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  1. Starting water?

    I think with the change that is supposed to keep boulders and stuff out of the starting biome, Arboria is not as bad as I thought it would be. I have kept with the three dupes until I build up a food supply and have gotten some O2 production. I believe i'm on cycle 18 or so with food getting up there and the 8 farmed oxyferns keeping the CO2 levels down. They are still building but I will be collecting salt and rust and setting up some O2 production unless I find a good source of water. I will say that my map has a funny humor too it. A rust biome just south of my starting area had my first geyser hidden, a CO2 vent...sigh...
  2. Unless it was overwritten by boulders.
  3. Huge Wheezewort Change

    Guess ice boxes with Wheezworts will now need a ore dumping station and a sweeper to be "Automated"
  4. Screenshots of new content

    You can put multiple pictures with descriptions and using the spoilers make it very easy to scroll through rather than having 2-4 pages of pictures.
  5. Oxyfern - well I guess we have a few ways of getting natural O2 from CO2. Now I bet we might have to pump the CO2 into the room with it since it won't be at the bottom of our areas!
  6. That is just cruel to see this step by step... they better not be just playing around... someone could get hurt.... hitting... F5
  7. Well yes it would be as well
  8. Thursday of which week is the question I'd like answered!
  9. Looks great need to try this in my current build.
  10. Wheezworts do 12 KDTUs in Hydrogen of 2.2kg/tile. I believe the pipes even though ceramic were transferring heat with the hydrogen and cooling the glass down in the pipe. O2 works because it's half of the thermal conductivity.
  11. You need to do a Ctrl-F4 to enable instant build. That will allow you to click on the starmap and research the planets.
  12. Playtime record

    I guess I started back after having 3hrs of playtime from early access (no geysers time frame) around Jan/Feb this year.
  13. A few mcg of chlorine per tile is all that's needed to kill germs. As far as filling the room and sealing it the easy way would be to build the U of the room and put a pump and vent to drop chlorine into it since it's heavier than Oxygen it will push the oxygen out. Let it fill up to the top then build the tiles over it. If you get CO2 at the bottom you could put in a airflow tile and it will leak out the CO2 and some chlorine then change the tile to solid once all the Co2 has dropped out.
  14. So I think a great DLC would be that you pick a planet off your first asteroid and supply a rocket with some food, seeds, materials and would launch off to said planet and you colonize a new planet. Biomes % based off which one you pick. Maybe the rocket crashes? Not sure. Then from there you have to build back up and once you go to space you can do it gain.