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  1. I’m not sure if you’re looking for advice, but here are my two cents: Flead Queen is very dangerous by yourself. Best thing you can do to kill her is having help. An ally will take some of the wounds that were going your way. and increase your damage output (and killing larvae faster means even less wounds coming your way!) That being said, larvae should always be prioritized, the queen is quite harmless by herself. AoE helps a lot. And don’t bother attacking the queen if you don’t have a stinger in hand and can’t spend almost all of your actions attacking her (or allies are targetting her), unless you have literally nothing else to do. Her chitinous armor gives her insane durability otherwise. Don’t be scared to use a stinger to help you kill a larva, if the alternative is getting two extra wounds on yourself. One thing Smith does have on his side is access to debuff removal. That’s insanely powerful no matter what, so always get one if offered in a card draft.
  2. Since you said you appreciated the feedback, I will give some more: The main differences in your version are: You don't have the option to try playing it for the combo even if you still have maneuver cards in hand; You don't trigger on-discard effects (e.g., into the Shadows); You are more likely to play your version earlier in the turn, since you don't risk discarding a card you wanted to play. And well, I like the theme: either Sal tumbles gracefully, or she stumbles face-first on the ground It's a fine card either way. Cinotrainer used to be a random discard, and I think one of the parasite cards still has a random discard effect, so it's not a completely new effect on a player card. For other cards you mentioned, I will say that Balanced Stance probably wants to be the scaling version I put forward. A counter deck doesn't want to invest in attacks, and a multi-attack deck doesn't want to invest in counter. They're fundamentally opposite deck archetypes. To make you want to invest equally into both, the bonus should be sizeable. I am not sure 2 extra power is enough. I can see your concern about stacking huge amounts of counter, though. Maybe something in between would be best. Trickery is good mainly because of the Rare part, I think. Improvising 3 (common) cards is not that good when you are already paying 1 action to get them, and you likely already had 4 other cards in your hand to begin with; you just don't have the actions to exploit so many cards in one turn. But you do get a whole lot of choice on what you play. It's definitely an interesting concept. I would say it wants to expend, though. On "hand-cost" effects, I don't have much to say. Sal doesn't have many cards that synergize with the concept (footwork is fine, freighter is ok, neither are worth building a deck around), so any new card you want to make that helps should really make you want to invest in the idea. I like Pounce as a card that is decent-ish by itself, but supports the archetype, it's clever. Scheme is weak, unless the upgrades are amazing, needs a boost. But you want one or two flagship cards for the archetype, on top of these.
  3. The idea behind Tumble was that you would play it last during your turn, to guarantee you will discard an attack. Playing all maneuver cards (or discarding them, if playing a discard deck!) beforehand means you’re doing a weak-ish attack and getting a whopping 5 combo for 1 action, which is very good value. I think it would be more reliable than you give it credit for. But at the end of the day, you’re the one coding the cards Trickery sounds really powerful, although likely hard to truly take advantage of.
  4. Assuming Rook works for one of the known factions, Admiralty seems the most likely one. But who knows. Some of Sal’s backstory got expanded on in Rook’s campaign, we might similarly get more info in Smith’s campaign.
  5. The card pack system is exposing how few of Sal cards grant defense. This is not a huge problem in the main modes because you can take most defense cards and pass 50% of attack cards (or whatever), so you end up with a balanced deck. In the boss rush card pack system, you often need to take 2 attack cards that don’t synergize with your deck, for the sake of getting one more defense card, which is rarely a good call. Unless the card pack system is meant as an extra handicap for the player (instead of a way to speed build their deck), either the player should have the option to only keep some of the cards from the chosen pack, or there should be an extra, free “remove a card from your deck” every night, or just do three normal card drafts after the first boss (and onwards). EDIT: and some boss balance issues. I got a smuggler to help me, automatically and without input from me, with the Shroog boss fight, likely because you get help in the campaign too. If this was intended, then it would make sense to also get a smuggler ally against Sparky / Jeol. And on another topic, Eonwe is completely trivial for Sal. I feel like her attacks should incept Lumin Burn cards into your deck or something.
  6. Hmm, this sounds like a fun challenge. Some ideas for Sal: I've aimed at a pre-upgrade powerlevel, but some of these are odd enough, they could be very off.
  7. Only thing we know is what they stated in the roadmap: Smith gets developed during the summer of 2020, and game is released late 2020. They said this right as the pandemic was starting to really be felt in Canada, so there might be some unaccounted for delays in this roadmap. I would assume we will get the first day or two of Smith’s story in experimental in August or September, and the complete campaign ready a few weeks before game release.
