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  1. Non Drawz Stuff

    I meaaaan, teeechnically the swamp jokes and headcanons also sometimes include art. So... It kinda counts, right?? XD
  2. Willow and Wigfrid Cosplay

    These look awesome! The attention to detail is really good! I really love the spooky atmosphere in your Willow one too, it really sets the mood for the kind of world Don't Starve is. I'd love to see your Charlie one if you do decide to do it!
  3. Non Drawz Stuff

    I like to imagine the Swamp as a horribly messy place, sticking to the boots, dragging along with each step. Gonna have a heck of a time getting that stuff out of your clothes.
  4. Non Drawz Stuff

    Glad you liked it! XD Thank you! And howdy! X3
  5. Non Drawz Stuff

    Honestly all I could think after reading this reply. XD
  6. Non Drawz Stuff

    Eh, it's up to interpenetration! Though the swamp existing is a pretty good reason to give someone a dirty look, probably? They're so mean and... slappy. Thank you! ^^ I'll try to get some more posted soon! I'm glad so many people like how the Willow one turned out! The shading was a new style I was trying and I wasn't sure about it.
  7. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Gosh, I love your style! The shading here is so nice, especially in the folds of the sleeves and his hair. ♥ I really love how you did his outfit too, it really suits him!
  8. Nyla has too many ideas

    This looks awesome! I really love how you did his hair especially, it's really on point.
  9. Non Drawz Stuff

    That'd be awesome, honestly. I'm so excited to see the new information we get on her backstory. Especially concerning Bernie!
  10. Non Drawz Stuff

    Thank you! I'm rather especially proud of the Willow one, I'm happy you like it!
  11. After much debating with myself, I have decided to go ahead and make an art thread over here for myself! Will try and post things here when I make them! Will probably forget immediately after making this thread to ever do that! But until then... have some art of varying quality and effort! Also shading and backgrounds will always be bad, because I am bad at those things, and probably don't put in as much effort at not being bad at them as I think I do. Gonna put it all under a spoiler because I draw... pretty big and don't want this thread to be 20 feet long the moment you walk in. Press the "Read More" at your own riiissk. Worry not dear viewer, you are now at the end and free to continue living your life! Thanks for stopping by!