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  1. This list is not inclusive, but I've tried to hit the highlights from the detailed patch notes (I'm skipping all the big ones listed above). This is mostly for those who haven't been following all the beta test updates: More Hypothermia, but overall better than the vague 'can't reach that' problems. Yay! I wonder about the rest. Unconstructive/Builder, Tryptophobia/Digger, etc. Were these outliers just the worst offenders? 7 skill points to rocket piloting. I'm not sure if the speed is still only a 10% boost. More of these are desired for late game. For me in particular, this was a highlight. Drove me nuts. Thanks Devs! This. Is. Huge. This will be a particularly nice change, especially for those of us who think something is dormant and suddenly isn't in the middle of researching it! Typo in the patch notes, you can now. Yay! You can still "open ranch", you just have to leave the doors open. However, it will depend on the vagueness of when the critters move around as to what effect you'll have at any time within the actual stable area(s). Ranching now at least has a purpose, though. Is there a confirmation of if they'll store methane "emissions" as well? True QOL changes. That should help! This sounds important? I'm not sure. I believe these are mostly for those of us who use windowed mode instead of full screen. Helps tremendously, thank you. As I mentioned, these aren't all inclusive, and I recommend you read the patch notes for the full list. This is all most of the things that are in my personal highlight reel.
  2. [Game Update] - 322934

    True, but the polluted water mass usually keeps the slime balanced out. As a workaround solution to your particular concern, insulation has been added to the compactors. Set them to, say, 4 tons, set them to deliver ice next to your icedrofan (gods that desperately needs a new name) and your couriers can drop off 1600 kg/trip to the local storage which you can then stick into the fan 50kg a time in much shorter trips.
  3. [Game Update] - 322934

    While I applaud your adoption of the new tech, I don't think chilling down *biomes* is what they're made for.
  4. [Game Update] - 322934

    In regards to skill points and the overall xp progress, some observations. It's too easy to assign a skill point accidentally. Order of operations: Skill Point is notified. Click on bar to bring up skills screen to correct dupe. Click X to close the skill notification. Miss. Assign mining to your farmer. Have no way to reverse that mistake other than a reload from the autosave. Even when gaming the system early xp takes too long to get a dupe rolling. I understand the 15 skill / 250 cycle target, but even abusing the system you can't get more than 2 skill points in 15 cycles. The first skill point takes, usually, 4-5 cycles to get rolling. I've already got another dupe queued and delivered before the first one can even start really doing his job. If you don't have a, for example, miner on cycle 1, you're really going to hurt for things like abyssalite mining before cycle 20. An average specialist should be able to get 4 skill points reasonably quickly. For example, and architect should be able to get level 2 construction and Courier so they can bring supplies to the build site themselves. A miner would by able to get to abyssalite reasonably quickly. I assume the current restrictions are because 3 skill points makes a master painter/chef and this is not desired. I believe these issues can be fixed relatively easily: Do not harden the last skill point assigned until after you've left the skills screen. Rt-Click should let you remove the skill point and reassign it until you have left. At that point, it's permanent. Allow a dupe on printing to have a single skill point on arrival. That will allow locked skills, like cooks, artists, etc to be able to be used immediately. Adjust the xp required to have a steeper slope. Right now the ^(1/1.44) is too shallow. Make it steeper so that early skill points (say 2 or 3 of them) are more easily acquired for specialists. Allow an equivalent ratio for the later skill points to keep the C250 / 15 Skill. Basically spike the beginning and increase the ending. Make a dupe's character level (# of skill points acquired) limit when they can assign upper level choices. For example, your artist starts at no restriction for Art Fundamentals, Char Level 3 for Aestetic Design, and Char Level 5 for Masterworks. This would allow the skill points to continue to be earned, but also gate the upper skill levels for those skill abilities that are desired to be gated. If this is too complex, make it easier: Aestetic Design costs 2 skill levels, Masterworks costs 3. So, you'll have to bank skill points for these specialists.
  5. [Game Update] - 322934

