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  1. When i try to get into the Cockpit, its all black and i can see a thing. I will submit a bug report
  2. Yes , but after a few reload saved games from the in game menu , my system became very slow... I couldn't check if there is a memory leak somewhere ..
  3. Maybe they must work like the Atmosuits like a low level or initial level Another option is merge masks and atmosuits in the same building ? they can hang both.
  4. Maybe because you are in sandbox mode and the rockets do not need crew for launch.
  5. So , every time that here in earth send a satellite , there is someone in the cockpit ??? I think it will be nice if i can send rovers and cargo every time that i want without a crew.
  6. It will be nice if i can send a rocket without the need of a crew member, i mean, why i have to send a dupe that i only have to send a rover.
  7. I'm wondering the same thing, there are two different games, for me is a no go for a base system having the old space system, i mean, This system must be in the core. Maybe we can have the new space system but not the addition to travel to another plante and landing there , maybe that wil be in the DLC with the Nuclear stuff.
  8. My question is , what will be the DLC ? The space rework or the Nuclear stuff? If my logic is right, the Space Out must be in the core system and the Nuclear Stuff will be the DLC , im worndering this because in the first post Klei said that the will be free upgrade.
  9. Ahh , i thougth that the cool slush gayser water was frosted after eruption ... this is a bug ? gaysers are not working ?
  10. Deodorizers uses electricity I love the Favorite materials and the new UI I love the new transmater , first i thought that was between surface and the interior but then i realize that is between asteroids. I think the game became easy to start and hard to mantain, i think, thats the point. This game will have an ending ? This game will have meteors or that are old news? maybe some deflecting shield ?
  11. I played for a few hours and no bugs or crash so far, thats great. Linux : do not work (i know that the game do not work on linux), had the same crash that i had when they make a patch in the public_beta cloud in the initial page with the console. Linux (Proton) works without a problem, the only thing that i notice is that when someone travels to another planet , he jumps over the 2 tiles and moves very fast. Mac: The game runs but there is some problems with graphics , when i use the dig tool , the icons appear behind the material , also the fog do not appear.
  12. How fast someone can press F5 ? Question, if got selected and i have linux , the alpha version will be popped up as a windows game and can i play in proton ?
  13. How this work? , i already sing in and register for the alpha ... i have to do anything else ? it will pop up in my games library ? i have to wait ?
  14. Just tested ,error in linux , and a saw that they are investigating whats happend ..