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  1. So? The design is still solid. I had a go at something like this without the automation/shutoff which is clearly the key here. Very clever.
  2. 15 tiles from the hard border, 13 tiles from the red border or 12 from the bunker door at max height.
  3. It does work but it can get locked open. XOR performs exactly the same task and never gets locked.
  4. Ah well it seemed like you were aiming to educate people so i'd expect it to be accurate, if i were trying to learn. It's a cool idea having them split up like this and only one-two of these modules should serve as a reliable rocket detector for anyone who doesn't want the full setup.
  5. Your design has some mistakes. Almost like you haven't actually tested it. You need a XOR gate instead of a memory toggle, after the filters. Placing the space scanner with an 8 tile gap between the bunker tiles causes issues when the regolith on the edge that does not fall, blocks the scanner. Another thing to note is that if you build the bunker doors at the height limit of the map, this spacing will only give you around 70% signal quality. Just figured i should let you and others know before they try your design.
  6. So i was making an enclosed room in space, the entire area had backwall with a row of airflow tiles. As i understood, the airflow and mesh tiles were not meant to leak so i did a quick test and that was correct. However, i tested it with a mesh tile and an airflow tile and when the test was a success i replaced the mesh tile with an airflow tile. Fast forward 30 minutes when im trying to fill the room up and it seems to be leaking from where the mesh tile was located. This was the only airflow tile leaking. I was only able to find the leak by using the oxygen overlay and mousing over the airflow tiles.
  7. Long Commutes

    Just ignore it. It's not useful. If my dupes have to travel from the top to the bottom of the map, of course it's a long travel time.
  8. I'm fine with leaving the bunker doors open until it lands. However, now i need to figure out automation for keeping them open until the ship lands. I imagine i could use the scanner and a memory toggle. Off to bed now though.
  9. I always wondered one thing. Why does it consume only dirt? Why not consume fertilizer too?
  10. Gantry Automation

    Makes sense. Sounds like it's still variable then. It's about time i actually setup a scanner network, now that the off-screen bunker doors are finally fixed.
  11. Imagine if we had a water cooler that could be supplied by pipe. Allowing us to pick up liquids where we actually need it, instead of having to move the liquid storage itself, closer.
  12. I did that too however it can easily get infected if you ever dig up more slime. The farmer will go and pick up slime that's not in a chlorine room, gradually over time re-infecteing all your slimelung free slime. It happened on two worlds now, and the first time was when i learnt about the slimelung explosion. Needless to say i was a lot more careful next time.