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  1. Ok after half an hour of testing [mostly an idle test with 24 duplicants in base cycle ~3000] => I hope it´s just the usual testing branch logging code, but my game seems to run 3-4 fps worse. (3x speed and without moving the camera for a couple minutes) PS: If the current testing branch is just about performance increases, I might switch back to the stable branch ... [There is nothing new to spark my interest in tinkering with it.] => Even a single melting point change or something like that could do the trick
  2. Locavore/Carnivore

    I done it without exosuits and a lot of catching breath^^ [I rush to the space biome cycle 10-20, just after building up a little stock of mush bars/fry.]
  3. Locavore/Carnivore

    I’ve done it last night, arboria carnivore but I’m not proud of it because I got lucky, I printed 12 shove voles egg, no save scumming. I wonder how you did it, I tried to go up and hunt but I was having hard time dealing with oxygen pressure and no suit, by time I have suit my digging dupes still slow, taking to much time digging up and try to kill and then there are meteors too, so I bail and just hunt wild critters, but without that 12 eggs I’m sure I will have failed. Ok, maybe hunting voles isn´t as self-explanatory as I thought. Here is my plan of action: Build one of my main ladders up till I reach the mafic rock / regolith layer. I build horizontal corridors which are still protected form meteors and falling regolith. Afterwards I bring all found vole eggs back into my "core" base. Now I set an attack order on the complete surface. [Even some tiles below my corridor.] => My duplicants will see voles if they enter the corridor and my duplicants consider fighting to be one of their highest priorities.
  4. Locavore/Carnivore

    My advice is the same for any asteroid: Hunt and kill shove voles
  5. [Game Update] - 366134

    Just wanted to start a colony and it seems my seed doesn´t work anymore^^ [The game crashes before I see my starting crew.] OCAN-A-153838-0 OCAN-A-64840-0
  6. [Game Update] - 365655

    I hope the resource list will be changed again [maybe to offer a customizable list] or the change will be reverted. That´s in my eyes one of the most annoying UI changes ... [I dislike the new automation sensor coloring aswell, but that´s cause I would say it doesn´t fit the overall art style.]
  7. [Game Update] - 364722

    Should multiple simultaneously actived gantries be able to overload a conductive wire ? [I can did some tests with a peak draw of 31,2KW on a 2KW wire, without problems. So the activation time seems to be below threshold for wire damage.]
  8. Save File Editor

    Is there a way to edit space destinations at the moment ? [I know if it can be done, it´s hidden in the raw editor.] If there is no way, I would love to have this added [I mainly use this editor to save time. So instead of endlessly rolling duplicants I edit them .... You can savescum the resource allocation for space destinations, but that late into a game it´s a pain to do it.]
  9. Locavore/Carnivore

    You missed the point here, why ravanging hunger or binge eating could help. You´re right the challenge is finding 400.000kcal, but you have to find most of the meat way before cycle 100. => A higher food consumption allows you more time till you need to have gathered the 400.000kcal. What is the best way to do this, by-the-by? Ok, I done it in a not really optimal way, but here is what I did: As soon as I could dig abyssalite, I build one of my central ladders up till I breached space. [Was around cycle 30.] I didn´t bother with a door to keep my atmosphere till after cycle 100. I started digging tunnels to the right an left. 8-10 rows blow the highest "solid" layer [non regoltih layer^^] Every few cycles I setup an attack order for the whole top layer of the map.
  10. Shove voles make a lot of meat

    Hope voles stay the way they are. The only problem could be the occasional high roll at the prininting pod.
  11. [Game Update] - 361684

    please just dont, it is artificial shove vole. it eats my fps and drops nothing, not even meat. My suggestion wasn´t a jet suit only achievement, but to allow the "job suitability" achievement to trigger for both types of suits. @Ipsquiggle After the critter sensor was reworked I revisited my old stables: How should the "Fish Release" work ? [Right now it always shows 0/X critters and the slider is pointless.]
  12. [Game Update] - 361684

    Job Suitability For 10 cycles in a row, havevery Duplicant in the colony complete at least one chore while wearing an Exosuit. Just tried(/failed) to the complete the new achievment: => Is there no love for jet suits ? [I am running a core base with 4 jet suits exits^^] PS: I found some strange things/bugs: Seems the "no dock available" message and a duplicant dropping his suit at a checkpoint (all vacancy only) seems to trigger if (but not always) when a duplicant is exhausted and will sleep at the checkpoint. The errands screen for my duplicants seems to show "test text" or some other "test strings" while they stutter.
  13. [Game Update] - 361684

    Shouldn´t I have the critter whisperer achievement ?(All critters are marked green)
  14. Save File Editor

    Maybe I am not the only one trying this: How can I delete specific items/tiles ? [I mostly want to get rid of some useless clothing/databanks and artifacts.]
  15. [Game Update] - 359645

    Thank you so much