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  1. maybe adding a new trait from collected pool gene of creature? Say heat/cold/scald resistance/immunity. Or less O2 consumption and CO2 release dupe from Slickster splicing, even faster digging from Hatch/Vole
  2. searching Spaced Out on Steamstore search bar will also show the DLC.
  3. I have the same problem. I am using mods, not sure if that affect with steam achievement, but at this point, it's the best guess, despite many claim that it doesnt.
  4. been having the same problem. The rancher just keep wrangling critter whenever they can, even when the number of critter is less than stated in auto wrangle setting.
  5. Best chance I can see is geoactive, and hope for a gold volcano. Either that or they need to make some building that only takes gold to also take another type of metal. Aside from that, anyone has problem with crop tending? It seems like my farmer not tending crop anymore (they just keep making micro nutrient but never applied it to the plant at all. )
  6. I myself actually dont know what they mean by optimising the piping? Can you elaborate what are they optimising here?
  7. I understand about the pipe crashing from the optimisation patch last week, but what kind optimisation they are talking about here? can someone explain more?
  8. I just wild planted 20 waterweed in my base, let's see if they are stay planted after this update.
  9. I know they already aware about the pipe bug, but here is my save file, hopefully will help them test the crash. Same thing with me, crashed the moment the pipe in the hydroponic tile being constructed. Happy Timeline.sav
  10. my bad, that shld not contradict, since it function just as any other bridge output there hahaha.
  11. the bridge on the left side is contradicting the flow from the output of the bathroom to the liquid storage. If your intention was to bring the output of pWater to the container, then it's the Bridge on left near the pump. Right?
  12. Save loaded fine for me, until the dupe started to build the one pipe at the bottom of the base. Even after cancelling the order and remake the build order, the game crashes at the same exact moment the pipe being build. Other pipe around it were built just fine. Save was today, new game based on today's update. Happy Timeline.sav
  13. Was just about to say about that, since my steam library currently showing last update was hours ago.
  14. I agree. Adding heat output to the machine might help more, so it becomes like a mini aquatuner, that only specifically accept pWater. It still doesnt feel right, but let's see what they will do once they saw all the reactions from the update
  15. Hopefully they will change things again, as of now it seems they just keep nerfing the cooling system. The one with WW is fine , albeit shocking but still manageable. Water sieve though, i think it's a bit much, i want to say they could reduce the min temp to somewhere 25-30 degree but i dont think it would change much as well. I can understand Desalinator and Carbon skimmer have min output of 40 degree but sieve water is something that in my mind should not add that much heat, since the machine itself generate heat. Maybe something in the line of increasing the heat output of the machine and reducing the min temp, i dont know. It's disappointing but I'm sure they will do something about it before launch, it seems right now they are also figuring things out how to exactly deal with adding heat and reducing heat in game. I just feel like what they are doing with this update will limit the way people play, by 'forcing' them to use the necessary setup. I dont know, I'll see what happened in a few days. Also, can anyone explain to me about the 'fetching chore' thing? So what would happened now? Sometimes they release update with such little information, it's hard to interprete the meaning.