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  1. Wheezewort-Powered SPOM

    @Beowulfe I've tried doing this for Nat Gas Geyser Compressors using Wheezeworts. The findings have been hit or miss in the last 3 updates. As a side note, once your hydrogen chamber is feeding wheezes through at 1kg/cell (check the bottom) you don't need more. That's the maximum cooling. Over pressurizing the system just adds stabilization mass at that point. While mesh helps keep the seal from breaking, it's not guaranteed. You also want to make sure the top of the wheeze leans to the right. It gets cranky leaning left. Additionally, not just save/reload can cause the issues. Quantum fluxuations of the simulation can also lead to the vacuum seal breaking, even in a mono-gas environment (ie: Nat Gas Geyser output). Also, beware any additional gases influencing the vacuum seal. A thin layer of CO2 or Chlorine can completely destroy the vacuum seal. Ways that improved it when I (and others) were testing. Use two Wheezes, staggered above each other leaning right. This allows the lower wheeze to break the vacuum seal but should keep the upper one stable. For initial vacuum sealing, use a door and let the wheeze vacuum up all lower cells. If any residual gases are above the wheeze, pump it to pure vacuum. This reduces/removes the chance of other gases breaking the vacuum seal. A straight column without left/right access compresses much slower for some reason than allowing the gas to come in sideways to the pot.
  2. Rockets, once you're past steam, take cycles, many of them, to come home. What else are you going to do? Might as well glass the universe.
  3. Gantry Automation

    Possible, but there's so many quantum concerns with automation right now I'm not sure I'd trust it.
  4. While enjoying the ensuing conversation about the brick phase transitions, to go back to the OP's question, yes Offgassing slime is viable. It maxes out its offgassing at 1.8kg/cell, which is the same way you can store/clean it until you want to use it. The fastest, and easiest, way I've found of cleaning slime is using an ice biome and a decent amount of low volume compactors on some local granite. Don't need to do anything special, any offgassing is typically cleaned up locally via temperature, and you can then use it somewhere else. The trouble with this method is it has the same concerns as using rot, polluted dirt, or PH2O offgassing. If you use it without filtering it via a deodorizer (which outputs at a defined heat value) you'd have to cool it twice. If you don't filter it you risk a major contagion and you can't use it in exosuits. In the case of PH2O offgassing in the cold you also risk freezing it. Because there are generally so many other methods of producing O2 in the game I find slime most useful in early/midgame mushroom farms, and to store the majority of it in a cold biome once I find it. Seal a door behind it so it doesn't just completely disintegrate once it hits pressure and let the local environment do the majority of the work for you, for free, and come use it when you need it.
  5. Gantry Automation

