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What are your fav. characters (most to least)

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Basically, what I'm asking is that, if you had to put the DST cast in order from your most to least favorite, what would that order be?

So, because there's 13 characters at the moment, it'd be easy to just set this up like a top 13 list.

Here's mine:

1) WX-78 (hands down my favorite personality in the game)
2) Woodie (love having Lucy as a companion, Werebeaver is 2cool4scool)
3) Webber (precious smol b e a n, I also like spiders)
4) Willow (crazy fire lady is hot, haha get it /s a cool character in general (rework hype))
5) Maxwell (How does someone so weak look so menacing? Maxwell, that's how.)
6) Wortox (Gameplay is stupidly fun atm)
7) Wolfgang (Quotes give me a good laugh, also it's fun to just wreck the entire world)
8) Wilson (can't really hate on the poster boy)
9) Wigfrid (her gameplay never really grabbed me)
10) Wendy (im playing games to forget about my depression, dammit.)
11) Winona (Meh? Not a fan of her personality)
12)Wes (Memes aside, he's just, there. It's fun to join a pub as him and screw around I guess.)
13)Wickerbottom (Personality is big doo doo, also never really bothered playing her)

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1. Woodie, because he has arguably the most unique mechanics in the game and requires a lot of thought and planning to play. He's a more robust and complicated Maxwell. The extra health really makes a difference in my experience.
2. Maxwell, great examine quotes and is a harvester like Woodie so less time spent doing chores which is always nice.
3. Willow, because I like her examine quotes/personality
4. Wicker, because tentacles
5. Wendy, because abigail makes hounds/spiders a cakewalk
6. Wilson, has some epic skins
7. Wes same as above
8. WX, I don't play him much because I like a challenge, but his examine quotes are in a league of their own
9. Winona, haven't played much of her but fast craft seems like a godsend, seriously, that perk would really get you out of tight situations (e.g. making a torch/fire while getting chased by hounds)
10. Wolfgang, haven't played much of him 
11. Webber, because I value pigs too much and Webber players in public servers are typically jerks/griefers
12. Wigfrid, because I value mushrooms too much and Wigfrid players in public servers are typically thieves or just bad at the game
13. Wortox, because playing him makes you a furry and no, this is not up for debate.

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1. Waxwell: Love the silly anti-hero style he has, and the fact that he's a squishy mage. Also in most games that allow it I'm always a sucker for summoners.

2. Wortox: This fella went up in my scale really fast, He's a funny trickster that has teleport which is a mechanic that I always love in games as well. I think I'm switching between Max and Wortox in most games now, hands down my favorite duo.

3. Wigfrid: Cheap permanent armor, epic sagas, and regenerative skills. I always have a blast playing as her. Also Wig best waifu (yeah fite me)

4. Wickerbottom: I just love her powers, she indoubtly makes everything easier, with nearly no penalty. Also in real life I am sort of a male wickerbottom nerd, always quoting science stuff most people rolls their eyes about.

5. Tie between Wendy and Webber. Both are summoners and highly resourceful specially in the nomad life. They lack the long term gameplay punch I'd expect to have in games and that's the only reason im not placing them third, which hopefully will change after their refreshes (Specially with Webber). Overall, I really like these 2 characters though.

6 and on: Special mention to Willow's personality and quotes which I love, but gameplay wise I have no special order after this point. I've played the rest of the cast in equal amounts and I tend to get bored after a while, the only ones I truly enjoy the game as are the first 6 characters I mentioned.

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1,Maxwell - Mainly because I like villains and anti-heros, and then there are his puppets and you feel like a boss just standing around while they do all the work.

2.Wigfrid - The portable armory :D, Mid tier helms and spears for everyone. Also viking (actress that things she is a viking anyway) I like those !

3.Wilson - It's just Wilson the gentleman scientist. What's not to like. Even his hair is in W shape.

4.Webber - Spiderkid.

5.This is between Woodie and Wortox.

6.Everybody else.

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1.Wendy - I love wrecking entire splumonkey villages with Abigail in the ruins, also I don't mind the damage penalty.

2.Wigfrid - I need da metbal, also battle helms are nice. It's been fun playing ye olde carnivore.

3.WX78 - Fun for ruins rushing or just messing around.

4.Willow - I like using her on public servers sometimes, either to get mistaken for a griefer, or to just have a light to start with when all the grass and twigs at spawn are picked clean.

5. Wortox - Only recently started playing him, it's fun to derp about on public servers as him, but definately not a top pick for me.

6. Most other characters. - Never bothered playing them.

7. Wickerbottom - Too much meta, no thanks, I don't mind it when someone else plays her, just as long as they aren't full on elitist with it.

8. Wolfgang - Rusher meta, never cared for 2x damage, I will more then hapilly play Wigfrid, WX or heck even Wendy if I want to rush. Only thing I like about him is him saying "Is not potato." when examining evil flowers.

