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  1. not really sure what people's fascination with cheaper crafts is, its a small thing that is only really useful when you are lacking in those ingredients, once you have plenty its barely useful, sure you can get more out of it, but by that point you have probably found green gems and can get half off all crafts anyway.
  2. Ooo, I like that idea, just going full nomad. sure, there's precrafting and stuff, but who wants to just constantly make things over and over again? imagine being able to use a tent anywhere, or make a fire pit anywhere without needing to consume stone and grass. i could see it being good for making a quick stop while out and about, letting you heal up and cook your food without needing to spend much, and then packing it up when your done so you can use it again later.
  3. Well, considering almost all of the reworks have been notably underpowered and or underplayed characters, yes, you are right in this regard. The characters that were reworked were either weak, outdated, or ported over from singleplayer, thus there was next to no reason to nerf them.
  4. Personally, I would like to increase his sanity drain to like 1.5x, but that might be a bit much, needs some testing probably. interesting idea is that if we assume pumping the iron is how he gets his strength over just gorgeing himself, then maybe lifting heavy objects or wearing heavy armor/backpacks helps maintain mightiness, or atleast slow down its loss. this would encourage him to wear marble armor and use piggybacks. Having a meter to see his mightiness might also help since it would no longer be tied to his hunger
  5. Personally, I think wicker needs a full refresh, top to bottom. can keep somethings, but everything else needs a complete redo.
  6. such is the way with game development, some stuff just doesn't get used despite being made. it doesn't mean it can't be used in the future, either by dlc or mods.
  7. Finally, the game is actualy hard now, no more fixed output cooling bull, you have to actualy deal with the heat instead of deleting it now.