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  1. Hi there, Title is self-explanatory, since last update, wild Waterweed (I haven't tested with domesticated one) doesn't grow anymore, not matter the level of water it is submerged in. Thanks in advance
  2. [Game Update] - 364722

    Mmm Waterweed doesn't grow anymore, no matter the level of water :/ Submiting a bug...
  3. For my part, I'm quite picky with my crew - All my Dupes must have Diver's Lungs. I never choose a Dupe without. Because that's 25% less resources used for breathing. - Dupes must not have any of these traits : Narcoleptic, Allergies, Flatulent, Anemic, Non-constructive. For the starting and very first Dupes, I try to avoid Noodle Arms, Trypophobia and Bottomless Stomach. - Starting crew is always : 1 Researcher with +7 Science, 1 Cook with at least one other interest, 1 Digger preferably with at least one other interest. If I'm lucky to have a Cook/Digger, I'm going for a Suit Wearer, preferably with two other interests. - Afterwards, as long as it respects the two first rules, it's OK until the 12th Dupe. For the 12th to 16th, I'm very careful and only keep the cream of the crop.
  4. Here's mine : The Chlorine Room is a multi-purpose decontamination room where I store ingredients for food recipes (including processed ingredients such as Frost Buns) and Bleach Stone. It's also a Nature Reserve thanks to the four withered wild plants inside. Contaminated Water is sent in the reservoir and then passes on a Germ Detector that either sends back the water in the Reservoir if it's still contaminated or sends it to the water sieve if it's ok. Water is then sent back to the toilets and the showers. Excess water is sent to a large pure water reservoir and to my Electrolyzers. Algae Distiller injects contaminated water in the system when Slime is available. Injection is controlled by a Clock sensor in order not to inject too much contaminated water (which would prevent correct decontamination). There's another Pwater input coming from my power plant that can inject Pwater directly in the Sieve in case of shortage. Note that showers' Pwater bypass decontamination since it doesn't produces germy Pwater. The system is fully self-sustainable and only requires marginal fine-tuning regarding the amount of excess water to send to the Electrolyzers. Currently, the water in the system is between 28°C and 30°C thanks to the Wheezeworts' action.
  5. For my part I use a Carbon Skimmer, it's pretty effective and transform a decent amount of pure water into polluted one, which can be used in a metal refinery, or in Pincha Pepper Plants if it's too hot Edit : it' been ages since I made a Cap farm. I only use wild ones.
  6. Mmmmm... I'm not sure it's working, or at least not the way it's intended. I have a Puft Prince in my base and it doesn't seem to breathe O², only PO².when it comes across small pockets of them. Anyone on the forum had time to test that ?
  7. disgonbgud.gif Even if this is only a rollback to what was before, this is sad... The ability to choose whose traits to play with would have been better, if you want my opinion :/
  8. Hi there, Title is pretty much self explanatory : Rust Biomes on Rime does not have Ethanol Lakes (They generate on other Asteroid's Rust Biome). Cheers
  9. Colony achievments

    I unlocked Locavore twice for now, and it's pretty much self-explainatory : you can eat anything as long as you don't have any seed planted in a Planter Box, a Farm Tile or an Hydroponic Farm. You can have some, but you can't have seed planted in them. Having flowers in pot does not prevent from getting the achievement too.
  10. It's time to take motherofgod.jpg out of the fridge (pun intended, you can boo me)
  11. Hi there, I'm not sure if this one has been submitted, but I'm experiencing a massive fps drop each time I open a building/critter/plant/material toolbox. When no toolbox is opened, the game runs at a smooth 30/40 fps. Each time I open a toolbox, fps are literally halved, dropping to 15/20 fps. This is happening only with the launch preview, both on my desktop and my laptop computers and on all the games I've played since the launch preview has been available. Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing, I'm talking about that kind of toolbox. Note that this is not limited to storage toolbox. Every single one make my fps drop dramatically, even if building toolboxes seem to have a worse effect. Hoping you'll find a fix for that. DxDiag.txt
  12. Hi there, Just a minor one : in the saturated tooltip, Waterweed is identified as critter instead of a plant. Keep up the good work, guys
  13. This. What Klei did with that whole no "autoplanting-in-the-wild" is nothing more than a rollback to QoL3. The only consequence is that the Locavore achievement is suddenly harder to complete ^^
  14. Hi there, A minor bug I just spotted, located in the Duplicant List of your Colony Summary : the 9th duplicant portrait is always displayed, as you can see on that screenshot (Ashkan, right under Marie) :
  15. Hi there, I don't know if it's intentional or not, but dupes can't learn anymore a skill if they don't have sufficient morale. This was not the case in the previous versions of the game. Joined a screenshot and my save file so you can see the thing faster Thanks in advance Dracian08.sav