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  1. Honestly after the Terraria Otherworld fiasco I don't mind them not giving us updates every 10 seconds crap happens when making games not to mention DS isn't the only game they are working on so just give them time unless you want this to end up like Terraria Otherworld.
  2. A new pig man character would be cool I would also like to see improvements to make characters like Willow and Wendy more useful give them some new perks and I'm hoping to new game mechanics as well.
  3. I hope this means we are getting a transport update with various things to help transport dupe's, items and other things.
  4. I just assume since we got Webber we'll be getting a playable pigman I like the name Wilbert (since Wilbur is already taken) or Waller since it's a pig.
  5. Yay can't wait and hope to see more awsome DLC in the future.
  6. If you want a hard game you can't beat buy an NES and play Battle Toads this game is still being worked on if you can't figure that out then we don't need you playing this game. Besides you can use the sliders to make the game super hard if you'd like but it seems the super casual and super hard core crowd are all to stupid to know how to use them.
  7. Pig head is creepy now I have a reason to kill pigs and even risk fighting werepigs which I always try to avoid.
  8. Well now it takes 30 day to get honey looks like it's time for me to bee hunt.
  9. The trees are evergreens they grow year round even in snow and ice so it makes since you can plant them in the winter.
  10. LOL if the mosquitoes are anything like they are here in Texas you'd be dead in 10 seconds flat. They said that they might add weather later I'm hoping for all four seasons to be added as well.
  11. The new clock is too cluttered I liked the old on better it was simple and you still knew what 1-6 meant. If they must have letters what about WO1/DA4 that way you still have letters but it's not so cluttered.
  12. While it's a neat idea it would make the game too easy. Besides there are plent of RPG's out there for the masses to play DS is fine the way it is.
  13. You learn as you go at least they give you a side bar that shows you how to make things unlike Minecraft. This game is pretty self explanatory just play it for a bit and you get the hang of it.
  14. I like carrots the way they are, they are good in a pinch which is when I use them besides they don't respawn and there aren't many of them in the first place so I see no problem here.