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  1. Ice not melting in water

    it just takes time. Be patient.
  2. Should guarantee shimmering for wolframite/tungsten.
  3. [Game Update] - 359645

    Can you fix the ready to land notification like the skill notification? Mine never seem to go away.
  4. Cooling in space

    I pump excess gas next to things I want to cool in space with 3-6 temp shift plates around. Seems to work fine. 6x6
  5. They can't open POI doors without a platform to stand on in front of the door. Remove the ladder and put a place to stand. I had the same problem 6x6
  6. Mesh and airflow tiles still show space behind them even though they don't let gas escape. Its a bit confusing for new players.
  7. The same planet is displayed multiple times on the star map at 4k resolution. See screenshot.
  8. Did you deconstruct anything of steel inside a wall/floors? I get material stuck in closed rooms alot when I deconstruct pipes, vents, automation and wires in the walls/floor. 6x6
  9. Squirrel is right. Box it in for now. Later on you can use it for heat and free oxygen/clay.
  10. Create a tub of water to run radiant gas pipes carrying your oxygen through them. Much more stable temp once the water gets the temp you want. Run the coolant through the tub with radiant liquid pipes in an endless loop. You can get a very stable temp for you oxygen output. 6x6
  11. Cooling on Aboria

    Early on I put an aquatuner in a tub of polluted/salt water and then cool a heat sink that I run a water cooling loop through. You can also create an isolated cool room with icy makes & Ice fans for your food production and leave the rest of the living area hotter. I never put an machinery in the living/growing area. Put it outside sealed off with insulated tiles. You can last for hundreds of cycles this way.
  12. Mod Loader is acting up horribly

    You can push escape and avoid the restart button and play. Still a pain but stops the endless loop
  13. A tuned steam turbine running at full power appears to only output 850kw, when it should output 1275.
  14. Any changes since last beta patch ?
  15. When ranching shove voles they will burrow into a freshly created tile of regolith. Auto Miners dig up the block and the shove voles remain "burrowed" into nothing. They never come out to feed unless you re wrangle them. The Merry Shack.sav