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  1. What are the other better ways to spend influence? There aren’t a whole lot of them, and if you go diplomacy, you’ll often be producing more Influence than you can spend (Solid Point ftw!). Tall Plead is then 5 damage essentially for free, which is great value. Especially for Sal, who tends to struggle a bit with frontloaded damage during negotiations (with a few notable exceptions).
  2. I’ve noticed that too, and thought the fight might be unwinnable then. But it turns out that the chemicals destroy themselves after you get hit by the cannon. So there’s a limit to how bad it can get. I don’t know if it was always that way. You can also get the “weakness” card that destroys all the chemicals in your deck, the cost for that one is not affected by the bane. I agree that Brutality does make the fight more volatile though. You better have enough defense cards in your deck.
  3. Have you considered making them remove hp instead of dealing damage, but lowering the hp cost? I think it would be more flavourful that way. I mean, how exactly can you hunker down to avoid being hurt by a sickness.
  4. Prestige 0 is not particularly hard, but Kashio is no pushover either. If you managed to beat her, then you were playing well, one way or another. You're right that pets, grafts, boons and to a lesser extent items can allow you to brute-force the game despite bad decks, so to speak, but there are limits to what you can get away with. Your deck has to be functional, or be able to exploit your other advantages.
  5. Sounds like the stuff waiting in the docking station should be tagged as "sweepable".
  6. I consider a vanilla setup to use all card packs that you have unlocked and no mutators. Arguably, I would add a prestige level of at least 5 if unlocked, but that's just me. I think refusing most card offers past a certain point is normal though. Once your deck is strong enough, adding more cards will just make it weaker. It's a common thing in this kind of game. Plus, you still get 10 shills, and it adds up, so it's not like it's a waste either. EDIT: that being said, play whichever way is fun for you! What is or isn't considered vanilla is not really that important.
  7. I wouldn't say it's repetitive / weakens replayability any more than always starting with the same deck does. However, I'd agree that is not integrated very well, narratively speaking. The moment Rook steps into the Bog, he gets infected, and in a couple of days he's already part monster, part tree. But aside from like 3 Boggers (according to the compendium), everyone else is fine? It should be a rampant epidemic if it's so easy to get infected! I hope they rewrite the event to something that makes more narrative sense (e.g. someone infected him on purpose).
  8. Upgrading to level 2 from level 1 (Twig being level 0) is random. You can see all parasite cards in the compendium
  9. I could see people disliking the "randomness" of the coin mechanic. I normally would too, but there's so many ways to influence it, it turns out not to be a problem for me at all.
  10. I liked every other change (buff to Booster clamp! New Unstable augmentation! Many changes to graft rarities! wooo!), but Nailed Glove got overnerfed, IMO. As a 12xp uncommon, it could reduce combo damage to 2 combo (1 after upgrade). Or make it 8 xp, and limit the damage to 3 combo (2 after upgrade). I guess we should try it out first, but it's not a very attractive graft atm.
  11. High difficulty Arint is actually suitably threatening, compared to her base version. She floods your deck with garbage, attacks more often, and does multiple cannon attacks in a row.
  12. Arint is very easy for a D3 boss. She spends half her turns doing effectively nothing. She's a cakewalk even for decks coming out of D2. Her special mechanic is fun though, but the fight itself needs tuning. Flekfis seems ok so far, although it takes forever to take him down. It's a bit confusing that the junk he fills your deck with is actually helpful. Maybe consider changing how you present those cards getting into the player's deck (e.g. rename to "Toss junk", and present it as a function of the location you fight in, instead of coming from Flekfis's initial "attack"). 6 xp for the Rare ones is a bit much, IMHO. You usually get them really late in a run, you might not battle/negotiate enough to upgrade them. 4xp seemed better to me. Many rare grafts are just not worth it before their upgrade.
  13. I wouldn’t say it’s the best boon, but it’s not a bad one, if you get it early. Its main problem is the opportunity cost of not getting another, more impactful boon on D1. It’s definitely great if you get it for free D1, if anything else because it’s +20hp against Kashio.
  14. Yeah, that's the one thing I can see in its favour. Only problem is that you then want to limit the number of 0-cost cards in your deck to guarantee it gets you a First Impressions. For the cost of a Rare graft, I would expect it to need less support for what's already a situational advantage. In fact, if it let you choose the 0-cost card, it would potentially enable new kinds of decks, instead of just helping in a rather narrow case.
