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  1. Free content is good but you have to see the bad side of it too ... Because it's free you won't get the same ammo of content as you would in a DLC . So I'm ok with getting free content but I want DLC too because I fear that we won't get new biomes and new features (think RoG) , that will be here to stay and make our survival world better and bigger . As for the way to make it I think it should be done like - only the one that buys it can host a DLC content server . But everyone no matter if you own the DLC or not can join it . This way no separation of the community . Because only 1 needs to host and 5 (or more I hope) can join free for free . For example I only play with my friends and 95% of the time I'm the host so ... Only I buy it and host so no matter if they own it or not they can join . As for the price ... I don't mind it , the base game itself is fairly cheap and I won't mind to give 4-8 $ for a RoG level content (new features , new characters , new biomes , and so on ...) RoG was so good that if you play without it you will almost feel like playing a different game .
  2. Halloween skins enabled for a limited time only like they were last year . I would also love a creepy collection of skins for every character Example (pic taken from DS wiki) :
  3. To tell the truth I'm on the other side of this I would like all parts of the game to require 2+ players in order to survive . At the moment if you don't go to do the OPTIONAL bosses you can survive alone for ages ... and that is not DSTogether if you ask me , it's just DS with new content . But I can see a lot of players (specially those that are not coming from DS) having problems with this so ... I don't mind . To put it simply I like the new direction Klei is heading with DST but I would prefer for it to be here to stay content and something like = surface - easy and normal caves/ruins - normal/hard sooo next is a palce/world/or even a biome or 2 that needs co-op 2+ players to survive . This is exactly what I want but ... it will be an event (time limited) I hope we can enable it in worldgen like with the other events . This way there is a palce for everyone at different difficulty .
  4. The only kids in DS/DST are Webber and Wendy , Wilson looks around 20-30 years old , while Winona around 25-30 years old so ... I don't think that is the case . And if it was they would recognize earch other . Not to mention that Charlie is pretty young maybe even younger than Wilson (yea Winona is the older sister I know but the difference in age can't be that big) But I have a theory of my own about Winona - She entered the DS world by her own will (or at least she knew what she was doing) . When you examinate the portal as Winona she says - ''That was a one-way ticket.'' . Meaning she knew what she was getting into before coming here . While all the others were "tricked" by presumably Maxwell to come into this world . And the fact that she is "sane" compared to the others . TLDR : If I have to guess she is here by her own will to help/free Charlie maybe Maxwell too thou he is to blame for all this .
  5. It might be stupid but it's the best way to not devide DS and DST into 2 community . Also you know the official server has a player limit so ... Not everyone will be able to join , and I don't think everyone will want to leech of it . I play both games but I have joined the forum specially for DST . And I wanna play SW with my friends too , now with hamlet even before it's out I know that I will like it and because of that I will want to paly it with my friends . But in the end I don't know nor do you , what is best or is not , Klei are the ones that know , that's why it was only an suggestion .
  6. If I have to give a suggestion on how to do DLC for DST - There are 2 ways to make it 1.Only the host need to have the DLC to create the world (and all can join to it) but this will cut the profit by a lot , example = I play with my friends , well only I will buy it and they will just join my server . 2. Connect DS to DST (by steam acc info) and add a toggle ON/OFF on DST DLC = If you have SW in DS = You can now make/add SW world in your DST game . Same could be done for hamlet . Now the biggest problem here is that , from what I know , DS and DST have a bit of a different engine versions so just porting over the content won't be that easy . As for balance well as a person who is here for the challengle I would not mind even if they don't touch the balance one bit , and just port it to dst . Another problem is that if you want SW/hamlet . You will need to own DS and DS DLCs so you can play them in DST . A side note : I get the frustration ppl are having(me begin one of them) that hamlet is for DS . Mainly because now I'm really used to paly this game with friends , to share the expirience with other ppl . And I really wanna do it with SW too = survive the foolds together and the meteor shower too . Not to mention that SW is meant to be harder than basic DS(+RoG) so i would really love playing it with friends . So with this news the same will happen to hamlet ... I will want to share the adventure with my friends , to survive it together . But I can understand why they do it ... Just a bit worried about DST content now ...
  7. I don't have a problem with DLCs for DST but also I don't mind no DLC for DST my only worry is - if there are no DLCs for DST does that mean no big content at once ... I mean ok events that's really nice but events are not here to stay ... and I want new biomes for DST , content that will change the normal world and is here to stay . As for why the hamlet is not for DST , if I have to guess they can't add 2-3 more worlds to DST that will be running at once (like caves and normal world) ... I think they can add it but the old PCs won't support many worlds at once . Just for the hamlet they will need like 2 more worlds for SW one more (+ volcano 2) . That makes 6 worlds running at once , I think my PC will be able to support it , so I would not mind it but at the same time I can see many old PC not begin able to .
  8. Lol just lol so much content for both game I don't even know what to say ... I'm really excited about both news for DST and DS . I will surely get the DLC for DS also time to get back into SW . I just have one question ... If there are not going to be DLC for DST will there be big updates like new biomes for the normal world (content that is not an event but here to stay/game changer) ???
  9. I hope she will be some kind of tank like = -25 % dmg taken or +25% hp for all items she wears . Because for now WX is kinda the best tank (a lot of hp) . True in DS/DST is better to dodge attacks but I like tanks . But oh well it's 12 we will know for sure tommorw .
  10. Meet Winona!

