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[Game Update] - 297993

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  • Developer
  • Database entry revisions
  • Even more build menu linework updates
  • Non-elemental building materials (i.e. fibre) can now apply material bonuses to buildings made from them
  • Tooltips for attribute multipliers (i.e. the decor bonus from materials) now shows as a percentage correctly.
  • Fibre now has a 10% decor bonus
  • Updated artwork for Crown Moulding
  • Fabricators should correctly resume work after an operational change (i.e. power loss, flooded, etc.)
  • Changed display of recipe names for Metal Refinery
  • Regolith Meteors once again drop enough regolith to blanket the surface in a protective layer and prevent destruction of the surface. The deeper the regolith layer, the less regolith meteors will deposit, up to about 8 tiles.
  • A "full" regolith tile reduced to 1000kg from 1840kg.
  • Maximum decor value is displayed 
  • Tweaks to generated rocket names
  • Clean up some more invalid minion IDs which could lead to hard-to-track crashes.
  • Hook up more artwork for the Tall and Wide paintings
  • Telescope door sound effects added
  • Algae Terrarium interact sound effects added
  • Gas Bottle Emptier once again has gasses in the filter list
  • Updated Russian translations
  • Fix various missing strings

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I see you fixed the Exosuit Engineer Athletic buff... but I see two now, one +2 (which remains even after taking off and was the sole before) and one +6 which works as intended. Just in the unlikely event you like a save: testo.sav 



Not a hotfix which I am all giddy about but it'd be mean to expect much within a day and to begin with, it's a hotfix. Most likely I also can't quite tell how much the changes/tweaks will have, I only bet that they quite likely do. Especially the regolith shower may be balanced now or at least heading into the right direction (now if it was just not that persistent~)

Whoever uses Gas Emptiers (I do not~) must also be glad.

On a side note, the tooltip during production at least does still show some silly decor number as if the % was turned into a number (100%=1) and rounded (50%=1, 20%=0).

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7 minutes ago, Mayveena said:

Uh what copy tool? What do you need to do to see it?

You can copy settings (like you could on storage) with many different types of buildings now.  Doors, batteries, automation, production equipment.. it's pretty awesome.

Now, how about adding a way to mass-disable disinfect and auto-repair?

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and after desperately (kinda not really) searching I thought the new copy tool was pressing "B" when having selected a suitable building to copy and place its blueprint...

wait, turns out it is actually not available in the current Live Version. ("B" empties pipes there)


Not quite sure now if I should call @Ipsquiggle lazy for not writing every thing or overworked because too many things are already written...

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20 minutes ago, Nitroturtle said:

Now, how about adding a way to mass-disable disinfect and auto-repair?


It's the crapiest thing since game exists that we have to manually enable/disable these two properties (disinfect/auto-rep). Tile by tile, all the time, in all game. :)

Another my-favorite-thing, the tooltips which show off-screen, especially in Jobs-screen when you often check a duplicant stats, but you cannot, due to 70% of tooltip shows off-screen. Art, Chef, Groundskeeper job-row. Aaaand unemployed node. If a dupe sits one of these node, you will not able to check their stats. :)

I beg your pardon, I'm amazed how this developer group building this game, it's unbelievable. More "AAA-build-capable" game studios should take lessons your developing strategies and skills. 

But for me, it's a mandatory and "among-first-what-implemented" is a working tooltip system which wont show-off screen.

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Ok most buggy version for a long time, got 3 game crashes in the last ~ hour:

1. Once the game froze and then the window was just gone without any notification

(Could have to do with my idea to queue ~1500 buildings ...)

2. The game was just froze and the windows debugger kickt in.

(The game was just running without any interactions except moving the cam for over 3 cycles before it crashed)

3. Game froze and I got the normal report window

(Just loaded the game that crashed again at the last save point and let it run again)

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Is there a chance mouldings will become background objects so they dont block other objects like lights, vents, paintings and so on?

And another thought on the carpet tile:
What if it becomes a (background) tile like the mouldings but for the floor instead of the ceilings. Thus you get the decor bonus but also the attributes of the chosen tile underneath (insulation, decor, ventilation, runspeed, ...)

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If I read the regolith part right, I'm actually kinda sad there's no more urgency to get the surface destruction "handled". That was a fun mid-game goal, with the threat of losing biomes to fiery death balls...Maybe someday, they could make meteors a difficulty setting or something...

Oh well. I'll go be sad by myself...

*thumbs up* Klei. Handling these issues quick. I share Pex's sentiments...I really do love how much you care for your games, and how well you balance focusing on your players / customers, and the game itself.

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