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  1. Pause the game when any bunker door is in its closing or opening progress, the door is still moving regardless of the pause. What is worse, this is not a visual glitch. --------------------------------- Actually, no matter what game speed (or pause) it is, the door always moves at the same speed.
  2. Like the smart battery. Or smart reservoirs.
  3. I wish there is some species that may attack or threat human. Abstract The only threat of this game is starvation, starvation from food, from oxygen, from water, from heat (or coldness). So overall it means if one don't seek for challenge, he cannot receive challenge. Most creatures on this planet are only preys and they do no threats to the player. There is a strange thing on this planet, there are creatures, but no ecosystem. Despite the duplicants (which is actually an alien species), there is no food chain, no predators and preys. Drecko eat some plants and Paco eat algae and that's all. Others feed on minerals and have no predators. So usually, if a native species has no predator, it itself should be a predator. (like the tigers in real life) Some Ideas 1. A strong creature that may actively attack other citters and dups, and go back to its lair after fed. 2. A plant that grows vines indefinitely and, if ignored, may grow everywhere and eats up everything (can eat food in box), or grow organic mouth and deal damage to dups. It's vines can be removed, but will always regrow back. unless you find out its root somewhere in the world and wipe it out. 3. A plant (or fungal maybe) that spread spores everywhere. The spore cannot walk but may infect human, and can also root if it finds anywhere suitable. (Including empty pots and farm tiles), and will drain up oxygen quickly. These creatures may hatch from eggs or grow from seeds, which is brought by the meteors.
  4. Fire is cool!

    Once there is fire, there will be a reaction. Maybe a Chemistry Update. But that may be too difficult to implement. First, they have to make it possible for 2 blocks of different substance to react when contacted rather than only transfer heat. Then let's say, H2 is flammable, but wait, in what? 2 H2 + O2 == 2 H2O. Yes, we get water. H2 + Cl2 == 2HCl. Well... Something interesting happens. 2HCl (disolved in H2O) + Fe = FeCl2 + H2 So now we get something called Ferrous Chloride, which is not useful anywhere. And CuO + H2 = Cu + H2O. Maybe we can get refined copper from copper ore, using some new device. (If so why not use just use coal? 2CuO + C = CO2 + 2Cu ) So once there is fire, there is chemistry. Once there is chemistry, there's tons of new stuffs to implemented. So maybe in far future, my great grand son may see this...
  5. YEAAASS! Danger and CHAOS, please! ... And for instance, chemical update like: Hydrogen + Oxygen + too hot = steam + Explosion ! Hydrogen + Chlorine + too bright= hydrochloric acid + Explosion ! hydrochloric acid + iron = corrosion damage ! And again ... Let there be CHAOS!
  6. Sorry, I didn't quite get myself understood. My point is not that we must inform everybody that summer/winter is coming. My point is that bigger events deserve bigger prelude, to make it feel more shocking, or horrifying, rather than confusing. Consider this scene: You are staying in your base, sitting around the pit fire, because everywhere is freezing. Night falls, and darkness is everywhere, but you try to calm yourself: this will end soon. And suddenly you hear some noise like: deep breathe? or is it just my breathe? The noise gets louder and louder, you finally realize that something bad is gonna happen. ... So, what would you feel now? Horrified and panic: maybe you are not prepared, maybe you are not confident to beat him, or maybe you are a new player and don't know what to do next. But what if you just see the giant coming into the screen all of a sudden without any sign? It might just look like it's a program rather than it is something alive. You may feel like saying: What the xxx...
  7. In DS, the single-player version, when you open a winter-trap chest, there is a noticeable visual (like a shadow-creature smoke) and sound effect, indicating something serious has happened. Since you are the only human in the world, this visual effect can be assumed as to be displayed in the center of the screen, which is just appropriate. But this is not true in DST. (A lot of things are designed in the context of single-player, such as Sanity.) One possible solution is to make the effects global and noticeable by all players, and characters should have comments on events like that.
  8. Matchmaking

    So what about this, a player would have to build a Wilson's Gate to unlock the MP mode. They won't have to build it again.
  9. Matchmaking

    But think about it: 1. This makes a fine cost for death in MP. 2. People would have experienced how it feels like when one's base is burnt down, so that they won't just do so much griefing.
  10. Wendy and the Evil Flowers

    So what a pity if they are not evil by their own mind, but force to be, being ruled by someone or something. And they wispers because they feel pain, and hunger for understanding.