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  1. So you have there like 100kDTU/s of heat deletion. A single steam turbine provides 8 times more heat deletion. So for sure it is not the "highest rate of heat deletion", but I agree that it is easy
  2. I think most of the people here will be able to figure out how to build such trivial things like delivery. Really important part that I wanted to show was pumps and sensors layout, because electrolyzer performance depends on that. All the other things people can build whatever they like. I never just show builds and expect others to copy it 100%. Rather I want to point into some direction.
  3. Thanks. I have nothing against people posting their builds here, but still it would be nice if the builds were also 100% up time so it fits more to the topic. I'm fully aware that it doesn't really matter if you use one electrolyzer that is 100% up time or 2 that are 50%. Seems like I'm one of those min-max people so that is why I prefer one electrolyzer at 100% performance.
  4. You can just mine the phosphorite. 16t will be enough for 1000 cycles. And usually on maps there is much more than 16t. Or you can use totally different way to cool down o2. I, for example, in my bases don't cool the O2 at all. Hot O2 goes to exosuits, which is quite harmless and also is vented directly to base. My bases are water cooled so venting hot O2 will not affect temperature. I used wheezworts so this build can resamble the original SPOM build. I know many people for some reason really like the SPOM build. I used it only in my first base and then I started to create my own electrolyzer builds. Frankly speaking I'm not fan of original SPOM build due to its waste of cooling power, untunable generator and not enough for me up-time.
  5. Because when water level in that "bubble thing" drops to bottom it means electrolyzer is overpressurized. In 100% uptime build the water level doesn't drop at all.
  6. On the gif you provided it looks like electrolyzer overpressurizes so I doubt it can produce 1776g/s Have you looked into daily reports to see how much O2 your electrolyzer produced during previous cycle?
  7. Yes, you can fertilize from below. That is why there is an autosweeper placed in vacuumed room in order to limit heat transfers to wheezeworts chamber.
  8. There is no base there It is just a blueprint of the proof of concept. Anyone can feel free to utilize the excess hydrogen as they wish. I placed the emergency vent there in case I want to perform longer testing. It would prevent hydrogen overflowing the reservoirs so the whole system is not blocked.
  9. A year ago I posted on reddit a SPOM build that was 100% up-time. I was curious if it still works so I checked and here is the SPOM build: As you can see electrolyzer was 100% up during 10 cycles. Hydrogen atmo sensor set to above 300g Oxygen atmo sensor set to above 350g Oxygen exits at ~14C. Aluminium used for radiant pipes. During that 10 cycles of test time I managed to store 235kg of excess Hydrogen. In various places I saw people posting about struggling to build a working SPOM design so I hope this will help those.
  10. So you want to find heat transfer equations? Well, you are too late. It is already found: But do not despair! Some part of it might be outdated and for example seems like klow is no longer used in tile to tile equations, except for insulated tiles. So there is still room for testing and verifying already found knowledge.
  11. As @calibayzone mentoned for heat transfers only 1/5 of building mass is calculated.
  12. Solar Essentials

    @ruhrohraggy I haven't played the game in a while. My last build is from QoL3 game version: I managed to make it pulse only one scanner to detect end of meteor showers. For launch update playthrough I planned to also detect peace seasons and disable scanning during that time, but since new meteor types were introduced with different timings it will become a hard thing to achieve. Unfortunatelly I lost a bit interest in playing and my LU colony is still even before cycle 50 so there is no space scanner build progress to report
  13. Solar Essentials

    Looks like only 16 doors are powered so it wont overload. Robominers are not working same time when doors are.
  14. Petroleum inside generator doesn't heat it up directly. Buildings with storage don't exchange heat with stored materials. It is the middle tile, that generator stands on, which is exchanging heat with storage. Next the tile exchanges heat with surrounding gases and it can heat up generator. To minimize this make the tile insulated. To totally eliminate the problem make it insulated Insulation tile. Or just build the generator on airlock - buildings don't exchange heat with each other. Seems like this doesn't work anymore. Storage will exchange heat with airlock.
  15. My oil boiler has all the features you mentioned and it also makes sure magma solidifies into debris. You can use the same concept to heat up steam instead of oil.