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  1. i dont think the mini map is in the game but i think the ctrl 1,2,3 things already in the game, it might be different controls but i dont remember them
  2. i think the mods should be like DST mods where you can select all the mods on a world so you dont have to remember every single one for each save i also think it would be better if it tells you what mods have been disable or added before loading a save
  3. i think the theme song (at 0:21) should be in the full game like the "little theme songs" im talking about the 3 songs that dont change up depending on what ever you are doing in the game, or maybe making it where it does(wink, wink.) this could be like one of the little things that klei adds to the main screen every update, but instead its a song
  4. i wonder if they will change the zombie spores to something like this or just keep it the spores
  5. Kill your dupes

    this is extremely dark
  6. being able to put walls behind gas flow and mesh tiles
  7. Lagging Savant Industries

    (same here)
  8. [Game Update] - 324933

    is it new that ctrl+q with debug enable tells all duplicants to go to the place your mouse is set?
  9. the zombie spores are still in the game, i think its just not fully implemented or it might have been scraped but the disease name didnt changed
  10. i think it would be cool if you start as a space station, then meteors that go past your ship can be mined to get resources to continue growing and surviving
  11. i think it should also have a better effect then steel like not taking in heat so you dont generate heat from crashing meteors
  12. it would be cool if algae could float on top of water and consume water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen like real algae the longer the algae is there the bigger the amount of algae could get. once the algae gets big enough it could become a tile and block stuff and take up more resources while producing oxygen and getting rid of carbon, this could be a problem for water sources, but also a way to produce large amounts of oxygen at early game while getting rid of carbon dioxide also you can think of this with the idea light included so algae will only grow when a light or shine bug is around this could also add the idea of different types of algae like red algae which grows when algae is in polluted areas causing more sickness and the player needing to be more careful with their water yes i accidentally posted this idea in the general discussion forums and copied it here