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  1. I know I go off topic, but let us have some fun with "simple" calculations: Let´s asume we have 9 tiles in a 3x3 grid. 8 tiles are empty and one contains our gas/liquid. => In which order would you do "your" recalculation ?
  2. To be honest I prefer the state of having just one material selection for a specific building for all planetoids. (What annoys me is if you run out of a building material and you start using an other one without noticing, but that results in less problems with just one global building material preset.) Having a local selection is mostly useful for doing new/early constructions, but considering some later game bases it will be just an annoyance to deal with different saved material presets. [I would prefer an optional feature or mod to handle different presets.]
  3. Seems I´m not the only one disliking the new trait pool. Having "just" a specific skill instead of a permanent buff seems to be a waste most of the time. Keeping a high enough morale value to sustain a high tier job isn´t really challenging, if you don´t want to go for jack-of-all-trades-duplicants. So the only cases which makes you want a skill instead of a buff are: You want to rush something (looking at you "mechatronics engineer" and "rocket pilot") You want to work with a low morale value You want Jack-of-all-trades-duplicants at a "reasonable" morale value => If I could prevent the need to rush for a specific skill I would never print a duplicant with (just) a specific prelearned skill.
  4. My opinion would be a clear vote for allowing all geysers to spawn. Sure, I acknowledge that something like shifting all(/most) metal volcanoes away from the starting asteroid would allow for a deeper integration of intergalactic travel (or overall rocket usage^^). Isn´t the diversity which a limited but still random selection of geysers provides more fun to play and tinker with ? My hopes and further thoughts:
  5. It was a pain to rework my existing base, but I don´t think every patch should be adapted until it doesn´t break existing systems. => Ask yourself the question: If you started with the current patch would you want to undo the changes ? (For me it´s a clear no.)
  6. Sure it´s only 3-4% ? At least for my late game bases it feels like much more.
  7. I hope that was my save game^^ I know it´s a free update, but it seems like a good (or my last) chance to ask for some features of mods I feel are mandatory to be added to the core game: Wounded go to med bed = Just let duplicants use med beds based on their current health. Falling Sand = A way to prevent the deletion of dig orders on falling tiles. (Or a way to reschedule them).
  8. Had to many crashes loading (the early ones mostly cause I had an other application still running) and some crashes even after a reboot. After my 2. game crashed while saving I gave up. (So I had only a bit less than 10 cycles playtime with saves every 5 cycles.) => I wait for the next hotfix
  9. Ok I tested bases with 2000-4000 cycles playtime and 18-38mb savegame size. [All bases were last saved/played before meep´s mandatory recreation update if that matters.]
  10. And have more than 16gb of available ram. It seems the current version of the game isn´t able to load any of "late-game" bases (Cycle >2000) using a reasonable portion of my ram. (I was able to load a map after killing many system tasks ... just to find out that the auto-save will result in an out of memory exception and an unsaved game.) => I would love to mess with the newly possible automation, but a new base isn´t offering this possibilty in a reasonable timeframe^^ PS: I had the crashes with and without the new low resolution setting.
  11. Ok after half an hour of testing [mostly an idle test with 24 duplicants in base cycle ~3000] => I hope it´s just the usual testing branch logging code, but my game seems to run 3-4 fps worse. (3x speed and without moving the camera for a couple minutes) PS: If the current testing branch is just about performance increases, I might switch back to the stable branch ... [There is nothing new to spark my interest in tinkering with it.] => Even a single melting point change or something like that could do the trick
  12. Just wanted to start a colony and it seems my seed doesn´t work anymore^^ [The game crashes before I see my starting crew.] OCAN-A-153838-0 OCAN-A-64840-0
  13. I hope the resource list will be changed again [maybe to offer a customizable list] or the change will be reverted. That´s in my eyes one of the most annoying UI changes ... [I dislike the new automation sensor coloring aswell, but that´s cause I would say it doesn´t fit the overall art style.]
  14. Should multiple simultaneously actived gantries be able to overload a conductive wire ? [I can did some tests with a peak draw of 31,2KW on a 2KW wire, without problems. So the activation time seems to be below threshold for wire damage.]
  15. Is there a way to edit space destinations at the moment ? [I know if it can be done, it´s hidden in the raw editor.] If there is no way, I would love to have this added [I mainly use this editor to save time. So instead of endlessly rolling duplicants I edit them .... You can savescum the resource allocation for space destinations, but that late into a game it´s a pain to do it.]