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  1. i just watched some youtube videos about the new update and i looked here in the forums but looks like no one discovered this. you can abonden your boat and you will spawn at the portal. a friend of mine discovered this at the first time we were on a boat if you didnt know that already then have some fun finding it
  2. Gestalt

    i think hes a child but you never know how old he can get. maybe hes 100 years old but still very young for his race. actually i would say hes the youngest of all chars how he looks and cause of his lore video. dunno its weird
  3. not only modded worlds. i just played 350 days in hamlet after they released the finished game and then 2 days later a patch added the teleportato but you need to spawn it with console or make a new world. the telepotato brings a lot very nice looking setpieces which you cant spawn in. so i had to make a new world. you cant imagine how much work i had in my last world. nearly all jungles were COMPLETELY cleared and also ruins. and when i mean cleared that means ive mined, picked, hamemred, killed, sheared evrything possible. even the traps in the ruins were cleared. i had chests full with darts. i hammered and digged both cities. i was going to place some turfs where the both old cities were but luckily i didnt do it yet xD nvm i do evrything again. just need my helmet and spear
  4. [Game Update] - 334206

    i always had more robins spawning from the egg but i immidialtly deleted them
  5. Gestalt

    hmm i just read the wiki for gestaltenwandler and it says they choose different forms. in some forms they cant talk cause they arent human in this form. so it would fit if they could only come in the dst world in this form but they cant communicate to us.
  6. Gestalt

    actually if you would draw a Gestalt then it would be something like the dst gestalts. also how they hit you would be exactly like a gestalt hits you. its something you dont see and you dont know whats going on. and its not a ghost. its a gestalt... when i saw ingame thees things were called gestalt i had immidiatly no doubt they mean the german word here some pics of "Gestalt" the last pics says ghost but its cause a ghost is also a Gestalt. but a Gestalt isnt a ghost. i think its like bluegeits and the other says its not a reference to one thing. its a mix
  7. sunken object

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh xxxxD thanks a lot.
  8. sunken object

    i was on a boat on water on the 5. island and i used the command to pick entity cause there was a mosquito sack on a lilypad. my inventory was full but i had already mosquito sacks in my inventory. so when i used the command all things nearby were picked and i had a lost relic in my mouse cursor. it was a wet lost relic. but i wasnt called lost relic. it was called sunken object. wet sunken object. i exit my boat and dropped it on ground and when i wanted to pick it i coudnt pick it with keyboard. i had to click with my mouse on it to pick it. i had 3 more lost relics in my inventory (i found them legit in jungle xD) which also were called sunken object now. i dropped one of them and this i coudnt pick anymore with mouse or keyboord. then i quit/save my game and loaded again and all lost relics were normal and the one which i found in the water were also called a lost relic. so no idea what this was.
  9. Gestalt

    maybe a hint could be that in german you write noun with the first letter big. like in german its Gestalt and in eglish it would be gestalt. so if a charachter says in qoutes soemthing like: "its a Gestalt" then its very likely the german word
  10. no idea if someone mentioned this but Gestalt is a german word. it means a scary unknown shape. like when you see something in the dark and you see only the shape of it and you are scared and you dont know if its a person or demon or the devil or what ever. then you say: i saw a gestalt there in the corner
  11. why do you think its gonna be an existing skin? its very likely they make a new skin like they did for rog and sw
  12. theres missing something in the poll. i mostly die cause of bunnies. but not in caves. im dieing to my own bunnies in my pen at base
  13. just search on youtube for dont starve movie trailer xxxD
  14. it wont be funny if evry charachter gets a pet which helps him. wigfrid. wolfgang, wx, wicker... are already very good at killing enemies. wendy got abigal cause wendy has 25% lesser damage. i hope they dont make it so players dont need the help of other players anymore. i love being wig and saving evryones *** ass on hound attacks xD but its also great if there is a wolfgang who helps killing
  15. steam just scummed me

    you say you shoudnt do these things. and i agree. but that doesnt mean if you do it that its fine you get robbed. thats ******** bro. for example if you go in a shop and you break by mistake bottles of vine which are worth 100.000€ then you dont need to pay anything cause the shop has to place the bottles of vine in a way so you cant break them by mistake. if you run in the shop and break them by intention then you need to pay them. using dubious 3.rd party sites isnt anything illegal. clicking on links from your friends isnt illegal. sharing your mail adress isnt illegal.having 123 as your password isnt illegal. so pls stop telling that if you arent carefully then its your own fault. the company have to provide a service where you cant be robbed if you arent careful. if you choose for yourself its your fault then fine. but for example in my case i always fought them and i always got evrything back and they always said sry. so you say if i post my password now here and you guys delete all my skins then i wont get them back xxxD thats hilarious. actually i agree with you they wont give them back to me but like i said... they have to refund my money. they can argue that giving me my skins back would inflate the market and fine but giving me my money back doesnt do anything to the game and market. so you get always your money back in this case its a bit different cause he didnt pay for the gifts. if he wants to refund then he sve to refund his dst version. but with his version is evrything fine.