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  1. Yeah, I always restart whenever we have any update to the game. What I meant is.... getting to know there is a DLC in the pipeline made me lose interest in the current base I was playing and in the current version of the game in general. The expectancy created by the announcement of something new on the way made me lose interest in the current game. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Just sharing some subtle effects that the announcement had over me. Even the DLC and the news around it being a positive thing, it just made impossible for me to enjoy the current version of the game. Anxiety issues...
  2. It'd has been better for me if I never knew the DLC was on its way. I stopped to play the save I was investing in to wait for the DLC "around the corner". It's crazy how news about a game you love can actually make you stop playing it...
  3. This is amazing... thanks a lot! Banhi's Bountiful Update... I'm very excited to play some thousands of cycles in a new base when it's done. Nice cooking!
  4. What's a sim cell? Does it mean 1 tile storage is over?
  5. I guess you're right, I can't say the opposite. It's just that I loved this bot so much... It would be sad to see people not using it in the long run because of its cost as already is the case of fridges that I rarely see connected to a power grid. When the power cost of Sweepy becomes irrelevant it could theoretically be skipped in favor of sweeper + loader.
  6. Thanks on the update!! Isn't sweepy a bit too power costly? Powered fridge draws constant 120w while sweepy uses 240w all night long while charging... It's ok but powered fridge is arguably more useful and has a free alternative combined with the right gasses. Sweepy is more straight forward and I fear it isn't used much in the long run because of sweeper + loader. I feel like sweeper is too expensive for a low tech build... Also, these patch notes are beautiful! Thanks a lot!
  7. People buy it for the sake of supporting the project in most cases. Do you have other Steam games? If so, you already noticed there are a bunch of packs being sold together with games. Artbook, soundtrack, etc... This is wrong in so many ways, I don't even know where to start from. I mean, ONI sound design is one of the best I ever experienced in my life. It's a true masterpiece...
  8. No! Not at all! Nobody said such a thing... this is a step pretty further away from the complaints posted here. Let's not escalate the drama beyond what was said. There were no critics addressed directly to Klei or the developers. Despite the game being amazing, it is at an 'ok' state in terms of bugs and performance. I think people are just expressing their concerns about the future of the game and the upcoming path because they love the project, not for the sake of trashing it. We already know Klei have plans to update the game and bring more content to it. However, the community is giving feedback on the direction that fixing bugs and performance are top priorities taking for granted they are reading the forums. I recently opened a thread about the last update to discuss joy reactions/new recreation buildings and it kinda deviated from original purpose because people were in the urge to ask for fixes. Clearly there is something going on...
  9. That's a very personal scale of yours. If a group of players lost interest in the game because of a consistent bug or glitch, it is broken. Even removed/added features or balance changes to some games can be game breaking. About ONI specifically, there are over 10.000 minor annoyances which in sum certainly break the game for some. I don't expect every single one to be fixed but hey, conveyor rails and heat transfer are core mechanisms.
  10. Glad there are devs still working on the game but I need to agree with the overall complaint. ONI is playable atm but late game is really unpleasant because of performance. A game like this only makes sense if you feel free to progress without an invisible clock deteriorating your save while you go through the in-game challenges. There is a serious time investment to be considered before engaging on fresh starts. Playing 200 hours the same base just to realize defeat by lag is coming again was something acceptable before the release of the game. As we already crossed that checkpoint of launch the hope is kinda gone you know? Beyond performance, bugs. They may not brake the game, but certainly cause damage to the interest of those who played enough to detect weird interactions repeatedly. My realistic feedback: please fix performance and at least conveyors before coming up with a DLC or snowballing more new stuff into the game. Thanks.
  11. Thank you on the update. Are the new joy responses working properly? Some people (me included) are having trouble to spot Sticker bomber and Balloon Artist in action. After 1500 cycles playing this update I never saw those reactions even with half my dupes having these responses.
  12. Technically, yes. But you can use them as walls and ceiling just fine and still have the decor bonus. Most of the floor should be made out of metal for max efficiency.