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Quality of Life Upgrade Mk III Available Now! - 326232

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Hi friends!

Our final upgrade in the Quality of Life series has arrived… presenting: QoL Mk III! As always, we're extremely grateful for all the detailed feedback and intense support you’ve given us. We've got some big improvements for you this time:

First off, we've overhauled the Disease system. Overall, Duplicant sickness is simpler and more frequent, and can be successfully managed with adequate medicine infrastructure and doctoring time. Germs still work pretty much how you remember them, although Duplicants’ sickness has since been streamlined. Dupes no longer have an “immune system”, but instead simply have a chance to get sick each time they encounter germs of different types. Actually being sick is also a much simpler affair: Infected Duplicants will continue performing their duties in the colony, but the side effects from the disease will reduce their efficiency until cured.

Next, we've turned Jobs into Skills. Although we liked the "job" metaphor, it didn't really match the mechanics of the system, so we renamed it to "Skills" and tweaked many of the surrounding features to be more consistent with the idea of awarding new skills to your Duplicants. Morale Expectation is now accumulated per skill earned, so you’ll get to make a meaningful choice between how specialized or general a particular Dupe's skill set will be as your colony grows!

There have also been a bunch of fixes and additions to fill gaps and correct balance issues: The Steam Turbine has had an overhaul (it condenses the steam internally now!), there is a new Ice-E Fan which replaces the Hydro Fan (with an associated Ice Maker for producing ice!) and new structures for moving solid materials around both by Duplicant-power and with conveyor buildings. Additionally, we've added some new overlays, tweaked tool filters, and fixed a whole bunch of bugs and UI issues.

And with this Upgrade now in your hands, we're full steam ahead towards release! Further details can be found in our roadmap, but rest assured we're not done with this game yet, and will continue absorbing your feedback and making the best mad science experiment urine-powered rocket factory colony management game that we can!


There have been some major changes to the game this Upgrade and we can't extend a big enough “Thank You!” to everyone who has given feedback on the testing branch, but we’ll try anyway - Thank You!

What's New and Improved?

Major Disease rebalance

  • Sicknesses are more frequent but less deadly
  • Immune System removed, germs have direct chance to infect
  • New Medical skills and hats
  • New Sick Bay and Disease Clinic buildings
  • Medicine redesigned
  • Food Poisoning and Slime Lung tweaked
  • Allergies and Zombie Spore germs and sicknesses added

Jobs/Skills Overhaul

  • Jobs system is now the Skills system
  • Experience is now gained up front and then spent on Skills
  • Skills Screen (formerly Jobs Screen) displays acquired skills per-Dupe
  • Morale Expectation is cumulative per skill learned, rather than tiered
  • Freely assign a Duplicant's hat from all the hats they've earned

Major Building Changes

  • Steam Turbine total rebuild, it now condenses steam internally, and port and power behavior is much more consistent
  • New Sporechid flower appears in the Oil biome, and releases harmful germs
  • New Skill Scrubber building to reset skill points
  • New Ice Maker to create ice from water
  • Cooling Fan replaced with Ice-E Fan, the Dupe-powered method of cooling an area
  • New Conveyor Shutoff Valve
  • New Conveyor Chute
  • New Automatic Dispenser
  • New Material Overlay screen

New Integrated Mods System

  • Publish and download all mods from the Steam Workshop, or install locally in your Documents folder
  • Support DLL, worldgen, element, codex, and strings mods
  • Translations still supported, with no changes to existing mods necessary
  • In-game menu for enabling and reordering mods

For the full patch notes, please view the full update page!





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This list is not inclusive, but I've tried to hit the highlights from the detailed patch notes (I'm skipping all the big ones listed above).  This is mostly for those who haven't been following all the beta test updates:

  • Unsuited Dupes walking underwater are no longer limited by distance but will travel more slowly
  • Unsuited Dupes will strongly prefer not to walk underwater if possible

More Hypothermia, but overall better than the vague 'can't reach that' problems.  Yay!

  • Paraphrased: Lots of door and critter movement fixes.  Go play and experiment.
    • Doors and dupes behave better now
    • Critters will stay where you put them if you don't open the doors permanently.
    • Fliers stop wandering through waterlocks.


  • Squeamish and Care traits are mutually exclusive
  • Gastrophobia and Gourmet traits are mutually exclusive

I wonder about the rest.  Unconstructive/Builder, Tryptophobia/Digger, etc.  Were these outliers just the worst offenders?

  • Rocket Piloting skill enables using the Command Module
  • Rocket Navigation skill improves rocket mission durations

7 skill points to rocket piloting.  I'm not sure if the speed is still only a 10% boost.  More of these are desired for late game.

  • Solar Panels and Space Scanners have a smaller audible radius
  • Outer space "chaos" noises will be tamed by base construction, eventually resolving back into normal music

For me in particular, this was a highlight.  Drove me nuts.  Thanks Devs!

  • Filters and Buffers now operate on a precise number of ticks rather than scheduled time

This. Is. Huge.

  • Med Bed renamed to “Triage Cot” and is now only used to heal health damage
  • Triage Cot now has a slider to determine at what Health duplicants will come to get healed

This will be a particularly nice change, especially for those of us who think something is dormant and suddenly isn't in the middle of researching it!

  • Can no longer rename storage lockers

Typo in the patch notes, you can now.  Yay!

  • Grooming Station and Shearing Station no longer work outside of a Stable
  • Ranching attribute increases the duration of the Groomed effect

You can still "open ranch", you just have to leave the doors open.  However, it will depend on the vagueness of when the critters move around as to what effect you'll have at any time within the actual stable area(s).  Ranching now at least has a purpose, though.

  • Atmo Suits will now store any Dupe "emissions" and release them when the suit is removed
    • Dupes who pee or puke in their suit will get a "soiled suit" status
    • Suits no longer decrease Bladder gain
    • Atmo Suits no longer transfer disease with their contents when unequipped

Is there a confirmation of if they'll store methane "emissions" as well?

  • Fixed right-click not closing full-screen menus
  • Filter screens (i.e. on storage) no longer scroll back to the top whenever a selection is made
  • Objects are actually selected in the order of their mouse hover cards

True QOL changes.  That should help!

  • Added state change overlay

This sounds important?  I'm not sure.

  • Verify saved resolution in player preferences file is valid before attempting to apply it
  • Always try to set some resolution even when none is detected
  • Add option to mute audio when game loses focus

I believe these are mostly for those of us who use windowed mode instead of full screen.  Helps tremendously, thank you.

As I mentioned, these aren't all inclusive, and I recommend you read the patch notes for the full list.  This is all most of the things that are in my personal highlight reel.

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1 minute ago, tzionut said:

I think i have a new obsession. Abyssalite. It will be crushable again or we will have new uses for it? Thanks

How's your abyss bug zoo going? I thought it was a pretty darn cool effort and dream doing the same eventually.

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Gonna test slimelung now - constantly getting new sick duplicants right after they wake up (sometimes I can't even find the PO2 pocket that infected it), and even though I produce a lot of medicine (and it costs a LOT), dupes still manage to cough before eating pills and produce even more

Also, I have no regrets on taking Turner


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