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  1. They fixed the no fullscreen in windows xp in one of the latest updates, you have to edit the ini file though to get it to work. Editing the file didn't work in the past, but it does now. Check out this > link for details.
  2. I'd like to see those two things combined, so you have to craft your map markers.Craft the signpost, place it and it asks for text input. Then the signposts appear on the map and display the text when you hover your cursor over them.
  3. It's a pretty subtle sound honestly, you might have heard it many times and didn't think it was a laugh. It's short and fairly low volume.It's like a creepy chuckle in the distance.
  4. The red bird is saying "hahaha owned noob." I hate birds.
  5. I hear it quite often, you have to go out into the darkness a bit to hear it usually.It's pretty low volume and bassy, maybe it's not as audible w/ out headphones.
  6. Agree, this guy was so excited while playing, I loved watching it.
  7. Yeah, for some reason people let their fear of freezing over take them and then say winter is boring.I do all my exploring in the winter, hunt the walrus hunting parties, and gather resources. :)A few good tips are to craft the low tier farming plots and rabbit traps around areas you go a lot, like boulder biomes, fishing spots, tree farms, etc. Plant and forget, then when you are out and need food just harvest them. I put them all over my world for wintertime.
  8. Crows are out in force during winter in real life...why remove them? They are all over here in Indiana, usually the only time I see them in great numbers is winter time.Only suggestion I can think of for you is to make the campfire go out faster while it's snowing.
  9. Want to fight a pig and not get hit? Recruit and bash his head while he's sleeping at your campfire. Or if you don't want to be a cheat, ranged weapons.
  10. I haven't seen a world without the pig king since the sanity update.
  11. It's pretty easy to get caught up with the winter threats and forget all about the old ones, until they smack you around.
  12. Day 20-35 everytime in sandbox, then 20 days and winter again. I wish spring was 20, summer was 20, No Fall, and then winter 20. The game could start in summer, but I hate winter coming again so soon after the first.
  13. Curious what you guys are doing with all your rocks...I build a 5x5 house with fully upgraded rock walls, 30x berry bushes surrounded by small rockwalls, 5x5 arena w/ fully upgraded rock walls, 2-5 beehives surrounded by small rock walls, and lastly a garden surrounded by small rock walls.After all this I don't even make a dent in the rock supply of the world. There are huge rock biomes now loaded with boulders, and rocks scattered around every wormhole, and even more boulders littered around other biomes.My games go 2-300 days before I get bored and move to another world as well.Why you need so many rocks?
  14. Hounds = use walls. They still attack walls and not you if they are in the way. Walls are now more useful, create a small fighting area, surrounded by walls, with a few traps in the openings.