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  1. I don't know what was so bad about the original system that it needed an overhaul. New players still struggled a lot with it and now it's more RNG and counter-intuitive for no real reason.
  2. How much heat gets added to Petroleum if that's what you're using to exceed 400C? I guess it can't exceed 538C so it doesn't really matter. I'm curious what happens when the output tank is full and you try and use the refinery. I'll be trying something like this on my next colony so thanks for posting.
  3. My steam vent is eaten!

    The prefabs have absolutely zero value and only get in the way. When you consider that they can overwrite important stuff too it's just frustrating.
  4. Alright, don't break what isn't broken. Maybe now you get my point.
  5. Don't fix what isn't broken -.-
  6. Dupes need to go to the rec room if idle for a few seconds. Actually kind of annoying because they all tend to hang out next to the exo suit dock breathing all the oxygen in the same place.
  7. Industrial accidents

    When is the plumbing job going to work when deconstructing? Pretty dumb what you have to do to empty a pipe before deconstructing it.
  8. Starting temperature on a block that doesn't have much thermal capacity and won't transfer the heat anyway? Yeah i'm sticking with igneous rock. Don't get me wrong. I start with sandstone, but it doesn't stay forever.
  9. Going over 20kw

    You'd hit the 20kw with 5 large transformers if they could use 4kw to fill batteries. If there's no batteries on their output line it should be fine to have 10 large transformers. That's basically your limit per main power grid.
  10. What are you even talking about... Yes that is how i play. That's what i just explained. What part of that explanation is me being better at everything "I guess"? If you're trying to dismiss a valid strategy because you'd rather fail, lol. If you're trying to insult me for playing logically, lol. I don't get it. What are you even trying to say?
  11. The game needs more than 2 germs and they need to be able to stack.
  12. What progress? Taking jobs you don't have the morale for, which stresses out your dupes is called "rushing". You have infinite time in game so the only reason to rush would be if you have limited real time. I would rather take my time and not cause stress instead of causing stress and then having to deal with stress. See how that works?