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  1. Do you research any advanced tech with is requier advanced research at this moment? I mean exactly at this moment in research tab shuld be advanced tech in progress, not only selected after basic research.
  2. Who will remuve CO2 in this way, en?
  3. Well nice brick base So, I almost finish my battleship, was afk for 3 hours and it's self operating by dublicants w/o my interaction. Now only weapons needed to blow up neutronium field.
  4. Hehehe, not sure if I have save of my pre--pre-pre-previus base I'm not saving for a long period of time there.
  5. Saw many bases, huge bases, and I've got my own huge square kind base such a large box with people inside, and it runs for 2000+ cycles and after all I start thinking about some thing else...
  6. Made little movie especially for you:
  7. Horisontal position Mechanized Airlock didn't working as it should, the dublicants can't pass it by in any direction if you select personal permission to let go in one way in Mechanized Airlock permission menu. Here is the movie to clearly understand the problem: Mechanized Airlock Bug.sav
  8. Just make sure that you not spent all poluted water on plants, or you'll be lack of natural gas and power after all.
  9. Medicine 9! :D

    You still think so?
  10. Air scrubber stop working at all after some idle, when it have power, water input and output but there is no CO2 to consume, but when CO2 apier airscrubber didn't start working, like there is no CO2. There is only one way to solve this - deconstruct and construct airscrubber again all the time. Disable/eneble didn't help, save/load the game too. I've movie for you watch it and you'll see what I mean: air scrubber.sav
  11. After being constructed hydrofan need water, and when colonist bring water and put it in, hydrofan just consume it and show's nothing was stored. If colonist deconstruct hydrofan, all collected water will drop in a bottle, after each delivery bottle will contain +100 kg of water. Here is the movie about this bug and save file: Hydrofanbug.sav Hydrofanbug.sav
  12. Medicine 9! :D

    well, you won't be able to increase your disease resistance, the only way to get mr. stinky with 90% disease resistance, And yeah - when you produce pills your colonist increase tinkering skill. So I start the game with three strongest (stro +5 or more) colonists who have good disease resistance (+7 or more).
  13. Never saw this before. Very rare dupe with 9 medicine.