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  1. Yes , the colider is a box so thats the problem with diagonal tiles. Yes, the lag is an issue, but maybe they will change the way that this asteroids works , maybe the switch wont be smooth like switching from panel to panel, maybe you need to load and unload the bases, besides i think this asteroids will be so much smaller than the initial colony. All this is assumptions, because we don't have any information.
  2. Maybe is just a texture that simulate a half triangle but inside or the content is a box, i mean , the gameobject is a box. You can test this with fluids, if they get stuck is that they are not a triangle. Try to do it in sandbox.
  3. So do you want dupes can slide over it ? , i think they will need to rework the entire pathfinding and the fluid system and it will be a pain in the ass
  4. But , don't you think they change this because this way don't worked or is very weird the way that you have to build the rockets ? is like the old job board, worked for a while and they change it suddenly.? I bet the multiple colonies can be part of the DLC with the Nuclear Update, but the Space rework maybe worked like now but with new rockets and the new map.
  5. Remember that there is two things, the DLC and the Space Rework, i been saying that maybe the space rework will be the base game free update and the DLC will be the Nuclear, that's my thought because i think is like this: If you have already the game, the space system needs to be reworked and the possibilities of multiple colonies must be the base game, the nuclear instead maybe its the addon that can allow you to travel distant worlds with new creatures, plants and materials. That's my point of view.
  6. Its seems that this game is played by many programmers, is like ONI its a game made for programmers.
  7. So ....maybe we can have some news this week or ..... today ? I have my CC here, ready.
  8. Same here, i stopped playing the game because if they will be redesign the space system , WHATS THE POINT wasting time and effort when my saves wont work. Don't you think that the space system needed a rework ?
  9. Well said. Americans? do you mean US citizen, because America contains North America, Central America and South America.