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  1. That's odd, given you can already speed up the text to its conclusion anyway, so it's not like it changes anything for people speeding through dialogue.
  2. I've got this opportunity a grand total of once in the past, over <some large number I do not want to disclose> runs. Kind of a shame it's a pretty bad opportunity. Would be nice if you could choose the target and/or you got their death loot some time later too.
  3. Congrats to the devs on another successful release
  4. Slay the Spire is arguably "indy-er", fwiw.
  5. I believe it applies Galvanized to random cards anywhere in your deck (draw / discard), but I never checked. But in this case, it sounds like a bug. You can press F8 while in-game to report bugs, I find that tricky things like this get found out faster when reported that way.
  6. To be clear, is that a card that went into your discard from your hand after it got galvanized, or did it get galvanized while it was in your discard? If the former, this is very likely a bug. If it's the latter, then it's not a bug, but maybe the tooltip could be clarified slightly. Unrelated, I vaguely remember Bulleet only having one arm. Did I dream it?
  7. "While this is in hand, whenever you play a card, gain one Wound, Impair or Bleed at random. If this is in your hand at the end of your turn, expend it". There
  8. Early Gnarled Effigy dealt 2 damage to yourself every time you played a card, and didn't expend. Damage got toned down first, then some time later expend got added because Smith was abusing it.
  9. The exact words I was going to use.
  10. I assume there might be some new content added here and there after release, they just don’t want to add new bugs between now and then. @Kevin, if I understand correctly, from now on we should limit our F8 reports to bugs, animation/sound issues and typos, correct?
  11. I assumed the kind of monster he summons changed too, based on testing the experiment, but I could not confirm either way.
  12. Something else, both Sal's and Rook's campaign have one last negotiation before the final boss that makes the fight easier if you do well. For Vix, you do have a negotiation or a fight, but it is unclear what effect they have, if any, on the fight afterwards. Kashio has an explicit buff for every relic she has, the Bog Monster has a condition for each article of faith that you leave / remove. Vix has nothing of the sort that lets the player know that their previous actions had an effect on the fight difficulty.
  13. You can't bring your pet against Vix. At least not if It would also be nice if there was a still image in the epilogue showing
  14. I don't think "Claimed by Hesh" is survivable against Vix for almost any deck that isn't built specifically around it. Vix takes forever to die, and Hesh is not very patient it seems. It's definitely not survivable by any deck I have encountered while trying the experiment, not even with Mediation (AKA immortality card). If the sense of creeping doom is important for flavour reasons, either make it so that Claimed by Hesh can't reduce your hp to 0 (only to 1; you will likely die anyway, but it will feel a bit less unfair) and/or make it give more and more buffs as the stack increases. Otherwise, either cap the damage, or reset / remove the condition after it reaches a certain stack size. EDIT: Will we have allies or something for the fight against Vix? I am asking because the experiment right now would suggest a fight much harder than the D3 boss (Droad, Snurtle), which from discussions around Sal's campaign's balance, is not a thing you want.