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  1. This is probably the best move in your current situation. I prefer seeing the launch date delayed than playing a game full of bugs, unbalanced and unfinished. Keep up the good work guys, but remember to rest too. We can wait
  2. When you are unlucky enough not to have a single PH²O volcano on your map, I can assure you you don't. You just drain every single lake in the swamps, and to be sure those are not drained too fast, you set up an Algae Terrarium farm to convert H²O to PH²O. You can't imagine the amount of manpower it requires. In my case, a double-cargo rocket propelled with Petroleum and LOX brings me 192kg of Isoresin every 3 cycles, so that's 12 batches of isolation, thus 60 Fibers required to catch up... 20 per cycle, 40 domesticated Thimble Reeds required. Impossible to build unless you have access to at the very least one PH²O volcano (2 removes the need to drain pools and/or to convert H²O with Algae Terrariums) So to say, 20 Insulated Tiles or Pipes. I'll just quote Nitroturtle on that as what they said perfectly sums up my mind : I'll stand by what I already said. In the current state of the game, Insulation costs too much Fibers and not enough Abyssalite and/or Isoresin. And it's not about what is necessary or not, it's about the frustration you feel when you discover after hundreds of hours and multiple retries that the super endgame material you want for your build is not available because a supposedly common ressource is not.
  3. The question is not about having abundance of Insulation, but being able to build a decent amount in order to focus on other things than controling the temperature of every single hot or cold stuff you use at any second of the game. You know, taking away a problem to focus on another one... You don't like Insulation because of its perfectness ? You like challenges ? You like being limited ? Fine, don't use Insulation. Nothing complies you to build anything with it, the same way nobody complies anyone to play with the hardest settings.
  4. Not that much, in reality. If you can manage to have a power bank with at least 10 Batteries linked to Solar Panels and an emergency generator (ie Hydrogen), you can pretty much manage the power cost for half of the surface. Using Buffers and Filters can help not burning all your energy too fast
  5. Battery switching power distribution Matter doubling Matter converting I wasn't even aware of those. Damn, I need to hang more on the forums . Hoping it'll be fixed, just like Everything weird about mesh tiles in space Though I wouldn't be surprised many people would disagree XD PW offgassing as a primary O2 source Since it consumes PH²O, that seems balanced to me. I hope it'll stay that way Wild plant scavenging SHC manipulation Fixed-temp outputs (primarily the Water Sieve) Low-temp printables Fixed-temp construction Not sure all those will be fixed someday. Just like the infinite Save/Load to get the printable you want...
  6. super coolant

    Additionnaly, I think Aquatuner's minimal output temperature is -270°C (correct me if I'm wrong)
  7. I've read all your comments and while I can agree I've made some mistakes in the conception of my O² and H² cooling chambers (30 tiles away from my rockets), the general idea I'm reading is nonetheless that Insulation is indeed too expensive... Which is why you prefer using Ceramic or Vacuum. I'll maintain that 5 Reed Fibers for 100 Insulation is way too much. With that ratio, you need 20 Fibers to build a single Insulated Tile or Insulated Pipe... 200 Fibers for a 10-tiles pipe (approx, the minimal lenght to link your cooling chamber to your rocket liquid tank). An 8*2 box would require 320 (the size of a cooling chamber, without the corners). 520 fibers for a single LO²/LH² cooling system, 1040 for both and without counting what you would need to link your LH² cooling system to a second or a third liquid tank and what you would perhaps need for your Super Coolant pipes. Provided you have access to a PH²O volcano with an average output of 3.2kg/s, you'll have just enough PH²O to feed 20 Thimble Reed. You would then need 104 cycles to build your setup. Even if you manage to have enough regular Dreckos or wild Thimble Reeds to divide by 2 the amount of time needed, it would still be way too long... And this is not to mention possible mistakes in the conception and/or use of Canvas and/or Carpeted Tiles in your base which would increase the global cost in Fibers Insulation is supposed to be a no-brainer material since it is a perfect isolant. The fact that a lot of people prefer workarounds with Ceramic and/or Vacuum is indeed indicative that something's not right. In my case, the fact that Reed Fibers are more difficult to obtain than Isoresin (supposedly a Rare Ressource) is another indication that there might be adjustments to do. [For those interested, I kept playing. It took me ~100 cycles to link my O² cooling chamber to my Rocket's Tank, after sacrificing all the paintings in my base and draining 10 PH²O lakes in my swamp biomes since I don't have a PH²O volcano (I have 15 domestic Thimble Reeds). Shearing Dreckos helped a bit, and probably reduced the time needed by 15 or 20 cycles (I don't have that much). The 13 wild Thimble Reeds whose growth isn't halted because of temperature helped also a little bit (I don't think I have ever uprooted one in that game). During that time, I mostly read a book while waiting for things to be done... I keep reading while linking my LH² chamber to my rocket's Tank]
  8. Hi there, Just got a random crash. I wasn't able to report it with the in-game tool... Clicked too fast The crash happened when clicking on the "Compost" button on a Mushroom located in a refrigerator. Unfortunately, I have try to reproduce the crash, but wasn't able. I suppose there are other unknown conditions. Dracian06 Cycle 857.sav
  9. Hi there, I don't usually ask or beg for things but something must be done about Reed Fibers. Either Insulation requires too much of them, either Thimble Reeds and Dreckos don't give enough (or require too much time or too much ressources to grow). I'm at the point where I've destroyed every single painting in my base and everything is done to maximize Thimble Reed Production... Except I almost ran out of Dirt and I wasn't lucky enough to have PH²O volcano on my map. So I'm just considering to abandon the base and start a new one or to go play another game. At cycle 812, it really makes me angry, but knowing I'll have to wait more than 100 cycles to complete my LOX setup is just killing me... Not to mention I'll have to wait another 100 cycles to complete my LH² setup. In a way it reminds me of the Lime bottleneck back in the days (which also made me consider to take a break from the game... until things got fixed with the introduction of Fossil). Anyway, sorry to bother you with that but I feel I can't be the only one in that case. Cheers and sorry for the rant.