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I am not comfortable with the rankings, but I will try anyway to make one as the post wants:
1) Wilson, Willow, Wendy and Wolfgang equal: I love these four characters (as "lore", not as gameplay is clear, I find Willow painful, poor girl)
Wilson is a great scientist who has created a demonic machine in search of knowledge, a modern Argonaut, an adventurer who cannot resist the call of the unknown, the light of reason in the dark lands of Constant!
Willow is an exalted girl: pyromaniac, in the past boy scout, orphan, HAPPY to have entered the Constant... how can you not love her madness and her spirit of survival? Her skin survivor then... red band Che Guevara's style and let's go of "Constant or death!"
Wendy is the archetype of the young occultist, the sorcerer's apprentice, the magician's niece... the one who, textual words: "Learn unspeakable knowledge".
She is intimately linked to the hidden "fabric" of the Constant, its mind is between our world and the realms of madness. She was present when the Constant's gates opened, and he will be present again when they open again.
Finally Wolfgang: he is Russian. True man of the Soviet Union. Simple mind. Strong and generous heart. True hero of the game, if DS were a role-playing game it would be "legal good".
Personally I also see it as a philosophical nature, I imagine it too well to talk about Tolstoy sitting around the fire.
2) Maxwell, Woodie, Warbucks
The magician, the woodcutter and the colonialist, all three with a magnetic charisma and exuberant personalities.
3) Winona, Webber
They have interesting stories, because Winona is linked to Wagstaff and Webber because... heck, have you seen him? It is in symbiosis with a spider: 'D
4) All others
5) WX-78: I find the idea of the soulless robot the weakest of Klei. Oh, it happens, there is always one last ranked when it ranks.

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My personal order (not dst only) is:

1) Webber-I love absolutely everything about him. Especially him being both human and a spider. 

2) Wormwood-I love his designe, a lonely plant-man who doesn't speak much.Being able ignore lush season and the ability to plant seeds everywhere is a feature i miss everytime i choose a different character. Of course him drowning in the endless oceans of nightmare fuel and getting on fire on rare ocasions are a bit annyoing but can forgive that. 

3) Wx78-I like his view of the world and edgy personality

4) Maxwell-Him being the fallen antagonist, quotes and elegant style. Thats why i like him even tho i don't play him. 

5) Warly-I like him being a chief but he lacks something else

6) Wortox-Because his a demon with a charming personality

7) Woodlegs-The best pirate i've ever seen

8)The Almighty Wes - No mortal can survive the sound of his voice, therefore i don't play him but he's kinda cool

9) Wigfrid-I like her being the combat character but her voice is yooloud

10) Wilbur- i would have played him if he had examination quotes

11) Wilba & Woodie- Wilba is boring when not in were form, Woodie is nearly useless in Dst and cant get a glommer. 

12) Wickerbottom-Powerful but boring for me

13) Winona-i like quick crafting

14) Wolfgang-Adorable but eats too much 

15) Willow-I like her being a pyromaniac but she gets boring easly due to not many gameplay changes

16) Wilson-Kinda boring 

17) Wendy-I can't bring myself to like her

18) Warbucks-Deleted before i could play him :c





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Mine, personally are:

 - Rosalina and Luma Launch Into Battle!   XD  

 - Wickerbottom. My 2nd main in vanilla, and the most enjoyable one i've found so far. I learn the most out of the Constant from her, and it's a constant test of skill, strategy and wits to survive as Wicker.

 - Maxwell. Playing him is also very fun due to shadows trivializing the need for flint and speeding up your gathering processes significantly, but with the constant, looming threat of death thanks to low hp. Also is fun to see him at the butt end of derision from other survivors.

 - Wendy. Though her personality and perks were what made me main her - and to great success - ever since RoG I've given her up because her quotes trigger my self-pity. Very horribly so.

 - Wilson. I find it nice to play as Wilson first in any new experience of Don't starve so as to get my bearings with a normal character before I step in with another character.

 - Wolfgang. Though I like his perks and can manage his hunger well alone, on a public server there's either already a Wolf who has just raided base, or a lack of food because the new guys ate all the carrots off the ground. Also, my connection does not allow me to kite online.

 - Wigfrid. Same as above online reasons, though I feel more severely constrained due to her meat-only diet. Though I've found it extremely enjoyable to power through Adventure mode without cheats using her.

 - Woodie. Idk, I just love listening to Hoedown. And his perks provide something out of the ordinary for the game... though i have yet to properly try him, esp. for Hamlet where he seems pretty effective too.

 - WX - 78. Though I like his personality, and his stats, I can only play on forest-only worlds, and on SP I still prefer Wicker due to her farming. Have yet to try him out on Hamlet tho.

