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  1. I am not agreeing whit your opinion. If you want goals you make goals. Like: Convert all you wild shine bugs to abyss bugs without tame them (done that) Convert all your abyssalite to insulation (still trying... reed fibre bottle neck - polluted water bottle neck) Convert all the heat from your magma to power. Grind the cooled igneous rock to sand, convert it to coal. make more power and co2 (done that) And the last one. Vacum all the exterior of the base, use all the resources of the map, and control all the input of the resources (still trying) (ex: convert insulation to sand, sand to coal, burn coal for power and co2, convert all the Co2 to polluted water, use polluted water for growing thimble reeds, use reed fibre whit isoresin for making insulation an repeat, heat the solid co2 and convert it to co2, convert the co2 to polluted water, heat the solid methane to natural gas, use it for power, heat the ice to water, use it for getting polluted water, convert the solid O2 to LOX) In all my games polluted water is the bottle neck. Use it all my polluted water from the map, converted all the slime to algae and polutted water, converted all the co2 from the map to polluted water, even captured most of the co2 exhaust of the rocket for more polluted water, and still this is the bottle neck for wasting all the abyssalite from my asteroid... P.S. By melting thermium and converting to niobium. This is the method to get rid of wolfram. The melted niobium you can vented to space.
  2. I will be happy when i will have solutions in game (except using sandbox) for using the data banks and lots and lots of artifacts.... Even if i want i can't use it or transform in something else. Also a pump for magma will be nice.
  3. Indeed balm lilies flowers are at least now compostable.. My fault was i didn't updated the game before testing I hope abyssalite ant the rest
  4. @watermelen671 please see the spoiler. Balm lilies flower aren't compostable yet. Balm lilies seeds yes. Post edith I didn't update steam game
  5. Endless request not heard yet 1 make abyssalite be crushable again 2 make balm lilies be compostable 3 make data banks be compostable 4 make items like ancient tables, fridges, desktops..etc be destructible or at least be dismantle and then be rebuild in another location 5 make space statues be compostable (in my last game i have 4 stetoscope, 12 eggs, 10 colored eggs, 6 rubick cubs, etc) you see the picture
  6. Dreckos farm whit balm lilies and you will have plenty of phosporite. The only problem is what to do whit all the balm lilies flowers. That isn't compostible yet so you will have more then you can deal whit.
  7. If i understand right, you want the benefits of space materials without going to space. If you build 6 rockets whit 2 cargo bay and go to the ice planets you will have more isoresin (whit ice, solid co2, solid methane, solid oxygen) and niobium than reed fiber. I empty all polluted water from my asteroid in my quest for get rid off all the abyssalite from my asteroid for my thimble reed farm. Then i converted all my slime to algae, for polluted water and not enough. This is for the ice planets. If you go to the 10k planets you will have tones of refined carbon
  8. @Ipsquiggle I still wait an fix for the abyssalite problem (make it be crushable, combine it whit other elements for a high temperature pump, or use it for drywall or tempshift plate), and the deconstruction of the tables, broken lamps, food dispenser etc
  9. Tell this to klei developers. My impression is no win condition in all the development time from the thermic upgrade till now.
  10. I prefer playing vanilla (without mods), and the rocket part is optional. I see many players who play without reaching the space. Or even reaching the crude oil...It,s an open world game so you make your own challenges.
  11. You are right but you always must think out of the box. Then...use the print pod for more, and asteroids...
  12. You can have copper ore in the printing pod. So need patience.
  13. Same here whit 74 degrees larva eggs Utopia.sav
  14. Done it but the wild ones eat only 800 g/ bug once.I work at one abyssalite smelter...