course getting new content and making suggestions about it is not complaining, but some people was saying this game is repetitive at its core and needs changing. I was replying to them but I didn’t want to start anything personal so I just write it out there.
  9. No matter how much or how interesting content they will add, there will be always people who complain. There is no right way. This is a form of art after all. And art is not objective, some will like, some won’t. Also some will eventually get bored, and that’s ok too. There is no need to change the core of the game for “veteran” players. They are simply bored and need to play another game instead of trying to change the game they have been playing for a long time.
  10. Be locked already, cursed thread.
  11. Cutie CARRATS

    That’s why my second main is Wigfrid
  12. Cutie CARRATS

  13. A POTATO CUP????
  14. Cutie CARRATS