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  1. I’m genuinely not sure what’s happened here. As for steps to reproduce, I had bytefence on the same PC as Hamlet and it was flagged automatically. If the problem is with my antivirus, it should get fixed. I’ve reported it as a false positive to them, as well.
  2. You can find full quotes pages on the wiki... One of them, anyways. Use Ctrl+F to find the things you’re looking for because the pages are a mile long
  3. I’ll put some more timeline notes here: Aside from Winona, word of god says Wilson was the latest to enter the constant (possible exception to Hamlet related shenanigans) I’ll chalk up Wilson’s ignorance of a hair dryer to be similar to his thinking gnomes serve a religious function, because he knows what a license plate and an AAC device is. The AAC device in question has little left but a circuit board and Wilson still recognizes it. Circuit boards were invented in 1936. I have reason to suspect that the other side of the AAC device is partly intact, so Wilson’s quote regarding it proves nothing, however, I later establish that WX-78 must have entered after 1936 because they recognize the circuit board. Wilson was said to be the last one (again, exempting Winona) so Wilson still has to be after 1936. Wilson: 1936-1940 Willow was in Girl Scouts so she entered after 1915. She recognizes the hair dryer, too, so after 1920. She is ambiguous the license plate and radio. Willow: 1920-1935 Wolfgang doesn’t recognize anything. He also can’t speak fluently, so who knows. We can tell he has no idea what a license plate is so we can put a latest possible date on his entry. He knows a football helmet is “for tackling” so we can wager he probebly entered in an era with football. (Post 1869.) Wolfgang: 1869-1918 Wendy doesn’t recognize the hair dryer at all, so she entered at the latest during 1920. She has seen spaceships, so using “Man in the Moon” as a rough date for the popularization of spaceships, she entered after 1902 Wendy: 1902-1920 WX-78 recognizes that the AAC device circuit board is missing a DR356X001 (yes, it’s made up, I checked.) He also recognizes the license plate and... Everything. I’m going to assume that circuit boards weren’t secretly invented earlier in DS canon and therefore WX-78 exists in a post circuit board world. WX-78: 1936?-1939 Wickerbottom doesn’t recognize the license plate, so she must’ve entered pre-1918, but knows what a spaceship is. Wickerbottom: 1902-1918 Woodie recognizes the hair dryer, so he entered after 1920. He doesn’t know what a circuit board is, so he’s before 1936. Woodie: 1920-1936 Wes’ quotes don’t shine much light on his past. Wes: ???-1940 We know Maxwell entered during the San Francisco earthquake, so we can use him as a check for these ideas. He doen’t recognize any of the things he shouldn’t... With one exception: He recognizes the AAC device had words on it, so it must’ve had words on its reverse side. Wigfrid pretends not to know what any of the devices are, but she’s also playing a character who wouldn’t have know, so knowing what any of those are would be a break in character. She’s not perfect, though, she wonders if the rocketship could take her to Asgard. Vikings did not know what rocketships were, so this is actual Wigfrid knowledge. It’s not much, but it’s more then I expected to find, anyways. Wigfrid: 1902-1940 Despite my expectation that Webber would be an early arrival, he recognizes the license plate. He doesn’t know what a hair dryer is, though. He knows (correctly) the AAC device had words on it, this is also why I think the AAC device has words on the other side. Webber: 1918-1920, Right around the Voxola fire... Winona references various 1940s things. Winona: 1400-??? Aaand lets have some fun and do Warbucks, because apparently he has a story. Without Hallowed Nights lines I’m a little short for info, but he doesn’t recognize the license plate, so he’s pre-1918. Which means Hamlet also exists before 1918. Take note.
  4. Hence why Winona gets more time. I bet she can’t actually dodge anything.
  5. Anyone notice this

    January First, 1970 is “day 0” for computers. Steam lost track of Don’t Starves release date somewhere and when your client asked what day Don’t Starve was released, steam servers responded “we don’t know”. Your client decided that “we don’t know” meant “zero” and displayed day zero. January First, 1970.
  6. Weird Headcannons

    The Hamlet royal staff with its big purple gem on top is a powerful magical artifact that helped to bring down the ancient pig civilization.
  7. Right. Duh. Forgot that bit...
  8. Ooh! So then the forge pigs had ties to pigs in the Constant and Hamlet! So when Pugna says: "We were severed from the Throne!" "Trapped in a realm of stone and fire, with no scepter to provide." He could mean the royal pig throne instead of the shadow one. Also, that royal scepter might have some dark powers by the sound of it! That's a pretty big purple gem, and purple gems are the shadow gems. Heck, purple gems even let shadow creatures appear to the sane. We might actually have a connection here, because Hamlet and The Forge were announced at the same time, so it's perfectly reasonable to think they may be connected! I think I might just be on to something here! Thanks for that little push in the right direction!
  9. What took Charlie so long?

    Charlie did the opposite, though. They were lit and she extinguished them when she came closer.
  10. Okay, I'm getting sick of ideas floating around in my head, so I'm going to codify them into actual, clear ideas. 1) We Are Impostors Okay, I'm retreading ground that some of you will be familiar with. I think. But with the new forge, I'm going to reiterate this: When Pugna says we're the gatekeepers, he's wrong. He thinks we're working for Them to forcibly put the Forge's inhabitants on the throne, saying "have you come to return us to the throne?" The survivors as the gatekeepers is a simple case of mistake identity. The gatekeeper is long past. 2) The Lonely Gatekeeper Now we're getting into things I've never personally heard before. (Perhaps I missed something, but still) There are a few Mumsy lines that teach us a little more of our curious gatekeeper of the past. I'm talking about these two lines: "Are you... Gatekeepers, by chance?" and "Another of your kind passed through here once" I would like to propose that the original gatekeeper operated alone. Mumsy hesitates before pluralizing "Gatekeepers" and only recalls one other of "our kind" who passed through. 3) The Power of Shadows But wait one second. If one, lone human made it into the Gorge, that person must've solo-ed the Forge, right? The actual Gatekeeper must've had nigh-illimitable power to ruin the likes of Pugna's Champions with nothing but two hands, no allies to revive them and legions with no-one to fight but you. Maxwell knows that "there is no limit to the power of shadows" and he's read the Codex Umbra, so he's the authority on shadows. Except for the author, that is. Remember, Maxwell found the Codex, he didn't write it. Someone else had such a deep knowledge of the intricacies of the shadows that they authored such a tome as the Codex itself. tl;dr: I propose that there is only one gatekeeper, and that the gatekeeper authored the Codex. Now, there's one thing that still bugs me about this. It's a line from Pugna. "We were severed from the Throne!" That implies there's something BIG I'm missing. Please add your thoughts below. Try to tear this theory to shreds so it can be rebuilt again, but less wrong.
  11. Mysterious Secrets

    Funny you saw it like that in the middle frame. I saw it like a head-on shot of someone with a wes-ish hairstyle, mostly because of an "ear". Don't have a real image editor so this is all you get!
  12. Team-Based PVP for Forge

    Forged Forge add-on?
  13. Mysterious Secrets

    RoG: Canon because it added 2 canon characters and was ported to DST. Shipwrecked: Doubtful at best. Might be technically canon but won't add anything to the lore. Hamlet: Very likely canon because of some things said in the dev stream as a reason not to answer a question.