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  1. Configuration Options: - Chaos Mode: Makes landmines craftable for the lowly price of a single seed, for maximum chaos. There we go, thanks!
  2. I want players to come on and build them and cause chaos
  3. Can I make another request? A cheap version of the mine where you craft it from 1 seed without the need for an alchemy engine
  4. I have a request, can someone who is good at mods make this: The Maxwell Tooth Trap from adventure mode, when activated, triggers the explosions, effectively making it a mine Prefab: "trap_teeth_maxwell", c_spawn"gunpowder".components.explosive:OnBurnt() I would be very VERY impressed if this is possible
  5. Thanks! Btw it works extremly well.. This will probably be the next host abuse
  6. It is possible to spawn in a fire and all kinds of things in the game, is there a prefab for explosion or earthshake from caves?
  7. After spawning in a bearger and it killed me, he kept on attacking my corpse until I came back alive. Also webber is slowed by web. Aand characters other than wigfried can equipt the spear and helmet, not sure if intended.
  8. Antagonistic playerbase.. That sounds so cool (It's not cool when meeting them in-game ofc)
  9. Also can I bind console commands to a hotkey? Would be great
  10. Another question, how to do I change existing maps settings (like only winter or only night into default)
  11. Is there any way to make shortcuts for commands, for example deleting an object is TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() Can I rewrite or add a shortcut to it so that it is like c_delete?
  12. Thanks Zillvr and Rez, it worked c_setTile(1) = Ocean c_setTile(0) = Land
  13. Is there any way to do this using console or a mod or tinkering with files?