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  1. That has to be the most pointless, obtuse, and useless perk I have ever heard. I love it.
  2. 7 slots isn't really necessary for reasons I have gone into before, but honestly the main reason I don't want 7 slots is that it will completely mess with the symmetry. Currently you can completely fill the board with six 1's, three 2's or two 3's. Its simple, elegant, and looks visually pleasing. adding that 7'th slot will break that, you won't be able to fill the whole board with just one type of circuit, other than the 1 pin circuit of course. all it would really allow is the use of 3 slot circuits with a 4 slot circuit, as well as using two 2 slot circuit's with a 3 slot one. Since its so late in the beta, I feel like the dev's deliberately don't want you to be able to use a 3 slot with a 4 slot. They made the light circuit, something that was once a 4 slot, into a 3 slot, allowing you to use it with another 3 slot, but they didn't do that to the night vision circuit. That tells me that they intentionally designed the night vision to limit your options due to its power, but still allow you to be endlessly immune to night with the cheaper light circuit. Also 7 is just such a strange number to use, its not only an odd number, but a prime number, so it cant be divided by anything cleanly. Its not a very robot number to use.
  3. Really, the only major boon to having 7 slots is being able to use 2x speed, or night vision, with a three slot circuit. Adding that one extra slot only adds unnecessary power, any variety it would add can either be replicated with lesser circuits, or is just not as strong. There is no killer combo that a 7 slot can do that a 6 slot can't. All the 7 slot exclusive builds either: have two speed, is slightly stronger version of an existing build, or has night vision with a three pin circuit. Night vision can just be replaced by the now 3 pinned light circuit. Yes, it is weaker by far, but it's equivalent and lets you use a three pin circuit with it, while only using 6 pins. And if living without night vision is just such a make or break thing, then just use moggles, actual moggles. Its always available and uses no circuit slots, can even use 3x speed with it.
  4. other than 1 and 2, you can do the rest with 6 pins just fine. no 3: /+ its not night vision, but its infinite light and immunity to darkness. no 4:++ 50 extra health isn't much, even for this circuit. no 5:+(1 pin hunger circuit)+// its a simple conversion. no 6: same as above.
  5. I think if it had some synergy with bees, then it could at the very least provide something outside of combat, like making bees not agro when you harvest a bee box. Or maybe it makes bees non hostile? Idk, just something.
  6. Again, keep things civil people, we don't need to go making hostile assumption of others, or insinuating a lack of intelligence.
  7. Does it? That's certainly Interesting, I wonder what use cases that has.
  8. It only takes about a day and a half for a full charge, and the temp circuits are only useful in their opposing seasons, there is no possible reason to directly swap from one temp circuit to another so that's plenty of time.
  9. I would assume the passive cooling would make you freeze faster. As for the second question, since it's a constant output, I can assume yes, like standing next to a blue firepit.
  10. If thermal isn't that good, then what's the point of 7 slots? Dronemaster isn't anything to write home about as of now, and the music box is a novelty at best. Even if you turn a 1 speed 1 three slot, into a 2 speed and a 1 three slot, you only get like, 15 percent more speed, or something. I don't know exactly how it scales, only that it goes down with every subsequent speed circuit added. This means that adding a 7th slot is a minimal boost at best, and edging towards broken at worst. I still think that turning the light circuit into a three slot would allow a little more versatility that a supposed 7th slot would give, without actually adding more slots. Infinite light is already possible in the game, and is far weaker than infinite moggles, but still provides the same benefit, immunity to darkness. it would allow you to have visibility in darkness and another three slot circuit, but its far weaker than moggles, so the moggles circuit is still preferable to most players. this provides an interesting choice, do you go for the weaker light circuit, and gain the benefit of another 3 slot circuit, or do you go for the much stronger moggels circuit, and limit yourself to a 2 slot circuit? That would provide far more interesting gameplay in my opinion.
  11. Thing is, there is only four 3 slot circuits: the music box, the worse jellybean, and the two temperature circuits. as much as I like it, no one will use the music box for anything outside the occasional mass farming, and the dronemaster circuit is up for heavy debate on its viability. which means the only viable 3 slot circuit to use is the temperature circuits. and since the only 4 slot circuits are light based, that means moggles or light are the only available combos with it. Being immune to darkness and seasons, infinitely, at the exact same time is a bit much for one character to have. they already nerfed his now lost overcharge by splitting it up into circuits, having 7 slots will just bring it back, but even stronger (if slower). That's all most people will use 7 slots for, other than having two speed and a temp circuit. outside those, you will, at best, get an extra 50 health with 7 slots. Being forced to choose between moggles or temperature immunity is a good balancing choice in my view. it allows both options to be available, but make it so you have to make a hard choice on what you want to be immune to depending on the situation. You have to choose one or the other, you can't have both, and that make the character more interesting. it gives you a reason to respec your circuits, outside of wanting more speed, sacrificing one immunity for the other as your situation changes. its unique, dynamic, and keeps things balanced... mostly.