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      Physical Megapack Disc Issues   04/16/2018

      Today we released the Megapack retail eddition to store shelves on Xbox One and PS4.  YAY! Except. Something happened, and it seems the disc for the PS4 version only contains Don't Starve Together, without the original Don't Starve and DLC.  We don't know quite how this happened. We don't know exactly the extent of the issue, if it's all discs or just some; but we're talking to 505 Games to figure out exactly how this happened and what can be done to correct the issue. So just hang tight. As soon as we know more, we will let you all know.  We're very sorry for the inconvenience.   For questions or concerns, the forum discussion can be found below:   


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  1. I'm surprised no one has said it but my favorite is - Maxwell - Say pal, you don't look so good...
  2. There is an update in steamdb for DLC , I think it will be the same as the valentine event . 3 DLC (gifts) have been just added so it should be soon . here link :
  3. I think it's going to be something similar to the forge (just another faction/race) - something trying to get into the DST world (attacking the portal again) with different gameplay/mode . Side note : I like the event's the only things that I don't like is - the content is there for limited time - the enemys , the game mode and everything ... I don't like it because ... nothing get's added to the base game ..... to the survival part . I would prefer regular updates (every 3 weeks like before) , or even a DLC ... sorry for the rant .
  4. As the title says I want to suggest - add random seasonal event's = like every ingame year or every month a new seasonal event (from the ones we have at the moment) start's . Like for example you start with halloween then the next year/month it's the year of the gobler , after that year of the hound . I know it would require a lot of seasonal event's to keep it fresh and interesting but I think that with time more and more will be added to the random roster .
  5. I agree , DS/DST is the franchise that made klei famous and one of my favorite Devs . I don't think that they will ever leave it aside . It quickly became one of my favorite games . I reallly love the creepy art style , the black humor , the smart and mysterious lore and the survival aspect of it . Thou I have to say lately (especially DST) has been lacking on the creepy and survival side . But that is to be expected after all the game is really famous now . It's no longer a small game that only survival fans used to play (I started DS when ROG was in beta , and made acc in the forum specially for DST) . Many of my friends that normally don't play survival games , really liked it and are still playing with me when there is new content . I even think that if PVP and survival is extened it could be a great game for E-sports , just imaginate in few years a clan vs clan war in a survival world . But it will be better to stop dreaming and try not to wonder off topic too much .
  6. From what I have seen Dev is basicly them updating (they do it almost everyday) the game and testing , staging is for pre-patch test . So everytime there is staging , there will be a patch sooner or later (from a few minutes to 1-2 days) . There is even a description about every branch = But this is for the general game (wich includes dlcs , updates , fixes and more or less everything) . As for the listed dlcs to tell the truth I have not followed them or inspected them that closely . I just saved the general page (on history) and check it once a day . EDIT : I have to say I feel a bit down about all this digging around , begin an old gamer , I remeber times when there was not steamDB or DLCs , only expansions . And that is the reason I have kept it to myself . It kinda ruins the surprise of new content , but at the same time is a proof that the game is not dead and there is something to expect .
  7. That is the most likely case . There are even game that call events/content like that a FLC and add them to the DLCs list of the game . If it's an event I hope it will be something that will stay in the game .
  8. Hey today I checked DST steamDB (I do it everyday because I really want some new content for the game) and saw that 2 more DLCs have been listed to DST . A quick note : 1 was added some time ago and ... well nothing happened , it was just added . So don't take it as a 100 % proof of an upcoming dlc until they announce it . But I think (and hope) we will see some kind of a DLC for DST . Wich in my opinion is something the game really needs . At this point I'm just waiting for new content so I can start playing DST again . If it is a DLC I hope for some late game content and new features ... I want more challenge to the survival part of the game , and maybe some long term goal . It might even be SW or hamlet port to DST thou ... I don't think that's the case . Anyway tell me what is your opinion about all this ?! Here a screenshot of SteamDB : I'm not sure if I should post stuff like this in the official forum or on reddit .
  9. Of course there will be new characters as with every DLC until now . As for if it will come out for DST , I don't think so , the reasons I can think of are - the same reason they don't want a paid DLC for DST (because it will split the community ... I really want a DST DLC) and because DS and DST are 2 different games at this point . Many ppl want stuff from DST into DS and vice versa . Just see the DST SW topics that pop-up every month or so .
  10. I would like that but I hope it's not another silly event (like year of the gobler) ... I play DST mainly for the survival part and because of that I didn't really enjoy the gobler event .
  11. As the title says add unlockables to the game , like with adventure mode in DS - you had to complete adventure mode to get Maxwell and Wes . It will give the player a clear goal . For example begin able to unlock a character or even a skin . if you beat the Ancient Fuelweaver without useing the console (disable the unlockables if the console is used in the server) . Another suggestion I have is add a story progression , for example - you kill the Ancient Fuelweaver and put the key in the portal = the portal works non-stop and new monsters and resources start to appear in the world (cave/surface) even transform some biomes to others , this will give a clear goal to the player and will filter out the new/inexperienced players because they won't be able to kill the Ancient Fuelweaver . After having said that I have to make it clear that I don't know if it is even possible for DST engine to do this ... but it's a good idea on how to add new content and give the player a goal while keeping the sandbox feel to it .
  12. My only hope is for winter skins for the other characters too , because I mainly play Wigfrid and Maxwell (sometimes Wilson too) . And because of that I'm not sure should I weave a skin for Wilson now or wait for the others .
  13. Lol just lol so much content for both game I don't even know what to say ... I'm really excited about both news for DST and DS . I will surely get the DLC for DS also time to get back into SW . I just have one question ... If there are not going to be DLC for DST will there be big updates like new biomes for the normal world (content that is not an event but here to stay/game changer) ???
  14. I really hope we get some official information/news soon ... I'm really (pardon the bad pun) starving for it .
  15. Can't wait to see what we get at the end of the road (for ANR) . It's too early for lore guesses but if I have to guess I think the shadows will come back (like they have into the ruins civilization) in a mass number and we will see many shadows,shadow currputed monsters and plants when they do . And maybe just maybe Charle will be thrown out of the throne and leave only the shadow version of her there ... (unlikely) . This way we will get the more hard basic survival for veteran players and a new playable charapter . As for the update itself it looks really cool but I will wait for all of it to be finished(added) before I play it .