  15. Seems time to do a new one, since we've got all the new Rook grafts, and the upgraded grafts update. Last one took forever and a half to write, so I will just comment on the grafts that I think are currently off in terms of power. COMBAT SAL: Nailed glove: should be an uncommon. There's already 2 other common grafts that help with Combo, and this one is one step above them. Wounding barbs: upgraded version should be 4 wounds. 5 wound is insane and melts all bosses. Base is fine. Shell: upgraded version should give a bit of extra defense too. Unstable augmentation: honestly this is just weak. Not sure it's salvageable. Maybe if you knew in advance when you're going to get the extra strength, or if it recurred every 4 turns or so, or something? As is, maybe it's fine at common rarity. Maybe. Heartless: I think 25% of your health (~15hp or less) is too steep a requirement. Maybe other people have different experiences with this? I would be curious to hear them. Boosting that to 40% of your health, or dropping the rarity to uncommon, would help. ROOK: Perpetual charger: should be an uncommon, at least. It's at least +0.5 power (+1 when upgraded), and combos with a bunch of Rook cards. Flash powder: needs a hefty boost, or else be dropped to common. Still wouldn't be very strong, Rook has less support for burn decks than Sal does for bleed decks. Power sink: I don't think any card that provides energy should be any lower than rare. Scan code: feels like a rare to me, especially after the upgrade. Twinshot: definitely should be a common. Trench Knife: needs a very sizeable boost, or be dropped to common. It's weak and awkward. OTHER: Company band: not only it's weak, Rook wants nothing to do with this. Could use a boost and be made Sal-exclusive. Bottom edge: this is horribly weak. +0.5 (+1 when upgraded) average damage... as long as your attack cards have enough damage spread to accomodate it. Not to mention it does nothing when using max-damage effects (from Sal) or stacking concentration (Rook). Both characters have vastly better options at Rare. This feels like a middle of the pack common. Feedback loop: this honestly feels like an uncommon to me. Needs a lot of support before it starts justifying its existence, and it's not great then either. Booster clamp: would be nice if the upgraded version had a stronger benefit than the other boss grafts. Its downside is considerably worse than the others. NEGOTIATION SAL: Impulse Jack: maybe if you could choose the 0-cost cards it would be better. It's pretty weak for a rare at the moment. ROOK: Cranial patch: honestly feels like an uncommon, but Sal has cerebral stimulants at common too, so maybe the devs just don't think card draw should be hard to come-by in Negotiations... Slug nook: should be a rare. This is, at worst, one extra action every two gambles, unless you're going for a heavy heads-rigged deck. Thought reverser: a bit too situational to be a rare, and the fact it doesn't have an upgrade doesn't help. Would feel much better at uncommon. Warding trinket: it's in between Uncommon and Rare in powerlevel. Would feel a bit better if the upgraded version granted 1 composure to 2 random arguments for less variance, or better yet granted 1 composure to all arguments. OTHER: I mean, there's only one, aside from the boss grafts. There's not a lot of variety with negotiation grafts at the moment, and this is part of the reason. Rook and Sal both have 4 common-rarity negotiation grafts, and 0 shared ones. For comparison, they have 8 and 7 common-rarity battle grafts, and 4 shared ones, for 3 times as much variety. A few character grafts (Keenskin, Parietal integrator, Reinforcer) could be made into shared grafts to help a little bit, but eventually it would be good to just have more of them. We don't need as many as battle grafts, just enough to not always end up with the exact same negotiation grafts. Thoughts? Comments? EDIT: forgot about it, but it would be nice if Muscle Bank and its Negotiation equivalent only dealt damage for cards above 4 in your hand after upgrade. Otherwise, the upgrade is just as likely to help you as to hurt you. SECOND EDIT: something else is the ratio of low-rarity to high-rarity grafts. By the nature of rarity systems, there should be more of the former. You will see many more common grafts in a game, so if there aren’t that many, you will often get to see them all. This means you will always be able to get the best one(s), if they’re not balanced properly, leading to even *less* effective variety. If instead there are a lot of different common grafts, you’re not guaranteed to get any specific one you want, so you have to make-do with what you find, even if they’re technically suboptimal, so the effective variety matches the real variety. By comparison, you can currently go many, many playthroughs without seeing some Rare grafts. This is not a problem per se, as long as Rare grafts are not run-defining (I.e., very situational Rare grafts may as well not exist, since you can’t plan on finding them, and when you do find them, you’re unlikely to have a deck that can make use of it).