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  1. Maxwell - He would think that this will do good like - if he gets power he can save the others. But in the end everything will be the same. I think he is most likely to betray them in order to save them... The anti-hero stick (also my favorite type of hero and the reason Maxwell is my favorite).
  2. I imaginate Charlie saying this as a welcome to all new characters in DST (while pointing to the moon).
  3. Small lines near the land. I think that the snow makes the space between the sea tiles white. (not sure if this is only for swamp biome thou it might be everywhere.) See the picture in full size and zoom on the sea.
  4. Voted 9 - I like all of it (finally the sea will be used and not just a waste of space)! it's not a 10 because I expected/wanted a new biome on the main land (old land) too. But it's all good I like the boat the moon on earth and everything.
  5. I wanted to wait for the new content to post this so here it goes.Before I start -I know this is just the start of the new content and many things will be added(maybe some of the things below are already planned dunno), the multiplayer boat is a really nice start and it's something that I wanted!!!!! I'd like to see an elite version of it too, maybe bigger boat. 1.Firstly I want the sanity/insanity to be expanded! I saw many topics on this, many of them suggested pretty good ideas. Even a small extension - like a new 0-10 sanity shadow will be enough. Thou I'd like to have more effects(think the eyes/watcher) and more stuff (like the shadow hand that grabs your fire) little things like that can do much, also add something special for multiplayer! Maybe if you die when you are insane a shadow version of yourself spawns. Or just enable PVP when you are insane - like insane players can hit other players by a mistake, and the player needs to stop the character. 2.Cooking... We had a cooking event... I really want this reworked and extended... Use Warly update to rework and expand this please, add more recipes! And please remove ice from the meatballs recipe! Every game I play with my friends we have this rule - no ice for cooking. Because ice just makes winter so much trivial and easy to survive. Without this you have to gather food every autumn to survive winter, and this plays really good with bearger! 2.1 farming ! it needs very little, just new stuff. Wormwood update could be a good chanse to add this. 3.Many items needs to be remade for this new game! As it is many of the items are just useless... Or they just cost more than they are worth... why because the new stuff fully outshine the old ones! The old ones while most of them are good there are like 10-20 % of the items that needs to be tweaked/reworked. Things I want to be added. 1.Things I want to be added - something to do in camp while waiting. - A football,gramophone,seat/throne, some that players can interact with ! And game to play incamp. 2.I want more mechanics. Especially the flood form SW! Maybe the wind too just make it a bit more interesting. Maybe the pockets from hamlet thou I'm not sure if it can be done in multiplayer. Aporkalypse was nice too, but make it like once every 2-3 years. Thou this is problematic because it robs DS DLCs from it's unique mechanics. 3.More randomness!!! This one is really a must for me ... at the moment every season starts and ends on a set day. I want there to be 1-4 days difference (for it to start or end early/late) Do you agree with what I have said? Add what do you think needs to be reworked/extended and added? I think this update is our big chanse for old mechanics to be updated. Because I fear when this is done... we are back to events... (I know the new content just started).
  6. This is a far more possible theory than mine. It still explains everything and it's more reasonable. With less faults (next to none).
  7. Not sure if I should post this here or a special bug tracker for the beta. I found a BUG in beta- 1.While you are steering the boat(with a sail) and build a firepit, your character goes to build it but then goes back to the wheel and get's stuck into "building"/"placing" animation . You need to stop the server and log in again to fix it. This one has happened only once(I was with WIgfrid). I tryed to reproduce it but, bug 2 happens. 2.Also your character get's stuck in "running" animation if you build something but can't reach it, But this is easier to fix when you click "stop steering" or just set headway it get's unstuck.
  8. I will edit the pic I posted in the "spoilers" to be more clear on what I'm trying to say. Give me few minutes. Also my english is not very good...
