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  1. For me using sandbox other than testing configuration is like cheating. Before the introduction of insulation abyssalite was crush-able in the rock granulator - after... this changed. The solution is simple. Make abyssalite crushable again, or extend the uses for it. Except for the recipe of insulation is useless. An similar example is diamonds. You can use it as window tiles, aero pots, wallpaper or tempshift plate. The difference is the availability. If diamonds are scarce, abyssalite is abundant. THE GAME NEEDS BALANCE. I hope @chemie now you understand my point of view. I like this game, and i want to play it. But i want to play it as it was designed. For now is a bad design, and i hope devs will fix it.
  2. I think klei devs didn't have time to balance all the new 3 bioms , and i am curious about the final results. But we will see. I suspected this because of the missing testing things are messy, major bugs, so no preview until is fixed, then they miss the deadline...then this message. For now i stop playing ONI until the launch. The main issue, at least for me, is the abyssalite. Abyss bugs isn't wort growing, melting it doesn't work, and for converting it to insulation and smash it to sand, you need many more cycle then my laptop can handle... As i said in other post i want a balanced game. ONI is way off from that target in this state.
  3. The morbs spawn once of 3 cycle from uncleaned latrines. Wiky is outdated. You kill that dupe for nothing.
  4. What can i say. For me works fine, as it is. It can be better but this can be done after the release date. The game in my perspective now needs balance not speed. What can i do whit 2500 tones of abbysalite? I digged only 640 tones, but is more in my map.
  5. If anyone will try to melt abbysalite please stop It's an mission impossible. I make an 1 kg dropper for abbysalite and pasted in sandbox liquid niobium for testing if it work. At 1 kg abbysalite won't my setup will be used for magnification off all unwanted material like mafic rock, sand, etc.
  6. @Ashpoker under you have my save game 1917 cycle....aprox. 5 minute loading of the game, 10 seconds saving in game and I am playing only whit 3x speed. Load it and tell us if is any difference from your 1000 cycle game in fps (except the loading time). I can play it whit my i3, 2 gh procesor, 8 ghz ram, and 1 ghz dedicated video card, so a more weak laptop then your. Utopia.sav
  7. My only interest for now is not the new bioms or new stuff but the balance of the game. Whit regolith if you close all the surface and permit input only for exit and arrive of rockets, you can manage a good balance. If you try the solar panels whit wild shove vole you are fried. The new germs and spores is a little face lift of the game, same whit rocket and extraterrestrial planets. I still want for another sources of wolfram (still finite resources), possibility the solution of abyssalite problem (and grinding isolation isn't it one of them, abyss bugs either), and uses for unwanted material (see sulfur)
  8. I have no dead critters because i don't keep tamed critters. Only wild one allowed. So in my current game whit only pacifist dupes i am thinking of get rid of all the slickters and convert all the co2 in the map in polluted water. In my case i pump all the sour gas and liquefy it into methane, the methane was pumped and heated for natural gas. The sulfur resulted was heated till liquefy and disposed to void area. (i don't need any material i can't build or use it)
  9. @Ashpoker when i come home i will put my 2000 cycle save and please load it into your game...The difference is no regolith, 40% of map is vacuumed, no excess critters, no excess dupes. I am current building an abysselite smelter in survival mode
  10. I suggest start consume or melt from unused resources. Like excess sandstone, or sedimentary rock, or my favorite mafic rock. Make void in all the map area for preventing temperature swap and gases moving. Convert the excess oxygen in lox, excess hydrogen in LH, excess natural gas in methane, excess chlorine in LC.
  11. @Airpower i have some question. At which cycle you are and what is you configuration. I have an 2.0 ghz I3 procesor whit an dedicated 1 ghz video card and 8 ghz of ram and my game is playable at cycle 1920. So not to good laptop, but as Mr.Trueba said if you minimize the patting, restrict the input of resources from the vents, or volcanoes, don't breed to many creatures and consume as much resources as you can, you can improve the gameplay.
  12. @OxCD you are right is of topic from the point of view of the post. I share it for the other players if they want to use the design for there build.
  13. Under in spoiler 1 you have the natural gas vent whit heat recovery, and in spoiler 2 the high temp polluted oxygen vent, whit oxygen cleaner. The principle is simple. The vent emit 150 degree natural gas. If the temp is above 125 degrees and minim 500 gr the gas pump start. The temp shift plate move some heat to the iron metallic tiles, and the water is converted in steam. The gas pipe temp sensor release the 124 degrees natural gas. To prevent the steam turbine overheating i put the classical whezee to cool until 1 degrees. The second example you have the polluted oxygen to oxygen convert chamber I trapped one morb and the ceramic production in the left side. The pressure plate is set at 250 kg of sand.
  14. It is ok but i don't know why you cool the petroleum? I make a setup using the new steam turbine for cooling the 150 degrees natural gas vents, and 500 degrees polluted oxygen vent. I am trying to recover some of the heat that is wasted and convert it to power. The natural gas is converted in methane and stored, and the polluted oxygen cleaned and stored as lox. When i am at home i will post pictures.
  15. Same here whit 74 degrees larva eggs Utopia.sav