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  1. hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaa why are you crying xxxD you made poop in your pants cause you know i would have destroy you you noob

    1. __IvoCZE__



      I won't cry over some troll over the internet.

      The lack of any proper grammar makes me want to laugh at the mere thing, there's literally no difference between 1.8K hours and 4K hours players in DST.

      And the fact that you still use wigfrid and call wilson ''hard-core character'' shows that you CAN'T even play DST without ''le OP character crutches'' and that makes this status DM even more sad.

      Also this propably breaks the forum guidelines.

      Thanks for le kek you provided.

  2. do we need more polls?

    i dont care about the polls. i was just curious lol
  3. yea and you are a Goose Goose main. bruh she literally merged her sides like 2 or 3 years ago. ufffffff facepalm you just confirmed that she is the venus... you guys even dont know what we are talking about
  4. yesterday i was able to kite a clock knight first time in my life xxxD also hounds and pigs and all mobs had such a small attack range. it was a completely new experience for me. after the warly release i was playing DST without beta and it lagged a bit like i always do. but yesterday i changed back to the beta and when we started playing i noticed immidiatly something is different. the delay when i pick things or when i cook on fire or when i open chests wasnt there. so i saw a clock knight which i tried to kite and it worked. normally even frame perfect kiting didnt work. what ever ya doing klei, gg
  5. sun or moon. no matter. its astrology. if you say its not the sun, its the moon. thats not making my story wrong. on the contrary you just approved my story. nvm honestly i didnt expect lots of people to understand it. but its frightening how people even the easiest connection dont get. if the TV would tell them they would believe it. but its not about believing. bit brainusing wont hurt, trust me
  6. do we need more polls?

    hilarious... so the result of the poll shows lots of people have lots of time xxxD
  7. the whole metheus puzzle shows the end of the sun and the upcoming strength of the darkness. on the first pic the sun gets "murdered". the 3 things left of the small sun symbolize the 3 murder. when winter is coming the days get shorter and colder. that symbolize the death of the sun which occurs on the 21 dec. in this time the sun passes the 3 zodiac signs scorpio, saggitarius, and capricournus. actually thats not correct. the zodiac doesnt have 12 sign. it has 13. the 13. one is the snake carrier ophiuchus. hes the secret 13. hidden zodiac sign. the sun passes in this time the 3 zodiac signs scorpio, saggatarius and snake carrier. the story goes like this: the sun gets prick by the scorpio, then shot by the saggatarius and last it get bitten by the snake which lets the sun die at the 21. dec. thats why jesus gets betrayed for 3 gold coins because the 3 coins symbolize the 3 murdere of the sun. so at the start of the metheus puzzle the sun is already at the end of his age. and all after that just symbolize the upcoming strenght of the darkness. for example the ancient goes to caves. they go away from the sun. tahts symbolize the end of the sun. also look at the ancient gateway from pic 1 till the last pic how it changes. specially the middle part. in one of the last pics its a black eye in it. the eye symbolizez the sun like i mentioned before but this one is black. because its her end. and at the end metheus holding his hands on his eyes symbolizes also the end of the sun. also tan ancient cane shadow is at the end on the ancient gateway but its upside down. thats also means the sun is dead. after all this a new sun will be born and a new era will start. evrything of the new era has to be destroyed. thats what happened in the ds world. we are now in the new era in the ds world and we are the new resident of this world. but our era will also end when our sun dies and we will become same like the ancient and the whole story starts from beginning
  8. actually hes just holding his hands on his eyes. hes blind. what does that symbolize? the dead of the sun... darkness won for the moment till the new sun will be born
  9. bro ok its fine. its not the sun. its a frisbee disk. the ancient died cause one of them was hitting them with the freezbe at the head all the time. thats why you can see on the last pic metheus is holding his hand on his head to protect himself but he had no chance. in the right corner you can see his chopped head. why are the enmies shadows? because shadows are the opposite of the sun. its light vs darkness
  10. btw look the tragic torch on the first pic. it has a black circle in it. at the last pic the circle is white. the circle is the sun. look the deco of the torch under the circle. they are sunbeams. above the circle its a flame. and around of them are sunbeams. why it s first black and turns later to white you can think about it. im not gonna tell anymore secret knowledge here a hint: look at the ancient gateway on the first pic, second and 3. specially in the middle
  11. i never said they didnt know. he was just saying there is no sun underground. nvm someone had to made the metheus puzzle. someone with the knowledge of what is going on. so it was an artist of the ancients. and the first thing he drawed was the moon cycle so its obivious they knew about astrology and the sun thats actually the sun xxxxD the drawings in it and at the left side symbilize the sun cycle
  12. thats exactly the point. all these things are thought by human. they arent real and doesnt exist. im none of them. im also not a human. cause think about it. we arent. someone has come up with it. its not standing on your forehead that you are human. how did the first man had the idea that we are humans? where did he get this? he just came up with it
  13. thats true but siegfried isnt only his name. for example there is only 1 hercules. but hes not called siegfried. hes called siegfried the dragonslayer
  14. ok tell me pls more sides? i said in our world/knowledge no idea how you wanna call it. we have always 2 sides. if you have an example then pls
  15. loool. i wanted to say im not religious and im not an atheist. or did you understand it but it makes no sense to you cause you think i have to be one of them? btw this guy made such a great thred and we destroyed it with our comments lol. i didnt want that