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  1. Thanks a lot @Cairath! Great job! Long time I was looking for it! <3
  2. Transit tubes are great for major distances like said by Kitten. I think you felt like that with tubes because it's only 38 tiles up. The more common would be making your dupes going down to oil biome and up to space for any reason... A good reason to go down there is crude oil extraction from oil wells! It will make more plastic you'll ever need in the long run. Ranching glossy dreckos isn't bad but it's more labor intensive and takes much longer than industrial path if you're not doing it massively.
  3. Well, that's actually good! The impatient side of you will probably also don't care about their high cost of 400 each... Zen side will save those materials for more calm and advisable placing of each one. Pixel art...
  4. Preview branch today?

    YES!!! Although I need to drive home from work. I'll do the job if I'm the one on the watch when it drops...
  5. I'm terrible at automation but... are we going to get our new toy today?
  6. I'll just wait the return of that rocket before I go sleep...
  7. [MOD REQUEST] Glass Drywall

    Yes, @Cairath said it will be look at when possible. Although, it seems to not be as simple as it may appear at first glance... Apparently, implementation of transparent drywall pieces would be easier.
  8. I didn't test the new world gen to be sure about it but.... I think all this Ice there is just a happy coincidence. Enjoy it! Also, it's good to see your bases continue nicely carved and perfectly clean. It pleases my eyes... a lot!
  9. I posted it in the Mod section but was wondering if anyone around here could tell how to custom mass of tiles through world generation. I created a too small map and the lack of building materials is a problem. Thanks!
  10. ONI multiplayer

    ONI mmorpg, infinite procedurally generated map, thousands of players, paid premium account for privileges like 5 height mining and other cool stuff acquired through surprise mechanics!!
  11. I'm messing around world gen and created a 128x128 map. As half of the map is a frozen core I soon realized playing through it that scarcity of building materials is a problem. Anyone more experienced on the matter know how to increase the mass of natural tiles on world generation?
  12. Why? The noise it does is so pleasant!
  13. @Cairath I know you're super busy with TNI losing previous database and whatnot. I really appreciate all the effort. Thanks for including this one more item in your long list.
  14. I'd love to have a window that works like a Drywall. Like the ones we have in Gravitas Station. I know there is a mod called Buildable POI Props that makes the building available but it actually doesn't work like a background building which is not optimal. Is this even possible?
  15. Modular Reservoir

    There will be automation signal on reservoirs next update. It will work exactly like smart batteries. I have no idea if this addition will help this creation anyhow, just throwing the information here.