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  1. It will be nice if in the next update the could bring up blueprints, sweep by type. Also make another uses of materials, better materials and Labor Robots, also will love to see if they can achieve sending rovers without the need of a pilot.
  2. Like always , i have psychic powers .... how long this post was made vs they release an update / statement ? Tomorrow we are gonna see something ??? mmmmmm
  3. -I don't know if it will be possible for them to implement this, the game will became over complicated if you add more problems. -Maybe you can have a automation rocket base where you can put things and trade, but this will be useless if you have multiple planets where you can find stuff, unless they create new materials that can not be manufactured or find in a planet. -Yes , more stuff will be great. -Yes, maybe more stuff for fishing, more creatures. i wanna add , maybe the possibility to create robots like the rover but for automation stuff where this robots needs electricity to run and you can positioning in a job that is manual and needs a dupe to operate (Oil Refinery)
  4. I think they always makes an early access build for a DLC or some Content Update.
  5. I have psychic powers, every time i post something like this, and update appear and i do not work for you guys ... Do you have a date ?
  6. Yes , i forgot that website, maybe they will roll up something this week.
  7. Hi, i wonder if there will be any new content or Update in the next few months.
  8. Wegame is a kinda chinese steam right? Maybe is why we didn't get this update , i didn't ...
  9. I just saw an update from public_testing but no info here ...
  10. A way to send only the rover and you lose the ship so you don't have to send a dupe to space. The new Data Bank Research is very tedious, you have to send a dupe to space and let him to use the device so he can create data banks, very annoying.
  11. Seems the bug got fixed with the latest update or patch , someone messed up.
  12. Seems that my bug got fixed , i was able to create a new game, i will try to make more new games with different settings.
  13. I tried to attach the process but the game suddenly closes ( i didn't know if this had to happend ) when the menu screen appears, the first one give me nothing, change the proccess and this one gave me 2.3mb file I don't know if this helps you. steam.trace
  14. i wanna add , i can load my saved game but i can't start a new one. Crashes on select dupe screen, the windows suddenly closes.
  15. I have 8 steamwebhelper process, how do i know which one is the correct ?