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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    this is cursed i love it
  2. New machine aging system?

    I'd be down for that, would add a cool new angle to the game.
  3. Who is the next character?

    obviously, we need this guy. skills include running, and screaming.
  4. So with how the Tides have Turned, we now have a new sanity mechanic, its limited to the moon biome, but its new. Does this mean we may get some changes to base sanity mechanics in the future? Lowering sanity tends to be a very common downside to items, enemies, mechanics, and characters, yet all you get is a few extra enemies that drop a rare resource. It's mostly a benefit to those who can fight it off. im hoping with the Return of Them update(s) that we get some changes to insanity so its a real threat, yano, make it so it's an actual problem? With a flint axe, good kiting, and enough patients, you can deal with it with little issue right now, so maybe something more is advisable. I want something more than just stronger shadow monsters, maybe something like attacking random things, or more severe vision impairment, maybe even straight debuffs like slower speed, weaker attack, lower defence, stuff like that. Maybe more enemies are affected by the insanity like bunnies are, so they get stronger. Things like spiders would get much stronger but don't change their loot poo, so you only get the downsides. Could also just have more interesting shadow monsters, like a ranged one, or one that charges, maybe one that can lock you in place, or ones that have a longer ranged melee attack. Maybe even more inanity things like the hand that snuff out your fire. Like, what if there was a skittering hand that followed you and knocked what you were holding in your hand away, and if you are holding a torch or lantern it turns off when you're hit. Maybe if you hit 0 sanity it summons a bigger nightmare monster that is like a miniboss, with attacks that are hard to kite easy or has other powers like some of the fuel weavers attacks, but weaker. Really all I want is losing sanity to be an actual downside, rather than being somewhat helpful if you know what you are doing. They can have it still be helpful to farm nightmare fuel, just make it harder. When hunger is low, you raise it to stave off death, when your health is low, you raise it to stave off death, yet all raising sanity does for you is despawning two enemies and cut you off from a valuable magical resource, sure they monsters might kill you, maybe. But it's not as guaranteed as health and hunger is. if there were more, and more mechanically varied shadow monsters, it would make insanity much more deadly than it is now, which would indirectly nerf anything that lowers sanity, since it brings you closer to most probable doom. these things would include, but is not limited to: wetness, wicker's books, wormwood's plant empathy, wortox's soul chomping, food, magic items in general, and evil flowers.
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    "I'm not mad, I just expected better."
  6. What does Webber look like?

    how did you change the language i wrote in?
  7. What does Webber look like?

    I'd say he's either 10 or 12.
  8. What does Webber look like?

    the true answer.
  9. Who do you main?

    i like me some webber, the ability to eat monster meat and the easy access to silk is nice.
  10. [Game Update] - 358820

    such is the way with game development, some stuff just doesn't get used despite being made. it doesn't mean it can't be used in the future, either by dlc or mods.
  11. small wolfgang rework idea

    That's one way to do it, but people don't like limitations on food intake. that would mean he can't eat any healing food while mighty, look to wormwood to see how people feel about no healing food.
  12. small wolfgang rework idea

    yes that is what I have said This is exactly what I was going for.
  13. [Game Update] - 357226

    oh cool, so it's now actually viable.
  14. small wolfgang rework idea

    That's kinda the point of my post, wolf has been needing a nerf for a while, with his constant strength being his biggest plus. Just stuffing your face for massive damage isn't that interesting honestly, meatballs are quite easy to make. I feel that having to work for your extra damage and speed would make it more interesting to play. Plus, if it lasts longer, as I have also proposed, you wont need to constantly refresh it like you do now.