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  1. Closest living relative. Thus, Winona would would be Charlie's next of kin, if I'm not mistaken.
  2. This shows for a few frames as the camera spins around Charlie and Winona, right as we see Charlie go into Spooky Mode. "Do Evil Shadow Monster" is a pretty strange message to put up. I can't make out the text below beyond the L and judging by the second "word" being a squiggle () I think that's intentional. Someone (Wagstaff?) knows what a Terrorbeak looks like and that probably means... something?
  3. Wagstaff wouldn’t have needed to “Gain” access to Voxola. Winona having recently gotten the job and the skin quote “When all signs pointed to Voxola, Winona knew what she had to do” suggest this board is hers. Also, whoever made the board had access to Winona’s personal letters.
  4. Weird Headcannons

    The dates of the articles in the Next of Kin video suggest no-one who saw Charlie in the show survived. I would like to put forward the headcanon that they have become the skeletons we see littering the ground. It seems kinda poetic, but probably only from the perspective who’s too tired to think straight. Goodnight.
  5. So, err... Next of Kin sure is a thing! It’s really dense and I’m building mental conspiracy cork boards to rival Winona’s. I just need to dump some ideas out where they’re available to get a hand cutting the ones I haven’t noticed are contradictory and to link some more things together. Charlie’s Letter: Contents: The most interesting thing here is the information that Winona and Charlie got jobs around the same time. Okay, the most interesting part is that it’s more character development for Charlie, but that’s not going to be connected to much other lore. The Factory’s Location See? Right in the corner of that card? It says “Sydney, OHI” before being blocked by the “GAIN ACCESS TO VOXOLA” note. It seems to me that the voxola factory is in Sydney, Ohio. (Wait, I’ve encountered an old Kevin quote and we already knew that... Shoot.) Wickerbottom’s Entry Point: The short seems to suggest that the door Winona found started a fire. In addition, she considers the New York library burning to be significant. It’s a reasonable guess to say that this is Wickerbottom’s library. While I’m not the first to say this, I haven’t seen anyone else mention that the headline is dated. March 29th, 1911. This makes her an early entry, given that the time for entry was 1910-1921 according to that one post from Kevin in 2014. Left... No Witnesses? The real life San Francisco earthquake was on April 18. The Chronicles’ headline basically proves this to be the case in DS/T. If that’s the case, it raises a strange, annoying and probably fruitless and meaningless question: Why was Charlie last seen on the 17th, the day before the show? The best solution I can come up with is that no audience members survived the show. Perhaps they’re the skeletons we see littering the ground. I like that idea. New headcanon. I vaguely remember having other ideas, but my brain is about to putrefact and spill out my ears (I’m sure it shows here) if I don’t go to bed. I’m tired.
  6. This blueprint was in the background of the image of Winona wielding for the rework. I can’t tell if it’s a radio or the top half of Maxwells Door, the part with the wheel. I mean, it’d make sense for it to be a radio, lore-wise, but radios don’t have wheels. Edit: I can’t for the life of me resize that photo...
  7. I’d like to see character downsides that make the game more interesting, too. Take, for example, Webber. Specifically his being hunted by things that hate spiders. It is undoubtedly a bad trait, yet it makes Webber a better character (from an enjoyment perspective, not a strategic one) because it forces you to change up the way you play by removing some of the tools at your disposal, forcing you to use new spider-based strategies. It seems I’m not the only one to enjoy a fun disadvantage or two, because the amount of Webbers seen on public servers is not at all proportional to to their strategic “value”. Another character to have a fun downside is Wigfrid, who is locked to eating only meats. I don’t find it to be too much of an issue nowadays, but I do remember the days when I relied on berries and Wigfrid forces a change in strategy from that. While a large part of her popularity probably has to do with how she lets you get started more quickly, I can’t help but think this downside adds to that. Warly has accrued his own cult following on these forums, if I’m not mistaken. Though having played him... he’s really not that “good” from a purely strategic point of view. However, he forces you to do something other then produce an onslaught of meatballs to fuel yourself and though I don’t think he’s powerful, per se, I nonetheless really enjoy playing him.
  8. On Examination Quotes

    Wilson’s “Boards” No, I’m not kidding. They both say that.
