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  1. Why use jet suits?

    You can prevent dupes to enter a room with jet suits by building a jet suit checkpoint oppsite to the entering direction without a closet, and then setting the option to vacancy. However... even if I have the jet suit system, I still can't plan-massive-digging-area-and-watch-everything-happen-afk because my dupes would spend 90% time of day calculating for their next errand.
  2. The latter is so much prettier. I was using the former design all the time and I can't believe I survived. You've saved my life!
  3. [Game Update] - 365655

    I guess the plants switching between withered and normal state too frequently might harm the performance.
  4. I see! This is what's inside a steam geyser.
  5. To survive the "winter" when natural gas geysers are dormant.
  6. Oh no!! I start playing since the first beta but I misses this patch!
  7. [Game Update] - 355043

    Like, I can't believe this was true. Or, WTF someone must have touched my code before I commit????
  8. Well... imagine when currently there's 1 ton of air in the bottom side, while the other side is vacuum. And the next second.... ummmmm...
  9. Crash when clicking on Colonny Summary

    Not really. It begins to crash after you have start a new game.
  10. The screen keeps flickering while dragging the HUD scale slider, and makes it hard to set it to the desired value. The HUD scale is set with a slider, and the scale factor keeps changing while dragging the slider. This results in the slider reposition itself in the screen coordinate space and so the mouse is not in the area of the slider in the next frame. And so the slider detects a mouse-out event, and resets the slider to the value before the drag. And because the value is reset, the scaling factor is reset too so the mouse is in the slider area again the UI rescale again. And so the HUD scale value jumps between some values and makes it hard to tune the value. Although the video attached is from the preview version, the problem has already existed. The update makes the slider farther from the center of the screen which makes the slider moves faster while rescaling, that makes the problem worse. oni-hud-scale-slider_480.mov
  11. What? Can dupes ride the conveyor rail?
  12. [Game Update] - 325565 & 325699

    In real world your nurse won't mind waiting you for 3 seconds rather than getting out of the room and find another job immediately.
  13. [Game Update] - 324351

    The spores are back?!
  14. Every time I click the material overlay button it crashes.
  15. The bug wasn't there in 320841, and presents in 321393. (So if there was not an update between, it was brought in 321393)