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  1. New Characters ?

    i think the devs said that they will get his nearsighted disadvantage when they wear it
  2. I got a few ideas that I wish to share for the woodie rework discussion. My changes: Trees chopped down give +1 log. Since woodie gets more logs per tree, it gives him a better efficiency per tree than maxwell, of course maxwell is still faster, but woodie is now more efficient, meaning there is a good reason to pick him over max. works with werebeaver too. The log meter regens instead of drains . Crazy idea here, but what if the log meter regenerated instead of drained when you're woodie, this would allow you to stave off the beverness by just not chopping trees, allowing you to keep chopping without needing to eat all your freshly chopped wood. so basically kinda like how it is in DS. Woodie can still eat logs if you want to to fill up the meter so you can chop more trees, since it regens slowly. This regen does not apply when you transform into a werebeaver, need to eat logs just like before. Not sure how to handle the werebeaver honestly, I'll leave that to someone else. Throwable lucy? You could throw lucy in the forge, so maybe bring that back? Although, as we have seen with wheeler, an infinite use ranged attack could be problematic balance wise. While you can't reach the damage potential of wheeler, it still might be an issue. Feel free to debate about it, cause I really don't know. Those are the ideas I have right now, really not sure how to handle the werebeaver situation, but that's not my job, so I'll leave it to someone else.
  3. Thank You?!

    If you tested in the beta before early access, you should be able to get hamlet for free.
  4. Let Flying Mobs Travel Over Water

    I could see that honestly, it makes sense too.
  5. >Kill wormwood >their ghost is warbucks
  6. Wormwood Arrives June 6th!

    Not all downsides can be mitigated like that, sometimes you have to deal with it and play around them rather than just trying to remove it form the equation. Things like wigfrid's meat diet, webber's pig/bunny aggro, and wheeler's smaller inventory (hamlet exclusive character) can't just be ignored, they are a constant issue that you need to deal with. I think the game is better with these permanent restraints on characters, it makes them interesting to play, giving each character a unique playstyle, and makes multiplayer more interesting when you use other players to try to combat your own shortfalls, as it should be. I think wormwoods inability to heal from food is a great idea, as it helps balance the ability to turn health into living logs, and it forces you to play him a lot safer than others, giving him a unique and challenging playstyle. If that's not the playstyle you want, then don't play wormwood, simple as that. or git gud Rocks are fairly renewable, not sure where you're going with that. niter is a bit trickier, but enough moles may mitigate most mineral misuse.
  7. Wormwood, a nerf to come

    food Isn't that much of an issue in DST anyway if you know what your doing. A pig and spider farm can get you a lot of meat, you can convert 4 monster meat from the spider farm into a guaranteed 2 big meat and a pig skin, plus the silk and spider glands are nice too. Or, if you have a tallbird fortress, turn that into an easy meat farm and some non perishable eggs. point is, Wormwood is not as bad as you think, what you should really worry about is Warly. if he can do what I think he might be able to do, which is make all crockpot food he makes 33% better, a single meatball, for example, would give about 83 hunger. that means that for most characters, two meatballs can fill their hunger completely, that's just 2 morsels, and 6 filler of any kind, you can easily survive off that (of course warly himself needs more variety than that, but for every other player on their team, they are fine). plus with his portable crockpot, if your ever short on food while your out and about, you can catch some rabbits, pick some mushrooms, and make meatballs galore right then and there. need some quick healing? trail mix gives just about 40 healing with warly, basicly a normal dragonpie, and needs only roasted nuts and berries, both are easy to find in the wild. Anyway my long winded point is that planting seeds wherever isn't that bad when compared to other characters, plus dragonpie for healing is old hat now, wortox basically broke healing. even if you were using it for food, warly's meatballs are better than their base numbers anyway. tl;dr: the future is now old man
  8. In my other post, I wrote about the upcoming DST character Warly having new dishes that give buffs to whoever eats them. In this post I'm going to propose some ideas for their recipes, effects, and names. In addition to my previous post, I propose Warly also have a "Culinary" crafting tab, it would have his portable crock pot, chef pouch, and additional food stuff that will be used for or with his special dishes. These ideas are rough, I am open to change them if you think they should be changed, lets begin. The Culinary Tab: Portable crock pot: x4 gold, x3 boards, x6 charcoal. Warly's signature crock pot, lets him cook on the go, anyone can carry and use it. Chef pouch: x2 papyrus, x1 rope. Backpack, halves spoilage, 8 slots, does not keep ice fresh or cool down thermal stones. x3 Salt: x2 nitre, x2 rock. Can salt food to regain freshness. Ice Maker 3000: x2 boards, x1 thermal stone, x2 Electrical Doodad. Functions the same as it does in shipwrecked, just uses wood instead of bamboo . The following are all crock pot components: Gold Tea Leaves : x2 gold, x4 Petals. Meaty Stock: x4 bone shards, x1 morsel, x4 ice. Horror Sauce: x4 nightmare fuel, 1 electric milk. Red Pepper Powder: x1 red gem, x4 seeds, x1 rock. Iceberg Mints : x1 blue gem, x4 ice, x1 rock. Warly's Specialty Dishes: In addition to his standard unique crock pot dishes, here are some that give special buffs. (Note that with the gourmet mechanic I proposed before, Warly's food, and his unique food, are 33% better than the said stats, but I'm not doing that math) Mint Smoothie: 3.0 fruit, x1 Iceberg Mints. Give a passive cooling effect for 5 minutes. Gives health +20, hunger +25, sanity +20. Red Pepper Chilli: 1.0 veggie, 1.5 meat, x1 Red Pepper Powder. Gives a passive heating effect for 5 minutes. Gives health +20, hunger +40, sanity +10. Chicken Soup: x2 drumsticks, 1.0 veggie, x1 Meaty Stock. For the soul, regenerates 75 hunger over 2 minutes. Gives health +40, hunger +75 (over 2 minutes), sanity +30. Creepy Pasta: 2.0 veggie, x1 Horror Sauce, 0.5 meat. Immunity to all sanity auras, positive and negative, for 5 minutes. Gives health +10, hunger +37.5, sanity -10. Gold Tea: x2 Gold Tea Leaves, sweetener, ice. Gives +2.5 speed for 2 minutes. Gives health +3, hunger +12.5, sanity +33. These are the ideas I have now, I'm sure there are more and better ideas to be made, but that's what I have now. they will probably add more food stuff with the next big update that sits between now and Warly's DST debut, so more recipes are feasible than the ones I have made here. If you have any suggestions or criticism, leave them down below.
  9. Wormwood, a nerf to come

