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  1. The hydrogen comes from the electrolizer, it convers 1000g/s water into 883g/s O2 and 117g/s H. the most a gene uses is 100/s while running at full capacity. Using smart batteries makes them run even less often, saving more hydrogen. With my current power consumption I could feed a 3rd gene and either split up my bases power grid or start building a backbone station, or start a special project. any liquid except ph20 should work, the trick is to over fill the bottom square just enough the liquid barely rises into the top square. Do this so that less than 2kg of liquid are in this top (vent) square and you can use a normal vent. using a pitcher pump for filling the vent box will help you get the fine tuning down because the moment you uncheck that box it drops the bottle and quits dripping. If you can't get it that finely tuned you will need the HP vent and then will have to keep the liquid in the vents square under 20k I had actually typed up this answer earlier when you first asked then got sidetracked by the problem with my savefile not working. sorry
  2. yes eruption period is a daily expectation while active, active period are the number of days active across a spread
  3. I know the feeling. You can reply without quoting, and even just quote snippets by highlighting and clicking the little pop up You can skip quoting all together by scrolling to the bottom and just hitting reply. If you want to make sure a particular player gets notified type the @ symbol and start typing their name a popup will appear with a list of options so you can tag someone. Generally speaking though thats only necessary in a new post that the person isn't already a part of the conversation. The forum uses circles for new topics, and stars for new posts in convos your already part of. at this point if I abandon a base its either because I get bored with it or someone dies in a way I can't prevent by going backwards in time (loading old saves) but I've been playing for months and learning from multiple sources and staying current with the changes by playing the preview build
  4. igneous being in the water cools the statue below evaporation, being in the air carries that cold up into the air.
  5. Why is the map smaller ?

    I believe there are 2 reasons the maps feel smaller. 1) familiarity, its no longer as much :exploring the unknown: 2) that edge. When you scroll left/right now it blocks the cameras edge at the map edge. I don't think it was doing that before tubular but I'm not 100% sure, this is just my opinion.
  6. Cooling the steam geyser Makes plastic slowly but steadily worry free My central base. The power grid. Hydrogen fuels everything right now, but not everything is allowed to run at once. Namely I only run crusher/loom when not researching and I don't normally run crusher and loom at same time. I dumped the last of my starting water into my geyser tank to quick cool it. its between 30 and 50 c now depending on where in the tank you sample. before it was over 70c in the tank and climbing towards 80 :/ as for my rediculous amount of food, I'm only growing the berries everything else is free range. By not farming these upper teir foods I just have to maintain atmospheric conditions. Using them as a supplement resulted in an overabundance. I started out with 20 mealwood plants then build a garden of 15 bristles, then rebuild the mealwood garden to hold more bristles, then progressed to this. It was an evolution over time.
  7. poke around my save file a bit. I didn't do the bathroom route I went the cool steam vent route
  8. Antigravity System.sav if you plumb it directly to the plants, no problems other than a little heat bleed (seive outputs at a constant 40C, 10C above plants comfort zone)
  9. yes, but thats a lot of heat to deal with. Short answer is statues and weezeworts. Plumb with abysalite and delete the liquids heat with buildings like seives and electrolizers or use the heat to sterilize germy water.
  10. 12 tiles per critter, vertical or horizontal, its the "room count" that counts for hatchs atleast.
  11. Why is the map smaller ?

    not as far as I can tell any attemnpts I've made to shrink the map below 256x caused crashes.
  12. plumb bathrooms, piped toilets put out more than they take in. If you keep it in pipes, germs have no impact on pretty much anything I ran them to so piping bathroom to itself through a seive on a loop gives extra water over time. Alternately look for water geysers. You can also take the pwater from the n-geysers and filter it. Algae distillers make p-water you can sieve then run through bathroom to convert slimelung to foodpoisoning before running to electros. Food poisoning is harmless in the air.
  13. the vent out is in oil, its not a pump the total oil in that space (top and bottom combined) is 870kg oil no pump just a vent outlet. The gas tiles stop the oil from moving left right, when gas comes into the vent the oil squeezes down into one square below the vent letting the gas out into the room. Then the oil fills back into the vents square stopping it from seeing how much gas is in the room, letting you fill the room with infinite gas pressure
  14. jobs set priority to ultra high if you have jobs set to auto-priority. The Job-Priority screen (with all the arrows) takes highest priority any which way you spin it as it also shows the wrench(job) icons. The hidden rules, in my experience, change from distance(adv) to pure sub-priority for determining next task
  15. They are using liquid trick to keep vent from seeing air pressure. When NG enters space, oil goes down, ng goes left, oil comes back up.