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  1. I have no words to say how happy I am. This is much more that I could ever expect. By no means I feel like a scientist, but ONI means a lot to me. It was essential in the process of healing from IRL trauma with its cute duplicants, hostile space enviroment and cozy sound effects. There were no games at all that I wanted to play 3 months ago as my mind was completely rekt. A friend showed me ONI and everything changed. I spent over 600 hours in the game in 3 months while working in a full time job. That's how much I love ONI! I'm ready for the next 6000 hours! I love you guys. Thank you for creating this game. I will never forget!
  2. Tamed or wild? Which is best for this task? I have no idea about this unlimited diet thing.
  3. Nice. Do you know if these layers can be destroyed by meteor showers dropping debris indefinitely? My guess is that even if the pile is caped by 8, the upper tiles will be destoyed by meteor showers and the amount of regolith on the map will keep increasing as debris.
  4. I'm aware of those alternatives. I didn't want to dig the other half of the map to keep it unloaded. I still have 50t of sand at hand and 1 of those deposits on sight. I assumed from your answer that not opening Pandora's Box is the way to go. I'll work around that.
  5. I'm low on sand in my current base and I'm thinking about manually taking some tons of regolith from the top to cool down . Although, I have no plans for launching a rocket for the next couple hundreds of cycles. The question is: Meteor showers will stack regolith where I explored indefinitely or there is any sort of stack cap? I'm worried about opening Pandora's Box of infinite streams of refolith before I have set everything up to get rid of it. My computer isn't the best and I'm trying to keep my current FPS as much as I can.
  6. Superheating Methods

    Stupid question: Even if you melt it, you would have to dig it at some point in order to use it, right? How can you avoid that deletion of mass?
  7. Exactly. It was the only thing I had in mind about farming them and some hope for a future Athletics buff for move speed. If that hit can make dupe stronger, why not faster, right? It would be something cool to keep you hooked in a save... creating a mutant, the ultimate cleaning tool.
  8. Unfortunately not. I used diamond and glass in my last save mixed and they had the exactly same effect.
  9. After all, mesh tile > glass or same? Glass looks much better, I'd like it to be the most optimal choice.
  10. Right. Maybe if we cry loud enough Klei can make it possible. Although I think not many players care that much about this.
  11. Yeah, I had this same idea and was pretty much disapointed to know there is a limit for those. It seems dupes will bring back recharges with them only while there are planets yet to be explored. Once you've done all the research you can't farm them anymore.
  12. Next Update - 5 weeks ????

    I can't wait!!!
  13. I have this in my map and no super coolant. I found in my last save that 10 worts were more than enough to cool down a pretty solid gold volcano. They froze my cooling pool with everything inside and I just gave free access for dupes to the room where the gold dropped. I even planted sleet wheat in the bottom of the system that was below -10 all time, reaching -50 in dormant periods. I want to save my worts this time if I can use the nullifier Thoughts?
  14. Going over 20kw

    Seems like you'll need to consider a second power system running for the new stuff you plan to add.