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  1. After some playtime with 3 different colonies reaching a stable food supply: Not sure if it´s just my (overautomated) playstyle or intended, but I only visit my 2. planetoid after my first one is "running stable". [And I mean could run overnight without me watching, stable.] => It feels like starting a new game to hop to a new planetoid, while my first one is just running to slow my game down without adding any additional fun to my game experience.
  2. To be honest I would prefer playing the non-DLC map with the new buildings/research(/traits) over the multi asteroid approach. => My current goal is to find an abusable mechanic and build a large contraption. [Which in itself doesn´t require multi asteroids ...]
  3. User-friendly != fun [I mostly play this game to tinker with builds or construct some "innovativ" stuff. Just plopping in a row of "pre build/adjusted" buildings doesn´t scream fun to me.]
  4. Thank you for contributing @Darryl000999 , but a bit more information about why you like/dislike this seed would be helpful. Most of us don´t choose their seeds by the same criteria, so providing some noteworthy information is crucial. More about SWMP-c-139911754-XX :
  5. Sounds so easy and solves all early issues, but my late game (non dlc) bases run up to 24 schedules [My max was 26 ...] => Sorting schedules by asteroids would be awesome [Or even something I would go out of the way and use a mod for]
  6. I´ve done that and might do it again, but it doesn´t add anything new compared to beeing lazy and just building a box around every geyser^^ [And I like tinkering with stuff so having a geyser to (ab)use after my base is already sustainable sounds more fun to me than not having that option later.] Most of them are not worth mentioning and will be completed regardless if you care or not. But beeing a completionist, it buggs me to see a failed achievement looking at my colony summary. => I adapted the habit of dedicating the first 100 cycles to this task
  7. If I go for efficiency in a late game base, having a lower skill cap let´s me treat the duplicant like if he can´t do the task at all. [Like only a grease monkey can make refining gold amalgam energy postive ...] But with the current system your duplicants starting skill will be raised to compensate for a bad trait (and the traits seem weighted): => It introduces a new layer of planning regarding early and late game duplicants/traits
  8. Just my 2 Cent: I would love a slug morph to fill a long existing gap (at least for me). Turning refined metal back into "ore". [If with or without power consumption doesn´t bother me.]
  9. I always settled for 2 friges to achieve this, using different priorities to get a signal before all my storage was full.
  10. For me: Set all setting to the worst option (hunger, stress and germs) Do all colony achievements [At least for me the only "critical" part is to complete the "carnivore" achievement.]
  11. I like this idea for late game rocketry, but I would vote for an entire "artifical intellegence driven rocket nose cone". [An unaccessible nose cone without the hussle of decorating each late game cargo rocket.]
  12. One rule I enforce most of the time and would love to become part of the base game would be: Only offer/print duplicants matching a specific skill chosen before I embark. [Like just biohazardous or mouthbreather duplicants if you want some pain, or all with diver lungs if you want. Diver lungs + deep diver lungs (neural vascilator) could enable whole new rocket concepts ...] PS: I just noticed I play like "ironman" mode already, just (ab)using my last save game to reload if I´ve done something horrible wrong. [The only thing which made me reload a base at an early time was me using "alt+q" without noticing and disabling achievements^^]
  13. My current playground won it´s position through the nice icebiome placement: - 5/6 plug slugs (depending on their life cycle) - A central geyser just below the printing pod - A neural vascilator accessible without "digging one" But [Game Update] - 444834 changed the map generation (again)
  14. Reaching 100% in a frankly depressing colony isn´t that hard and I don´t mind most of the time. [The first cycles are always stress free with the new arrival buff, afterwards the stress will slowly creep up for the first 10-50 cycles depending on what I needed to focus on. But with the introduction of plug slugs it didn´t took me long to build a massage clinic, without having to deal with productivity-loss of using a manual generator.] If you run out of food so early, you most likely didn´t expand agressive enough. [Sure, I like to preserve wild food sources and biome temperatures, but there are times you just need to dig towards every food source^^] PS: Select starting duplicants with the "Duress to impress" attribute, it is awesome early on. [Which is or should be the only time with an elevated stress level.]
  15. Just out of curiosity: How far did you make it ? Or which constraint (/achievement) did you throw overboard ?