  8. They have the default boon/banes of their “class”, according to the blacked-out image of their boon in the compendium. So, Fssh gets the bartender boon/bane, for example.
  9. I think the closest term would be body horror, but not sure it would apply to mechanical constructs.
  10. I hope this also comes with a rework of how asteroid surface works. The way to handle meteor showers for scanners/telescopes/rockets is really awkward and unintuitive right now. I don’t expect the introduction of radiation to also come with black body radiation, but that would definitely shake things up. The teaser shows a lot of new plants and critters too!
  11. What are everyone’s thoughts on the difficulty of Brawl vs Regular Campaign? I would say Brawl is a bit harder on average, since you don’t get to choose jobs, and there’s more boss variety, so you don’t have as much control over what you have to face. Whether the unique grafts you get make up for it or not, depends on what you get offered.
  12. Discard decks are still viable, as long as you focus on Dominance. Rant and uh the one that gives Dominance on discard are both good and common. Kicker should drop the Snails requirement on discard, Tantrum should be reworked so Momentum isn't the only Rare card that rewards the discard archetype, and Sifting Coin wants a minor buff on Snails. But you can still build a very strong discard deck even without Stinger. A hidden advantage of discard decks is that they're great at triggering the "prepared" condition of cards (hello Jargon!) Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure Helmet would be bad even if Jargon didn't exist. Some negotiations, like the one before the assassin fight in Sal's campaign, have the right idea in terms of difficulty: relatively easy to win, but very hard to win with more than one or two stacks. But since the effect on the fight difficulty is not that big, you still need to invest heavily in combat even if you focused on Negotiation. The closest in terms of Negotiation wildly affecting the fight difficulty is the one before Rook's D2 boss fight, since going in with 0-1 ally is very different from going in with all 3. But then the negotiation itself is on the easy side, now that it's back to a 2-star rating and Baron's negotiation mechanic got reworked, so you can easily get all 3 allies even without focusing on Negotiation. It was great for the brief period of time in which even getting only 2 allies was a challenge.
  13. Kinda sounds like you want a discussion? 1. There are cards that gamble, then only do something if you got the right side. I'm not sure they're worth it, but they exist. In general I like the coin mechanic, because it gives you extra flexibility in your deck building depending on the coin you pick. I also tend to go for decks that gamble a lot, so it evens out the randomness. 2. In general, Rook doesn't go for deck archetypes the way Sal does. Instead, you decide whether you want to go for low-charge, over-charge, or high-charge spending, and then pick cards accordingly. The consequence is that, for better or worse, a "Burn deck", or a "Ricochet" deck, or whatever, aren't really a thing. 3. Haven't encountered this yet. I do find the Brawl grafts I've seen to be very uneven in power. 4. I would rather have a coin that helps me end a negotiation by turn 2 or 3, that one that lets me survive to turn 6. I can't say I've ever taken it. 5. I've never managed to get this infinite combo going, and it's honestly not that great if you don't get the infinite. Switch Blade could use a rework either way (e.g., Replenish, and change the duplication to be the part that requires you spend combo) 6. Haggle Badge is very powerful, agreed. 7. I don't think all item cards need Replenish. I do think those that don't have Replenish should definitely be strong enough to justify their presence in your deck (not always the case right now). 8. Sal gets the extra hard jobs that give a graft reward, but Rook doesn't have an equivalent (not sure how it could be worked in either). It is true that Negotiation gets very easy at least one day before the end of a campaign, in a way that combat doesn't. 9. Sure. I think the solution goes more in the direction of making the game shorter, but harder challenges to replace later negotiations/combats that affect the ending might also do the trick. 10. Sure, that would be cool. 11. I don't think this is happening. Too many cards already have a choice between two uninspired upgrades, to try to force a third one in; would just make for more boring upgrades. 12. It does heal less at higher prestiges. I think it's fine there. I could see a prestige level that makes Bloated/Tipsy/Slurred speech not disappear on sleeping (a similar mutator exists already), but that's about it. 13. Many cards are pretty bad before upgrade, but good afterwards, which makes talking about balance a bit tricky. Good Impression is great, Setup used to be really good but is just fine after it got reworked and Reconsider got nerfed. Wild lunge is meh. That's not to say there aren't other cards that need a boost.
  14. Well, it got buffed: replenish and costs 0 actions. That’s a *significant* boost to its power level, since now it’s effectively 2 free XP per negotiation. Honestly the XP gain could be reduced by one and it would still be one of the best items at its price point. ...which isn’t to say its OP, but rather that most items are either too weak or way overpriced.