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  1. Any changes from the final testing branch?
  2. They use different formulas for calculating heat transfer. Insulated tiles use the lower value, non insulated tiles use the average.
  3. You can tune up steam turbines and in most places it shows a 1275 max output, however its not actually outputting 1275. Its only outputting 850. You can observe this by hovering over the turbine itself and by looking at power production vs consumption. This power overlay (Shot #1) appears to show them having a max of 1275. The power detail of a wire appears to show them outputting 1275. The total Production appears to show them producing 1275. Production appears higher than consumption, however the batteries and still loosing charge quickly. It appears everything thinks it can produce 1275, but the algorithm that determines actual output is capped at 850. Perfect Crew.sav
  4. Can you fix the ready to land notification like the skill notification? Mine never seem to go away.
  5. Mesh and airflow tiles still show space behind them even though they don't let gas escape. Its a bit confusing for new players.
  6. The same planet is displayed multiple times on the star map at 4k resolution. See screenshot.
  7. Did you deconstruct anything of steel inside a wall/floors? I get material stuck in closed rooms alot when I deconstruct pipes, vents, automation and wires in the walls/floor. 6x6
  8. You can push escape and avoid the restart button and play. Still a pain but stops the endless loop
  9. A tuned steam turbine running at full power appears to only output 850kw, when it should output 1275.
  10. When ranching shove voles they will burrow into a freshly created tile of regolith. Auto Miners dig up the block and the shove voles remain "burrowed" into nothing. They never come out to feed unless you re wrangle them. The Merry Shack.sav
  11. I am having the same problem with gas in radiant gas pipes. Its not cooling. Hopefully the fix is for both types.
  12. The grooming stations, sheering stations, and fertilizer stations aren't recognizing they are in their proper rooms. See screen/save. Interesting issues: 1) The two farms are duplicates, yet the bottom one doesn't have the warning. 2) When I push F11 they all are classified correctly. 3) Dupes can still use them as it they are in the proper room. Phlegm-Coated Spaceprison.sav
  13. Hospital.sav