    With a runner taking 4-5 cycles to get a skill point now, first skill level for chefs, artists, etc are somewhat more difficult than it used to be when they were able to get their starter skills rolling immediately. I'd like to see first skill point be available on printing for a dupe to try to counteract this, even if we lose that first xp cost for skills for the first 'earned' point.
  6. New drecko behavior

    This issue has been marked as fixed in the bug tracker. Shall we table the discussion until the next hotfix?
  7. New drecko behavior

    Up near the second page, there's some animated gifs of that not being true. Airlocks have always allowed passage, pneumatics that were not set to *open* did not. There's a change of logic for critters, at the very least dreckos which I tested, between QOL2 and 3. Grab a save and setup a small test beween the two with a ranch you've setup. Or take the one I linked in that post if you want for an example. Flip between the live and the test branch. You'll see significant differences. The most likely suspect is that when they fixed doors, they fixed pneumatic doors as well which had different rules. I'm hoping it was an oversight and that pneumatics will still behave the way they did. If not, that's... unfortunate. Ranching is already unwieldy enough that I've given up on it except for the absolute best ones (glossy and vole), and even that is in limited volumes.
  8. Power Priority Control(s)

    It's possible. I'm adding more load into the system as I go. I'll have a more costly grid up shortly.
  9. Power Priority Control(s)

    @KittenIsAGeek I'm getting a weird event here. My manual generator is on the high side attached to the lower event. It thinks the batteries are full. They *are*, actually, but I'd expected the transformer to not know that. However, a small battery next to the manual generator seems to control the issue. EDIT: Upon further tinkering and removing the small battery, it may have something to do with save/reload and the power grid.
  10. New drecko behavior

    QOL Mk2. I reverted the version and grabbed some old saves. Voles and Dreckos: QOL3 has different behavior. I've attached the save for checking. T - C150 - State of the Base Cycle 151.sav
  11. New drecko behavior

    Steel Airlock when opening/closing can let a vole out. Steel Pneumatic cannot, unless it's set to *open*.
  12. New drecko behavior

    Pneumatic doors have always been an outlier. Mechanical doors are just as quick and allow escapees. Pneumatics, particularly steel pneumatics on auto, can't even get a vole out. Mechanical Airlocks do. I should probably say *did*. I haven't ranched in QOL3 yet, so I haven't see the odd behavior. I have however seen dreckos hanging off open *auto* doors and not going through them. I've ranched through multiple versions, and the pneumatic vs. airlock discrepancy has existed for a good while. *open* doors? Yeah, right on through. *auto* doors can stand there with a dupe in the doorway and nothing wandered by. This is not luck. This used to be a way to trap critters without having to do crazy things. It was practically necessary for vole ranching other than using tube access.
  13. An operator glued to his hamster wheel starting on cycle 1/2 is able to get the 8 skill points needed before cycle 25 for an astronaut.
  14. On a side note, one of the things I really like about this is your Astronaut is now trained by cycle 25 by running on the hamster wheels since cycle 1. I imagine a dupe on a treadmill reading nothing but training manuals on a stand in front of them all day while they run.
  15. Power Priority Control(s)

    Similar to @Saturnus, I setup multi-shifting before I unpause the game on cycle 1. I typically pre-build 10-12 different shifts, while also adjusting all my priorities and disinfecting values. I also have more power draw on cycle 6 than most players. On average I've now got two researchers using 2 of the 3 research areas (1 super, 2 benches), 2 diffusers, and a water pump. The objective of this was instead of doing a direct coal switch was to use the runner *as much as possible* for xp gains, and support extra energy costs with the coal generator(s). On a side note, even a weak version of these setups has astronauts ready before cycle 25. @KittenIsAGeek Please don't start stepping away when you offer assistance. Your help was/is appreciated. While Saturnus is correct that I asked for a non smart battery version, your example showed me it was basically impossible without spending more refined metal than any other solution, such as Saturnus' ideas. He extrapolated them further on the Discord channel and at that point I think it was... double?... the amount of refined metal. In general, thank you both for your assistance. They've given me a lot of new ideas to play with and perhaps a few workarounds to other issues I've had as well.