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  1. My first reaction at the Trailer: Oh wow, damn,I'm going in specially to check this out. (sidenote)- Now this is the kind of content i want. Second reaction:Must... stop myself... don't datamine it... just see it ingame .
  2. I get what you are saying, and this is for me i can't talk about what others think, Im here for the survival I admit it, the game can be made harder but also let the early steps stay the same - add the hardcore stuff like 2 years in the game (survival time not server time). As a player that played DS (even before RoG) that played all of DS. This... this learning curve is far far far gone for me...I want the learning curve to continue with the endgame not just end and stay at that end (like it has for years now). so ppl(me) that have done it all don't get anything new to do,to survive in my case. Don't you think that for all those years DST has been out, many players passed this learing curve by now? Maybe add a mode that is for the hardcore palyers and keep the normal like it is now, this way both new and veteran players will be happy. I dunno if it's even possible thou. If this is still a survival game I want the survival part if not well then just make it clear that now it's a cosmetic social game with survival parts in it... (no disrespect to the skins, I like them too but that is not the reason i play (played now i don't play) DST) But anyway there is hope the next update could make me eat my words (hopefully ) But I will stop here before I derail this topic even more from it's title. Back to lurking and watching what next updates bring.
  3. ANR it's was a good update but too little (for me) Resource Variants is good but changes almost nothing, Diseases ok but I aways catch it in time = only 1 plant suffers from it. beefalo mounts, cool but something you can do without, stone trees was cool too but nothing major. Oh and ANR was like - 2016 or was it 2017. I think (personal opinion) they should have keep adding stuff like this small thing that change the game or keep adding stuff to ANR features. ANR was the best update so far for me, Thou still too little to affect my survival. Again I want to point it out it was 2016 or 2017 not sure = 4-3 years ago. Now about RoT, cool we got a sea it changes much no ?! Well... NOP... you can stay on land all the game without building a boat and nothing will change. There is no volcano (like in SW) to make you go there and deal with it, no floods to be wary if you build the base too close to the sea , nothing of that sort so overall for me it changes nothing. Unless you count building boats to use as short cuts between land masses or go there when you are bored. So yea this update was once again good but it didn't have anything to do with survival. Now what i want is the (yes I will bring that up again) TtA (that gotreworked into ANR I know). - Major changes like alternative seasons (I might be wrong here it was too long ago 2015 I belive). or the ewecus that was a mob that you need to beat in 2 (2 players or 1 palyer + pig), also the poor slipster . I want content like that, content that forces you to play multiplayer, that forces you to go and do it as a team, if you don't do it as a team you can't beat it.Here ppl will say - think about the solo players, yea but this is DS-Together for a reason... and there is DS... Ppl can say the same to me if you want to play SW/hamlet go play DS. I do play that but I want to play it with friends... I want an expansion level content - like ROG was for DS or SW was for DS or even hamlet, Something that adds new features and mechanics to the survival. The last content like that (for me) was ANR (2016).then again those features didn't affect my survival really that much. Oh before I forget, I don't want new world ((like caves)thou that will be good too) like in SW/hamlet. I prefer RoG - new biomes to the already existing world, RoT kinda did that but as said they don't affect the base survival... Lastly with the characters becoming more and more powerful(wich I welcome) I exptected something added to the survival to balance it out, but nop the game is becoming more and more easy... (atleast for me).
  4. Well if it's not developed by Klei, I don't care about this new content it can have it's own stuff, I won't consider it a part of DS/DST thou. Nothing to be mad about . But I still think that DST needs a bit update...
  5. I will be honest, some ppl won't agree with me but it's how I feel about it. When I saw DST mobile I tryed to forget it as fast as I saw it (don't you have phones? diablo ) , I don't hate it but ... 5 minutes later - after looking at this site https://www.dontstarvenewhome.com/ Now that I saw it new creatures ?! new buildings ?! new maps ?! All the new stuff ... Now, now I hate it... DST needs this level of content drop but ... a mobile game got it ... great. (I get it mobile is a big market, but... I don't know it feels like markets/skins and stuff like this didn't matter before) Rant ahead be warned. Now, now I just lurk around the forum waiting for the day some major content is added so I can start a new game, And waiting for more content to pile up before I do. EDIT: Is this made by the DS/DST team or outsourced to tencent? (I won't play it both ways, just need to know, if I need to feel bad about this content not getting into DST (if it's outsourced i don't care about it, it's better if it stays out of DST.))
  6. I have aways been wanting for the game to be more difficult .I think the game is too easy compared to DS (if you are a veteran that is) and the difficulty is what I liked about this game . Now what I think about the difficulty - They focus too much on optional stuff and that is OK, what I don't like is this - the survival part of this game is left behind, I can go so far to say that it was thrown out of the window... Overall I played DS/DST for the survival part, now ... now I don't play DST anymore, I log in from time to time to check the updates but ... No new features, nothing big, also nothing that changes my survival tactic at all. I can stay in my camp for the last 4-7-10 (or more) updates and nothing new will come to threaten my survival... The world will change, new stuff are added but nothing to make my survival harder ! Most stuff that they add are optional and I'm here for the survival - do or die. Also the randomness of this game is ... same old same old... and even less. TLDR:If you play it for the survival is too easy, but if you go out searching for your death and not trying to survive this world it's OK
  7. Still haven't played the new update but what the point of the scale (except begin an aquarium) do fishes that weigh more give more meat ? Or is it just a competition/bragging who will catch the biggest fish ? Do you need bigger fish to catch/build something.
  8. Btw there is a new listed DLC (this is used to buy skin chests or for betas) named : "test_kaj description: Branch for Kaj" . It's probably testing for the update(beta) on September 12th . Sooo not really important. But interesting , what is Kaj , maybe an injoke. Here is a link to steamDB: Side note: I have the bad habit of checking my favorite games on steamdb, almost weekly...
  9. Small lines near the land. I think that the snow makes the space between the sea tiles white. (not sure if this is only for swamp biome thou it might be everywhere.) See the picture in full size and zoom on the sea.
  10. Not sure if I should post this here or a special bug tracker for the beta. I found a BUG in beta- 1.While you are steering the boat(with a sail) and build a firepit, your character goes to build it but then goes back to the wheel and get's stuck into "building"/"placing" animation . You need to stop the server and log in again to fix it. This one has happened only once(I was with WIgfrid). I tryed to reproduce it but, bug 2 happens. 2.Also your character get's stuck in "running" animation if you build something but can't reach it, But this is easier to fix when you click "stop steering" or just set headway it get's unstuck.
  11. As H.P. Lovecraft fan I can't keep from seeing more than I should into this: "Our Survivors will be forced to contend with terrifying monstrosities beyond their comprehension, and yet, there may be a silver lining: their minds and horizons will be expanded under the sublime light of an ancient moon. " Some eldritch abomination ?! Crazy lore rant below:
  12. I found 3 idol parts but not sure what to do with them ! SPOILERS Maybe I need to transport them to moonbase and use them there ... ?!
  13. I think the Roc is like the "Old bell" creature from RoG - 1 massive 1 leg bird/creature
  14. I started a new game, at day 3 I entered the foral arrangement(foral shop) and the game crashed(note this is the first shop I entered). When I loaded my save again, entered the same shop it didn't crash. Additional info that I'm not sure will help: I stole food from a pig farm near the city. I noticed a drone nest (and drone npcs spawned in the water(drone jesus)) spawned near the water biome and they can't exit it.
  15. My only hope is for winter skins for the other characters too , because I mainly play Wigfrid and Maxwell (sometimes Wilson too) . And because of that I'm not sure should I weave a skin for Wilson now or wait for the others .