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  1. This is exactly what I mean and want. I want the feeling of danger I had when I started playing DS, the fear of the unknown. For new things to endanger my survival. Let me tell you how when I was a new player I didnt dare to go near the shadow hand or the eyes in the dark. Or how I was dreading the hounds waves and the rain frogs. How I didn't know when seasons will changes so I was getting ready as fast as I can and was aways in a hurry. But now that I know everything... -well I know when every season starts... - when hounds will attack and how to beat them - what to expect in what season - how to deal with insanity .Atm insanity is just a nightmare fuel farm nothing more. - when every season will start and end.. I want more randomness to the game. More unexpected stuff. More danger. More things that will come to you. If not from day 1 then from day 200 (after a player survives 200 days for example, not world days). And this is why I have been wanting a DLC size (I will even pay for it) content. The best example is like you said the ocean, There are no waves no enemys, there is nothing that can damage you or your boat... unless you go into a rock. Thou to be fair that is still WIP.
  2. I have another problem with the game. I play DST only with my friends we are 3-5 team. So ok no problem so far. The problem for me(and my friends) is that this is supposed to be a survival game, and when 3 out of 5 player are veteran players like myself (we started playing it back when RoG was in beta for DS). There is nothing to do in it. So now we don't have what to do... we tried to survive ruins for some time, ok we did that survived there for half a year, we tried bosses ok but the new ones are optional and if we don't need the stuff we don't go to them... All of us are here for the survival... not for the boss fights. What I mean is - It's one thing to go fight an optional boss, and it's another thing a boss to come to your camp and destory it, you have to survive this. I like the new updates but for now I'm waiting for more content so when I start playing with my friends we can have all of DST be new. As most of the new content is... little by little given to us(I don't have a problem with this). But most of the features are just optional. you can live years without going to the sea, you can play all you want without going to the moon island. I would like them to add a reason to go there, outside of some good items that you can live without. Add for example : an event like the volcano in SW. Then you need to go there or your survival will get harder. Many ppl didn't like SW, for me I liked the flood and the volcano. That gave me a feeling of "end of the world" and I really enjoyed it. Sadly I can't find a screenshot of my base to demonstrate. But the island I had my base was 30-40 % of it covered in sandbags. It looked like a battlefield. Lastly because all of this, none of us plays DST anymore. We are waiting for new content. If I call my friends to play we will play for 2-3 hours and get bored (and we will never continue the game we started) as everything is still like before. Nothing new to winter or the other seasons, no new weathers, no new enemys on the main land, nothing you NEED to beat in order to survive. I called all my friends for RoT and well we started the game made a base and called it a night. Then we never continued the game we started. I don't feel like it, they don't too. Because we are waiting for more. For changes that are more impactful. To put it short: there is too many optional stuff and nothing that is a MUST to survive.
  3. Nice update! Btw the Goose form reminded me of One piece - Chopper.
  4. Btw there is a new listed DLC (this is used to buy skin chests or for betas) named : "test_kaj description: Branch for Kaj" . It's probably testing for the update(beta) on September 12th . Sooo not really important. But interesting , what is Kaj , maybe an injoke. Here is a link to steamDB: Side note: I have the bad habit of checking my favorite games on steamdb, almost weekly...
  5. I want a new season something in the terms of "aporkalipse" or the flood season in SW. Something like a kill season. But before that I think seasons need to be more random! What I mean by that is for every season to have a 1-3 days randomly extra or less for example every season is 14-22 days. At the moment there is 0 random days (winter/summer = 16 days, autumn/spring = 20 days) you aways know that the first winter starts on day 21 and ends on day 36... every game 21 day winter starts every game 36 day winter ends. I think this needs to be a bit more random for example winter to star on 19-24 day end on 34-39 day.
  6. Well yea that needs to be fixed for it to work. I suppose I should have writed it. But fixing this is a bit unreal as this has become a feature at this point . I do it myself make dearclops attack a treeguard.
  7. Not sure about spawning him first autumn... But I want multiple beargers, let me explain: The first one spawns Autumn, if you don't kill him he goes to sleep during winter and does not despawn. I want if you don't kill him until the next autumn, another one to be spawned, and so on every autumn +1 bearger. This will make him a bigger threat and you will have a better reason to kill him.
  8. The gramophone! Maxwell arch-enemy! Really liked the video it was so endearing, also the end of it. How because Warly is in DS/DST world now ,she is all alone now. I love that creepy/dark feel about DS/DST.
  9. This is great, to tell the truth I expected it to be turn the tides only (2 parts, first the start(base content) after that additions(additions to the base) and that's it). But this... well this is really good, it means there will be more! I will try to hold back my hype as hype is sometimes a bad thing. But if I undearstand it correctly there will be many updates with different themes?! 1.Turn of Tides = ocean/boats/new island (and moon) theme 2.??????= another theme or even more additions to the old update. Maybe more moon maybe something else?! I'm not sure if I read it correctly? EDIT:maybe I read too much into "the first big update for Return of Them"
  10. If it takes more time = better/bigger update, and DST needs a good big update so I'm all in for delaying it but making it better. It should be around june 20, as the post says - "This scheduling change does not affect character or beta updates"
  11. When I saw this I got the feel: this is epic holding the game but then steam appears and the game smiles .
  12. This will sound negative but I feel like I have to say it ... But before that let me explain my expectations (before seeing this new trailer) - I expected a steam game, that is like darkest dungeon but with more story/talk. After seeing the trailer, here comes the negative part... 1.I don't like epic and I won't support it! 2.Card games are not for me... (as said before)I expected something like DD but with more maps more freedom and dialog. After saying this - I mIght try the game on steam if it has a free weekend or something but this is a pass for me. Thou I still hope ppl enjoy it (preferably on steam) (offtopic rant feel free to skip)
  13. I wonder(hope) will there be additional content with wormwood (new content (RoT))?! I like this character but I think it should have been tweaked a bit specially for DST.(thou I don't mind)
  14. Small lines near the land. I think that the snow makes the space between the sea tiles white. (not sure if this is only for swamp biome thou it might be everywhere.) See the picture in full size and zoom on the sea.
  15. Not sure if I should post this here or a special bug tracker for the beta. I found a BUG in beta- 1.While you are steering the boat(with a sail) and build a firepit, your character goes to build it but then goes back to the wheel and get's stuck into "building"/"placing" animation . You need to stop the server and log in again to fix it. This one has happened only once(I was with WIgfrid). I tryed to reproduce it but, bug 2 happens. 2.Also your character get's stuck in "running" animation if you build something but can't reach it, But this is easier to fix when you click "stop steering" or just set headway it get's unstuck.