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  1. Sorry, so i can use this with the new test branch ?
  2. Question, i cant load my saved games , why ? i switched to this branch and i have this problem.
  3. I just received the update, was just a live update from the last one and not new stuff or there will be new stuff today ?
  4. I ask this because the in game counter, maybe there will be some new update in the test branch today, i don't know.
  5. I wonder if we expecting a new update, preview for the game or DLC ?
  6. Yep , because i have salt geyser and when touches the floor became brine instantly..
  7. Packets Opener has a wrong output conveyor when is placed - before build you build , after is ok.
  8. sometime if you have to extract liquid from a pipe you need to use the the extract pipe tool , but if you only need to extract just one tile , this function keeps going and stuck in the same place. maybe if is one time job, will be great.
  9. Yes but has a negative decore and cann't be hidden in the tiles Maybe a transformer with various outputs ? that could work.
  10. It will be nice if the game has a Power cables similar to the Automation bulk cables and a hub.
  11. Yes , i mean both, i hope they bring more stuff for the base game and the dlc. I didn't notice the absence of Shove voles ... they remove it ?