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  1. Same here ... Are you on Linux ? Updated : Clicking on No sweat , happen too
  2. I played this saved game after the latest update in december , so is related to the closer planetoids. So you said that i have to sacrifice a dupe in order to find another planet ? thats sad ...
  3. I noticed that i do not have another planet to visit because all telescopes are all full explore , there is anything else i can do ? its is a bug ? i have to travel with the ships to the edge of the already explored planet ?
  4. They will be a new update this week or maybe the next one or they still on holidays?
  5. When im playing and i trying to load a previous save game , the game crashes, but not screen only stops, this happend in linux.
  6. All this mods must be in the vanilla version , but i dont know why they dont do it yet. Blueprints Sweep by type Deconstructable POI Props Build dirt tiles Research/Sink/Starmap Queue
  7. I stated a new game using terra and the DLC , i played before on the swamp biome but i havent any problem.