 - Willow. I used to main her before i mained wendy to learn the ropes of the game like kiting and spawning in thulecite crowns and lazy explorers while immediately clearing Adventure mode haha Then I dropped her for Webber, then Wendy.

 - Webber. His perks helped me deal with spiders, tho triggering pigs and bunnies soon took its' toll on me and swapped him for Wendy. I still will prefer him over Wendy if there's no Webber and there's already a Wicker and a Maxwell in a public server.

 - Wortox. I haven't played him yet. Nor do i have the spools or the money to. I wish i could... he seems really fun.

 - Winona. I've tried her out once on a public server after she was announced and it was okay, I got to build lots of things, but nonetheless i find the rest of the cast more enjoyable.

 - wes tier. im not evn good enuff to play as wes.

 - do include the DLC characters? I haven't played them yet, except...

 - Warly. I'm not the kinda guy who was apt to dealing with him going "EnOuGH AlReAdy!!!!!" after feeding him some butterfly wings in an attempt to save his life. Though, admittedly, his playstyle revolving around cooking is nice...

 - Wormwood. Spawned in. Gathered some iron from the iron ore biome. A minute later, as i'm leaving through the plain next to it, a Thunderbird suddenly gets startled for whatever reason and lights a grass patch near me on fire. Rip sanity, rip me, rip everything lol. Guess it'll take me a long time before i can dare play him again... though, idk, he really seems fun.

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1 Webber , always loved spiders

2 Willow , finding new ways to use fire is a hobby of mine

3 Wendy , great for when I’m feeling lazy

4 Wickerbottom , like her utility, but dislike having things expected of me

5 Wigfrid , being a murder machine is fun in small does

6 Woody , building tons of useless wooden structures is also enjoyable 

everyone else is more or less tied for last, but I am overdue for a balloon filed Wes run

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1 hour ago, Hell-met said:

- Wilson

- over 1000 hours dst and only played wilson

- only know the mechanics of other characters from an observer point of view

That certainly is a man of convictions. I salute you.

3 hours ago, minespatch said:

Characters I main: Wilson and Wilba

Characters I'll rotate if asked: Webber, Wickerbottom, Wortox, winona, willow--rest of cast... Except:

Why U No luv me Patchy, Why...


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1. Wx-78 - i like how he plays and his quotes and personality is fun

2. Webber - a completely different playstyle from other characters, and spiders are cool

3. Wilson - always my go to for original Dont' Starve

4. Wendy - Her voice sounds nice and Abigail is fun to have around

5. Everyone else. (i don't play them so no opinion on them)

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1. Wigfrid - I rubberband non-stop even on servers in my country (p|ss-poor internet connection), thus the play-pretend viking's passives mitigate somewhat this deficiency; also ability to craft armor from start via gold+rocks+flints counteracts pillaging of the world in pubs (dismantling of Pig Houses en-mass for Football Helmets and Ham Bats mostly);

2. WX-78 - when rushing Ruins - Thule items don't motivates me enough, thus yeey gears!

3. Willow - when I want purely to survive on Winter/Summer servers and chat-troll in the meanwhile pretending to be some mentally challenged griefer, hehe ("uerz basiki?!?!? BASIKI?!?!?! ja comdu za baziki!!!!" - yes is broken 'ruskie', same thought-line as 'engrish');

4. Winona - for lazy and "oy lulz" boss mushing, spider farms and generally leisurely pommeling amusement;

5. Wortox - mostly cause is new; probably will rarely play it in future;

6. Woodie - easy solo Cave basing and pretty much just building "baisu" there.


Rarely playing: Wolfgang, Wickerbottom, Webber, Wes;

Almost never playing atm: Wendy, Wilson, Maxwell.

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In terms of player characters? Accounting both playstyles and lore - 
Top Favorites: Webber, Wes, Wickerbottom, WX78, Wilson, Wormwood, Woodlegs, Maxwell, Wigfrid, Wilba, Wortox, Wilbur, 
Less Than Top Favorites: Winona, Warly, Wolfgang, Walani, Willow, Woodie. 
Least Favorite: [hOW DARE U!!!!][I Would never-][BabyRage] Warbucks

Needless to say I have attachment issues. I love them all so much. 

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2 minutes ago, minespatch said:


I also have traumatic backflashes of my Abuello asking me if I learned Spanish when I was a toddler. So I see a bit of Maxwell in my Grandfather(lord bless his soul).

Well my boss, of the company I work at, has the same hairstyle and nose as maxwell. I try not to think about it when at his presence. 

Specially after the maxwell memes thread started...

