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  1. I thought Abyssalite supposed to give 0 heat transfer after the update? (It was very low before, during the time when we could still build tile with Abyssalite, a long long time ago) Or is it still transfer heat only at a minuscule rate? I've been encountering this every time I open up to the lava biome, and in the back of my mind I always thought, right, the first layer of Abyss will always transfer heat, not realising that other abyssalite in other biome doest behave that way. Or probably since liquid has higher heat transfer multiplier that it is easier to notice than with gas. SO back to my question, does Abyssalite still transfer heat? It looks like it still, and is it a bug or is it intended to be that way?
  2. I found this to be the most efficient strategy, it might be slow but it helps you get a grasp on your surrounding and the map. However, you also shld look at what exactly the thing that hinder you post cycle 50. Was it food, oxygen, heat or anything. I rarely go for more than 5 dupes at most until late nearing cycle 70 or even more, depends on the maps, the surrounding biomes. There are too many factors to look at, but if oxygen and food were the problems, then reduce dupe number, and if you already have only 3-4 dupes and yet still fail to go past cycle 50, maybe it's food problem or your starting biome just lack of anything, in that case, you shld explore (there are times when fast exploring is the key). If the reason was oxygen, research airlock when you can and start segmentise your base when you expand, so the oxygen doesnt spread thin. or if you are low on Algae on anything, meaning you need to explore (this is one of the reason why exploring sometimes helps more than crippling your base) If Co2 was the problem, then easiest solution was just keep digging down, and let it sink down, but remember, the more you dig down, the harder for your dupes later to dig down even deeper in the same area, due to accumulation of Co2. If water was the problem, then you can either slow down high research (prioritise what tech you need, and slow down on research why looking for a new source of water or use many water recycling technique that can yield more water than used, such as bathroom and sieve combination. If heat was the problem, by cycle 50 i think you shld have insulated tiles already and start figuring out where does the heat come from. But the idea is for you to adapt depends on what you are given on diff maps, which after many tries, some of the basics will most likely get repetitive enough and you will slowly start to survive more and more. As for storing option, I personally dont bother with it until mid game, when I have specialised dupe that main job is to stay at the base, clean the base, and do most other stuffs but digging and building, meaning I rarely build storage bin, unless necessary. Downside is, everything will be scattered (The moral hit from decor is not so bad, until your dupes skill high enough that decor boost starts to become more important) and it might takes longer for dupes to travel for building supply and all, but if you are smart enough to use the same materials that you just dig for building what you need, there is basically no supply run, or at least less traveling time.
  3. I would love to know too. So far ive been seeing only changes that already out during launch preview, (i havent thoroughly read it all, too many)
  4. they did say they will remove it on launch. Maybe they will add it on next official patch.
  5. So just out of curiosity while waiting for the official release, for those who participated in launch preview, will you make a new save or continue on your current save (if it was possible), provided there are not many game changing updates happening between preview and official launch,
  6. Bathroom Loop

    Same with mine,at most it will rise 1-2 degree but no more than that. It could be the filtration medium or somewhere alongside there is some heat transfer happening. Or prob a possible bug.
  7. i know it's a bit of stretch but if you plan on playing on map without slime biome, maybe you can choose the geoactive trait, which hopefully give gold volcano, and at least alleviate the problem for now. Or simple solution would be for an asteroid without slime biome to have at least one guaranted buried gold volcano and I think that should do it. I never played to the point i need to use supercoolant, since by that point my base usually already self sustainable and I get bored waiting for the rocket or get burned with the game and will need to cool down and play another game. Or by that time I already stop playing for a while due to work or anything and forget what needs to be maintained anymore.
  8. Bathroom Loop

