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  1. Is it me or Live branch broke the ultra speed mode? It gets disabled every time I pause the game. I could just switch to it again (by hitting ctrl + U twice) but its kinda annoying P.S. it worked fine in testing branch
  2. Can confirm - the same spot as author's is unrevealable (relative to the salt geyser)
  3. Somebody messed with those integers
  4. Clicking notifications for new skills, no research, or no analysis opens the corresponding screen FINALLY!
  5. I was really okay with wheeze's cost - u can easily get phosphorite (in mst cases) I would be okay if they left the cost, but fixed it first, and maybe a lil colling buff on top of that
  6. Ah, now its more reasonable to make the system automated so the mecha arm wont be consta working
  7. Never have I had issues with them, that exactly how pipe logic always worked Also, its not a bug report about second output, but first one
  8. Reservoir's output seems to be blocked, even though there is nothing to block it (and there exists input where it should go) Radioactive Spacepad.sav
  9. Well u need only 2 weed per dupe to keep stable food production (for the mushroomwraps, I believe the same goes for other recipes and 40 plants for 20 dupes consume 20kg of bleach stone total per cycle. Haven't tested it yet, But I believe chlorine geyser is enough to keep that up (no idea what to do for worlds with no geysers though)
  10. I think its okay, I still dont understand why NAT GAS cooking station requires power to operate. at least not the 240 watt for the love of god
  11. Generated Arboria with Glaciers geysers and slimes I have a guess something bad happened here
  12. well lettuce is still much easier to grow then mushrooms with near to impossible to generate slime or fish with even more near to impossible to generate algae (except for game abusing)
  13. And the only source of bleachstone is Pufts hmmmmmmmmmmmmm