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  1. [Game Update] - 380770

    Technically, yes. But you can use them as walls and ceiling just fine and still have the decor bonus. Most of the floor should be made out of metal for max efficiency.
  2. [Game Update] - 380770

    Thank you! Carpets!!!
  3. that's a nice GeOdE?!..

    This second post was just a duplicate from the previous... I'll use this edit chance to point out how clean your base is. What's the plan? Mining and sweeping all the map before metal refinery? Well, by your OCD standards I can figure how much that dark cloud ruined the pristine blue of O2.
  4. that's a nice GeOdE?!..

    Haha, great job! Waiting on the next episode...
  5. Please buff carpeted tile. It's expensive enough to offer max decor bonus. Refined metal tiles are cheaper to build, gives max decor and still a speed bonus. Make carpeted tiles great, please. Thanks on the update.
  6. Amazing work. I love that base design. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Yeah, I voted "Melt it" in your survey and I felt avenged to see you doing it the hard way. You are our industrial god, I don't dare doing it myself.
  8. Would it take more than, lets say, 5 minutes to deal with this? I think Klei consider it a feature, not something to fix (unfortunately). I believe at some point they expected people to do creative stuff with it like @Lilalaunekuh did with his aquarium. But well, not many people seemed interested in Gravitas facility the way it is. I can list some annoyances that keep me away from it: *We can't expand the building properly (aesthetically speaking) because we can't build the tiled tile. *We can't deconstruct it properly because of the remaining floating objects. *We can't use it properly as a regular room because the ground is uneven and having dupes passing through it all the time is less optimal than a straight line. *Nothing inside the facility presents functionality, in game use or any sort of valor. Solving at least one of the issues above makes room for creativity. Right now it's just an obstacle, the most resilient boulder we have in the game.
  9. Some stuff can improve your experience like small number of dupes (yeah, no fun allowed) and radial pathing. One tile infinite storage really helps too. Jetpacks are a nightmare in this regard. Avoid them as much as you can.
  10. Algum BR aqui?

    Yes, there are some brazilian in the Forums but the official language is English. It isn't recommended to open multiple threads in Portuguese. [Sim, tem alguns brasileiros aqui no Fórum mas a língua oficial é o Inglês. Não rola de ficar abrindo threads em português.]
  11. Man.... I have no words to describe how amazed I am by this project. It is clear, functional, legit and looks outstanding! I had no idea hatching Pacus could transfer that much heat. Or did I? The scale is insane! Finally a good use for Gravitas facility! Good you shared your work with the world, it's a masterpíece! You truely inspired me to keep working on the projects that require an insane amount of effort invested in! Thank you!
  12. I'm looking for good music to play the game with. I love ONI's original music soundtrack but after 800 hours I need some variance from time to time. I'll start recommending these German duplicants. I really like how the industrial vibe can fit the game. I'd like to check suggestions from others in the matter. What you listen when playing besides the default music?
  13. Yes. I think the outputs are way too overpowered for those wanting to get the byproducts and too of a hassle for those who don't want them. And I base my opinion in the fact that producing ethanol is dirtier than burning fossil fuel. You don't think the same way and made that pretty clear? There is no such thing as right or wrong opinion as we perceive the game differently. We aren't in disagree for calculations so there are no set of facts I'm against. Venting anything out to space is a generic mechanic of the game and nobody suggested to vent the excess of pre nerf cool slush geyser to space in order to solve its overpowered nature. Why? Because it was an opinion based discussion on the balance exactly as it is right now. But ofc, this like, my opinion, man.
  14. Glad to know it was clear and that you had all the exact answers in an opinion based debate.
  15. Ofc there are many solutions but how likely are they? I'm just trying to point out that there are easier and cleaner ways to generate power. In the case of ethanol chain, the byproducts seem to shine more than the power production itself. Nothing wrong with that if it's a design decision but we already have the steam turbine on that spot and I'm not a big fan of that approach. Well, we got defeated in the battle for weezeworts so I guess this is the way things must remain.
  16. Yes, but is it good? This is one of the problems. The other one being 14 composters running non stop. Pretty labor intensive if we choose to process the byproducts instead of just dumping it. I mean, it feels odd that ethanol generates much more "pollution" than burning fossil fuel.
  17. I have no precise data but I have the feeling that the byproducts from ethanol distiller are way too much. I'm playing at Arboria and my initial plan was to rely purely on Ethanol as a power source but I slowly migrated to other sources since I had already over 1000t of dirt and 2 carbon skimmers running full time only for the ethanol chain area seemed to not even touch the immense cloud of CO2 I was stacking. Ofc I could ranch slicksters to get rid of it but I didn't want to have massive amount of critters in my map and it would deviate anyway from the original purpose of relying purely on Ethanol as I'd create excess of oil instead. I think the main question must be: can ethanol be the only single source of power if not combined with massive slicksters ranching?
  18. How much meat?

    1 dupe converted to meat should be enough.
  19. Solar Essentials

    How do you cool those?
  20. haha, that can be fun to be done once or twice. I fear for your sanity if you plan to follow that schedule for every colony you start from now on.
  21. Well, I will eventually. I failed Carnivore but got too attached to my starting crew and the run was too lovely to drop. I had no idea what I was doing and slaughtering critters mercilessly isn't my natural style. I'll do better being cruel next run! I'll probably play my current map for 1 month or 2 from now most likely and try to gather the other possible achievments left. Starting another colony only to go for Carnivore without dropping the current one is an option too. But Carnivore in this one is out of reach already.
  22. Please share the results with the plebs. I have few hundreds cycles before dealing with Gravitas in this run.
  23. Not long enough. Let's keep begging. My hope was to see Gravitas facilities having a proper role at launch. Even something minor would be nice as being able to fix the elevator and use it somehow. Nope. Those are just the largest and more resilient boulders in the entire game. Come on, Klei. Why?
  24. It seems useful but can't understand.
  25. Thanks a lot for your work! You rock! Lets fuel that bank. I'll leave it running through the night,