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  1. is it new that ctrl+q with debug enable tells all duplicants to go to the place your mouse is set?
  2. the zombie spores are still in the game, i think its just not fully implemented or it might have been scraped but the disease name didnt changed
  3. when looking at the long hair slickster there is a line at their neck, it goes away then comes back as it moves it also shows up for normal slicksters and the molten slickster as they move
  4. its temp art for the stand of the rocket, the rocket is still in space
  5. you can go into the games files and change the world side, you just have to make it even so if you double the size of the x axis you have to double the size of the y axis 2X.yaml here is a world gen option for 2X the size of the normal world, just put it in steam/steamapps/common/oxygennotincluded/oxygennotincluded_data/streamingassets/worldgen/worlds you need debug enabled to play the world it will be in the debug world options
  6. i agree with the dupe, when i saw my hedgehog give birth i almost blacked out
  7. found some old artwork from the ranching upgrade 2