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  1. Too few chambers barely has an effect on your overcharge. It does make “when you become fully charged” and “when you spend your last charge” effects much stronger, though. Increasing your max charge does make some “per empty charge” effects a bit ridiculous, like that card that applies wounds.
  2. That's amazing. What's your real life job / training, if I may ask?
  3. His other hand has 4 fingers, so I’m inclined to agree. Doesn’t look like he lost one either.
  4. You get the Enhanced upgrade when you’re running a deck that aims to spend as much charge as possible, or to stay at 0 charge whenever possible. It’s a decent enough card there. Otherwise, yes, Boosted is better.
  5. Rooted is better if you expect to find yourself playing it with no charge often. Boosted is better if you expect to play it while having concentration. They’re not super different in power level either way.
  6. It's his long lost twin brother from an alternate dimension. He wants to take his place in this dimension. Don't let him!
  7. So I had a campaign run with Smith in which I reached the end, went back to the bar, and was expecting to have a way to end the run, unlock a new prestige, etc. But instead I was softlocked in the bar, with nothing I could do there. Has that been fixed yet? I just launched the game again to check, but still no option to end the run. I wanted to know if it's because it hasn't been added yet, or because it won't appear on runs started before the fix, and I should just abandon that one.
  8. But for real, he absolutely looks like a DJ there, especially with the headphones.
  9. Looks like Smith's campaign can't actually be finished. When you get back to Sweet Moreef at the end of D2, you're softlocked there (no option to end the day).
  10. Is the plan to add a third boss to all non-plot related boss fights? That is, Sal D2 and D3, Rook’s D1 and D2. Or maybe you don’t want to commit to it quite yet
  11. I would like it if the UI indicated where you were headed after resolving a random event (like a flashing arrow on top of it or something). I tend to forget it too after some of the longer ones. But I agree that automatically leading you there is not the solution.