    That's gonna be a no from me dog, any healing from food just breaks Wormwood's ability to make living logs, plus Wickerbottom is just the better mass food gatherer anyway, so the seeds are not that big of an issue. (Though if you had both you could get massive amounts of food, but pig and spider farms exist so it's not that bad)
  10. My guess is they will add something like that with the new big update, seems like the best time to do it.
  11. As we know, the shipwrecked chef Warly is inbound to the main game of Don't Starve Together, with a rework to boot! With such news, comes ideas, and I have some I wish to share. As the title states, one big idea is having Warly take on a supporting role by giving buffs to the other survivors, but that needs its own paragraph, lets focus on the rest first. To start, lets go over what I think should stay unchanged. His faster hunger drain, need for food variety, and his want for crockpot food is fine, as it gives him a unique playstyle that plays into his cooking background better. However, some numbers should probably be tweaked and some way of knowing if you have eaten something already would be nice too. Next, his equipment. Warlys portable crock pot is great by itself, Warly should not be the only one to be able to use and hold it, it helps to share. His other item, the chef pouch, should also be shareable, though other characters won't get much use out of it. A change to it that I propose is having it only able to hold food, in addition to its halved spoilage rate. Maybe also give it 10 slots of space instead of 8, to compensate for the limitation. The point of the bag would be to act as an ingredient pack for the portable crock pot, and to make it so it's not just a direct upgrade to the backpack. Only Warly will get any real use out of the pack, but the option is there for others should they want it. Though I said it was fine, there is one change to Warly's refine palate that I would like to make. Normally Warly gains about 33% more/less positive/negative stats from crockpot food, and of course that's reversed more or less for non crockpot foods. I, and several others, propose a change to this, making it so any crockpot food Warly makes, gets the "gourmet" prefix. This causes the food itself to get the 33% perk that Warly normally has, allowing anyone who eats it to get the effects of that perk, even if they aren't Warly. This makes it so any food that Warly makes is better than if anyone else had cooked it, allowing you to get more out of your food then ever before. Better normal food is good and all, but let's get into the juicy bits. Warly of course has his own unique recipes, some of them are just good normal food, but others are even better. Warly has been experimenting in the kitchen and has invented new foods that will give passive temporary buffs to whomever eats it. Such buffs may include: More damage, faster movement speed, fire resistance, ice resistance, constant heating, constant cooling, greater sanity regen, health regen (better jelly beans, uses royal jelly), hunger regen (Wolfgangs rejoice), and maybe even some damage resistance. These are all temporary and give the buffs, in addition to whatever stat increases they have, when eaten. Might be able to stack them, not sure. With this new set of food, Warly can help fill the support role that Wortox has started. Even if Warly isn't fighting directly, he can still help his team beat bosses, or help fight the seasons, with his special food. With both better food and special buffs, Warly will not only be able to get more out of food than others, helping in times of famine, but also help both himself and other stay alive against the harshest challenge the constant can throw at them. Some final tweaks/clarifications, gourmet food cooks faster in the pot, they also have the same spoilage rate as normal food though, no need to change that. Give Warly some way to know what the crock pot will make, so you don't need a mod for it, maybe some kind of recipe book? Finally, maybe have something like salt from the gorge, something that helps reverse some spoilage on food. I want Warly to be more supportive, but not just in combat, but in the very name sake of the game, to make sure both he and the rest of his team, Don't Starve. With how complex the crockpot is, he is certainly not a noob friendly character, but I still think he has great potential for helping the whole team, for the whole game, and not just when a boss shows up. But that's just my ramblings, what do you think? Tell me below please, I crave validation and need attention to feel accomplished./s Edit: words and grammar, added new buff idea, other small changes too. Edit 2: Made a part 2 to this post:
  12. Don't you mean, a whole STEW of animals?
  13. Wendy's Character Refresh

    I've said it before, but along with having better control over abagale, I think abagale should be able to haunt things just like dead players can, it would have a niche use, yes, but haunting things can have some useful effects and if you can do that while not actually being dead, it will save people a lot of revives, and it would give Abagale utility that she just doesn't have right now.
  14. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    stream machine Broke.