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  1. I have a cool blueprint idea, maybe with the alchemy table, wilson can craft an item that makes a record of all the crafts he knows (sans the alchemy stuff) onto a "pile of blueprints" or something. using this item lets someone learn all the crafting recipies wilson recorded, this would allow him to share his knowledge with others. this would be the best with harder to get recipes like bundling wraps, mushlights, funcaps, the scaled furnace, desert/fashion goggles, and even end tables. could have a thing where wilson can copy another players crafts, too, but I'm not sure how that would work, especially with character specific items like bernie or abagales flower. tldr: Cartographer's Desk, but with recipes.
  2. Wolfgang Rework

    he's already top tier. what more do they want??
  3. Wolfgang Rework

    I made a post about this topic a few months ago, here is my proposal: tl;dr: mightiness would require both food and prep time, needing to work out with weights to gain strength, which burns calories (food). the idea was you have some weights and you can use them like you use a tent, raising his strength over time and draining his hunger, to fuel his work out. this way, you need to do additional work to get his big buff, and skipping arm day too much will make him wimpy. I saw some other people mention a dumbbell idea before, so I know I'm not the only one with this idea. I push this idea to you because, I always found it odd that wolfgang gets such an enormous buff for doing what you should be doing anyway, not starving. by tying his strength to the weights instead of his stomach, it requires you to go out of your way to gain strength, instead of just stuffing your face as normal and being massively rewarded. Plus, you need to use the weights, or else you become wimpy, and noone wants a wimpy wolfgang. Of course you need food in your stomach to use the weights, and using them burns calories (like tents), so you still need to stuff your face extra hard like before, but now you also need to hit the gym, and that takes valuable time. you can still get your double damage, but you need to work for it. of course, some minor tweaks would likely also be needed, such as a "grace period" after finishing your work out where your mightiness does not drain for a while, so you don't need to spam the weights every two seconds if you wanna stay maxed out. some other stuff like maybe a slower mightiness drain and maybe some stat tweaks for the various forms (mighty and wimpy), but that's not my job to figure out. The main idea here is to make his strength something you need to maintain, so even if you have all the food in the world, you won't get stronger unless you pump that iron. if you don't use the weights, then you will eventually become wimpy, this way, you can't just stuff your face like normal, you need to actively better yourself. night time would be great for this, as you typically don't do much anyway, unless you're scouting I guess. A few small additional ideas: maybe other characters are able to lift the weights a bit for a temporary buff, allowing wolfgang to support his team in more supportive ways. maybe the fuller your hunger meter, the faster you can gain strength, but it costs more hunger, that way you can bulk up easy if you have the food for it. that, or a protein shake, for maximum gains all those muscles should be able to lift large stones, statues, and heavy suits of armor or backpacks with ease, so he should be able to move with stuff like marble armor with a far less, or even no, movement penalty, but only so long as he is strong enough. if he drops below that threshold, he would start to gradually slow down as he loses strength until he is at the base penalty.
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    this is cursed i love it
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    "I'm not mad, I just expected better."
  6. [Game Update] - 358820

    such is the way with game development, some stuff just doesn't get used despite being made. it doesn't mean it can't be used in the future, either by dlc or mods.
  7. [Game Update] - 357226

    oh cool, so it's now actually viable.
  8. [Game Update] - 348553

    Finally, the game is actualy hard now, no more fixed output cooling bull, you have to actualy deal with the heat instead of deleting it now.
  9. Don't you mean, a whole STEW of animals?
  10. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    stream machine Broke.
  11. [Game Update] - 328894

    where is dst update info tho
  12. ray gun vacuum oddety

    using they ray gun thing to pick up and deposit items, seems to be just the architect.