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  1. I would like that but I hope it's not another silly event (like year of the gobler) ... I play DST mainly for the survival part and because of that I didn't really enjoy the gobler event .
  2. As the title says add unlockables to the game , like with adventure mode in DS - you had to complete adventure mode to get Maxwell and Wes . It will give the player a clear goal . For example begin able to unlock a character or even a skin . if you beat the Ancient Fuelweaver without useing the console (disable the unlockables if the console is used in the server) . Another suggestion I have is add a story progression , for example - you kill the Ancient Fuelweaver and put the key in the portal = the portal works non-stop and new monsters and resources start to appear in the world (cave/surface) even transform some biomes to others , this will give a clear goal to the player and will filter out the new/inexperienced players because they won't be able to kill the Ancient Fuelweaver . After having said that I have to make it clear that I don't know if it is even possible for DST engine to do this ... but it's a good idea on how to add new content and give the player a goal while keeping the sandbox feel to it .
  3. For me ... I expected her to have something more of a co-op feature , as the first character of DST . I mean as a special MP character you would expect something else and because of that I was disappointed when I saw her perks . Nothing special just an average character no big + but no - too . It's just average nothing really special with her ... I would prefer something like for example Wendy = I deal less dmg but my pet has an AOE attack . Big - but a good + in some situations , and the sanity perk is a nice bonus . While here ok you make a sewing kit (easy to make item) but ... to be honest no one is going to pick her over the other characters just because of that . And those 0.5 faster is not something you can see/feel unless you have read her perks in the wiki . As good item making character I can give an example with Wigfrid - the helm and the spear are really good mid lvl gear that you can make really early in your game , so it's a perfect pick for the every game . You don't have to make football helms or stuff like that only the more endgame helms are better than wigfrid helmet . So you and the others will be using them for a long time . To put it in a few word - Her perks are nothing special for the first DST character . And I think many ppl (including me) expected something more ... special .
  4. My only hope is for winter skins for the other characters too , because I mainly play Wigfrid and Maxwell (sometimes Wilson too) . And because of that I'm not sure should I weave a skin for Wilson now or wait for the others .
  5. Should be soon most of the games have already started their winter/seasonal events so DST event should be close too .
  6. I prefer the new one ... How to say it feels more don't starvey .
  7. Free content is good but you have to see the bad side of it too ... Because it's free you won't get the same ammo of content as you would in a DLC . So I'm ok with getting free content but I want DLC too because I fear that we won't get new biomes and new features (think RoG) , that will be here to stay and make our survival world better and bigger . As for the way to make it I think it should be done like - only the one that buys it can host a DLC content server . But everyone no matter if you own the DLC or not can join it . This way no separation of the community . Because only 1 needs to host and 5 (or more I hope) can join free for free . For example I only play with my friends and 95% of the time I'm the host so ... Only I buy it and host so no matter if they own it or not they can join . As for the price ... I don't mind it , the base game itself is fairly cheap and I won't mind to give 4-8 $ for a RoG level content (new features , new characters , new biomes , and so on ...) RoG was so good that if you play without it you will almost feel like playing a different game .
  8. It might be stupid but it's the best way to not devide DS and DST into 2 community . Also you know the official server has a player limit so ... Not everyone will be able to join , and I don't think everyone will want to leech of it . I play both games but I have joined the forum specially for DST . And I wanna play SW with my friends too , now with hamlet even before it's out I know that I will like it and because of that I will want to paly it with my friends . But in the end I don't know nor do you , what is best or is not , Klei are the ones that know , that's why it was only an suggestion .
  9. If I have to give a suggestion on how to do DLC for DST - There are 2 ways to make it 1.Only the host need to have the DLC to create the world (and all can join to it) but this will cut the profit by a lot , example = I play with my friends , well only I will buy it and they will just join my server . 2. Connect DS to DST (by steam acc info) and add a toggle ON/OFF on DST DLC = If you have SW in DS = You can now make/add SW world in your DST game . Same could be done for hamlet . Now the biggest problem here is that , from what I know , DS and DST have a bit of a different engine versions so just porting over the content won't be that easy . As for balance well as a person who is here for the challengle I would not mind even if they don't touch the balance one bit , and just port it to dst . Another problem is that if you want SW/hamlet . You will need to own DS and DS DLCs so you can play them in DST . A side note : I get the frustration ppl are having(me begin one of them) that hamlet is for DS . Mainly because now I'm really used to paly this game with friends , to share the expirience with other ppl . And I really wanna do it with SW too = survive the foolds together and the meteor shower too . Not to mention that SW is meant to be harder than basic DS(+RoG) so i would really love playing it with friends . So with this news the same will happen to hamlet ... I will want to share the adventure with my friends , to survive it together . But I can understand why they do it ... Just a bit worried about DST content now ...
  10. I don't have a problem with DLCs for DST but also I don't mind no DLC for DST my only worry is - if there are no DLCs for DST does that mean no big content at once ... I mean ok events that's really nice but events are not here to stay ... and I want new biomes for DST , content that will change the normal world and is here to stay . As for why the hamlet is not for DST , if I have to guess they can't add 2-3 more worlds to DST that will be running at once (like caves and normal world) ... I think they can add it but the old PCs won't support many worlds at once . Just for the hamlet they will need like 2 more worlds for SW one more (+ volcano 2) . That makes 6 worlds running at once , I think my PC will be able to support it , so I would not mind it but at the same time I can see many old PC not begin able to .
  11. Lol just lol so much content for both game I don't even know what to say ... I'm really excited about both news for DST and DS . I will surely get the DLC for DS also time to get back into SW . I just have one question ... If there are not going to be DLC for DST will there be big updates like new biomes for the normal world (content that is not an event but here to stay/game changer) ???
  12. Frog Rain

    This is how I deal with the frog rain = When it starts me and everybody else starts to run as far from the base as we can because the frogs are falling only around the players ... So when the rain stops we go back in the base make a few trap and catch all frogs around the base without dealing with the majority (that are far from the base) .
  13. I really hope we get some official information/news soon ... I'm really (pardon the bad pun) starving for it .
  14. Can't wait to see what we get at the end of the road (for ANR) . It's too early for lore guesses but if I have to guess I think the shadows will come back (like they have into the ruins civilization) in a mass number and we will see many shadows,shadow currputed monsters and plants when they do . And maybe just maybe Charle will be thrown out of the throne and leave only the shadow version of her there ... (unlikely) . This way we will get the more hard basic survival for veteran players and a new playable charapter . As for the update itself it looks really cool but I will wait for all of it to be finished(added) before I play it .
  15. Damn this update , I just read most of this topic the update is pretty good ! Looks like we will get some answers at the end of it ! But the main reason I'm here are the sound files and there are alot of new ones ...to tell the truth at this point I feel like im going to spoil some stuff so I don't know if I should ... But oh well here goes nothing ... Spoilers ... don't read if you want to be surprised by what comes next ... I suppose those should be coming in this update when the update gets updateted (yea I know I said update alot) So it won't be that far off .