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  1. Transit Tubes

    If you could just bridge over them, there'd be no issue.
  2. That's so dumb. I've had it happen 3 times and thought the oil well was the only nearby source of water, but i'm still amazed.
  3. Speaking of obstacles, i find geysers to be the main one to worry about.
  4. I think that's Earth and you can't go there. Read the description it says "so and so is blocking travel here"
  5. I like around 30-40kg per tile minimum.
  6. You'd need 100 carbon skimmers to deal with it all. I think that's the point they're making.
  7. Knew it! I'd say it's worth keeping like 10 cycles default. Even if i never use them.
  8. Just curious, because i'm lazy, but does it just deselect your tool temporarily during the autosave?
  9. Just curious but is there a valid reason for stacks to be limited to 25t? When you can have millions of a resource in world, isn't splitting them into small stacks only a bad idea?
  10. Where dupes die? Not sure what you mean.
  11. What's it for anyway? Always wondered.
  12. I'm the same. I use them for a temporary break in to an area i'll be sealing up. Setting up a full V liquid lock is a pain to clean up unless you make them with multiple liquids, but they're 100% reliable.
  13. I get you. I was there too at first. However what drove me insane more was carving out huge storage areas all the time. Such a waste of good real estate lol.