  10. Don't tempt us, you know we'll answer
  11. Hi there, Just got a Crash To Desktop with this message : The game alt-tabbed but I never managed to recover it, even after patiently waiting for 15 minutes. The crash happened during the autosave, cycle 617. Autosave failed. When the crash occured, I was checking my Space Scanners setup in the Automation Overlay, though I'm not sure it's related. A quick check in the Task Manager showed me that ONI was using ~8Gb of memory (along with other processes, it was used at 75%, I have 16Gb of RAM) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce the crash, though, I suppose loading the save multiple times may increase memory use and crash the game. I have joined all possible useful files except for the Output Log, which does not appear if the specified file. If you need more, please ask Thanks in advance. Dracian06 Cycle 616.sav DxDiag.txt SimDLL_CRASH_preview_325699_20190416-16.29.09.sav
  12. Exactly ^^ I didn't know they were blocking less light, I never really paid attention... My Solar Panels output seemed OK, so I never try to optimize things. Will do now
  13. I have understood you didn't have that much gas to vent into space, but seriously, this has proven to be the best solution for me. The trick is to control the flow so that gas is used only when the Robo Miner are working after a meteor shower. Here are pics (the design is quite messy but it works very well) This is the general design. As I said, it's a little bit messy and it was built too close from the no-go zone on top of the map. These pics were taken right after a meteor shower, knowing the robo-miners have been built something like 200 cycles before. The were all built in Gold for maximum heat transfer and have never left the 20-70°C zone (depends on the intensity of the shower) This is the amount of gaz left after cooling the robo miners. The flow is controled by gaz shutoffes and there are 6 of them. The opening of the Shutoffes is directly link to meteor detection, and more precisely to the end of the meteor shower. The trick is to use a XOR gate in order to close the shutoffes after a delay. How is it done ? Simplified, Space Scanners detects the end of a meteor shower, its signal turns from FALSE to TRUE (in reality it is more complicated, because I have tried to make a design that saves power during meteor showers) Signal is sent to two filters, one with a 60s delay, the other one with a 105s delay. As you know, the output signal of a XOR gate is TRUE only when one of is input is TRUE. It is FALSE when both inputs are TRUE or FALSE. Which means that : - Both Filters are FALSE : XOR output is FALSE, Shutoffs are closed. This happens during a meteor shower and when the bunker doors are opening. - The 60s Filter is TRUE, the 105s Filter is FALSE : XOR output is TRUE, Shutoffs are opened. Robo-MIners are destroying the Regolith and the Oxygen is cooling them - Both Filters are TRUE : XOR output is FALSE, Shutoffs are closed again. Skies are peaceful, no meteor Shower is happening. As for the amount of Oxygen it consumes, it's minimal. This is the Electrolyzer setup I'm using and it's the only one I'm using right now, knowing I have 12 Dupes. I still have enough oxygen to sustain 30 Atmo Suit Docks (12 in the Hot Biome, 12 in Space, 2 for the Drecko Farm, 2 for the Morb-Puft Farm and 2 for my Chlorine Chamber) and to produce Oxylite very frequently. Other sources of Oxygen include two Algae Terrarium, a Contaminated PO² geyser, a small Morb farm and the evaporation of various PH²O puddles in the Swamp Biomes. Currently I only use Petroleum and Oxylite for my rockets. I plan to but an other Electrolyzer setup when I'll switch to LOX and Liquid H². Hoping it'll help EDIT : just a small edit, but Tiles and Drywalls are built in Mafic Rock, which is Thermally Reactive.
  14. I have observed the same bug in my game. I don't know which are the values, but I suspect the time multiplier is not the same between the game and the automation buffers and filters. In my game I have set some buffers and filters on my gantries in order to save power. In other words, a given gantry do not start retracting/expanding until the one on top of it has finished to be retracted/expanding (I have mesured the time it needed to do so). At 1x speed everything works fine. At maximum speed, Gantries start moving before the other ones have finished retracting or expanding; leading, in this case to a power overload.
  15. So, after a few hours of testing, Terrariums finally proved to be the best. One was enough to stabilize my consumption (I uprooted some Pincha Plant and kept only what was necessary to produce 3 espressos per cycle and BBQs... 6 Plants are enough) and when activating a few more (1 to 4, depending), I had enough PH²O to cool my refineries. If you don't mind some micro management, this is really the best solution. Thanks to all of you guys for your advices