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  1. This. Kevin has said on a number of occasions that anything past Day 100 is supposed to be near-impossible to keep on surviving in; Day 200+ is not supposed to happen at all. You're supposed to get a move on and escape to a new world long before Day 100 (which is what, 2-3 full seasons now? The equivalent of a couple of years?) rears its ugly head.Even if you're playing in Sandbox Mode, if the monsters didn't get tougher as time went on, things would be become a tedious, repetitive grind - like an unmodded game of Minecraft with no building would be.
  2. What we really need is have an animated .gif of Wendy holding up a large sign with the following: "Uncompromising - adjective: 1. not admitting of compromise or adjustment of differences; making no concessions; inaccessible to flexible bargaining; unyielding: an uncompromising attitude." We can put this next to the "No multi-player" sign-holding Wilson, and we can insert the pair into all of our signatures for every update (and for three to four days afterwards). I still say there's going to a "balance hotfix" tomorrow that rescinds some combination of the Winter spoilage, damage, sanity, or food value nerfs.
  3. I gotta give you an A+ for effort, but recent history says that there will be a Winter Nerf Hotfix tomorrow.Here's hoping for a break in recent trends, however.
  4. I'm looking forward to the challenge. Usually I'm not fully comfortable with my base being self-sustaining until Day 40 or so; Winter Is Coming at Day 30-ish - quite a ways before I'm normally prepared for it. So I'm just thinking about what I'll have to do (or skimp on) in order to have decent hunting gear and warm clothes by that point. I'm thinking:1) Prioritize dusk/nighttime Spider Den raids so I can Silk me up a Top Hat and some Traps and Nets.2) Hunt down a Koalefant (sp?) as soon as I have a Spear and Log Suit; that Vest is going to be invaluable for Winter.3) Don't worry about making more than a few Speedy and Turbo Farm Plots, since they're so slow now and won't grow any crops during the Winter.4) Get me as many Bee Boxes as I can; even if Kevin nerfs honey, it'll still come in handy for Taffy and the fact that it takes about 7 years to spoil.5) Make sure I have 2-3 Crock Pots ready to go so I can cook up lots of Meaty Stew and the like after my hunting expeditions during those long, cold Winter days.Conversely, you could just wander around, living off the land and looking for all the Teleportato pieces and escape after 5-10 days. But where's the fun in that?
  5. It's amazing how much new content Kevin and co. can churn out in only two weeks' time, isn't it? Wow. Re: the pigs attacking This might not have anything to do with Winter and more to do with Kevin getting inspiration from the "25 reasons not to trust pigs" thread, where we was hinting that he was teaching Pigs how to kite the player (turnabout is fair play!) and was considering the idea that, if you kill any pigmen, all pigmen in a certain radius of the kill will attack you on sight for a certain amount of time - read: give them longer memories and making them less likely to forget that you've been murdering their fellows after 3 seconds. Also, Keven has admitted that he uses dev builds and "cheats" in order to keep the time required to slap together these teaser updates at a reasonable level. I wouldn't read much into what day everyone is dying on, or what equipment they had on, as it was probably just Kevin pushing a few cheat buttons to generate a character at a certain progression level in a world that's always Winter for testing purposes. All that said, this update makes the Sanity update look paltry in comparison. Crazy. I can't wait!
  6. I'm pretty impressed that they managed to make the worlds reasonably distinct for this bare-bones, very first attempt at the implementation of Adventure Mode. Just imagine what the worlds will look like in a few updates when they've had enough time to turn more dials and knobs and change some numbers around to really make each world unique and challenging.
  7. One of the, uh, perks to playing a Beta. Fun little "whoops!" glitches like that.
  8. I hang around the forums to keep from playing Don't Starve constantly between major updates and burning myself out on it before the full game is ready.
  9. They stack (now), I'm just not sure how high. Personally I've never had more than 4 or 5 of either type at once. If I had to guess, I'd say they stack either to 10 or 20.
  10. It could be worse, you missed the day or two after the debut of the Boomerang wherein all your allies (like, say, Pig Friends) would turn on you and beat you senseless when the boomerang hit you. It had something to do with the boomerang hitting you being treated like an attack on a friendly unit, but the end result was a nice double-whammy of "boomerang to the face shame" and "your friends will abandon you" quick death.
  11. They're mostly pointless. The only use I ever got out of them was to put Gobblers to sleep for an easy kill. However, you can simply lure them with single berries instead, by control-clicking a single one out of your stack and plopping it on the ground, then going in for the kill as the Gobbler shuffles glassy-eyed towards the irresistible food.You can also use them to put Krampus to sleep, which was useful back when it was possible for him to make an unexpected appearance (read: before the various hotfixes that made him nigh-on impossible to summon).As of right now? Yeah, they don't do much of anything to the monsters that are a real threat. I'm sure they have some uses (put a Pig Friend whose loyalty time has run out to sleep so he can't execute Operation: HOME TIME!) but for the most part they're not worth the hassle of grinding out Feathers and Reeds for.
  12. Yes and no. It takes several stabs from a Spear to kill a werepig; in the meantime, they do a fair amount of damage (even with the Football Helmet on) and are faster than you are - think Tallbird speed. So singly, yes, you can kill one by running until it swings and misses, then hitting it, rinse and repeat. However, if you get multiple Werepigs are after you, you're almost certainly dead meat unless you can run with a Torch until after daybreak or are the World's Greatest Don't Starve Combat Master Extraordinaire. Probably not. The Bush Hat is near-useless right now due to the way it's programmed. They're working on a fix, but basically it does nothing if a monster has already aggro'd on you, and it extremely iffy even if you hide in it ahead of time. Until they fix the Bush Hat it's probably just going to get you killed if you try to hide from a group of Werepigs. This is your safest bet, honestly. Just plop down a Fire Pit and some walls a couple of screens away from the Pig Village and keep an eye on the Moon cycle so a Full Moon doesn't take you by surprise. Tangling with a whole village-full of angry Werepigs is, again, something you don't want to try unless you're decked out with a Night Sword and Armor and have a Meat Effigy stashed in a place that's not going to be smack-dab in the middle of the Werepigs you're battling.
  13. Once Story/Adventure Mode is more fleshed out (closer to release), we'll start seeing some of this info come out. Until then, all we know is that the characters have a basic theme to them, and that Maxwell is (presumably) the Big Bad that Put Us Here (Somehow).
  14. Normally I'm not a huge fan of mods, but an Improved Abigail Mod is quite tempting. I mean, seriously, when they added Wes and billed him as "here's your Hard difficulty guyz", my first thought was, "but we already have Wendy for that purpose, don't we?"The sad part is that Wendy is my favorite character and I end up picking/playing as her 80% of the time.As for the hotfix, it fixed her rubbing up against you all night (pre-hotfix I lost 40 health on Night 1, good thing Morsels heal you up a bit now), but it also broke her ability to fight anything. She's now so slow and so hesitant to go where you click that you can't get her to fight anything unless you can kite it through her.Sigh. Maybe someday they'll get her working properly. I hate having to rely on mods for things that really should be in the game proper.
  15. This. Props to Danny and Isaac for a great OP and perfect first reply.