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  1. The critter drop-off has been wrangling fliers for a while now. It's just a relocation thing, usually. Very handy to get pufts INTO the ranches.
  2. Disabling a harvest doesn't do anything. Normally not a problem until your dupes roll through and now all your dreckos are going to have issues. Save attached CD - 69 - Moar Incubator Cycle 75.sav
  3. This continues to occur and is amazing aggravating when your dupes harvest the drecko food. Save Attached CD - 69 - Moar Incubator Cycle 75.sav
  4. I agree with the difference, but I was one of the champions of not doing this. I (and others) have had issues where the interface has itself a moment after a save or other pauses where a click is suddenly dragged all over the screen. It's one thing if I simply swap a few ladders with some tiles in that moment. It's another if I miss removing *everything* and suddenly I have an access port into the vacuum chamber. There are plenty of other scenarios where I don't want tiles to be replaced with ladders, but that's my immediate use case and concern. Call it use error if you will, and I don't want a full OSHA system, but I do prefer a few railings at least on the cliff's edges.
  5. This would work as a permanent solution. The only reason you *had* to have gold was for oxylite. Otherwise the harder biomes are hard for a reason, and go from aluminum to steel with no middle position.
  6. Agreed. That's a wonderful method of helping me (and I assume others like me) from accidentally fat fingering into the LOX tank.
  7. I'm sorry you apparently don't misclick as often as I do then. I regularly end up with a screen full of something when the game has a 'moment' and it paints 42 sieves all over the screen or something else of that nature. I'm not asking them to go full OSHA, but I'd like some railings at the Grand Canyon monument, please.
  8. I don't disagree that a accidentally running a ladder into existing tiling is a user error. I happend to like that I couldn't do it accidentally! Ladder to tile, sure, no big accidents. Tile to ladder? Not really a fan, personally. Maybe just 'protect' insulated tiles, so we have the ability to protect our ourselves from our own stupidity?
  9. Um, this may need some more work. Heavi-Watt can't be ran across ladders. Accidentally running a ladder into my Insulated Tiles is just evil. It's basically an automatic vacuum/heat breaker. No more wallpaper for ladders. Tempshift works though. Sorry, the wallpaper concern was wrong.
  10. Please re-think the Dasha Saltvine changes. Originally you could counter the Chlorine hit from the rust deoxyizer with a pair of dasha. Now you'd need around 15 of them. Each. This basically means automate your compressors early and quickly, or use the electrolizer splitting exploit... cause there's nothing else you can do with that chlorine but try to keep it out of your O2 system.
  11. Is there a reason Dashas no longer show their chlorine consumption rates?
  12. @Ipsquiggle The room list on windowed mode (1280x720 for me) is still having some collision problems. The tooltips no longer fall off the screen (thanks!) but it can be tough highlighting the correct room near the bottom.
  13. I use a 24 hour shift rotation, with 2-4 dupes / shift. There will never be lights in the bedrooms because of the interrupted sleep issue. 15% is actually a useful value. I was sticking lights into random corners for the grooms where they'd fit because everything else was already planned for. Now I might actually redesign a few things for proper lighting.
  14. Wanted to test what a pip would actually try to plant, and not plant. Setup a nice area to test it, figured I'd start with mealwood. Even after sticking them in boxes (which the pips are perfectly happy to rummage) they won't attempt to plant the mealwood. So, I tried with acorns, figuring hey, if they'd work with anything.. also no go. The upper area of the sandbox is the 1 line test. Down below, there's a ranch and a non-ranch area for acorns and pips. None of them seem to be digging them up the way I'd expect. Attached a save file for reference. Sandbox 1.0 - Planting Choices.sav