  9. Weird Headcannons

    Their blood types are all W-Positive
  10. It could play at dusk to serve as a warning if SYSTEMS NOMINAL is going to trigger before sunrise.
  11. I like going off the rails with my theorizing, so I'm going to guess specifically what each backstory will be. Obviously, I'm going to be overwhelmingly wrong, that goes without saying for such a ridiculous level of speculation, but I've got twelve chances to guess anything correctly, perhaps I'll get something for one character! My goal is moreso to amuse myself rather then making safe guesses that are more likely true. Wilson: He's going to be one of the hardest ones to speculate about since we know the basic backstory, but that means Klei could go off in any direction. I'm going to say that we'll be told about the circumstances leading to him ending up into the cabin in the woods. He buts all his eggs in one science-y basket, loses money and ends up living on the cheap in some woods cabin in the middle of nowhere. I'm going to throw my lot in with the "Winona's Cabin" theory and say that he's renting the cabin from her after Charlie disappeared. Willow: I'm wouldn't be surprised to find that she was dwelling in an orphanage before burning it down, and started the Voxola fire. That being said, it seems unlikely she just chose some random factory to burn, so that could be elaborated on, but I have nothing ground to stand on there. Instead, let's have some fun and say we'll find out that she's on the run from the law and entered the constant to escape "justice." That seems like it has a pretty good chance of being true, considering her vignette description and all. Wolfgang: I expect we'll find out a bit about Wolfgang's time in the circus, but we can be reasonably certain from his vignette description that he was in a military force at some point. Since I'm just making things up here, I'm going to bet that after The Amazing Maxwell disappeared from the circus, the circus financially collapsed and that drove Wolfgang to enlist, after all, the time period lines up with WWI. However, upon finding out about the horrors of war, he made a deal with Maxwell to escape. Honestly, probably not be the worst decision he ever made. Wendy: My bets are quite thoroughly placed on finding out that she entered the constant to get Abigail back. Another likely topic to be explained is Abigails cause of death, which kind of has this air of "will never be known", but if that's going to change, this is the time. There's really nothing to go off of here, so I'm going to make a hail-mary guess that she died in the San Francisco earthquake despite the fact that's unlikely to play out in my favour. WX-78: Were it not for the addition of 4 new characters, I'd be placing my bets on conformation for the "WX-78 is what's left over of Wagstaff" theory, but not it feels like Wagstaff is a good candidate for being added to the game, so I'm stuck. If that turns out to be the case, I imagine Wagstaff will be given forbidden knowledge that gets used to make WX-78. Wickerbottom: She probably dabbled in magic and that gives her nightmares so she can't sleep, Maxwell brought her the codex after discovering it, a good bet as far as probability to be confirmed, but YAWN, I don't care. I probably should since it would probably be relevant to the grand scheme of things, but somehow I cant muster the caring. Why she entered the constant is a more interesting question, however, it's interesting because it's enigmatic, which also means I have nothing to go off of. Perhaps she was afraid to die and took a deal for "Eternal Life." She seems to be too smart to do something that stupid, but who knows? Woodie: I can see this going two different ways. one, he had a human wife named Lucy and entered the constant in a deal to get her back, but only got an axe. At least that axe could talk, which is more the Abigail can say. On theother hand, berhaps he was lonely and wished for companionship or true love ore some other crock, only to be given an axe as a companion. Wes: We know Wes "displeased" Maxwell, but we don't know why. Perhaps he he put an invisible fly in Maxwell's soup, who knows. Wes is pretty devoid of solid ground to stand on. (Perhaps 'cause it's invisible, amirite?) His vignette as a chimneysweep says that "There are few more satisfying feelings in life than knowing one's work is done for the day.", but he's pretty committed to being a mime, even when off the job. For years. So... perhaps the circus forced him to be a clown and that hurt his MIME PRIDE. Maxwell: We already have some basic Maxwell backstory, so now we hit the Wilson problem again. I bet we'll learn more about Jack Cartier, Charlie and/or Them by their proximity to Maxwell. Wigfrid: There really isn't much to go on here, so I'm going to go off on a crazy limb here so I can laugh my head off I turn out to be right. She mentions a few times being in a saga, so I'm going to REALLY stretch this to the point where I'm saying she was offered her own saga in the constant, and that could even be the reason why she was initially in character long enough to lose her identity, if we want to take this stretched theory and stretch it even further. Webber: Since Britain doesn't have spiders big enough to swallow children[citation needed] I'm going to run on the assumption he was swallowed inside of the constant. I bet we'll get confirmation for the "Wagstaff is Webber's Father" theory, and possibly discover the circumstances of his being swallowed by a spider. Why did he enter the constant? Damned if I know, kids are just stupid sometimes. He may not even have a good reason. Then again, perhaps he does. I suppose I'll make a bet. He and Wagstaff were separated after the Voxola fire and he wanted to get his father back after the Voxola fire Winona: I bet we'll find out about her family and the aftermath of Charlie's disappearance. Or her family in general. If I'm really committing to the theory of Wilson renting Winona's old Cabin, perhaps he, being absent, caused the cabin to return to Winona, who entered it and activated Maxwell's Door. After all, nobody removed it.
