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  1. This was installed on cycle 50 and employs a not-gate gas ejector, It's caused me 0 issues. It was designed that way. Nothing involved in it's operating process will break it. The only thing that stops this thing from working not having water... I would wager 99% of things in ONI don't randomly break. There is a reason they break you just have to dig deep enough. If you completely understand where the drawbacks are and design your system accordingly, then your things won't "randomly" break.
  2. So, basically using a mesh tile to force liquid into a state which can interact with it's surroundings. Seems simple enough. Haven't really bothered to delve into more advanced liquid / gas mechanics until recently...hence my ignorance.
  3. I do want to point out (though you may already know, other's may not) A not gate is still pretty useful for diverting all other fluids (or gases if using a gas system) *but* the one you are interested in. Basically reversing the typical use of the shutoff / sensor combination. The latency is low enough to not cause any problems. This flips the typical drawback of the shutoff valve, such that, if your desired element backs up, everything gets diverted. This means you will not have un-wanted material flowing by your shutoff. On the other hand, your desired material will be diverted as well, but the drawback is now more easily solve-able with a loop. I used this mechanic in my SPOM design, and it was pretty handy. See example :
  4. Interesting idea. At least one major thing that's outdated is wheezes though. Gotta feed 'em phosphorite now. Might be able to use some corner tile trickery to get a dupe or sweeper to feed 'em while still trapped in the hydrogen pocket. The core concept seems interesting to me, and I like learning as many mechanics as possible. The design itself probably holds no real use to me in a play-through though. Unfortunately I'd have to see how blob cooling works and watch the interaction of it myself to get the point. If there was a more abstract demo on the method, I'd better be able to understand it's usefulness.
  5. OP takes one look at those screenshots and goes...
  6. Yeah, it probably looks bigger than it really is. (dad joke...) I didn't think it was too big. Stripping everything else away leaves us with : If I did some re-arranging of the valve location and used conductive wire, I could probably shrink this a little bit more. I guess this was more of a proof of concept. I never planned on using this myself...but as I look at it, I'm becoming more attracted to what it's giving me for the minimal effort / brainpower spent to set it up. I'm really not a big fan of implementing long-term systems too early. To me, a long-term system is one that gets put in, and stays in. I am truly sick of ripping out *complex* contraptions that become obsolete once space-age materials are acquired. This one is simple, and would take the dupes less than a cycle to tear out. If i were truly to go long-term with crude-oil, it would be with a sour gas condenser.
  7. Neat, well thought out design. Good usage [abuse] of game mechanics. Seems a little gamey to me, [i personally] would probably not make use of something like this... Also, the shape you made with it kinda bugs me...
  8. I use the dupe priorities tab and keep most of my jobs at 5. If it's something I want to emphasize, I'll stick it at 6, but that's rather rare. If it's something I need to pay attention to for a short time or something I want all dupes to work on at once, then I'll prio 9 it. Stuff like sketchy digging/building where I know a dupe is gonna try to drown itself, or hauling steel to the top of space for bunkers. Also use the 99 88 77 66 55 priority for deconstructing horizontal ladder scaffolds or flooring... For vertical ladders : 9 9 9 8 8 8 etc...
  9. Well, that's typical. Oh well, thanks for the heads up. Least I hardly use farms for anything anyway...
  10. oxygen not included multiplayer

    @QuQuasar Title of first colony got a solid laugh outta me. So I read through, and laughed some more. Well played sir. The first step to a hilarious play-through is having a ridiculous name for it.
  11. True. Though I did finalize my post. Unfortunately I had a bit of an oversight and had to flip my design plan to favor cycling petroleum immediately, instead of using crude up front...Had to put my post back in piecemeal. If you corner tile in some diamond windows and add a standalone steam turbine, you can stick a steel pump back into the pool in ~ 2-3 cycles, and get some power back from the steam turbine.
  12. I like your designs as well, I thought the concept of using critter cooling was interesting and hilarious. It also seemed pretty darn good, especially with shove vole eggs. As for non-scanner automation. I assume you kept track of 10 Cycle Angry times vs. 4 Cycle peace times? I've seen it mentioned, and it seemed interesting, but I never got around to it. What threw me off was the fact that breaks and meteor shower duration were a randomized range of values....and that was annoying to someone trying to optimize their solar power.