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  1. I've gotten the same thing twice in the past hour, although it should be noted that I tweaked the tuning.lua a bit.
  2. I just woke up and accidentally clicked on facebook instead of checking the weather to find this announcement. I'm awake now! Thank you guys so much! This means I need to make the boyfriend go get DS >=3
  3. I absolutely love the character concept, however, I can't help but notice the similarities between her and the unimplemented Winnie. Has Winnie been scrapped as a character in favor of Wigfrid? Can anyone from Klei answer this question? I would really love to see Winnie implemented, she'd probably be tied with Wendy as my favorite character. A little off topic but I absolutely love the catcoons as well. I haven't had a whole lot of time to play due to work so I'm not entirely sure yet, do you have to continue to feed them like you do with pigs or do they just stay with you forever after you feed them once?
  4. They said they didn't want any more meters.
  5. You lost me at thirst meter. Devs already said (multiple times) it's not gonna happen.
  6. You can carry backpacks with the mouse but you can't use spacebar to activate the machine now, i think.
  7. Currently, eating the eyeball does not end winter. I have tested this numerous times and each one, winter continued. If it will end it in the future, idk.
  8. I decided to put myself out of my comfort zone and played as Willow instead of Wendy for once. it's so weird not having Abigail around. Anyway, SURPRISE DEERCLOPS ATTACK while I was running around doing stuff. So I lit the forest on fire and he chased me through it and died.
  9. I have an ocd about my base being neat and tidy so... they're extremely useful to me!
  10. I think they should add it to the winter vest recipe.