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  1. Klei has been addressing balance issues as they find them, and they're pretty good at responding to concerns raised on the forum. Do you have specific things in mind you think should be changed?
  2. For sure, I just find that I don't bother inviting people to drinks outside the Grog if I can help it. I am cheap like that (edit: just to be clear, I do think *all* feud citizens disliking you is a bit much for a social bane) EDIT: I've added what I think are reasonable prices for these boons, based on the power level of similar grafts. Unfortunately, I don't remember how much most of these cost, so I can't tell which ones are over or under-priced. About the only ones I remember are Surprise attack (100 shills, under-priced), Haggle Badge (150 shills, under-priced), and Bio-feedback (200 shills, severely over-priced). However, I could also see an argument that all social boons are generally under-priced compared to grafts, since grafts require graft slots, while social boons just require you drink with them (much cheaper and safer than getting a new a graft slot) and that you avoid killing people from their faction, while also giving side benefits (e.g. free battle help). This could justify that getting a social boon of a comparable power level than a given graft should cost 50-100 shills more.
  3. Thanks for the additions everyone! Ok, this does sound pretty overtuned. Not sure if it's actually worse than the really bad combat banes, because those will get you killed, while for the most part this won't. I find I rarely buy anything from the merchants or the bartenders (other than Fssh). It does mean that you really don't want to negotiate in the Harbour or the Lumin factory though, forces you to share two drinks with a Feud citizen before they like you, so on and so forth. Pretty harsh for sure. Nice, I've been trying for the longest time to get these boons/banes, but I just don't seem to manage it. It also seems that it's basically impossible to get the boons for the Day 1 bosses right now. I agree with your assessment here. Hmmm, ok, there's not that many times that makes a difference. Very situational, as far as banes go.
  4. So I clearly should be doing more important stuff, but let me procrastinate for an hour. For the most part, "most" boons/banes you will get in a normal run will be from the Spree and the Admiralty, since most quests involve those guys. Not all boons and banes are equal in strength/severity, but that's fine. However, some are so weak as to be completely ignorable, which doesn't seem right either: it's not ideal that the repercussions for killing someone can be super harsh or nothing at all, in my opinion. I've also added the price I would pay for each of the boons; for the most part, getting someone to love you when they already like you only changes the price of things they sell to you, which is only applicable for vendors. It also decreases their resolve when negotiating with them, but that tends to only matter for the Grog and the Gutted Yote bouncers (to hire them for the Day 3 boss and the Day 4 Spree questline boss respectively), the clerk at the harbour (to convince them to break the quarantine before the Day 3 boss) and the owner of the Slurping Snail (to hire them for the Day 4 Admiralty questline boss). Please see the second post for additional unique boons/banes found by ArtixBot! Feud citizenry: Bartender boon: Mixology, restore 2 additional resolve when drinking. Compared to the 10 base resolve you gain, this is nothing. Basically the same as no boon at all. Fair price: 50 shills, if that, and only because of the drink discounts. Bartender bane: Tainted supply, drinking adds an additional drunk card. This means one additional Tipsy *and* an additional Slurred Speech. This is really painful. It forces you to be a lot more careful about how you spend your resolve. Seems fine. Foreman boon: Authority, at the start of each negotiation, add a random authority card to your draw pile. The authority cards are uneven in usefulness, and while they may seem ok in powerlevel at the beginning of a run, they're effectively just bloating your deck by the end of it. Mediocre boon as is. Fair price: 50 shills, maybe. Foreman bane: Blacklisted, at the beginning of each negotiation discard 2 random cards. Painful, and may discard some key card and force you to go through a whole shuffle without it. Seems fine. Heavy laborer boon: Heavy lifting, gain 4 defense and 2 temporary power at the start of each battle. Very flexible, all but guarantees that your first turn of battle will be a good one. One of the best combat boons. Fair price: 150-200 shills. Heavy laborer bane: Whispered rumours, opponents start with an extra argument each negotiation. This is pretty harsh at the beginning of a run when you don't have the tools to react to it, but becomes easier to ignore later on. Seems about fine. Laborer boon: Voice of the people, start each negotiation with