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  1. ah, I see you appreciate the finer works of art.
  2. I think the problem is that the people who are still upset about it got used to her down right absurd books. now that she has been rightfully knocked down a peg and is slightly more in line with other characters, those who used it as a crutch the most now have to actualy work a bit for their food, and they hate that. Literally no other character can come even close to what wicker can do, you can still be unbalanced in a cooperative game. This poll makes it clear that they are just the loud minority, a minority that has no sense of game balance for a game that's supposed to be difficult.
  3. such is the way with game development, some stuff just doesn't get used despite being made. it doesn't mean it can't be used in the future, either by dlc or mods.
  4. Finally, the game is actualy hard now, no more fixed output cooling bull, you have to actualy deal with the heat instead of deleting it now.
  5. using they ray gun thing to pick up and deposit items, seems to be just the architect.