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  1. Well, now I will have no use for it. Another building to list of never used ones. Ore scrubber will have now even more company
  2. Took me a minute to understand what the new AND gate visuals are about. Seems like a nice idea. I like it too.
  3. "To have a million and not to have a million add up to two millions" - Esterad Thyssen, King of Kovir
  4. You may actually do that already - ctrl to save location, shift to recall
  5. I wouldn't call it like this. Some things you translated in a way that no one really speaks. For example this: msgid "Mark this object for compost" msgstr "Oznacz ten przedmiot, aby został odniesiony na pryzmę" Pryzma?! No one would use that word in a pop culture. Or: msgid "Rummage" msgstr "Przeryj" This doesn't fit at all. Same like calling power consumers as "odbiornik". Only power consumer that would fit this word is a TV, but those are not included in the game I think you mean "odbiorca".
  6. Strange - patch was not downloaded untill I opted out from beta.
  7. And what about cooling ceramics created by coocking clay? What will happen if you use hot ceramics to build something? Will the building be 930C hot?
  8. According to the webpage you provided: That are exactly my dupes! If they don't obey they go to a dark, closed room with a hamster wheel. They spend there their last days producing power for me. Not on my watch!
  9. During tests 2 pump electrolyzer setup I noticed hydrogen deletion. Electrolyzer was working 100% of the time so it should produce ~67kg of hydrogen. I prepared a special storage to measure produced hydrogen - it is in upper right part of the build from the save file. Please run the electrolyzer for a one cycle and you will see that stored hydrogen is around 60kg only. gas deletion.sav