[Game Update] - 297993

Release Date: 12/04/2018

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • Database entry revisions
  • Even more build menu linework updates
  • Non-elemental building materials (i.e. fibre) can now apply material bonuses to buildings made from them
  • Tooltips for attribute multipliers (i.e. the decor bonus from materials) now shows as a percentage correctly.
  • Fibre now has a 10% decor bonus
  • Updated artwork for Crown Moulding
  • Fabricators should correctly resume work after an operational change (i.e. power loss, flooded, etc.)
  • Changed display of recipe names for Metal Refinery
  • Regolith Meteors once again drop enough regolith to blanket the surface in a protective layer and prevent destruction of the surface. The deeper the regolith layer, the less regolith meteors will deposit, up to about 8 tiles.
  • A "full" regolith tile reduced to 1000kg from 1840kg.
  • Maximum decor value is displayed 
  • Tweaks to generated rocket names
  • Clean up some more invalid minion IDs which could lead to hard-to-track crashes.
  • Hook up more artwork for the Tall and Wide paintings
  • Telescope door sound effects added
  • Algae Terrarium interact sound effects added
  • Gas Bottle Emptier once again has gasses in the filter list
  • Updated Russian translations
  • Fix various missing strings

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