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  1. Hey,Ive put together a walkthrough for this game. I've been playing for quite a while so i hope to guide you through either the game or the new Winters Tale update. We encounter the Deerclops, hordes of spiders and put together all the pieces of the Wooden thing (aka Teleportato). This series is fairly short, all 7 parts of ready to go.Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2pO38PdvlnwXyE8iApGirEUiH_oBIUS_I'll be releasing a new one every day for the next week so be sure to check back here or subscribe. http-~~-//youtu.be/x4wEpoRHjPw
  2. He showed up at the end of Winter for me. He arrived several times when Dusk started from Day 21-24.
  3. I found Tallbirds in my first world on Adventure mode. Took me a couple weeks to find but they're there.
  4. Ive played through to Day 31 now on my first attempt. I actually recorded my full playthrough so i'll be posting that up as a walkthrough for people to learn and to give feedback on what i encountered during Winter. Winter started on Day 12 by the way. I can honestly say it feels more difficult but Winter is boring. I don't find stopping to stand by a fire for a few seconds difficult and almost freezing to death is easy to avoid if you have logs and grass at all times. It just becomes an annoyance really.I found myself longing for normal days right up to Day 31 where i'd finally managed to find all the pieces of the Wooden Thing. Yes it really took that long! Before this update i could have all the pieces on Day 1. Overall i think this update is great but, Winter is boring and more tedious than challenging.
  5. Pretty good difficulty now!

    Shooting a guy in Borderlands 20 times instead of 10 because you're playing in co-op makes the game less fun. The term is bullet spongey. The monsters already required you to hit them a lot. ****, i can't imagine hitting a Tree Guardian for 5 minutes. That's just dumb. I guess that's why they added the new weapon and armour in the Insanity update.
  6. I lost him when i went through a wormhole. He then ran a short way from it later on and i couldn't find him until like a week later when he just randomly ran up to me from north of the wormhole i went through. Seems like he doesn't move when you're not in the area.
  7. Yeah they're really cheap to make, now that Hounds drop maybe 1 tooth per 10 hounds. You're looking at around day 30 before you even get one now.
  8. Yeah i commented on this when they made nerfs in the past.They went way overboard. Nerf player damage, nerf protection, buff monsters. Doing this all at the same time is poor for balance. Clearly they don't actually give a **** like i thought. They seemed to be toning down their mass balance changes where they double or triple nerf things. Guess not.
  9. Im glad to see you responding appropriately this time. You should always be looking for small changes to bring balance in, not big sweeping ones. I think i made a few posts about this before so i won't blabber on seeing as you got the point already Why don't you just make the resulting food equal the total amount you get from the ingredients? Oh wait, that's why they weren't stackable right? Damn well, good luck.
  10. Terrible problem

    It sounds like its crashing while saving.
  11. If you decide to come to the forums are not even read the announcement, i pity you. They said the next update is coming next week. **** why am i even telling you? You're too lazy to read.
  12. As far as i know, Beefalo are going to have a life cycle. aka Baby Beefalo
  13. Bee Honeycomb Drop Idea

    The new Map Generator has a lot more beehives than the old circular island generator.