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  1. I'm done. Game uninstalled. This not colony sim and it wasn't a colony sim for ages, the base game mechanics like germs worked only after adding them and then got nerfed to the ground, there was always the search for what geysers, volcano you got on the map, but that alone was getting stale, with final goal of the base game was getting chlorine fating space cow. Now the cool DLC with more rockets and less survival mechanics than ever. I have Staisfactory for building pointless contraptions, looks much better and can build bigger things in 3D. This really can't compete with Factorio/Satisfactory and it still tries to do so for some strange reason.
  2. Normal stuff, but here most of the survival related systems are not working anymore, and now we got tiny map with 2 water sources, so it ends even faster than usual, and I still see no point in using rockets. The asteroid is way to small and that ultra futuristic teleporter technology that sends stuff to the other half of the asteroid. Teleporters should be deleted right away, asteroids should be bigger and with more resources. They could just really update the main asteroid with new biomes and add neighbor colonies I can trade with.
  3. Its standard mode. Even with packages disabled there is no need to go to the second or third planet anyway. The colony is running perfectly, anything beside that is just optional.
  4. Well the game is moving away from colony survival sim and moves towards build silly contraptions area. Survival is more or less granted now, germs could be removed whatsoever at this point since they do nothing beside taking cpu cycles to track the germ numbers and growth, food poisoning dose absolutely nothing to duplicants, they still work and do other stuff, stress is not existing as well, I have colony and all dupes have 0% stress at all times and that with eating low quality food and in low oxygen area. So I can imagine the final goal for this DLC will be competition who builds most efficient, biggest nuclear power plant. It seems like this is more of the Satisfactory/Factorio than survival colony sim. Every survival aspect got thrown out the window, the whole balance (was bad before) is now not existing at all. I guess people don't know that there is sandbox mode where they could build their silly contraptions to heart content, and then come here and complain that game is to hard, while its not hard at all, and its getting easier with every update.
  5. I usually have oxygen in working areas anyway. The only 2 cases this whole building is worth it atm would be the vacuum while leveling the surface, and some work in liquids while building around the geyser, and in both cases its not really required as super being duplicants can hold breath for hours on end and still work just fine. I didn't even notice that structure earlier and build my base as usual without it, so the whole oxygen masks idea is not working. I can always run pipe with oxygen and vents and make it longer as the working area spreads around. The whole idea if heavily flawed atm. Metal cost is acceptable as you can get more metals from volcano sooner or later.
  6. This should be more like atmo suits stations are working, or loaded with oxylite or oxygen canisters. Taking from the surrounding area will not work very well in some cases.
  7. Didn't try to assign to the dead, but they show on the list if not buried.
  8. I may be wrong on that, but i get impression that the old asteroid got sliced to pieces and now you need to create that network to get some missing resources, but I don't miss any resources, I have unlimited water and unlimited solar power, don't feel like traveling to other rocks. So again most of the things now is optional like the pre DLC rocket things. A bit pointless.
  9. Teleporter can be assigned to a dead duplicant if not buried.
  10. Well, I don't believe you do that anymore. To much success to care about playerbase anymore, but that wont get you anywhere in the long run.
  11. This is still only half solution for totally artificial problem that exists only in this game. Why it has to throw a meteor shower every 10 minutes is beyond me, the whole space biome is totally wrong. They just picked wrong direction with space biome and bunker stuff that can't be destroyed. Not only there is no other danger/risk, but now you can just ignore the last bit of it that possibly could make some stuff happening on the map without your intention.
  12. You would just produce insane amounts of glass, that is also hot and also needs to be stored somewhere, so it does nothing to whole problem.
  13. Need force filed projectors that would just burn down any incoming meteors to dust, or any other device in similar fashion, that would actually make space biome usable without the constant need to clean solar panels rockets stations and so on. Otherwise its just still the same old good sand sweeping simulator. Also needs some gameplay, as currently there is nothing to do once you get to exosuits and wait for steel production to catch up. Mid game is non existing and end game is not in there as well.
  14. Its not a typo of any sort its ultimate end game stuff. End game consists of you sweeping million tons of regolith, cause there is really no other content that could cover it up, not to mention proper end game stuff.
  15. I guess I could do something more productive, then again I don't care enough to do so. I like the concept of this game, like with many other games those days, it all ends there, since execution is another thing and its usually bad, like in this case. I should just finish Octopath Traveler instead of checking here, as I know nothing will change.