  9. Originally I wrote this in a comment, but now I have though abit about it and i want to discuss it. Thou it's far fetch theroy (crazy). I think we are inside a sphare or a cylinder and the world is on it's walls. This could explain why the moon is on the ground, "moon" rocks are falling from it(up) to the bottom (normal world) while we can sail up (to the moon island). I noticed that during full moon the fisures start to glow stronger (and that is how the world below becomes illuminated by the moon). The moon rocks are parts falling from above, maybe even the puddles - hot spring - As I noticed that some of them go up and the water freezes (meteors = it could be the liquid falling to the ground)Or something else not really sure about this one... Also the background art is in circle (the sea is in circle). And the moon has been... magical (the moonrocks) at full moon there are ghost,gloomer,werepigs,everything mutates, so hounds that go there + pengulls also mutate! The biggest fault of this theory is the sun ... how is there a sun if this is true ! Do you think there is a hint of possability about this theory. Or is it just crazy talk. If you find more stuff about it or I'm just wrong about something feel free to write and discuss. Crappy drawing pic to illustrate what I mean...
  10. For the cinematic probably when its out of beta (with a puzzle hopefully).
  11. As H.P. Lovecraft fan I can't keep from seeing more than I should into this: "Our Survivors will be forced to contend with terrifying monstrosities beyond their comprehension, and yet, there may be a silver lining: their minds and horizons will be expanded under the sublime light of an ancient moon. " Some eldritch abomination ?! Crazy lore rant below:
  12. I found 3 idol parts but not sure what to do with them ! SPOILERS Maybe I need to transport them to moonbase and use them there ... ?!
  13. I agree, and I have been saying it many times (perhaps too many times). The difficulty kept me playing and made me come back for more, as I want to overcome the challenge, to survive it! But now when most of the new content is optional you can survival without doing it. I would suggest for them to add stuff like - when you active the portal in the caves, everything changes , an invasion or something or after XXX day. This way ppl will have a reason to go there and do it. To put it blunt if you want the new content you must survive to see it. And if you manage to do it that means you will be able to survive whatever the game throws at you next. But I'd suggest we talk about this after the new content update (mid May).
  14. I didn't say all of it is player friendly and certainly not family friendly, but it's more than before. I don't know exactly how to explain it but I think something is missing. Maybe it's just because I'm used to DS/DST. But still I have the feeling that the creepy factor is somehow gone from some stuff. As for Wortox I understood wrongly, I will edit that part in the start.
  15. Hello I have been playing DS/DST from a long long time (I started when RoG was in beta). And made an acc in this forum specially for DST. Having said that I want to talk about the lore... or to be more specific about the tone of the lore. DS (base DS,you could include RoG too) had a more dark tone, a everything was cute but at the same dark, and the undertone of it away's creeped me. Examples- 1.The intro trailer Wilson was tricked to enter the DST world, he used his own blood and other stuff to build the portal. The use of blood says enough to me. That this is something dark/forbidden. 2.Maxwell examination. For example the tall bird- a fail experiment he just released... 3.The many dead Wilson (that we don't have confirmation or any info about this) that I think is the same Wilson but he just revives and repeats and learns from his mistakes, I made a topic about it a few years ago. I will put a longer explanation in spoilers(with all story and how I think it goes) ... it will be long. !!!ALL STORY IN SOPILER I might have missed some stuff!!! 4. The creatures/bosses they are a mix from 2 or many creatures into 1 (or extinct creatures). They might look cute, but if you think about it it's kinda creepy. 5. How some creatures - Pigs/bunnies/merms Have names - They are actual living stuff, like humans, hell they might have been humans. And we eat them, Kill them, Farm them. Not to mention the Pig skin. 6.The characters all of them have somekind of a tragic backstory,or something that is close to a psychological diseases. Talking with objects,loving fire too much, begin obssesed with vikings (and thinking you are one), depression. 7.Cannibalism - spiders eat their owns (after they are dead), Tallbirds eats/fight they small ones, Catcoons kill and eat earch others. I really love this dark undertone Now (SW,hamlet,the events, Even the season event's thou I like those)- They are a bit more tame... player friendly, not that many dark stuff, many creatures look ....they look more friendly ... not everything is dark and grim. Even Winona is a bit... tame. EDITED* Thou Wortox is nice and I do like his soul eating/snatching it has some dark subtone, to eat/use the souls of others. Then again Wortox is from the even newer content ,the content after the events and Winona (that gives me hope for the future). I want to discuss this ! Do you prefer the old (more dark)lore/content or this new more friendly lore/content. Feel free to comment about the lore, about my views and wich one do you prefer. I might have missed stuff or just be wrong about things. The new update will show us where the lore/content is going. Lastly I will edit this often to add stuff I might have missed. To fix typos. For me I think it's obvious I prefer the old style of lore/content.