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  1. Oxyfern - well I guess we have a few ways of getting natural O2 from CO2. Now I bet we might have to pump the CO2 into the room with it since it won't be at the bottom of our areas!
  2. Filter screens (i.e. on storage) no longer scroll back to the top whenever a selection is made So nice!!!
  3. The floral scents was introduced 2 patches back but the effect didn't come in till last night.
  4. So the floral scents gives a -5% stress buff for 0.3 cycles
  5. Am liking this very much... so no farming with allergic dupes!
  6. @Tenedas I could easily see that the radius of CO2 coming out of the suit could be dispersed randomly in a bigger area then just right next to them when they exit the suit. Would be interesting to test out this with a dupe in a atmo suit outside the base all day doing tasks or locked out then let them back in but paint in O2 over all CO2 in the area and see where it spawns when he exits.
  7. Couldn't you in that case use a ore dumper to drop it in a pool and have a sweeper pick it up that is tied to a temperature sensor where the ore/whatever is being dropped to kick on after a certain temperature is reached back into another conveyor?
  8. Like the suits from Dune! recycle that into drinking water with movement.
  9. Well if they put a negative effect on a decor boosting item then what’s the use? I know they have a better temperature range but I’d just use another one for my great hall
  10. Atmo Suits will now store all duplicant "emissions" and release them on unequipping. New "soiled suit" status effect if a suit ends up full of liquid lol.... so the atmo suit drop off spots might get messy?
  11. So it's a slower heat deletion method that uses more power. Still not bad. Will have to see how much power/cooling for effectiveness. Icedrofan - Hope it does more than accelerate the melting as a tempshift plate of ice under the surface of water instantly melts.