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  1. hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaa why are you crying xxxD you made poop in your pants cause you know i would have destroy you you noob

  2. i assume its cause you can use waterballons on dfly to make her rage away
  3. dfly killed a clock and he dropped just ash. so the gears are burnable?
  4. its not so bad its sumemr time. they will release ONI and DST new conten soon and then they will fix DS and release a new content update for Hamlet like they did for SW
  5. i was transporting slime somewhere and this duplicant did it. he was transporting evrytime just 750g. then my digger came to help him and my digger transport all the slime at once to the storage. so i thought wtf was that. cause my digger transported 1000kg slime which my carrier needs to walk like 1000 times to bring it to the storage. hes 100% bugged cause im struggling so hard in this world with oxygen and desinfection things takes forever. in my other worlds i wasnt playing so good like i did this time and i never had so much problems like here. how can i add my savefile? i didnt found the option in game
  6. no idea whats the branch. i choosed live branch. im playing the full game release beta. ive a duplicant whos my carrier and i made him in this scinece machine which you can find on the map. he got +10 strenght. he has now total 24 strenght. but when hes carring things he carry only 750g. all my other duplicants carry much more then him. but his carry capacity is the highest. so i assume its a bug cause i got the perk
  7. your chests for purtchase are messed up. first i cant buy all these 3 chests for my friends. only the 2 small chests: 2. if i click on the button "gift for friends" it takes me to steam. BUT THERE ARE THE PRIZES BIGGER: All Survivers chest is 8.09€ but when i want to buy it they want 10.79€ ??? 3. if i search in steam for the complete gorge chest i cant find it. but when i clicked on the all survivors chest to buy for friends it shows me also the complete survivers chest. This issue was also with the magmatic chest . i wanted to buy them for my freinds but i coudnt. same with wormwood wardrobe chest. it was impossible to gift this chest to friends. i wanted to buy so much chests when they were in offer for my friends but i didnt buy any cause i coudnt buy the chest as gift or cause the prizes were higher then you were telling first. PLS fix the prizes and make EVRY chest giftable for friends
  8. you guys could use the mod "to many items" it has the command options to start and stop rain, fog....
  9. yes how i understood it is that wagstaff isnt in real in the dont starve world. he is projecting himself in the world with a machine
  10. why do you need 100 dense turfs???? xxxD do you know some special tricks :))) i needed like 20 turfs for my nettles and i made 3-4 of these brumble chests but since them brumbles are useless for me. im wig i even cant eat them
  11. desynching was only in early access. now they pay all at the same day BUT heres the problem: if you travel back from Rog at night then the pigs will run to you at night and pay you. but some of them will fall asleep before they pay you and when they wake up next morning they dont pay you. if you save the world and load again then the pigs which missed paying you will pay you. this also happens if a bandit appears when the pigs are running to you to pay you. the bandit scares them and when they arent scared anymore they forget to pay you. after save and load the world they will pay you the missing tax. my world is day 750 and when i get tax i get more then 180 oincs. i had one time the issue all pigs payed me tax 2 times when i was reloading the world. but this just happened once and i dont know why
  12. you can hear the smoke in his voice xD
  13. just tell evrything you have in mind. no matter pro or noob trick what do you mean with the meteors? which 3 normal meteors?
  14. ill keep an eye on that and give you the information then. and im gonna send a bug report in game with my save file.