  12. Darkest Dungeon profile pic? Emwill’s Resolve is Tested... “Reeling, gasping, taken over the edge into madness!”
  13. I’m genuinely not sure what’s happened here. As for steps to reproduce, I had bytefence on the same PC as Hamlet and it was flagged automatically. If the problem is with my antivirus, it should get fixed. I’ve reported it as a false positive to them, as well.
  14. You can find full quotes pages on the wiki... One of them, anyways. Use Ctrl+F to find the things you’re looking for because the pages are a mile long
  15. I’ll put some more timeline notes here: Aside from Winona, word of god says Wilson was the latest to enter the constant (possible exception to Hamlet related shenanigans) I’ll chalk up Wilson’s ignorance of a hair dryer to be similar to his thinking gnomes serve a religious function, because he knows what a license plate and an AAC device is. The AAC device in question has little left but a circuit board and Wilson still recognizes it. Circuit boards were invented in 1936. I have reason to suspect that the other side of the AAC device is partly intact, so Wilson’s quote regarding it proves nothing, however, I later establish that WX-78 must have entered after 1936 because they recognize the circuit board. Wilson was said to be the last one (again, exempting Winona) so Wilson still has to be after 1936. Wilson: 1936-1940 Willow was in Girl Scouts so she entered after 1915. She recognizes the hair dryer, too, so after 1920. She is ambiguous the license plate and radio. Willow: 1920-1935 Wolfgang doesn’t recognize anything. He also can’t speak fluently, so who knows. We can tell he has no idea what a license plate is so we can put a latest possible date on his entry. He knows a football helmet is “for tackling” so we can wager he probebly entered in an era with football. (Post 1869.) Wolfgang: 1869-1918 Wendy doesn’t recognize the hair dryer at all, so she entered at the latest during 1920. She has seen spaceships, so using “Man in the Moon” as a rough date for the popularization of spaceships, she entered after 1902 Wendy: 1902-1920 WX-78 recognizes that the AAC device circuit board is missing a DR356X001 (yes, it’s made up, I checked.) He also recognizes the license plate and... Everything. I’m going to assume that circuit boards weren’t secretly invented earlier in DS canon and therefore WX-78 exists in a post circuit board world. WX-78: 1936?-1939 Wickerbottom doesn’t recognize the license plate, so she must’ve entered pre-1918, but knows what a spaceship is. Wickerbottom: 1902-1918 Woodie recognizes the hair dryer, so he entered after 1920. He doesn’t know what a circuit board is, so he’s before 1936. Woodie: 1920-1936 Wes’ quotes don’t shine much light on his past. Wes: ???-1940 We know Maxwell entered during the San Francisco earthquake, so we can use him as a check for these ideas. He doen’t recognize any of the things he shouldn’t... With one exception: He recognizes the AAC device had words on it, so it must’ve had words on its reverse side. Wigfrid pretends not to know what any of the devices are, but she’s also playing a character who wouldn’t have know, so knowing what any of those are would be a break in character. She’s not perfect, though, she wonders if the rocketship could take her to Asgard. Vikings did not know what rocketships were, so this is actual Wigfrid knowledge. It’s not much, but it’s more then I expected to find, anyways. Wigfrid: 1902-1940 Despite my expectation that Webber would be an early arrival, he recognizes the license plate. He doesn’t know what a hair dryer is, though. He knows (correctly) the AAC device had words on it, this is also why I think the AAC device has words on the other side. Webber: 1918-1920, Right around the Voxola fire... Winona references various 1940s things. Winona: 1400-??? Aaand lets have some fun and do Warbucks, because apparently he has a story. Without Hallowed Nights lines I’m a little short for info, but he doesn’t recognize the license plate, so he’s pre-1918. Which means Hamlet also exists before 1918. Take note.