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  1. It's been almost a year now since I last used powered refrigerators so maybe things changed or maybe I had polluted oxygen in my base. But maybe I will go back to powered refrigerators if it is only polluted oxygen fault.
  2. Mods Please

    This is what will be left of Meep after such rocket launch. Looks like you could also have him for a lunch
  3. At a time I was still powering refrigerators it was just slowing down spoilage. That is why I moved to unpowered refrigerators placed in CO2 pit.
  4. It the opposite - low temperature slows down, sterile atmosphere stops spoilage completely.
  5. If you put food to chlorine room then already you don't have to worry about it to spoil. CO2 works as well.
  6. Mods Please

    Isn't this a one way trip? And how any living creature would survive such acceleration?
  7. Is it normal that I have opt out from beta to get this update?
  8. 40kg/s Regiolith Melter

    So I tested it a bit now and I found interesting thing happening. Please take a look at below screenshots: One tick before melting: Game tick after melting: Before melting the regolith there is 1810kg of magma at 1479.6C After regolith melts temperature drops to 1472.6 A sudden drop of 7C. This is why it doesn't work as in my theorethical calculations. It is not possible to make it self sustaining. We established it at the beginning of the whole discussion. But what me and Grimgaw is saying that each melting should decrease a bit energy needed to heat up magma back to 1500C. But there is something strange happening that when regolith melts magma temperature drops by 7C and this prevents this from working as expected.
  9. 40kg/s Regiolith Melter

    If Saturnus's values of temperature after melting comes from in-game testing then there is something strange. If melting 200kg@400C of regolith in 3000kg@1500C of magma gives final temperature of 1481.78C then it lacks 3.75C, because in theory it should be 1485.53C. It can be game real simulation thing again or fault of testing method. I will do some testing as well later today. It is interesting case
  10. Average conductivity is used only in case of regular/radiant pipes exchanging heat with its contents. And for me it is still unclear if it is log or just simple average. For almost all other cases a lower conductivity is used.
  11. 40kg/s Regiolith Melter

    So how much kDTU will have to add when you do next iteration of melting and you melt 200kg@400C of regolith in that heated back to 1500C 2400kg of magma? After melting it the final temperature of 2600kg of magma should be 1483.33C Isn't it 1500*2600-1483.33*2600 = 43342kDTU ?
  12. Maybe he used intuition instead of weird ONI logic, which he might not yet learned
  13. 40kg/s Regiolith Melter

    I think in this place you misunderstood the whole concept - you need to heat up the magma back to 1500C before you add another regolith. So after adding another 200k 400C to 2200kg of 1500C magma it becomes 2400kg@1480C, not 1451C
  14. 40kg/s Regiolith Melter

    I'm not able to test it right now so I'm just presenting a theory behind the whole concept. But I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work this way, but indeed game has proven some my calculations to be wrong in the past, but mostly because I was using wrong formulas, as I didn't know actual formulas used in game code. But in this case I believe I use correct formula, so this calculations should be reflected in game testing.