    This is what I see in the portal - But then again this might just be an old version of Winona . As for the first born well she is the older sister = born before charlie = first child .
  11. Meet Winona!

    I don't want to get ppl hopes up (and my hopes) but ... I don't think it will be only her . I mean with the long radio silence we had , this could be a good way to start up with new content/puzzel/annoncment/lore or whatever . It just seems unlikely that they will be like - here a new character ....... aaand now back to radio silence . To repeat something from a post I did early - I especially like the "there may be more to her arrival than it appears" part ! Just be cautious not to get your hype too high after all we don't know anything for sure . It's just my guess .
  12. Try to survive ruins only for a year . That's what I did as my last challenge ... Nowadays I don't play DS/DST too often because I have done almost everything there is to do in the game ... Add to that , that I love this game because it was hard to survive and I only play with a premade of friends that are also here for the challenge ... Yeaaaa I can't wait for the next DLC with hope for content that is aimed toward the veteran players . As for the mods ... I don't know they just feel out of place ... I prefer vanilla with some rules like = never use ice to cook (meatballs exploit) . This way winter is more fun because the struggle for food becomes real (when you set winter to very long) . And you actually have to roam for food . But yea I agree with The Curator ... There are a lot of ppl that like to make super bases or play just for fun , not for the actual challenge ... And the last content (ANR) was mostly optional bosses + some pets or stuff to make your survival easier ... That doesn't mean it was bad content but ... I miss the actual survival part - If you don't go to the boss , the boss will come to you ... you must beat it to survive or let it destroy your camp and run away .
  13. Meet Winona!

    I have to say I really like how she looks and her personality - I have read most of her lines (I still keep the old file with her speech) . Her quirk is most likely that she things about everything like an engineer/inventor . Thou I have to say from her lines she sound normal (not crazy like the others) , just a bit too much into her profession (if I have to guess a factory worker) . Which is a bit strange . But whatever I'm going to play her or not it depends on her playstyle - pros/cons . PS : I think that some of the lines will be changed because the file is too old at this point and was still WIP at the time of the leak (because it was a leak) .
  14. Meet Winona!

    Nice !!! I especially like the "there may be more to her arrival than it appears" part ! Hmmmmm do I smell a puzzel that will reveal the next DLC ... Well I don't want to get my hopes too high for now , but this sound like it might be the start of something . Edit : I'm also very excited to know her perks and weaknesses
  15. Frog Rain

    This is how I deal with the frog rain = When it starts me and everybody else starts to run as far from the base as we can because the frogs are falling only around the players ... So when the rain stops we go back in the base make a few trap and catch all frogs around the base without dealing with the majority (that are far from the base) .