an extra argument. It's basically like having a trained Yote. As far as negotiation boons go, this is pretty good, and really helps during the first one or two days. You just won't need it past that point though. Fair price: 100 shills. Laborer bane: Elitist, all Feud citizens you meet will dislike you. Quoting ArtixBot: "I'd say that it is the #1 bane to avoid given how ubiquitous Feud citizens are in Sal's campaign, especially since it impacts bartenders and wealthy merchants. It's a Terrorize bane (Spree Captain bane) on steroids." Merchant boon: Haggle badge, you can negotiate for greater quest rewards. A lot of extra money, extra negotiation xp and card offers. This is the best boon in the game right now, not to mention that good relationships with a merchant already comes with the benefit of cheaper prices at their shop. Could be toned down a bit, ideally in a way that doesn't encourage the player to "grind" negotiations as much. Fair price: 200+ shills. Merchant bane: Bad credit, buying anything from shopkeepers costs an extra 20 shills. This adds up real fast, especially when buying drinks and fsshcakes, which are normally very cheap. It doesn't seem like much, but you will definitely feel it. A strong bane for sure. Admiralty: Clerk boon: Authorization, once a day a member of the Admiralty will help you. I've honestly never been in a situation where I would have needed this and had it activate. I basically play as if I didn't have it. Very weak, unless I am misunderstanding how this works. Fair price: 50-100 shills. Clerk bane: Red tape, members of the Admiralty will not help you. Suffers from the same issue as above, only in reverse. Pretty weak bane. Goon boon: Piece of the pie, gain 75 shills every morning. It pays for itself. It's fine. Will be a bit better when we get the 5th day. Fair price: 100 shills. Goon bane: Hunted, all enemy Admiralty gain 1 power. Encourages you to avoid confrontations with the Admiralty, makes Patrol leaders even scarier. It's not the strongest bane, but it's not weak. Guard boon: Sparring, one bonus defense on all cards that gain defense. Amazing early on, and stays relevant throughout the run. Very good boon. Fair price: 200 shills. Guard bane: Bully, lose one defense on all cards that gain defense. Very harsh early on, and you really really don't want to stack these. There are some builds that can minimize this, but it's definitely one of the scariest banes. Patrol leader boon: Commander, all allies gain 5 health. Eh. It's fine if you have a pet, but Patrol leaders are too rare to count on finding them when you want them. Pretty weak boon overall. Fair price: 100 shills. Patrol leader bane: Lowered rank, allies have -5 max health. Same as before, only it can actually be a bit scary if you rely on pets. Still, pretty weak. Cult of Hesh: Luminari boon: Bell of Hesh, draw an extra card at the start of negotiation. Considering how late game negotiations are mostly a question of when you manage to set up whatever wacky combo you've built, this makes it that bit more likely to make it happen sooner rather than later. It's solid. Fair price: 100 shills (because there is a negotiation graft that straight up grants +1 card per turn that costs 100 shills). Luminari bane: Curse of Hesh, lose 1 action at the beginning of combat. This is really painful, to the point where it's not worth risking fighting Heshians. You absolutely don't want to get more than one of this, ever. Definitely in the very top of harshest banes. Priest boon: Bio-feedback, injury cards cost 1 less action. This is weird, in that it would be good if Injuries didn't automatically destroy themselves at the end of each combat. But they do. Even weirder in that you have to gift 200 shills to gain this boon, when something like Heavy lifting or Surprise attack only takes 100 shills. Might make more sense if it affected *all* Status cards, not just injuries. Fair price: <50 shills. Priest bane: Bad faith, add a Gnarled effigy to your draw pile at the beginning of combat (status card that deals 2 damage to yourself when you play a card). The only reason why I don't consider Bully or Curse of Hesh to be the harshest banes is because this exists. Will get you killed at the beginning of the game, and will shut down late game decks that rely on playing a lot of cards. It's also a bloat card that you can't get rid of with the night merchant. Too harsh of a bane IMHO, even when compared to the powerful Curse of Hesh. Spark Barons: Professional boon: Spark visor, hit a marked enemy to gain 3 defense. You only get the defense once per turn. It's ok, 3 defense per turn is nice, even if it requires jumping through some hoops. Seems fine. Fair price: 150 shills. Professional bane: Faulty armor, start each combat with 2 exposed (thanks ArtixBot!). This is really nasty if you don't have some way to remove it. 50% reduction in defense gain at the beginning of combat will get you killed, quick. I haven't actually played with this yet, but it sounds