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  1. What? Can dupes ride the conveyor rail?
  2. [Game Update] - 325565 & 325699

    In real world your nurse won't mind waiting you for 3 seconds rather than getting out of the room and find another job immediately.
  3. You don't have to. When new liquid comes out it may heat up the solid debris on the ground back into liquid, and so they merge into a larger amount of liquid. This happens when the metal debris can't lose heat fast enough so it can easily melt again.
  4. When the mass of liquid in a cell exceeds a particular quantity and freezes, it becomes a tile.
  5. Wait... WHAT? So if you have a iron volcano and the iron freeze into a tile and you dig it off and later it melts, freezes, and dug, and melts, freeze, dug you finally lose all tons of iron into nothing?
  6. [Game Update] - 324351

    The spores are back?!
  7. Disasters

    Oh yes! Give the world some randomness and suspense so players won't get bored in late game or for each run. This is interesting and easy to implement. Cruel, but I like it. This is interesting, but if gravity stops working suddenly like a braking, it could ruin the game. But it'd be interesting and fun if the gravity slowly decrease and return which last for 20 cycles or so, it would be fun... But I don't know how it should be like in ONI when we lose gravity.
  8. Oh... yes! And abilities like digging abyssalite is too easy in both job systems. Another way to balance the game is that you have to get tier 3 jobs before gain extra skill points. (If your dupes don't get tier 3 miner his digging stats will always stay the level when he was printed)
  9. My steam vent is eaten!

  10. Every time I click the material overlay button it crashes.
  11. Dupes in the Dark?

    Omg I need that version now! A miner suit with a light on the hat. (with negative decor maybe)
  12. My water is running low, but I only have one steam vent! ... and this is why:
  13. Sadly, there's no such thing as pressure in this game, And they just call density "pressure". While pressure means the force applied to a surface per unit area ... there's no force in this game.
  14. It has always been occupying my subconscious that something is wrong about these plumbing stuffs, and now you reminds me what it is.