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  1. It will come out when the update comes out to the live branch, which as stated before doesn’t have a current ETA.
  2. Ideas for wigfrids rework?

    Give her something like the Anarchy system from Borderlands. Every time she kills something she gets increased damage but slightly less attack speed, and it keeps stacking until you do something food? (love how the tag for this post is “wigfrid meat” x) )
  3. I really like the salesperson NPC idea. Something they could add in a salesman pig that lives near pig king and he sells 3 items and restocks every day. Then pig villages would be a bit more intricate (but never as intricate as hamlet) and will make you think twice about destroying an entire pig village.
  4. Twiggy trees

    I'm pretty sure it's not possible to turn off twiggy trees, or any type of trees for that matter. But you can blame the random generation for the abundance of twiggy trees.
  5. Cave Update

    It’d be cool to see more cave specific bosses (but make em easier than darn misery toadstool), there should be plenty of interesting designs and ideas to come up with.
  6. I can’t tell if you’re saying this in a way that implies Wolfgang’s downside has little effect to him that there practically is none or if you actually don't know his downside (increased sanity loss, increased hunger drain, wimpy mode)
  7. Sounds interesting. If she ever does become a character, it’d be very cool to see how she would fit in the lore.
  8. With the inclusion of the 4 new characters and skin bundles, Klei has found a way to monetize their game without the use of stuff like in-game currency. However, with games with DLC comes a Season Pass, which is basically the cheapest way to get all the DLC in a game, with sometimes added bonuses. Do you think Don’t Starve Together could use something like this or is it unnecessary? Let me know what you think.
  9. Play games on laptops

    I’m pretty sure the answer is no. You can’t transfer skins from PS4 to pc or vice versa.
  10. I got Don’t Starve when it was free for PlayStation Plus users when it released and I was like “Hey, this game is neat but I don’t know how to do anything.” And I stopped playing after I unlocked Wolfgang. For some reason I still got the Mega Pack since it was discounted for owners of the original don’t starve, thus resulting me in getting the DLCs and Don’t Starve Together. I also played that for a while but like in original DS, I didn’t know what I was doing and gave up. I started playing DST again around the time of the Winona re-work and decided that I am now interested in the game. I watched a video or 2 and finally got gud. I also decided to join the Klei forums a few months later because I figured talking with other fans of the game would be fun. And now we are here, where I’m discussing my Don’t Starve origin story!
  11. Wormwood on PS4

    I’ll tell you what I think, aside from characters and some features/items, you probably shouldn’t expect a lot of content from DS dlc to come over to DST. After all, it’s the only reason why DS is unique and how DST isn’t just a repackaged DS.
  12. Wormwood on PS4

    I mean, shipwrecked came to consoles, why wouldn’t Hamlet?
  13. Next Event Poll

    Guess I was wrong about Victorian skins. But if I recall correctly, if you buy the Victorian skin bundle you do get item skins right? Not sure if they’re unique for the bundle or what but you do seem to get some Gorge item skins.
  14. Next Event Poll

    You can weave/buy every Gorge and Forge skin. They’re not locked.
  15. Check if the server is in “Endless” mode. Endless mode makes it so you can revive at the Florid Postern whenever you feel like (with a health penalty, of course.) or simply ask someone to revive with a tell tale heart. You can also just, you know, leave the server and join another one/host your own.