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  1. The idea was to only get charged for filtering any given packet 1 time. Filters are buildings and have building rules attached to them, and that kinda sucks for this set up.
  2. timer inlet, automation outlet,
  3. Dupes give up on life

    what are your system specs? dxdiag please?
  4. And if you move a sleeping, trapped dupe they work till exhausted
  5. or on the overlay its displaying a symbol or the letter from the PToE
  6. dump it after every bar made, its a known bug fixed in the next update according to redmine
  7. abys tunnels take some serious time to carve out, though I agree if they were only 2blocks thick it would do what you suggest while still keeping thermal buffers in place.
  8. I don't know how linux steam works, does yours have this option?
  9. Hot Plastic

    Needs a bigger vat of liquid imo, but Zarquan is also correct
  10. Hot Plastic

    I build my petrol press in an ice biome sitting on mesh tiles partially submerged in pwater, the plastic that falls onto the floor is then fighting with several hundred tons of material
  11. Thermo Aquatuner

    Put your aquatuner in liquid
  12. Slime Harvesting

    I use 2 tiles because pwater sublimates over time I use pwater because it falls right out of the biome, slime is super light per block and your only getting Half that when you mine it. I use pIce to cool the the PWater in the storage tank only, mine it from ice biome, I had mine set up as part of an water/ice recycler. I was using the pwater to store and degerm slime, was using the ice to cool an aquatuner, and when that melted it dumped its water down onto the pwater, warming the pwater but refreezing the water into pickable ice, not mined, so 100% constant coolant transfer. The underwater storage works because the weight of the water is easily normally too much for slime to vent, just the danger case when its very small amount of water. It def works faster than a weezie as its about mass vs mass and degerming necessity vs Everything
  13. so put this valve on the nat gas feed to a storage tank, with the power fail bypass leading to a gene. Anytime power down, gene on.
  14. a brain and a morb

    your crossing terms, there is an apparent brain in the vacillator, there is a Brain in every dupe, so really they need to reword it, each building can be vacillated once, each dupe however, can be vacillated multiple times.