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  1. I don't understand science myself but i am glad you do.
  2. If by list you mean the main page you are already there!
  3. Surly this discovery will lead to more progress in baconoligy in the future!
  4. That is implying we ever left.
  5. Everyone is too focused on the player character so lets talk about enemies, what kind of enemies are we going to have in this game?
  6. How can we forget the most important healing item?
  7. The best way to see if something works or does not is all in the gameplay testing.
  8. How is development on the gameplay going?
  9. Here you go!
  10. Hey if you guys want i can give you my sprite folder i used for my last few games!
  11. I agree the bacon church is a good replacement for the real church! Also a giant bacon robot sounds like a good boss.