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Whats the first thing your going to do in the winter update?

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since now but mostly after the update, im going to farm animals, since food can spoil, it won't last for 30 days so i will start to get live foodsources (the ones that do-not de-spawn) like beefaloes and koalefants, i had 3 gobblers but they de-spawned, also it looks like spiders don't despawn too but they attack walls plus i won't eat their meat, maybe i will also farm pigs, who knows, i dunno if tallbirds de-spawn or attack fences, i will test it out

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I'm looking forward to the challenge. Usually I'm not fully comfortable with my base being self-sustaining until Day 40 or so; Winter Is Coming at Day 30-ish - quite a ways before I'm normally prepared for it. So I'm just thinking about what I'll have to do (or skimp on) in order to have decent hunting gear and warm clothes by that point. I'm thinking:1) Prioritize dusk/nighttime Spider Den raids so I can Silk me up a Top Hat and some Traps and Nets.2) Hunt down a Koalefant (sp?) as soon as I have a Spear and Log Suit; that Vest is going to be invaluable for Winter.3) Don't worry about making more than a few Speedy and Turbo Farm Plots, since they're so slow now and won't grow any crops during the Winter.4) Get me as many Bee Boxes as I can; even if Kevin nerfs honey, it'll still come in handy for Taffy and the fact that it takes about 7 years to spoil.5) Make sure I have 2-3 Crock Pots ready to go so I can cook up lots of Meaty Stew and the like after my hunting expeditions during those long, cold Winter days.Conversely, you could just wander around, living off the land and looking for all the Teleportato pieces and escape after 5-10 days. But where's the fun in that? ;)

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