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  1. This is interesting, I think he is from another world and came to the constant(DST world). Now it will be interesting to see the short animation,we might visit his world at some point (maybe even April dunno). If they show his world that is... Never the less this is really interesting. I will surely get him. Side note:I hope he is not the "healer" I would like something more "focused on healing" for a healer.
  2. Personally I like the roadmaps, even if they can't hit the dates. Because the roadmaps show progress ,they show that the game is alive and will have content ! To tell the turth I stoped playing DST (and DS) for a long time and coming back only for events (and the event got boring in 2-3 weeks). That had me lose interest in a favorite game. !I'm here for the survival not the arena or the cooking show! But after seeing the roadmap for DST my hope is back, my hype is back and I'm back in the forum. Now I'm really happy about the upcoming updates. Once again I feel hyped about DST. And intrigued in what new ways poor Wilson can die xD. Really glad that they decided to update DST again (I mean with permanent content). And I hope there will be even more big content drops after the April one. Lastly I hope for late late game content (100/200/300+ days). But for that let's wait and see what will come with April.
  3. Hey some of them might have been already said. 1.Make a hurt animation - This way other players will know you have low hp. 2.I have said it before (I think) make something of a passtime for the camp - what comes to mind first(from the files) is a gramophone , or a foodball , or something like that . something to be fun and to be played between the players . 3.Chairs/thrones/tables - something for the base to feel more lively more like a home, something to be used by the players to be shared. 4.I might have said this one before too , bring some of the features from hamlet or SW , the flooding for me is a must as that was really fun and challenging to survive in SW. (thou i undearstand you can't bring features from a paid dlc because that will make the paid dlc less) 5.More decor,maybe a trophy rack- like if you have killed the deerclops you can use the eye to make a trophy item to put on that rack. (decor for the camp)
  4. For me ... I haven't played hamlet since the first build. I'm letting content pile up before I play it. And keep a watchful eye on the forum for news. A bit off topic but for now my hype is in DST.
  5. I think they will post something about it after the stream. Worst case next week stream.
  6. Can't wait to see his pros and cons . Thou the thing I'm waiting most is april , the content drop in april. Back to the point I think I will waeve him , even if I don't like his pros/cons. Just because I want to have all characters. But I think I might like it , I mean a red demon what is not to like. Thou what is more interesting is the lore behind it ?!?!? Will this be a person in demon costume, a real demon, a shadow figure or a guest from another world ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Thats what interests me the most .
  7. Wait someone else got pulled in before her ? I wounder if we will see him too. A new portal to the DS! I wonder did that person got tricked into making it and activating the portal (like our Wilson) or did they make it on their own. We won't know. (atleast until we see the story of the person pulled in before her). Sadly I don't have time to check for puzzels and details but when I'm back I will watch it again - frame by frame .
  8. Pick flowers and make the flower hat, it's not the fastest but maybe the easiest. Each flower picked restores your sanity by 5 if I remember correctly.
  9. After reading all the pages. I have a question- Are the new biomes going to be integrated with the old ones (like RoG biomes) or a new world - like caves (SW world Hamelt world). Personally I would prefer it to be integrated.
  10. Thank you. Thank you very much this will bring me back to the game for sure! All the news have been great but for me THIS and the Character Refreshes are the best ones. Thank you for the news . I guess it's time to visit the forum(for new)every day again :D. Can't wait to die in new and unexpected ways again. The best part of new content is - to learn how to survive it. This is great news.
  11. Long term content/goals , some ideas from TtA (mainly the alternative seasons) ,some games and camp items (gramophone for in camp music,maybe a football ball if they can) , more basic features to the game like - wind,floods,lava,houseing (for example from the other DS games, just more features and mechanics). Before I forget also rework on some old content like - Characters to be more ... DSTish (a bit more on player-player interactions) , New non-optional bosses. Add roof from SW (but for more ppl), update cooking use the gorge - the ice/meatballs exploit is really annoying me and my friends made a rule when we paly "no ice for cooking" because of it , more healing items/weapons so there can be a healer/medic in the team (think TF2 medic) . And most than all I want a new special multiplayer biome !!! (I will bring TtA again) Like the idea of Ewecus it can only be defeated by 2 players ,you can't beat it solo. I want a biome (or biomes) that you must explore as a team, where if you go alone you are dead 100 %. Some dream features - clans/guilds for multipalyer , clan vs clan , base vs base/camp vs camp in 1 big world with a bridge between them , team deathmatch for multiplayer , world vs world PVP (with a portal that spawns you at random location in the enemy world) , some type of buildings multiplayer camps and stuff to do in them with the other players , late game invasion (something that changes the world for example after 200 days : ???? enemys and resources start to spawn in the world. That are harder to beat and you need to survive/outlast the invasion or stop it in some way . More multiplayer SPECIAl content. That's the main thing the game lacks at the moment . Small rant feel free to skip.
  12. I started a new game, at day 3 I entered the foral arrangement(foral shop) and the game crashed(note this is the first shop I entered). When I loaded my save again, entered the same shop it didn't crash. Additional info that I'm not sure will help: I stole food from a pig farm near the city. I noticed a drone nest (and drone npcs spawned in the water(drone jesus)) spawned near the water biome and they can't exit it.
  13. My only hope is for winter skins for the other characters too , because I mainly play Wigfrid and Maxwell (sometimes Wilson too) . And because of that I'm not sure should I weave a skin for Wilson now or wait for the others .
  14. Lol just lol so much content for both game I don't even know what to say ... I'm really excited about both news for DST and DS . I will surely get the DLC for DS also time to get back into SW . I just have one question ... If there are not going to be DLC for DST will there be big updates like new biomes for the normal world (content that is not an event but here to stay/game changer) ???
  15. I really hope we get some official information/news soon ... I'm really (pardon the bad pun) starving for it .