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  1. It was a pain to rework my existing base, but I don´t think every patch should be adapted until it doesn´t break existing systems. => Ask yourself the question: If you started with the current patch would you want to undo the changes ? (For me it´s a clear no.)
  2. Sure it´s only 3-4% ? At least for my late game bases it feels like much more.
  3. I hope that was my save game^^ I know it´s a free update, but it seems like a good (or my last) chance to ask for some features of mods I feel are mandatory to be added to the core game: Wounded go to med bed = Just let duplicants use med beds based on their current health. Falling Sand = A way to prevent the deletion of dig orders on falling tiles. (Or a way to reschedule them).
  4. Had to many crashes loading (the early ones mostly cause I had an other application still running) and some crashes even after a reboot. After my 2. game crashed while saving I gave up. (So I had only a bit less than 10 cycles playtime with saves every 5 cycles.) => I wait for the next hotfix
  5. Ok I tested bases with 2000-4000 cycles playtime and 18-38mb savegame size. [All bases were last saved/played before meep´s mandatory recreation update if that matters.]
  6. And have more than 16gb of available ram. It seems the current version of the game isn´t able to load any of "late-game" bases (Cycle >2000) using a reasonable portion of my ram. (I was able to load a map after killing many system tasks ... just to find out that the auto-save will result in an out of memory exception and an unsaved game.) => I would love to mess with the newly possible automation, but a new base isn´t offering this possibilty in a reasonable timeframe^^ PS: I had the crashes with and without the new low resolution setting.
  7. Ok after half an hour of testing [mostly an idle test with 24 duplicants in base cycle ~3000] => I hope it´s just the usual testing branch logging code, but my game seems to run 3-4 fps worse. (3x speed and without moving the camera for a couple minutes) PS: If the current testing branch is just about performance increases, I might switch back to the stable branch ... [There is nothing new to spark my interest in tinkering with it.] => Even a single melting point change or something like that could do the trick
  8. Just wanted to start a colony and it seems my seed doesn´t work anymore^^ [The game crashes before I see my starting crew.] OCAN-A-153838-0 OCAN-A-64840-0
  9. I hope the resource list will be changed again [maybe to offer a customizable list] or the change will be reverted. That´s in my eyes one of the most annoying UI changes ... [I dislike the new automation sensor coloring aswell, but that´s cause I would say it doesn´t fit the overall art style.]
  10. Should multiple simultaneously actived gantries be able to overload a conductive wire ? [I can did some tests with a peak draw of 31,2KW on a 2KW wire, without problems. So the activation time seems to be below threshold for wire damage.]
  11. Hope voles stay the way they are. The only problem could be the occasional high roll at the prininting pod.
  12. please just dont, it is artificial shove vole. it eats my fps and drops nothing, not even meat. My suggestion wasn´t a jet suit only achievement, but to allow the "job suitability" achievement to trigger for both types of suits. @Ipsquiggle After the critter sensor was reworked I revisited my old stables: How should the "Fish Release" work ? [Right now it always shows 0/X critters and the slider is pointless.]
  13. Job Suitability For 10 cycles in a row, havevery Duplicant in the colony complete at least one chore while wearing an Exosuit. Just tried(/failed) to the complete the new achievment: => Is there no love for jet suits ? [I am running a core base with 4 jet suits exits^^] PS: I found some strange things/bugs: Seems the "no dock available" message and a duplicant dropping his suit at a checkpoint (all vacancy only) seems to trigger if (but not always) when a duplicant is exhausted and will sleep at the checkpoint. The errands screen for my duplicants seems to show "test text" or some other "test strings" while they stutter.
  14. Shouldn´t I have the critter whisperer achievement ?(All critters are marked green)