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  1. This suggestion got in! Bear for everyone! (The drink, not the animal ).
  2. This is only the beggining, a lot of users will start to make profiles of all the characters and make this kind of thread....I will make Wilbur!
  3. All I ask is that the Top Hat and the other hats that restore sanity has some kind of limitation of use. This and getting crazy faster as you survive more and more days.
  4. Hey Wes, can you tell us something about the upcoming story mode?
  5. I am not saying that the strategy isn´t good, but did you know that there are more cons than pros?
  6. Well, this is fine, but Don´t Starve is not the kind of happy game, and the devs said that they wanted to make you feel alone and lost in the island.
  7. Man, just because the game is getting harder and harder, this doesn´t mean they are blocking new players, everyone was new at the game onde day, and died tons of time before getting to day 10, me myself died 4 times before hit day 14, where I died for a Werewolf. But I didn´t get mad about the game, I learned more aabout it and made different strategies to survive. I understand the game is harder than ever, but dying is an important part of the game, and you should learn from your errors, like everyone did.
  8. Kevin said in another thread that this is an addition. Path (dark thing) and roads.
  9. Hey there fellow survivors, I am here to suggest something pretty simple. We all have seen the early conecpt art of the game. In them, we found some ideas for Wilson, and one in particular, could be put in-game.Image: Perk: As you can see in the picture, the ealy Wilson would look different as the hungy meter went down, so this could be his perk in-game, the more hungrier, the more his appearance would change and the worst perfomance he would get while doing some actions (chop tree slower for example).Name: It can´t be Wilson, sooo....Wolsun? Maybe.Post you thoughts and ideas below.
  10. When he killed the deerclop and ate his eye at the end, changing the season, my mind exploded.