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  1. I think this can be done and my idea is - after a major event - killing FW. you get the camera to shake and have a few secound (10-60 secs) warning then refit the world with the new stuff and new mechanics and events. Basicly a refit of the world with a trigger, If we want to take things even more far play a video while the world is begin refited for example the moon falling trailer. Like you kill the FW camera shakes world refits you go out of the caves (there is a tremor non-stop) and notice there are meteors falling + ghosts + werepigs everywhere and it's aways a full moon (you need to survive few days), then a big boom with tsunami and a big flash + earth quake. It would be awesome. But if this is to be done I think they will do it for new events not for events that have already passed...
  2. Another Ideas I just had - 1.Alternative to hounds - everytime hounds attacks gets repetative and easy to deal with, but if there are 2-3 types of enemys that can attack you on the hounds timer. It will make things more interesting. Maybe flying gaint birds that can fly over your traps and walls (in low number). 2. random meteor drops (like the normal meteors but at random) - also if there are 2+ play structures (base) it can't drop on that location. As for the biome that requires co-op - well new players won't have to go in there, it's like the optional bosses but for co-op and a whole biomes. That begin said yes I do want co-op to be forced and new monsters to be harder because of it. The best solution for it is - to be good to those tha want survival and the new players is - a switch that after begin turned ON transforms the game into a harsher version of it(with new monsters,plants,bosses,features and mechanics - basicly a dlc level content addition).Something that will make you need to go into that biome in order to survive and make the basic survival harsher. There is another problem with this - new players will miss out on new content this way, but with the risk of sounding rude - this is progression you get good at the game and you will see the new content. It's like the bosses if you want that sweet loot you need to beat them. sidenote : Damn I like almost all of the ideas here it feels like i'm giving free likes to everyone ... but I just like the ideas
  3. Something more to add but I think it can't be done. I just think those are cool ideas . 1.Rivers - make some(not all) of the small sea that is between biomes into rivers. 2. An inland sea biome that is different than the sea - for example a massive gaiser that spits out water and that water goes into the river the the rivers into the sea. Or something else. extra - because gaiser water is hot make the water boiling in summer , rivers freez in winter Yea Hamlet has many many good features, the housing , the characters , the shops , the pig civilization system , the seasons are really good.
  4. After reading the roadmap 2020 (specially the end) I decided to make this topic. Let's make a Clear and to the point list of features/feedback/requests we would like to see in DST. I want -
  5. Well there is no need to make everything for 2+ players! The problem is that nothing is for 2+ players when it comes to survival (you can survive alone as long as you want)... Before I forget ! This is a survival game ... or was an "uncompromising survival"(maybe this is true for DS but not for DST) game... As you said forcing co-op is not good well yea but for a survival game it would be cool to force co-op to survive... but then again this is no longer a survival game... (solo players can aways play DS) like if you want to make it past 2 years or see the end game learn to play and to co-op ,if you don't well keep playing in the biomes you know are safe. For now there is nothing that require you to go and fight as a team(in a multiplayer game). I get what you mean - think about new/solo players... It might be selfish but for solo players there is DS (solo game) for new players well live and learn ! That is the beauty of an survival game. I don't want to force hard content on ppl that want just to chillout in DST. But I want hard content for veteran players, for example after you do xxxxxxx (active the Ancient Gateway or something else) ,that means you need to overcome something for it = you need to be a veteran player , to get that hard to survive content. If ppl want that content well they better get good at the game. It's a simple skill/level progression. If I can be blunt and this might sound rude (thou I don't want it to)! It's like an MMO where all monster are level 1-10 and all veteran players are level 30 and don't have what to do(because all monsters are 10 level max) while the new/chill players are OK with those 10 level monsters... I'm waiting for that new and hard to survive content, and this topic made me realize it's been 4 years waiting for it... Sidenote: Sorry about my rant... I'm just salty and I know it... As a longtime DS player that is here for the survival... it just feels like this game is no longer for me... I wanna play multiplayer DS with my friends(look at hamlet/shipwrecked kind of difficulty). I used to joke that this is the Dark souls of survival games... maybe but only for DS... not for DST...
  6. I think at the moment they are on the mind set - "If it isn't broken don't fix it" when it comes to base gameplay... To tell the truth I don't want an reinventing of the game I want improvements, It's now a multiplayer game, and with this the base survival should be changed to be an actual survival. It did work in DS because you are alone but when you are 1+ ppl , it feels lacking... For a time I liked where they were going , examples - ewecus (you need to be 2 ppl to beat it) , alternative resources and stone trees... But since that all(mostly) content has been optional... I have been on the lunar island only twice ... I just don't have a reason to go there same goes for the sea (thou I have been there more often). The game just needs more it needs improvements to make it into a real multiplayer survival game, the old DS forumla is good but I think it needs improvemnt for DST. (I can give many example but let's not make this an wall of text). Lastly ... I have the feeling the game is now mainly focused on optional and cosmetics, to make this game more casual... That is not bad... The bad part is when the survival part is left behind. And I loved this game because of survival.
