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  1. you guys think they will ever remake the texture for the printing pod? i think there is a little chance because it does not look futuristic (im talking about how it looks like a bunch of sheets of metal were added together) and they have changed the portal in dst
  2. [Game Update] - 290261

    can someone please explain how to recharge the neural vacillator?
  3. i thought this was already in the game
  4. they start when you find them, but if you click backspace and unlock debug mode on a save they all become active, same with gysers, temp, gas, liquid
  5. Sanbox to Survival

    nope, same with debug when its on the world gets more laggy because it revels the entire map that you cant see
  6. agreed if they do add this in or have an idea about it i would rather them fix the game first
  7. Dense Puft

    dont think so if you just keep it in the livable range or at the normal temp should just happen
  8. Dense Puft

    tame a lone puff, then get a puff prince , put it in a oxygen room wait in till it lays another egg and it should be dense
  9. when dupes have a large area they can fly in with jet packs the navigation causes Hugh amounts of waves
  10. [Game Update] - 289453

    thought it was only me, maybe the last printer pod destroyed their brains and this update was a fix for it
  11. [Game Update] - 289453

    can some one make a mod for the other polluted oxygen color, it looked so cool
  12. im talking about those floors btw it would be cool to have a four tile high room but acting like a five tile but this floor would come with a debuff it will have to have struts to keep it up or it will brake and every thing on it will brake on it as well
  13. [Game Update] - 288927

    it changed in the new update that came out its a blue print for rockets now