like one of the harshest combat banes. Security guard boon: Weapons supplier, receive a random item every morning. Not much to say here, items are good, and most have Replenish so they won't bloat your deck, yet they may give you that boost you need to defeat an enemy without dying. Solid all around. Fair price: 100 shills. I believe items are overpriced right now. Security guard bane: Sketchy equipment, take 2 damage when you use an item. You just don't use items very often unless you are murdering people left and right, and even then it's just not often enough for this to matter. Very weak bane. Bilebrokers: Chemist boon: Doze bug, gain +5 max health when you sleep. Get it on day 1, gain +15 health by day 4. I find that more often than not, either I don't take that much damage in combat, or I die, with not much in between, so small amounts of max health don't change much for me. Still, it's not nothing, and effectively increases your health regeneration at night. Seems fine. Fair price: 100-150 shills. Chemist bane: Spiked drink, 50% chance of gaining an ulcer when drinking. Like the bartender bane, only instead of drowning you in bloat that will disappear when you sleep, it gives a single card every other time you drink that will stay with you until you destroy it. Not super strong, but not ignorable either, especially if you get it early. Seems fine. Jakes: Dockhand boon: Bargaining, 20 shill discount from shopkeepers. Will add up very fast if you take advantage of it. It's solid. Fair price: 100 shills Dockhand bane: Thin skin, gain 2 wound the first time you take damage in combat. Really painful early in the run, stays relevant throughout, makes you want to avoid fighting smugglers and wild animals (not like you have much choice for that second one). Solid bane. Smuggler boon: First aid, whenever you are healed, remove one negative condition. Depending on your deck composition, this is huge. Two Feint upgrades heal, and with this, will make it very hard for any negative condition to stick on you for long, and some of those are really painful. Worst case scenario, you remove "fatigue", and boost your card xp gain. Solid boon that you have to put some work on to exploit. Fair price: 150-200 shills. Smuggler bane: Fragile health, whenever you gain a debuff, take 2 damage. You just don't get debuffs that often. It does make fleads scarier early on, but that's about it. Pretty weak bane. Spree: Captain boon: ??? Captain bane: Terrorize, 2 random spree dislike you (thanks ArtixBot). Never experienced it myself, but seems fairly ignorable outside of the last Spree mission, when you have to convince raiders to help you. You might lose a lot of resolve if they are present during the negotiations. ??? Seriously these guys are ultra rare. Only ever met 2 in some ungodly number of hours, and neither were involved in any quest, combat or negotiation. Raider boon: Regimented, allied bandits have +10 health in combat. Meh. Helps with the final fight against Oolo, or for the Crossroads robbery quest, but that's about it. Pretty ignorable. Fair price: 50 shills. Raider bane: Brutality, injury cards cost 1 extra action to play. The same thing I said about the Priest Bio-feedback applies here: you just shouldn't be playing injuries, since they auto-destroy at the end of combat anyway. Would make more sense if it increased the action cost of all status cards. Completely ignorable right now. Thief boon: Surprise attack, one extra action at the start of combat. This is amazing if you have anything to spend that action on, otherwise Heavy lifting is better. Still, it shines with Ambush cards and card draw (especially from grafts). One of the best combat boons. Fair price: 150-200 shills. Thief bane: Outwitted, pin a random card at the beginning of combat. This seems to prioritize your cards with higher rarity. Very painful early on, since it's taking away one of your few good cards, and severely slowing down their xp gain. Even later on, it might pin whatever rare card you built your deck around (Boulder stance, Inside Fighting, etc). Arguably one of the strongest banes, depending on how you build your deck. Thug boon: Sucker punch, +4 damage on the first attack on combat. Heavy lifting and Surprise attack are both better than this, although some cards and grafts really like it. Yes, Cynotrainer into Cross with Feedback loop means that Sucker punch is giving you an extra 16 damage and 16 combo, but that's just never going to happen. Among the weakest of the "just ok" boons. Fair price: 100 shills. Thug bane: Marked, enemy bandits have lower Panic meters. Dangerous, in the sense that it makes it more likely you will murder more Spree, entering a vicious circle where you get more Marked until bandits straight up refuse to surrender (and then you fail the "capture Nadan" quest). Not something you can ignore, but still not the harshest bane either. Conclusion: don't mess with the Heshians, you will regret it.
  5. 0:11 in the video, left side.
