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  1. Congrats to the devs on another successful release
  2. I assume there might be some new content added here and there after release, they just don’t want to add new bugs between now and then. @Kevin, if I understand correctly, from now on we should limit our F8 reports to bugs, animation/sound issues and typos, correct?
  3. I assumed the kind of monster he summons changed too, based on testing the experiment, but I could not confirm either way.
  4. Something else, both Sal's and Rook's campaign have one last negotiation before the final boss that makes the fight easier if you do well. For Vix, you do have a negotiation or a fight, but it is unclear what effect they have, if any, on the fight afterwards. Kashio has an explicit buff for every relic she has, the Bog Monster has a condition for each article of faith that you leave / remove. Vix has nothing of the sort that lets the player know that their previous actions had an effect on the fight difficulty.
  5. You can't bring your pet against Vix. At least not if It would also be nice if there was a still image in the epilogue showing
  6. I don't think "Claimed by Hesh" is survivable against Vix for almost any deck that isn't built specifically around it. Vix takes forever to die, and Hesh is not very patient it seems. It's definitely not survivable by any deck I have encountered while trying the experiment, not even with Mediation (AKA immortality card). If the sense of creeping doom is important for flavour reasons, either make it so that Claimed by Hesh can't reduce your hp to 0 (only to 1; you will likely die anyway, but it will feel a bit less unfair) and/or make it give more and more buffs as the stack increases. Otherwise, either cap the damage, or reset / remove the condition after it reaches a certain stack size. EDIT: Will we have allies or something for the fight against Vix? I am asking because the experiment right now would suggest a fight much harder than the D3 boss (Droad, Snurtle), which from discussions around Sal's campaign's balance, is not a thing you want.
  7. Word of warning to other players, Vix currently has a debuff called "Sapping bile" that seems very bugged. I am not sure if the issue is with temporary power explicitly, but it breaks the fight. EDIT: Played a few more rounds against him. He's vicious at P7, that's for sure. I don't think you can beat him without winning the negotiation first, unless your deck can go infinite in a couple of turns. He's a huge damage sponge, he hits like a truck when you take his allies into consideration, and his debuffs are brutal if you get hit with the one that targets your build. Try to save your sources of evasion for the turns he applies the debuffs, it will make the fight a lot easier. The debuffs will have to be tuned so that they work against the other characters in Brawl though EDIT again: I sent an F8 saying that it would be nice if the colour of Vix’s condition before he debuffs you changed colours depending on the debuff he intends to apply. Then I realized it is already the case. I think that means that is too subtle a difference. Maybe Vix’s model / animation should also be different depending on incoming debuff? Like a coloured aura or something.
  8. I mean, sure, Stun really is that good. But why is it a Rare card then? Compare Crushing Blow / Kidney shot from Sal. Maybe give it Burnout instead of Expend, to justify its high cost and rarity. I don't get any of these changes. None of these cards are *that* good, and Rook *really* doesn't want to spend all his actions in a turn just setting up, he's too frail for that. Telegraph in particular is dead; if you were concerned about its ceiling being too high, just lower its scaling and give it some base defense. I am neutral about the other card changes, with the exception of Wounding shot, which did need a nerf.
  9. I’m not saying they can’t be sparkies. I’m saying there’s no reason to believe they are. Kashio is clearly introduced as an ex-Baron, and we get details on her previous life during Rook’s campaign. Brut and Weezil have nothing of the sort, they’re completely disconnected from any factional issues. It kinda cheapens the faction if just any random you meet turns out to be affiliated with them. Not to mention we have a disproportionate fraction of bosses that are sparkies, for some reason. EDIT: I’m not sure why you think Fellemo isn’t representative of the faction at large. No Baron you meet in the Bog seems particularly concerned about anything else than money (and avoiding a Rise rebellion).
  10. I agree that a shielded bottled rage is problematic. EDIT: either lower the damage it deals to something more reasonable, or change its trigger to "whenever you target Vix's core argument with a card", or something like that.
  11. So this is a very small thing to fixate on, but why are Weezil and Brut aligned with the Spark Barons? They're just two random dudes that are scaring away the other clientele at Moreef's bar, and they're sitting with civilians and jakes. So I would expect them to be either civilians or jakes too, negotiation behaviour notwithstanding. Especially Brut, who's just a guy with a spiked bat, but Weezil's rifle doesn't run on spark either.
  12. I don't know if Distributed Processing should be a Boss graft now that everyone has access to it, but saying it should be common is underestimating its power. I have to try it in Rook's and Smith's campaign, but it's plenty strong in Sal's. Much safer drinking, easy merchant negotiations, and making reputation cards stronger than they already are (for Hostility decks), makes for an altogether pretty solid package. Maybe not as strong as other Boss grafts, sure, but still.
  13. While I don't disagree that Murder Bay locations are generally better developed (in a ludonarrative consistency sense) than Grout Bog or Pearl-on-Foam, I find Rook's and Smith's campaign to generally be more interesting than Sal's. Storywise, Sal only gets to choose which of the two factions to side with, then whether she sticks with them until the end or go her way, which doesn't change much either way. And generally her quests are less interesting than Rook's or Smith's, with a few exceptions. Rook's main quest isn't *that* much more interesting or varied per se, but there's more lore to uncover in the Bog than in the Bay, and he gets wackier quests than Sal. Smith's seems, to me, to have the best story, with very personal stakes and choices on how much you want to side against his family and with Tei (Rook's "choice" between Rise and Barons, by contrast, turns out to be mostly a red herring). Anyhoo, yeah, while there are some glaring details that are missing (I too have been waiting for Barons at the Last Stand for a while), I wanted to say that I can tell the amount of care that went into the 2nd and 3rd campaign. ...Brawls, on the other hand, maybe not quite so much.
  14. Smith just became 50% more playable without turning off that warning completely!