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  1. Lead should be this color: █████████ Aluminium should be this color: █████████ Copper also should be this color: █████████
  2. This is game release and we still have this problem for more than one year! Pilots just need to trigger rocket, is this situation will be for ever or there will be some changes? This is exploit!!! Can developers do something with that? Some kind of pilot rest timer until he can be ready for next launch? Or at least - rocket won't launch until pilot leave it?
  3. autosave draw-everywhere is back

    same here, some times you can draw half of the map especially in space biome
  4. Restarted two weeks ago after one year or so, now cycle 1100 so it's game relise and I expect some fixes and normal game optimization, but still have lags, crashes every 20 cycles after cycle 1000 is like normal situation, half rocket comming back like it was year ago, dance of death still exist, new content made game much easier, most problem is lags, you can't even normally build any thing not on pause. Now I thinking about to wait one more year, or it's I suppose will be dead project. Last thing that kill me is half rocket still coming back and oxylite loading into rocket, still so much bugs with that, dupes coming for oxylite drop it muve it back to not existing roket then start dance of death and at the same time you looking on 5 fps sceen, with is killing your ideas about any new desings.
  5. How to make a door in a gun barrel? -Why? I don't know, I just have doors every where why not just place them into gun barrel too? - Cause it's danger! .... - Why not just place bunker tiles under rocket? Because I got regolith and it will borrow rocket... - Are you sure? No never done this before... Also I need to remuve and place pilot in my rocket every time... - Why? It's not nessary, just place him once and that's it! I just like to do that, another problem is uncomfortable to put pants over my head, any solution? - I see. sorry can't help you.
  6. [Game Update] - 29998

    There is no space mats. Not even suits possible to make. No rockets.
  7. [Game Update] - 29998

    Have you played Helicona?
  8. [Game Update] - 29998

    Decor building? We lack of it.
  9. [Game Update] - 299241

    So before that food was with bullets? So dupes are bulletproof?
  10. [Game Update] - 297993

    use petroleum not p.water