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  1. @Yank31 in my previous savegame i used a buid from biopon for rocket detection paired whit one auto rocket launcher, and loader for oxidizer and fuel..When i will be home i will make for you some printscrens. No busted doors, minimum power consumption. Post edit: Rocket detection: Biopon 2 second filter coupled whit a power switch for the scaners Auto rocket launch: 30 s buffer coupled whit a not circuit for preventing the damage done to the crane at landing Auto refuiling: 5 second buffer + not gate input for a and gate comand the start of the pumping when atmo sensor detect gases (above 1000 for preventing starting if a commet struck before the doors are closed after launch), and the element .pipe sensor stop pumping Same circuit repeated for my hidrogen rocket. Bonus: autocooling: before modification of the steam turbine, now you can do the same thing whit a steam turbine paired whit anaqutuner.
  2. Yes. The combination pipe sensor liquid/gas shutoff for filtering elements is working only if is flow of liquids/gas. If the packets stop the setup goes terrible wrong. I learn it on my own when i separate petroleum from water, and when hydrogen room reached 20 kg / tile. To prevent this put some failsafe (gas or liquid reservoir after the pipe to get some time for intervention. But as always i prefer systems go it and forget about it.
  3. @Slane4020 under in spoilers you have my 2 building setups whit aquatuners and steam turbines (automatic circuits also): 1 for cooling my farm area and water for the toilets i have 2 aquatuners. The master to cool the farm area. The thermo pipe sensor activate the liquid shut of valve and the aquatuner once the temperature is above 20 degrees. The slave whit 2 liquid shut of valve and a thermo pipe sensor set at below 20 degrees cool the water for toilets and bristle berries.Once water is detected by the element pipe sensor, the aquatuner is shut off. The second setup is for cooling water in my future fish aquarium and cooling the oxygen for my base. Same setup without the element pipe sensor
  4. Not if you go whit radiant pipe through ice biome... and cool it.... Mea colpa. I tend to forget about the temperature changes.
  5. The easiest way is to pump and convert the petroleum into plastic....The more difficult is some temp shift plate and a steam turbine above. Put some water over the petroleum and cool the petroleum till 150 degree then cool it whit another aquatuner or pump it for rocket fuel, or petrol generator, or plastic... you decide. For the future search on the forum. There area lots and lots of steam turbines whit aquatuners setups. Even in ONIversty post i see lots of them (and lots off bugs and exploits). You decide what you use. Post edit: don't bother whit wheeze worth or AETN (anti entropy thermo nulifier). The heat deleted is not enough for even one aquatuner.
  6. I will be happy when i will have solutions in game (except using sandbox) for using the data banks and lots and lots of artifacts.... Even if i want i can't use it or transform in something else. Also a pump for magma will be nice.
  7. Do you have a print screen whit a planet whit more than trace amounts of fullerene? I didn't see one until now. When i send a rocket whit a cargo hold i send for what i get except niobium and fullerene. I can always send to 10k planets but what i can do whit 20 tones of refined carbon? So i prefer to send to 40k planets and melt the ice, melt the solid co2 and convert it to polluted water, melt the solid methane and use the natural gas for power, and melt the o2 and convert it to LOX or use it for my dupes after is heated. Yes but except the vacilator refills the data banks and artifacts get stacked in the rocket bay. For now we don't have any possibility to dispose it or convert it into something else.
  8. I don't agree. Convert it to polluted water via skimmer, and feed it to the thimble reed farm. You will have excess fiber. Fiber + abyssalite + isoresin = insulation. In my last game i killed all my slicksters to get as much polluted water i can.
  9. Indeed balm lilies flowers are at least now compostable.. My fault was i didn't updated the game before testing I hope abyssalite ant the rest
  10. @watermelen671 please see the spoiler. Balm lilies flower aren't compostable yet. Balm lilies seeds yes. Post edith I didn't update steam game
  11. Endless request not heard yet 1 make abyssalite be crushable again 2 make balm lilies be compostable 3 make data banks be compostable 4 make items like ancient tables, fridges, desktops..etc be destructible or at least be dismantle and then be rebuild in another location 5 make space statues be compostable (in my last game i have 4 stetoscope, 12 eggs, 10 colored eggs, 6 rubick cubs, etc) you see the picture
  12. If is for LOX you can convert it whit hydrogen and at least one thermoregulator. before rockets and CU
  13. Isn't wort abyss bugs. One wild abyss bug eat 800 gr of abyssalite. Better convert it into isolation and crush it to sand. Is faster. In my previous game i converted all the wild shine bugs to abyss bugs.
  14. Dreckos farm whit balm lilies and you will have plenty of phosporite. The only problem is what to do whit all the balm lilies flowers. That isn't compostible yet so you will have more then you can deal whit.
  15. If i understand right, you want the benefits of space materials without going to space. If you build 6 rockets whit 2 cargo bay and go to the ice planets you will have more isoresin (whit ice, solid co2, solid methane, solid oxygen) and niobium than reed fiber. I empty all polluted water from my asteroid in my quest for get rid off all the abyssalite from my asteroid for my thimble reed farm. Then i converted all my slime to algae, for polluted water and not enough. This is for the ice planets. If you go to the 10k planets you will have tones of refined carbon