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  1. This is still an issue. It happens with constant power too. It always skips the first packet in a series.
  2. While nobody is talking about it as an issue, when small packets of gas float onto a tile like CO2 or natural gas (etc), they stop the plant growing. Even if there's a majority of good air pressure right next to it. I can see room for this feature if maybe it checks one tile above as well and build in an exception for waterweed because it only needs to check one tile.
  3. America is the only place that puts the month before the day. Plus logically, the scale goes upwards from day to month to year. Or are you going to argue that we should put the minutes then the hours then the seconds?
  4. I'm glad it does this actually. More problems to solve in certain situations
  5. Alright so i've been struggling to find the source for the last two days, of why my clean water supply keeps getting so many germs in it. It's all centered around my polluted water cleaning system. I use a steam turbine room and throw the polluted water in there. The germs die off rapidly and i'm barely adding any germs in at a given time. YET why does cleaning a full tank of 25 million food poisoning germs (polluted water) turn into 800m food poisoning germs in my water storage? I decided to add a water purifier in between to kill off germs beforehand, which made no difference. Now i'm putting in water and turning it into steam. 25k food poisoning germs per packet. Most of it is killed off before the steam turbine activates. Now after watching it closely, look at what i see in the steam output pipe... There's many sections of pipe like this. All with 2kg of water at 95C and an insane amount of germs. Germs that absolutely could never have existed in any capacity. 1 BILLION germs did not go into that box, never mind multiple billions. Not when each 10kg has only 25,000 germs. This kind of system should be completely viable. I don't think it should be completely clean of germs but the math is clearly beyond broken. After further observation, this appears to happen independently of any new germ input. The germ count would only get insane when the germ count got low in the steam. No germs came out during the steam turbine's activity until the germ count was low. Hopefully this helps you track down the issue. This whole thing feels like a feedback loop. Save file: The Impenetrable Paradise.zip
  6. I find that the cause is dupes taking the delivery task before the sweeper.
  7. So i was making an enclosed room in space, the entire area had backwall with a row of airflow tiles. As i understood, the airflow and mesh tiles were not meant to leak so i did a quick test and that was correct. However, i tested it with a mesh tile and an airflow tile and when the test was a success i replaced the mesh tile with an airflow tile. Fast forward 30 minutes when im trying to fill the room up and it seems to be leaking from where the mesh tile was located. This was the only airflow tile leaking. I was only able to find the leak by using the oxygen overlay and mousing over the airflow tiles.
  8. Great work. However i was wondering if there'd be any changes to where dupes drop items when they get called to have a break or go to sleep. Especially in transit tubes but also just in general. The amount of times dupes just drop items and you find them at the bottom of ladders is quite high and if you combine that with them dropping items while inside transit tubes, you end up with items in some very peculiar and annoying places.
  9. Wow such game breaking issues. Totally worth making a new account and whining.
  10. You could never do that. You can replace tiles but not wires or pipes. If you're replacing wires with conductive wires or pipes with insulated pipes, that works, and still works. However you could never do what you're suggesting.
  11. It happens even if you move the screen and not the mouse.
  12. This update is feeling really stable. I hope you guys can track down the issues with rockets disappearing before release.