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1 hour ago, minespatch said:


I also have traumatic backflashes of my Abuello asking me if I learned Spanish when I was a toddler. So I see a bit of Maxwell in my Grandfather(lord bless his soul).

who are you sir? do you draw all this pics? do you wanna be my friend in dst? :)

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2 hours ago, minespatch said:

Minespatch, the man in there is my father. Yes I do but I'm not a dev. Sure thing. pm me for your steam name.

It's that easy to find someone to play with in DST? I want in!

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I'm not really fan of ability. Just characters and i like to hear characters's quotes most.

1. Webber. Cute child and his quotes are very nice. Very nice child. That's why i play he most.

2. Wilson. Very first and popular character, you know. I really like his hair style! his's quotes are really funny. For science!

3. Willow. Like Wilson, second popular character. Lover of fire. her quotes are so mean, mad and HOT-HEADED! I like her hair style, too. Wow! Really great character!

4. Maxwell. Well, popular evil character. This time (DST), he is just survivor, king is not long now. His quotes are nice. I hope Maxwell will good guy in future.

5. Wendy. She is unhappy scary girl. Her quotes are scary too. Her hair look mess. Poor girl. Webber trying to cheer she up.

6. Wes. Poor guy who can't speak. He is very friendly guy. he love everything.

7. Winona. Great character, i like her quotes. I heard her quotes much about 'handmade' thing and some funny. look like she love very work, she like made very useful thing. And hate made boring or useless thing. i don't know much about she.

8. Wolfgang. He is strong, funny man and scaredy cat. With low intelligence.

9. WX-78. He don't like human. Quotes are very mean and some evil laugh. Evil robot!

10. Wickerbottom. high intelligence. Her quotes are most telling you kind of thing. Such teacher.

11. Woodie. Great character, his curse is cool. But quotes are too boring for me.

12. Wigfrid. I'm TIRED of she. Her quotes most 'Warriör', 'Valhalla', 'Göd', 'Mighty' and much about fight and war. shout too much. Weird woman eat only meats. Poor these animals!

-. Wortox. I don't play Wortox yet. Just short krampus is good guy. I heard few Wortox quotes.


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Admittedly not super experienced with all characters, but here we go!

  1. Wilson - I have the most experience with him since he's the starting character. I also like puns, and his general personality. I, too, like to spend my time locked away in an attic ignoring human interaction. And his hair is really fun to try and draw.
  2. Webber - Friggin adorable as we all know, and it's hard not to love him. Plus giant spider nests = no more hiding from hounds under a bush and hoping for the best. Best advised to not to be in flammable forest though. Only made that mistake thrice.
  3. Wendy -  Appeals to my morbid sense of humor sometimes, and I'm curious with how she sees things from her point of view. Also her design is adorable, though it sometimes reminds me of those porcelain dolls that they have in horror movies...
  4. Maxwell - I like playing squishy characters, and magical characters. And also jerks with questionable morals. Some of his comments are pretty funny and some are rather insightful to the lore. Also he has a sword. Sometimes that makes a difference to the fact he only has 75 health. Oftentimes in my hands it does not. But it's definitely a really cool sword.
  5. Wes - Balloons! So many balloons. Too many balloons? Not enough balloons. Welcome to my balloon forest, friends. Here we are safe. (Disclaimer: Safety not actually guaranteed in balloon forest. Wes is not responsible for any mortal wounds or dismemberment brought upon you within the balloon forest. Also please do not pop balloon forest, or balloon forest pop you.)
  6. Woodie -  Has a talking Axe-Wife and that's... relatable? Was not aware he turned into a Werebeaver the first time I played him. Ate a lot of trees. I bet having him and Wickerbottom together would be fun. Wickerbottom summoning a lot of birds... Woodie hating every single one of them. Yep.
  7. Wickerbottom - Magical books are always fun! She's also pretty insightful, and witty. Actually reminds me of a Librarian I used to know... next thing she's going to be scolding people saying "lie-berry" instead of "lie-BR-air-y".
  8. WX-78 - Played him once. Started in spring! You can guess how it went from there. Love his commentary though, might try him out again someday. Not in spring this time. Definitely not in spring.
  9. Wigfrid - TO GLORY! And potentially starvation, if you're exceptionally bad at hunting! Which I am. Oh dear.
    Her personality is pretty fun, though. I like her fighting spirit!
  10. Willow and Wolfgang - Not bad characters, but I'm not particularly fond of their play styles. Maybe I'm just not setting enough forests on fire. Or punching enough monsters in the face? Wolfgang seems potentially hug-able, so that's a plus? Don't know much about Willow, though. But she has a bear that can fight for your sanity and that's pretty awesome!
  11. Wortox - He looks adorable, and his mechanics look fun! Haven't played him yet, but someday.
  12. Winona - Have only seen her through the eyes of other players. Not sure how I feel about her personality yet, but her mechanics seem pretty cool! Pretty happy to also have another character who has some form of relation to Charlie other than Maxwell. Woo lore!
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