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  1. [Game Update] - 309354

    A developer already said they would look into that My point is mostly from the view of a "new" player: Why should there be double layering ? Does the game need that complexity? Does it offer something to our gameplay ? => My opinion would be to just change the way the replacement of tiles works and I am happy PS: It´s just a variable that was change to give the tile a new property ^^
  2. The secret of containing voles : PS: The right one is made of steel
  3. Most maps should have a abyssalite layer, which prevents the voles from leaving the space biome. => Most of the time a steel door and some metal tiles to seal your player made entrance to the space biome should be enough. It´s not likely that they would leave, but they can so I want to prevent it. My concern is mostly the performance impact of the pathfinding. => I try to wrangle and deliver all my wild voles as fast as possible into a "small" sealed room made of refined metal. If your in for some fun just try it, spawn 10-20 voles using sandbox and dig a path through a couple abyssalite layer so they would be able to reach most of your asteroid. => A noticeable performance impact (at least for me)
  4. [Game Update] - 309354

    If we are not talking about chlorine (and even that just in case of a map without a chlorine vent), where is the problem if we loss some gas ? (Sure it´s the opposite of QoL, but the double layering drywall + tile was not really intuitive either. We just learned to deal with it.)
  5. Nice one You should list the frame of reference for your "DTU/s" calculation.
  6. [Game Update] - 309354

    I would totally agree that the pneumatic door feels a bit "heavy" now, but it´s just a graphic so nothing to really complain about for me. It's probably for the purpose of creating Rooms with high traffic on the Surface. It´s a bit strange, because pneumatic doors let decor pass through and even auto-sweeper can work through them. So my opinion would be to make the game more consistent: Make pneumatic doors behave like mesh tiles. => Block decor and auto-sweepers (at least when closed.) (PS: If they keep behaving like the only tile that let´s decor and liquids pass through them, why not give remove their backwall.)
  7. [Game Update] - 308684

    Maybe that could be an exception but its hard to imagine that dupes go so far that they starve to dead, i really doubt that its possible on normal maps unless you specifically set it up that way. And for toilet should be managed they manage that in a different was like do it before walking long ways or are near a toilet. There was a bug (in the preview) that made a duplicant of mine prefer building over his "personal needs" / going to eat. If you play on ravanging hunger a freshly printed duplicant in an atmosuit will die for sure if you assign the right task xD (Considering he doesn´t interrupt his task.)
  8. Yeah, 2 pumps, 2 filters and the electrolyzer costs 840W to run, and the output is 112g H2, which is equivalent to 896W. (And that's without nudging the electrolyzer to produce potentially a lot more than 11.2% H2 from the water it's fed.) But having 0-cost filters means the system is 240W more energy positive. Not the build I am advertising. 2 pumps, 1 filter and the electrolyzer, with the right piping (lower input is merged using a pipe bridge to lower the priority) you get ~320kg oxygen out of this system. => Oxygen for more than 5 duplicants and access hydrogen to burn or just vent into space xD (Less space but more power efficient with the right pipe prioritization. But I build it just to have a quick and dirty early oxygen supply, later in the game I use mostly 0-cost filters.^^)
  9. Just a small addition: You can build power positive electrolyzer systems using just the 120w gas filters (Without tune up)
  10. [Game Update] - 308684

    But how ? (I would love it to happen, but I see no "appropriate" way to achieve it.) If a duplicant decides to go for a "far away" (you can build long maze like corridors^^) task he could starve on his way. But if you want to caluclate the time needed to perform a task before performing it, it would produce a huge amount of additional calculations ...
  11. Like I said it would be fun. Looking for a random selected care package with a random output seems bit to uncertain for my taste. => If there would be a meaningful difference between the "random" care package and selecting a care package at random I would approve it Not sure if the gating is good in general, I would prefer more allowed resources for more randomness. But I am against the "time based" gating, considering how playstyles distinguish from each other. If I want to run a 3 duplicant colony or a 30 duplicant one ... => Gating should reflect game progression. (I prefer gating by lore buildings over research, but both are valid options.)
  12. reverse the drywall changes

    Under Cell/Building you will find some more information. (Heat transfer still works mostly like stated in the post, just the used average changed.) It´s just a way to increase the heat transfer inside a cell. (Mostly used to provide an alternative/indirect way to move heat between a pipe and a tile.)
  13. reverse the drywall changes

    If you build a igneous rock drywall behind a gold metal tile you increase the specific heat capacity of the tile be a factor of ~32. (And there are cases where the "insulated" property of pipes/tiles could be bypassed.)
  14. I just thought about energy investment to create a resource, because it´s unavoidable. But when do you need a resource at a specific (low) temperature that would require the use of an aquatuner/thermo regulator ? => Using a (passive/powerless) heat exchanger will not yield -40°C cold resources, but cold enough for the "usual" applications. (PS: I build a conductive area around my printing pod to use the freshly printed resources for some cooling.) 3.000 kg Coal * 0,6 efficiency => 1800kW, quite close (and did I mention how cool the coal is?) but wait, it's actually 0,9 efficiency if one uses chips (which one should) so 2700 kW, very close indeed. If we consider the potential energy (and we should) coal comes very close. (Thank you for pointing that out. I done my comparisons with (mostly) player made resources lime/steel/plastic/glass.) That´s a big factor I missed. => The "real" power investment to create fertilizer is way lower than my quick estimate ^^ I love this idea! In a game about careful planning a random option (on top of a random feature) seems like the worst thing possible to me. (Sure it could be fun, but my humble opinion would be that it doesn´t reflect the "spirit" of the game.)