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  1. I always dream that at some point you could build a bunch of robots that only can be limited to a room , don't get stress, eat or sleep and your dupes only rest and relax.
  2. Me too , i suspect that they changed the designer in that case, because the new art don't make any sense with the game esthetic.
  3. Is there any news about the DLC ? any Sneek Peek?
  4. Linux version was updated too ? because i didn't see any update in the test branch.
  5. Make sense , i forgot about the food. It will be nice if they can use the same Pod as a teleport device and an option that you can build another in a remote planet.
  6. Im not sure about the limit time, also i would like to see some robots doing this kind of job like the robominer but with wheels. I agree that now is not very exiting, also generate some of the coolants and stuff for making rocket fuel is not the best way to do it.
  7. When the dupes reaches some of this planets , it will be nice if they can land there and start digging or creating a base from the top to the bottom and then, build some kind of Teleport and transport materials and dupes. It Will be nice if you can have both worlds in the same screen ... i Know i Know, it will be a mess and unplayable ( PC Spects ) , but... it will be fun.
  8. Also, maybe they need change the name from Petroleum to Fuel Generator and update the description.
  9. When you discover an Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier or a Neural Vacillator ,analyse them and then can be constructed Also it will be nice if you can move the Printing Pod, maybe deconstruct and construct in another place.
  10. Like the bathrooms, beds and showers , i would like to see this in the next update , so every dupe has an assigned Atmo suit and Dock and this get stuck with him.
  11. Its just a suggestion , i have to waste another tile for make a turn.
  12. There is something wrong about the atmosuits, because every dupes drops it in everywhere and another thing is that they don't care if you have two rows of docks, they still trying to go out from the first row.