    I'd like to come back to this topic, primarily because the new automation for the rocket landing which now includes take offs means it starts up the refueling system unnecessarily. We have lost a way to detect landing, and the only landing, of a rocket. Weight automation doesn't trigger based on if the rocket is sitting on it. If you're not doing research nothing automatically drops to the ground. How are you folks dealing with refueling and a rocket only having a landing trigger, or are you just letting the takeoff cycle for a bit on the missing fuel tanks?
  6. So, I have some opinion on the pods now that I've had a few hundred cycles to toy with them. First, to some others: I generally agree with these sentiments, but I don't believe that a balance pass on the selectable options is a black/white concern. I don't think anyone (besides me) wants it to be removed... get to that in a second. There are just options that are immediate "Get that!" instead of being an interesting choice between options. Some options need to be bumped up to make them interesting. Others need to be squashed a bit to keep them interesting. Some of them should just be thrown overboard, they're like a Mouth Breathing, Anemic dupe. I personally dislike the care package system because in the first 40-60 cycles, I don't want a care package interrupting my hunt for the dupes with the interests I want. There's already so much enough aggravation for me trying to get the dupes I want in the first place that I really could use with less chances of getting one that's useful to me. -- This is easily cured by a simple toggle on the printing pod "Allow Care Packages". It's not there yet. -- The similar toggle could turn off dupes for more care package options once you've hit your optimum dupe counts. Just because I *can* play bleeding edge, doesn't mean I want to either. There are difficulty sliders for those options if I want them. Do I think some of these sliders need to be manipulated for 'standard' play? Sure. I think disease is ridiculously weak currently, even at Miserable. I use that as an example simply because I do think there should be some good challenge in the game to improve longevity, for the majority of players. I don't expect others who have a thousand hours in the game to think it overly difficult, but I think there should be *some* difficult to keep it interesting. In this regard, gating care packages for some reason (research, found item, time, whatever) can be a viable alternative. I don't personally think a time gate is valid. I have rockets going at cycle X, another player at cycle Y. Neither of us will need a petro drop at cycle 20 if we're still building farms, but I might like one at 80 where the other player may prefer it at 200. Gating in this case I think should help keep the packages more useful when you need, as newer players will need more of that basic materials to keep going, and 3 tons of fertilizer (as an example) isn't going to help them with their mealwood/musher setup, but could be useful when they research the hydroponics tiles. At the same time, there are things that are just silly to bother printing, like glass, unless you're going to drop multiple solar panels worth of material. However, I'd like to think most players would know how to use an early steel drop before you've built up the supply chain. A single steel atmo pump makes Nat Gas Geyser control simple to use. Drops like this oversimplify the challenge of the game to keep interest in long term play, in my opinion. If you desire that easy mode, there's a sandbox that can drop what you want. I'd personally like to see keeping the 'standard' difficulty keep being interesting. So, to get off my soapbox... I think we can have valid and valuable discussions about what items should/shouldn't be included, and when they should be included, without it being a black and white issue. I also think a lot of these options need to be buffed, because right now... … is pretty much what I usually do. I don't need either of the two more dupes, a handful of slickster eggs, nor a bottle of water that doesn't have a bottle emptier in the map anymore. So, to get to the damned point... I would recommend that care packages were gated for different drop items by research choices. Make sure they make sense. This *might* mean we need to revisit the entire research system as it stands and hope that Klei agrees with us. It also would help to give a player a control so they'd only research things they'd want to open the packages for, which is more interesting than drecko eggs when you don't even have a rancher.
  7. I dug into what machines were causing interference I couldn't trace. I then tried to make my findings available. You are of course welcome to use this for further expansion if you like, but I'm sorry to disappoint you I'm not interested in trying to make an entire library of every concern. I have neither the time nor the inclination to do that, getting this organized took far longer than I had to spare in the first place.
  8. That's fair, but I didn't see any need to reinvent the wheel when most of that is already covered, and covered well, in this:
  9. I do not, because I believe it might have some variance but mostly because I didn't bother to check. In my opinion, any interference is bad so I avoid it all if I can. I'm also lacking line of sight concerns and other things. This isn't meant to encompass all knowledge from the ONI Meteorology posts already up, it's just more information since the things causing interference seemed so haphazard.
  10. Let me know if the new layout is helpful.
  11. @JohnFrancis Thanks for the criticism. Some folks on the discord have had some confusion too, so I'm reworking it. One of those cases of what makes perfect sense in my head is not the best approach to show the information.
  12. So out of aggravation with the eccentricities of scanner interference, I started digging into what will, or won't, interfere. It ended up being all over. It was awkward enough I decided to make a reference sheet for it. It's a first draft, I'll polish it again later with getting things aligned and what not, but wanted opinions before I went full bore on trying to make it perfect. EDIT: New Draft
  13. This will be fixed in the next update. See this bug report one page back.
  14. Gantry Automation

    The nice part of your over engineering is the rocket scanners still add to your scan network quality for the meteor detection system, so they're not wasted.
  15. Gantry Automation

    Unless that's changed too, it'll happily go through your doors and destroy them.