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  1. He HATE Wes. That’s it, he is my favorite character. I love him.
  2. We have a boy scout who is allergic to B E E S what did you expect??
  3. Please bee kind, it is clear that some people are stung by the bee puns.
  4. I know for console players it’s not the case but there is literally a mod called uncompromising mode and it has all the things “veterans” asked for. In my humble opinion a game should not shape around expert play style. Most of its players are not experts. (however I really want insanity to have some downsides)
  5. Yeah but it’s related to bees. Make sense enough for a game that has a character that prefers starving to death rather than eating vegetables.
  6. I mean if allergic to bees means cannot consume honey or honey based foods then it would change the late game involving honey.
  7. He do be kinda looking like Baljeet from Phineas and Ferb
  8. ORANGE AMULET OBVIOUSLY. You can stand next to a bank or atm and you’re rich bumm also I mean it’s not from ancient tab but I’d love to have telelocator staff to telepoff some people out of my life.
  9. Kleii!! I still found some typo when examining the sky. We need an update for that.
  10. Is this what is waiting for us at the end of the year of carrat
  11. He’s hundred years old. That’s the cannon and the end of the story.