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  1. Aquatuner Upgrade

    It is perfectly logical to think that setting out a block of ice will make it melt, doesn't happen in antartica, why? location location location, for these purposes the location is fictional, therefore logic is not necessarily applicable, and real life has absolutely no bearing what so ever thus your argument is fallacious and self serving... but thats just my opinion
  2. personally I think the checkpoint was made for this, put a checkpoint before the door to the emptying room, dupe hits checkpoint, waits, door closes, I would run the check point off the door using a not gate with a filter maybe....
  3. Super Computer Glitch

    My horse is 7 hands high, my fence is 6 feet tall, which is supposed to be 2 yards but my yard is bigger than average I guess....XD atleast no one I know of uses furlongs anymore 660 feet, 220 yards, 40 rods, or 10 chains and I don't know whose rods or chains to use for this basis so I give up
  4. switch battery replaces transformer with a wall effect, but it protects the power supply side not the usage side since its the load the causes damage. You can run effectively 10kw on 1kw wire supplying switched battery packs, load sides exceeding 1kw require appropriate wire
  5. doesn't the terrarium basically do this?
  6. water clock resolution dependent on design, using a vertical water column would provide shorter duration(per row) but higher resolution
  7. file a bug report please, there was a similar issue with outhouses set to priority 1, dupes would drop everything to clean them like they were at priority 10 most often seemed to happen on save/load at the time @mathmanican the airflow vacuum tile prevents building contents from interacting with the floor should have no discernable impact on batteries unless battery metal is being counted as a content.....
  8. so a ui like compactors that when you click sweep lets you select what to sweep make a topic in suggestions about it unless you are inviting discussion, in which case, I like this idea, its a nice idea, you should make a suggestion about it.
  9. its based on where they are when they start the task so the compactor they are near when they drop the granite off is the one that gets the next delivery as well. A cheap way of limiting access across the map is to gate it behind multiple exosuit transfers, I don't think delivery tasks work past 1 or 2 exosuit checkpoints
  10. put the door under just the right side of the building, put the mesh tile under the left side..... should help solve both problems at the same time
  11. is water oxidized hydrogen or hydrolyzed oxygen? real world math doesn't apply to the video game.....
  12. its likely 8x the atomic count to result in the same grammage, grams are grams, they don't care about "counts" as weight isn't a measure of quantity per se
  13. it sounds like your line is bridged over your valve, you can not insert a shut off into an existing line, you have to create a break then bridge the gap with the shut off to force the fluid through the shut off and not let it flow past
  14. and if you built a series of steps from the geyser to the pool and from pool to pool you might be surprised by the results.