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  1. Yeah, if you just consider a single job it wasn´t better in any way. I should have called it "learning a job tree" not a job. Sure the benefit when acquiring the hat feeled "wrong", but at least is prevent us from having a seasoned miner or master artist right away. Yeah, but the new system got no "learning a job tree" part. If we not talk about the very early game where you are limited by skill points, you will always go for a 2./3. tier job right away. The learning part in the old system wasn´t perfect, but I couldn´t have a master artist right away. => They new system renders most intermediate jobs pointless besides an indirect increase in the morale requirement.
  2. Anyway, the current system serves lategame slightly better, because now it is not as easy to have "superdupes" as before. Wait, I think you have an other interpretation of easy here: If I want the new system allows me to never build a job board till I go for "super-duplicants" with every skill allocated. => I would call it "easy" in the way that it requires little to no effort instead of a long and tedious job rotation every now and then ... But for me the new system is mostly lacking the "learning a job" part: I liked the idea of my miner (or pick an other job) having to work a certain time in a specific job before he would be able to progress. I think the biggest impact here is the artist: When I am going for a quick start and research decor very early, I will most likely be able to instantly have a master artist. => If I can train a master artist early without a time investment or morale issue, it´s trivial to increase your average morale to a point where you can ignore it.
  3. Not sure about how every diseases interacts with an other one, but here are some observations: Airborne food poisoning is a good way to kill slimelung. (Just use water straight out of a "lavatory/water sieve loop" on your electrolyzer.) Seems sporechild is the ultimate diseases killing everything else in that atmosphere^^
  4. Just a quick heads-up, since there are some bugs concerning the refrigerators: - Duplicants may ignore them (so food will never be stored inside ...) - There are some possible power shortages ... (not much but loosing up to 1% status every couple hundred cycles.) => After enough time my refrigerators all end up: a) Completly empty since nobody is delivering anything anymore ... b) Full of stale food, since everything started to rot at some point in time, but my duplicants still find enough fresh food to ignore the fridge.
  5. [Game Update] - 327401

    All nice changes/fixes, but the fix I was looking out for the most is still missing: Right now I am only aware of two bug which appear in unsupervised running games, without a "preventable mechanic". My duplicant start ignore higher priority empty refrigerators till I reselect the food to store. (If this happens to all refrigerators of a colony, it can easly result in a starving colony.) Power shutoffs get stuck in an arbitrary state. (I use automated power shutoffs to have a "lossless" automation for a power transformer. It happens that some power shutoffs stay active and some inactive even if the automation signal is changing, till a restart of the map or rebuild of the power shutoff.) => Both bugs can wipe your entire colony without beeing noticed right away.
  6. Never thought of it as the only outliner, but I would love if all bridges would behave the same. But my first thought after discovering the changed costs was: Nice, I like the high mass/cost and started building steel bridges as a"special kind of tempshift plate". (Really nice in combination with an automation controlled door as temperature coupler. 2 bridges occupying both tiles which the door covers will result in a greatly increased temperature transfer.)
  7. Power after update

    No it didn´t change, sry if my post was confusing. I used "open" ranches for my solar power, so I could lure in more shine bugs than a stable would hold without a "real" lure that "wastes" resources or egg micromanagement or shipping automation. => I was forced to add open doors to my setup, which reduced the amount of shine bugs inside my "room".
  8. Just want to add my 2 cent here, but @gobokingalready mentioned most of my points: The new system feels more "alive" but it give the players less interesting decisions to make. Instant cures make the med bay feel a bit useless. (Whats the point of a mess table and toilet when there are instant cures ?) If waitng out a disease seems better than curing it (or like a good trade-off) there is something wrong with the system. That stockpiling (instant) cures is "superior" to handing out daily boosters feels wrong. (Just considering the time needed to get and eat the daily booster added over all duplicants in comparison to the time the sick duplicant and doctor "waste" makes them feel out of place. Not even talking about manufacturing time and power consumption...) => Was posted many times, but considering the importance: Please add some information for opaqueness to the ingame wiki
  9. Power after update

    Yes, some of my "over-engineered" systems turned power negative :/ I am/was using >20 power transformers on >20 circuits with individual batteries attached. 2 of them have additional hamster wheels and 1 circuit consists just of hamster wheels feeding a power transformer. QoL MK2: ~3200-3600kj used each cycle QoL MK3: ~3600-3900kj used each cycle => ~10% increased power consumption
  10. Increase material cost and construction time of Conveyor Bridge => Increased costs is a bit subjective: Conveyor Bridges use metal ores/steel to construct. (400kg ...)
  11. Overrun with clay

    How about (ab)using slime or just place deodorizers in not fully dug out slime biomes ? But the easiest way would be morbs ... (I never (willingly) spawned additional morbs, but I like to keep the ones I find in the wild alive and put them in a "ranch" with deodorizers.)
  12. Teapot Lore?

    Wait, if we found russel´s teapot we know where our asteroid is located. => If we can make your hydrogen engine in a worst case 250 times more effective, we could be sure to reach "our" an earth
  13. Analysing Geysers

    Analyzing a geyser raises your learning skill. So for me it´s not about making the geyser more usefull, it´s about making my duplicants more usefull^^
  14. Overrun with clay

    Each rocket has it´s own row of gantries with a 2kw conductive wire attached. Since a gantry needs just 3s to change state, all 13 gantries could change state in <40s. But I use 5 s delay since I like how the animation plays and it results in a total delay of 60s (turning the switch till the last gantry starts to move). But I always gone for gantries everywhere, if you can spare the steel it´s faster to change/rebuild the automation wires to just operate the gantries you need instead of rebuilding the gantry and/or power wire. (Lower mass to supply and faster build times^^)
  15. Overrun with clay

    Right now: Just let the CO2 flood the whole "open" space. The gantries are just for convenience, since I change my rockets to often I prefer the additional power cost over changing the gantries aswell. (I have surplus power anyways, so why not. If my memory serves me right a gantry just uses <4kj to change state.) Back to your topic: I like to build closed modules (ab)using wild hatches (they need no constant food supply and no duplicant interaction) which convert clay to ceramic. 150kg clay in -> 100kg ceramic out (It´s simple, it works without duplicants and the killn can be run in a selfcooling manner using the input coal(hatch produced).)