  7. Completly agree with you... I have been ranting/lamenting about this almost every post I do... Mainly because I really like this game but at this point........ When I know wich day winter comes (and winter comes exactly at that day everytime) and other things like that... Most of the additions are optional or just you don't have a reason to go there ... also no new gameplay changing features. What I mean by this is - Ok now there is a sea but do you need to go there to survive ? NOP ! Do you get better gear there ? NOP ! Any new feature like wind/floods/volcano that affect you on the main island ? NOP ! Event before that The new shadow creatures/mini-bosses from the statues, they are optional too. The biggest change is "new" alternative ways to get berries,sticks,grass + the stone trees + the rare and easy to deal with diseasse... Thou then again nothing new there ... This is just the biggest change (and my favorite for now) to the gameplay And I don't even want to start on the new Characters that have perks that make the base gameplaye even more easy without anything to counter balance it. Like they make the game easier but don't add anything to make it harder... At this point I'm just lurking around the forum waiting for news (with hope for a BIG DLC SIZE announcement (I'm willing to pay for it)) So I can get back into the game... I haven't played (long session) since ANR. because the new updates are just ... Well I start a new world see what is new and quit ... Then back to lurking... Lastly and most importantly DS was one of my favorite games because of the survival and I didn't know what will happen to me. But now that I know everything (frog rains,winter,deerclops,hounds) everything that can happen to me randomly(or not). There is nothing new that can happen I can build a base and just live as long as I want and all new content will just be around that base nothing new happening to me / attacking me . So no matter how much content gets added I can just survive in the same old base without the need for adaptation or change to survive the new stuff or anything ... This has killed this game for me ... And the new optional content despite it begin good is not enough for me to start playing again - Mainly because I'm here for the survival part !
  8. What I want is not exactly for the roadmap but for the game, new features/mechanics, that will affect the base survival too... not just some far off content with no reason to go there... So for the next roadmap I hope they announce the next update with more impactful to the survival additions or Reworks of some old mechanics/features.
  9. Still haven't played the new update but what the point of the scale (except begin an aquarium) do fishes that weigh more give more meat ? Or is it just a competition/bragging who will catch the biggest fish ? Do you need bigger fish to catch/build something.
  10. Hey, this is going to be a bit offtopic (I know Klei can't really help me with twitch). But I need to ask if anybody else here had the same problem. I tried to login my twitch acc, It wants me to reset my password, OK no problem so far, I do what I need and .... the password reset email is never send to me... So... Twich has forced me to reset my password but won't send me the email to reset my password... I can't login until I reset my password .... It's been 2 days now waiting for that email. EDIT:Is there a work around? or can I get the reward from other streaming platform... As twitch has been getting worse and worse...
  11. Btw there is a new listed DLC (this is used to buy skin chests or for betas) named : "test_kaj description: Branch for Kaj" . It's probably testing for the update(beta) on September 12th . Sooo not really important. But interesting , what is Kaj , maybe an injoke. Here is a link to steamDB: Side note: I have the bad habit of checking my favorite games on steamdb, almost weekly...
  12. When I saw this I got the feel: this is epic holding the game but then steam appears and the game smiles .
  13. This will sound negative but I feel like I have to say it ... But before that let me explain my expectations (before seeing this new trailer) - I expected a steam game, that is like darkest dungeon but with more story/talk. After seeing the trailer, here comes the negative part... 1.I don't like epic and I won't support it! 2.Card games are not for me... (as said before)I expected something like DD but with more maps more freedom and dialog. After saying this - I mIght try the game on steam if it has a free weekend or something but this is a pass for me. Thou I still hope ppl enjoy it (preferably on steam) (offtopic rant feel free to skip)
  14. Small lines near the land. I think that the snow makes the space between the sea tiles white. (not sure if this is only for swamp biome thou it might be everywhere.) See the picture in full size and zoom on the sea.
  15. Not sure if I should post this here or a special bug tracker for the beta. I found a BUG in beta- 1.While you are steering the boat(with a sail) and build a firepit, your character goes to build it but then goes back to the wheel and get's stuck into "building"/"placing" animation . You need to stop the server and log in again to fix it. This one has happened only once(I was with WIgfrid). I tryed to reproduce it but, bug 2 happens. 2.Also your character get's stuck in "running" animation if you build something but can't reach it, But this is easier to fix when you click "stop steering" or just set headway it get's unstuck.