    if you started with a nice 16-20 degree it would take a long time for it to heat up,besides your sieve doesnt run all the time, that gives it time to cool down. I have been using my loop since cycle 50 or somethng and it's been going steady at 22-24°C at cycle 450-ish. And if you are worried you could always leave a cold water supply pipe near the input, and use it once the sieve gets too hot and let the cold water cool down the building for a few cycle. Another thing is the filtration medium somehow also determine the output of the water (Im not sure but I think this could be why my sieve still running relatively cool, since my sand is roughly about 18-20 °C. It could be a problem but for a much longer time than when the sieve outputting at fixed 40°C i would say. Previously my bathroom would be insulated to prevent the heat seeps into my nearby room but now use normal building tile.
  9. i found that a ranched slickster eat Co2 like mad. I had 8 ranched slickster and I had problem feeding them co2. Of course I dont have many heavy machinery, except 1 natgas and 1 petrol gen that doesnt run all the time. Most of my energy comes from either hydrogen excess and steam turbines from volcanoes and steam geyser.
  10. I thought the tombstone are sort of heat transfer technique as I dont want to believe how many were sacrificed for it.
  11. I am not sure how you would categorise something as exploit? But hopefully this one is not. It didnt use any mechanic aside from heat transfer, and it utilises the fact that petroleum is lighter than oil. you can try using the magma core? It wouldnt be easy to set up and you might need to clear quite some space. There is a guy in reddit that have a nice setup for the volcano but I adapted it for the magma core and it works fine. pre-space petroleum boiler You would need steel access and be careful when making the setup as not to heat it up too much and ended having too much sour gas, like i did. What i did basically seal off a section of the magma core, a big portion of it, to keep the heat transfer. The real challenge is the pumping of the resulting petroleum. In the design he run it off and let it cool down until below the overheat temp of steel pump. Managing that in the magma biome is a bit harder, especially if you initially accidentally boil petroleum to sour gas and have the entire area into more than 200 °C area. However if you pump in the oil from reservoir which will never be more than 100°C, I think it is possible to keep the ptroleum cool enough so you dont break the steel pump. I had to sacrifice some steel initially to get it working but now most of my petroleum is within 100-150°C, which make it safe enough to be pumped with steel. Hope this helps.
  12. are there a clear rule of how they plant? Like how far across each plant needs to be, or how many tiles needed per plant? I usually combine pips and nature reserve and in my current game, the pips in the max space natural reserve seems to have a maximum amount of plants that they will plant, including pepper plant. It seems that they would only plant up to a certain number of them in a max space natural reserve (120 tiles), around 8-10 plants of various species.
  13. Polluted Oxygen

    just dont collect the pWater from Algae terrarium, and sooner than enough your base will be over pressured. Of course this is only valid in map with access to Algae, otherwise you can set up a wide array of tile and drip the pwater then mop it and let it be there. I personally never bother with such setup since most of the time, by the time i am accessing any biome with pool of pwater, the amount of pO2 is just way to much and enough for me to survive out of it for as long as I can remember.
  14. Takin it way too slow

    my speed varies with each playthrough, sometimes I get to some area faster due to easy early access of geyser or something. I dont think there is anything wrong with playing it too slow or too fast. If the colony keep failing, sure when you start another new colony, you will definitely get better, since you use the experiences from before and not repeat the same mistake. Just remember, sometimes, exploration could be the key. Discovering new geyser, or new resources, that ways you can easily sustain more dupes and then slowly expand the base.
  15. I think with all new asteroids and biomes, where some resources are not available, and only prob obtainable through ranches, they should make critter trap available, something like a moth lure but allow for wrangling or even a small net (ironically the icon for wrangling looks like the kind of net you would use to capture airborne creature / insect net, and yet we cant do anything to the airborne creatures) Ive seen a behaviour where spawn pacus from Pod actually tend to move to the closer water source. I accidentally drop water on the bottom of my base and made a pond on natural tile and the spawn pacus tend to jump to that water pool than to the other direction. I do however agree on dupe being able to transport pacus out of water, although I can see how it might make fish trapper rather obsolete.