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  1. Just don't tell her until I build my rocket pit and everything will be fine.
  2. Please no, guys. I scheduled my vacations and made a deal with wife to travel with kids in the release date. I'll have a stroke if it doesn't come out on May 28 haha.
  3. Hey @Saturnus, what's the chance of you sharing one of these pieces of art as a save file? I look at this image almost everyday since you posted it but I feel I have much more to learn from a small base designed like this. It's simple, elegant and efficient. My bases usually are pretty big and branched out everywhere. This thread was very handy and useful in many possible ways. I really want to change some of my strategies when 1.0 is out.
  4. I saw people saying vacuum is worse than solid tiles somehow. I think @JohnFrancis tested it out.
  5. Radiation, nuclear power, gym, more variety of foods and their recipes, more variety (and utility) on the textile industry. Fire and TNT (for mining purposes) would be amazing too. Accidents in general (since they really want a purpose to the med bay, right!?).... it always annoyed me to see heavy wiring all around under water and not a single dupe being electrocuted.
  6. haha not again guys...
  7. Creativity is something that can help a lot in the replayability value. Unfortunately it can't be purchased like a DLC. I mean, look at Minecraft. It's a pop culture phenomenon and in literally 1 minute you can make a dirt house and plant a crop enough to live inside forever. I like Don't Starve but the insane amount of stuff to be done in order to keep the character alive is overwhelming for me. Also, Don't Starve is 6 years old now and very well stablished in the market. It isn't fair to take it as the measure to look down to ONI which isn't officially born yet.
  8. I'm looking for good music to play the game with. I love ONI's original music soundtrack but after 800 hours I need some variance from time to time. I'll start recommending these German duplicants. I really like how the industrial vibe can fit the game. I'd like to check suggestions from others in the matter. What you listen when playing besides the default music?
  9. As sad as it is, I think the word "today" in the sentence is a bit off...
  10. All the heat from dev's communication since BUGFIX's episode was sucked by the new steam turbine.
  11. As I agree with most arguments about we having the chance to test 1.0 branch I don't think it will be the case. It would be too good to be true... Every single recent change in the game was received with mixed opinions to the extreme of having several threads and posts about "I stopped playing because of..." Some people even disliked the reworked steam turbine... I mean, it's pretty hard to please everyone and pitchforks are always ready to be wield. Having said that, I don't believe Klei will risk the overall excitement of release because after all they prepared a bunch of new content. Nothing people wouldn't devour and dissect in less than 3 weeks. But hey, I want my hands on that too and would be gladly surprised to be wrong!
  12. What is the clever use of the tool? Not using it?
  13. Disinfect tool should be put in perspective. I ignored it when I started playing and nothing changed ever since. It bothers me having to erode the borders of the base in order to prevent contamination... even more after a couple hundred cycles. I don't like how a floating base looks at all... What if we had a Disinfection Tool capable of doing the job from the inside and then we don't have to break any walls? We do, but it's inefficient and as far as I know it won't eliminate the source of contamination even after a ton of dupe work and hundreds of cycles. Currently, it just indicates where you'll need to dig to get rid of contamination. Am I missing something about the tool?
  14. Thanks a lot @mathmanican! Pretty simple and cheap, loved it! I discovered a volcano in this map as well. But that's another story... I never messed with magma for real before. Maybe you can extend a bit in future about what a hydrosensor combo is (???). haha
  15. Hello, I found this guy pretty close to my base and couldn't resist taming it as early as possible. It's the first time I deal with one of its kind. I was surprised to see its output is shy but continuous. Cute. I decided to use Saturnus' waterfall liquid compressor model for this but soon I realized gold amalgam pump can't stand the 330C oil it leaks. I guess even steel steel wouldn't do the job. So I started wondering if it's possible to use the same design of compressor combined with some cooling method efficient enough to keep damage away from my pump. My initial idea is to run cool pwater in radiant pipes from a cool slush geyser through the pump but I have no idea how to calculate that temperature exchange between the too hot oil from the leaky fissure and the too cold pwater running across it. Maybe Mr. @mathmanican can help with that. I also thought about a more strong setup with hydrogen around the cell, refined metal walls instead of insulated tiles and boxing up 2 or 3 wheezeworts. I'm affraid from both under cooling damaging my pump in the long term AND over cooling (as I don't want that oil to become solid in a couple hundred cycles). It would be a nightmare to undo all the mess and I'll probably drop the colony instead of fixing it. The good thing of being uncapable to calculate results in ONI is I never know what will happen! All is mistery and magic lol. This time I'd like to skip the suspense with some help because oh boi breaking the wall from the compressor to fix the design later can be the end of my run.