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  1. Good map seed

    Mine is 666 , i got 1 cold geyser , 1 polluted geyser, 2 copper volcanoes, 2 steam fumaroles, 1 chlorine fumarole , 1 natural gas fumarole. 2 oil gaysers.
  2. Maybe a trade system will be implemented in the future.
  3. The Release update will have a Preview Branch ?
  4. So, there will be some Sneek Peek from the new Biomes?
  5. The most annoying UI issue

    I will add something to this , in the critter feeder do not exists the option Balm Lily , why ?
  6. The most annoying UI issue

    another issue is the critters o selection tree in the storage / critters feeders when you select one item, jumps at top and you have to scroll down again, it will be nice if we can have a search input at top ?
  7. Can I make my own mod?

    I think , nobody wants to tell us how to do a mod and kept in secret, Last time there was someone who upload few video-tutorials but were deleted, i don't know why. The tutorials and explanations are "go and watch other mod's code".
  8. Stuff that'd be cool to mod

    Automatic Harvesting Arm using the Autosweep , how hard it can be ?
  9. Will be good if you can change any building material instead of deconstruct and construct again.
  10. That's what i have in mind and maybe can be used against a shiny metal to light a room and grow plants.
  11. LCD screen

    It will be nice if we can have in the automation section some displays , like 7 segment displays , and something similar to an arduino , so we can play with that. The guy in you avatar , was a terrorist ... be carefull.
  12. I was thinking about this , using Mirrors for deflecting the light from the sun inside the base . Can be rotated in any degrees. Do you remember the movie ... The Mummy ?
  13. New Game required for QOL3?

    My 3600 cycles bases stopped working when my dupe got stuck researching in the first tier for the newest medical buildings and never finished. keeps researching and never ends.