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  1. Yes but when your dupe take some raw food and instead of taking it to the grill stop for 2 seconds and drop it from no reason, then the same dupe repeat the process again...I need to sweep after it for prevent the spoilage of food. Or dupe eats some food and drop what isn't eat on the ground of the gran hall. Or jump left and right until they choke instead of going to the nearest oxygen area for breathing. The impossibility to select what critters you want to feed on the critters feeder (when i click on the shine bugs, all bugs are selected and some hatch). And the nicest shove vole eats, then freeze. The only solution is reload, and at 1660 cycle i need to wait for 8 minutes for temporary fixing this issue. This are the reason that i take this pause from the game until they fix some bugs, and i hope this will be some of them.
  2. I hope until the official launch klei fix many bugs and balance the game. but we will see. As i said i will not play any more until the preview. At 1660 cycle loading time and saving time is insane. And i don't want to start a new game for one week. So i will play some old game
  3. I stop at 1660 because of the long loading time( between 5 and 8 minutes), and long save time (8 - 15 seconds). I make a pause until the preview, and start a new fresh game for see what is new.
  4. You have lava but except the cascade effect, dupe manual transport or doors compressors you can't move it.
  5. Is in the rare resources area... and you can store it...
  6. I tried, build and enjoyed this build. It fits perfect whit my vision. Allow regolith in only when the rocket leave or came back from the silo. Paired whit You will have the perfect automatic rocket missions.
  7. @socooo no one will take away your merits. You make one without using the second liquid. I tried whit water and no results. The name is irrelevant. I call the mechanism drip effect, @mathmanican call it bead pump (he is doing a great marketing work), @Zarquan cal it from the real word reverse Sprengel pump. It's just a name. It's easier to recreate it using 2 liquids, so if devs will change the one element / tile rule many bugs will vanish. I hope that devs will acknowledge the problem and fix it. All of us want is just a better game. Now ONI is a broken game in development. I want a game balanced. Now is far from that but i didn't lose hope yet. Best regards
  8. Thanks @Lilalaunekuh I must redefine the working concept of my rocket heating system for melting abyssalite. I think i will go wild on the abbys bugs version. The untamed ones and see what i can do. This is my new goal.
  9. algae idea

    I like it but you need to post in the suggestion area.
  10. the best are the diamonds as a glass tile
  11. A very good post. Like @SamLogan series of how to. I like it. Maybe when you finish the post "how tho break ONI" using every exploits still not fixed devs will put more time in GQ (quality of the game) and fix them. It's every one choice if want's to use them or not. It's a single player game, and i think it will stay this way. Best regards.
  12. Multiplying CO2

    you can do the same whit chlorine, and methane...
  13. As you can see is work and power free using water and the cascade . As @mathmanican said is all about the quantity of liquid that fall. I used water and crude oil for the cascade and oxygen and chlorine for the cascade. Is a little redesigned. I save the setup for you to try and see. Post edit. I think is more power efficient using the escher waterfalls and the drip effect for pumping gases (no power used) Rocky Panopticon.sav
  14. @Yunru i think your problem is the quantity of liquid falling. I try to recreate your design.
  15. Yes @blash365 you are right is the same principle as @socooo and he used the phosporus for the heat transfer which is more efficient that my pump version ( i refer the second version without ports blocked) and solve the heating problem. In my version if you have a controlled heat (volcano controled by doors) you can make power using a pump, in his version he eliminate the pump and let only the heating part. And bonus he used only one liquid for recreating the drip effect.