  6. Please give us a semi-convenient way to heal pets. Right now the only way to heal them is to hope we can go to the chemist, buy a salve / healing vapours (very expensive!), and hope we draw them in battle before they die. Also, let us leave our pets in our room if we don't want to take them with us. We can pick them up later, or they will rejoin at the beginning of the next day. Some ideas for grafts: Chained leash (common): pets don't flee when panicking. They heal an extra 20% of their max health when they rally. Sympathetic reflexes (uncommon): whenever you gain defense, your pets gain half as much. Also, add pet fleads pls. If the spree can train them, so can we! Finally, pet yotes are much, much weaker than vrocs. I don't know if this is intentional. EDIT: on the other hand, I am surprised that a pet giving the killing blow doesn't impact me negatively. I would expect people to hate me if I train an attack dog and use it to kill someone.
  7. Hmmm, so Bossbit is one of the two factionless characters in the compendium, or else the "automech" faction is not implemented yet. And they're a boss. Interesting. EDIT: actually, it's kinda hard to tell if the silhouettes match. It might be a different character. We also see some other faction titles for the Rise and the Spark Barons that don't seem to be in the game yet: Rise pamphleteer and cobblebot, Spark Barons taskmaster, enforcer and "rentorian" (boss). Also, new (unimplemented) character seems to be called Rook. I guess the people calling him "Falcon" just got the bird wrong.
  8. For whatever it’s worth, Replicator + echo strike breaks battles.
  9. Wow, that's... surprisingly harsh. EDIT: filed an in-game bug report already, but just to warn others, the new version of Pure Style is bugged. You can’t upgrade the drawn cards anymore after the negotiation ends.
  10. About bugs: sometimes damage previews don't appear until you hover over a bunch of things. It feels kinda random, last time it happened to me was against Jeol (drone boss), no damage preview appeared over my side, but when his turn came around, it did an AoE attack. Almost lost my vroc because I didn't see that coming.
  11. My general impression from the drilling extra graft slots option is that it’s a bit too easy to abuse. Maybe make it work like the card removal option from the other vendors, only once per night (per type of graft?), and increasing shill/HP cost the more you do it.
  12. I guess I wouldn’t mind the game not offering cards I’ve removed from my deck, although I don’t remove non-starter cards very often. On the other hand, I would rather have full random card choices than the game try to “guess” the sort of deck I am building but be wrong about it. I think the option to disable card packs before a run is a nice compromise. Maybe add an option for the card vendors to offer specific cards (e.g. pay 50 shills so that the next night they only offer cards with one of the following key words : combo, bleed, discard, counter). Or just pay to mulligan their selection, I guess.
  13. Ok, some of the grafts that I am missing in my original post are: Uncommon: Unstable Augmentation: Gain 4 temporary power on your 2nd, 4th or 6th turn once per battle (chosen randomly) Rare: Cloister: Deal 2 bonus damage while you have any defense. Clot hammer: Deal 2 bonus damage to targets affected by bleed. (compare Snap talon: your attacks deal 2 bonus damage to targets with bleed. Still not sure what the difference is) Attacking targets affected by bleed grants 2 defense Counter band: Whenever you block all damage from an attack, gain 2 combo. Flourish: Whenever you spend all your combo, gain 5 defense. Fragmenter: Whenever you discard a card, apply 1 wound to a random enemy Heartless: If you are under 25% health, all attacks inflict 2 wound Hemophage: Whenever you apply bleed, restore 1 health. (same name as the card with the same effect) Only missing 1 graft now. Will try to update my original post with the new info when I get that. Anyone has come across the last one?
  14. I got maybe 5 negotiations from Haggle Badge, and 2 negotiations and 1 combat from the Rise quest. If you subtract that from my total, you get numbers much closer to yours. I was just lucky. However, if you want to inflate your number of combats and negotiations without relying on luck, the best way to do so is to get a bunch of people to hate you early on, then provoke-kill them later.
  15. No continues, no starting bonuses. I got a day one Haggle Badge, got Plocka as my merchant (pretty much required for high scores now), and was lucky to get the Rise quest (for extra battles/negotiations, quest score, and money). Surprisingly enough, I did 0 provocations, so an even higher score should be possible. I think the Rise quest and the Hesh outpost quests should be *instead of* a regular quest, not *on top of* them. They are a pretty hefty bonus.