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  1. Wait, do you have a source for that? Last I heard, they were aware that it’s a hot topic for many people, and they were thinking about it.
  2. I find that I can usually get away with the minimum morale being below their requirements, as long as their average is above. Small amounts of stress here and there are fine.
  3. I know there are ways to cool the miners if you vent gas or drip liquid on top of them. I find these solutions useable, but... gas gets vented to space eventually, and liquids force awkward builds to keep it in place without flooding the miner or the things around it. More straightforward solutions would be nice. I can do a working build, but I would prefer if it was a less arduous process. Taming the surface is already hard enough without this added difficulty, IMHO. And it might also leave more freedom for new kinds of builds, which is always good.
  4. They do! Because they produce their own heat from working, whether or not they touch the regolith. They will break, eventually, if you don't cool them down.
  5. There is currently no way to cool down robominers or sweepers in vacuum. This makes building a space bunker very awkward if you intend to deal with the incoming regolith. I would like some ways to do so that don’t involve dropping liquids or gas on them. The two possible solutions I see are: - Robominers exchange heat with the tile they are attached to, and sweepers (and other “floating” buildings) exchange heat with drywall / tempshift plates, when present. The latter means that drywall / tempshift should be able to exchange heat with the background tiles adjacent to them, and probably also with pipes (even in vacuum). Feels like a lot of work to implement, but would be cool. - Radiant pipes exchange heat directly with buildings where present, instead of with the gas / liquid medium. This would make things so much more convenient, both for space builds and elsewhere, and doesn’t feel like should be too hard to implement. Any other possible solutions?
  6. As far as schedules, I have half an hour of bath time and an hour of downtime both right after and right before bed. I split half my dupes bath-first recreation-second, and the other half the other way around, so that I don’t have everyone trying to use the jukebox (and whatever) at the same time. This works ok for me, even if it’s not perfect. As noted by other posters, sometimes a dupe gets back to base so late, that by the time they are done eating, it’s already well past their bedtime. But I find that, at the very least, everyone gets their play time in the morning.
  7. Notification spam

    Random ruins overheating because of the oil biome or space regith are also annoying. They hide warnings that may actually be important. Ideally, we would have some way to “ignore” buildings, i.e, deactivate all warnings they produce.
  8. Necro-ing this suggestion, because it's so important. Hopefully the devs can implement this. Space stuff needs some love.
  9. For what it's worth, this also bothers me quite a bit. I don't think it's intentional, but I am not sure it will be "fixed" either.
  10. I like this. The lack of sweepers is unfortunate, as to me it makes no sense that bunch of debris sitting above the scanner somehow doesn’t block it. Even if the game allows it. Also, the lack of a cooling solution for the miners means that this is not sustainable in the long term. I hope Klei makes the miner exchange heat with the tile it’s attached to, it would make cooling them a lot more straightforward.
  11. is an elevator different from the tube system?
  12. Has it changed? It used to be 75%
  13. In the same vein, shipping buildings should be in operate, instead of building, and same thing for the advanced buildings that can only be built by electrical engineers.
  14. Doddler, how do you check the code? I would be curious to get a look myself.