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  1. i'm just feeling this game will become easy ...
  2. Mysterious notes?

    I'm really disappointed .....
  3. Can you post a print please :3
  4. Anyone have a pic of the new giant mob '-'?
  5. What about the giant ? No pics ?
  6. The Screecher

    How did you do that O.o ?
  7. Puzzle Thread

    One of the children's looks like Maxwell to me Maybe Wilson and Maxwell meet each other in the same camp and have like a rivalry
  8. Puzzle Thread

    I'm hallucinating or maxwell face on the picture change ?
  9. Puzzle Thread

    i hope in the final part of the puzzle there's gonna be a animation video because i'm not gonna be pleased with only pictures
  10. Puzzle Thread

    Find that 6
  11. I want to know where people find the don't starve wallpaper who looks like oficial klei arts where's a example
  12. Maybe Willow is the magic assistant ?
  13. i found bit.ly/ , SMO , NDM , IRR , ORS, SMO