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  1. [Challange] Male VS Female

    looks fun!
  2. why does the small plant have an animation then, but not now?
  3. Dupe-A-Day!

    i agree with the dupe, when i saw my hedgehog give birth i almost blacked out
  4. The Pyramid Scheme

    i can do that if you want me too, i just need what you want the worlds name to be here you go, i can redo it with a different name or sandbox off if you want here is the map test.sav, if you do use it, add dupes, save, then load the game to the save and the colony lost notification will go away
  5. Dupe-A-Day!

    found some old artwork from the ranching upgrade 2
  6. The Pyramid Scheme

    hows the map going?
  7. if you change the surface and space it will not change comets crashing into your meteor so that wont change(you wont get the in space notification if you change the background btw), but like @The Flying Fox said if two byomes are beside each other with the same color background it will get rid of the abyssalite or granite border, so every thing will be fine if you have every byome different colors, also if you change the space background you dont have to worry about anything getting sucked into space so be prepared to deal with heat
  8. Ever wanted to play oxygen not included but with the original "cooled" colors like this? Now you can to a degree if you want to change the games background colors you can change the settings in the games files [if you continue to read to find out how and follow the steps i recommend backing up your game files so in case you want to return every thing to normal or it messes with your game(which it should not do if done correctly)but you can also just verify files and it will reset it all] step 1 you will need notepad++ (its free) which can be used to code in games or other stuff (website to download notepad++) step 2 go to program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/OxygenNotIncluded/OxygenNotIncluded_Data/StreamingAssets/worldgen/subworlds step 3 open all the YAML files with notepad++ step 4 on notepad++ scroll to the bottom of the files and you will find something like this in any file the zonetype is the color background , if you want to change this color in that byome, copy the name of the byome color you want and past it over the past zonetype color before after you have to make a new game to get the backgrounds to change because this is in the world generator files hope that if you want to change the backgrounds this helped and if you need more help just ask
  9. [Game Update] - 297993

    thank you for the new copy tool
  10. im always paranoid of running out of copper ore for exosuits
  11. maybe it was or is going to be used to tie up mad dups that would brake buildings so they can calm down
  12. maybe it could be a thing where you put the same sensor beside it and the number can be bigger
  13. i think they take a lot from suggestions they just dont tell anyone they did auto digger they added my suggestion of having an auto digger
  14. you guys think they will ever remake the texture for the printing pod? i think there is a little chance because it does not look futuristic (im talking about how it looks like a bunch of sheets of metal were added together) and they have changed the portal in dst