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  1. Ok after half an hour of testing [mostly an idle test with 24 duplicants in base cycle ~3000] => I hope it´s just the usual testing branch logging code, but my game seems to run 3-4 fps worse. (3x speed and without moving the camera for a couple minutes) PS: If the current testing branch is just about performance increases, I might switch back to the stable branch ... [There is nothing new to spark my interest in tinkering with it.] => Even a single melting point change or something like that could do the trick
  2. If it was the case I would be happy and wouldn´t complain about POI´s. Many POI´s were changed to not consist of neutronium, but if my memory serves me well: There are stil POI´s made of neutronium in the game. [I know the neural vascilator is still made of neutronium and I am not sure what else ...]
  3. Locavore/Carnivore

    I done it without exosuits and a lot of catching breath^^ [I rush to the space biome cycle 10-20, just after building up a little stock of mush bars/fry.]
  4. My usual steam chamber contains 200-250kg of steam per tile. [Most of the time I just fill the chamber 1 tile high with water.] A high steam pressure increases the amount of leaked heat.
  5. Locavore/Carnivore

    I’ve done it last night, arboria carnivore but I’m not proud of it because I got lucky, I printed 12 shove voles egg, no save scumming. I wonder how you did it, I tried to go up and hunt but I was having hard time dealing with oxygen pressure and no suit, by time I have suit my digging dupes still slow, taking to much time digging up and try to kill and then there are meteors too, so I bail and just hunt wild critters, but without that 12 eggs I’m sure I will have failed. Ok, maybe hunting voles isn´t as self-explanatory as I thought. Here is my plan of action: Build one of my main ladders up till I reach the mafic rock / regolith layer. I build horizontal corridors which are still protected form meteors and falling regolith. Afterwards I bring all found vole eggs back into my "core" base. Now I set an attack order on the complete surface. [Even some tiles below my corridor.] => My duplicants will see voles if they enter the corridor and my duplicants consider fighting to be one of their highest priorities.
  6. Did you miss out on my assisted suicide hatch killing chamber ?
  7. This is very base layout/schedule dependent. Don´t forget that the duration of the groomed buff is ranching skill dependent. [1,2 - 3,4 cycles] So here is my prioritization, to track if my ranchers are doing there jobs: I set "ranching" as the highest priority task for all my ranchers. (Not needed, but this is what I do: I keep my priorities ordered incubators >> (auto) wrangling >> grooming.) I check the if my ranchers are performing a task of a lower category. [In my case operating - using a manual generator.]
  8. Locavore/Carnivore

    My advice is the same for any asteroid: Hunt and kill shove voles
  9. I posted the math in an other thread if your in the mood to search, but the quick take away: Even refining gold amalgam can be power positive => It all depends on the operating skill. [It requires specific traits to make gold amalgam refining power positive.]
  10. I have some steam turbine / aquatuner setups scattered around my map and most of them don´t run full time. [And I try to keep them below 190°C to maximize the power generation even if the heat production fluctuates.] => Route my hydrogen before I burn it through a steam chamber. Burning 180-200°C hydrogen isn´t an optimal utilization of the heat, but it´s a bit free power. For an "average" hydrogen vent (after the rebalancing) we are talking about 80W if you cool the hydrogen down to 200°C. => A perfect hydrogen vent could yield up to 130W if we cool the hydrogen down to 125°C
  11. I am not sure right now, but that boils my recommandation down to use as much as you can xD [Maybe you can even abuse the different SHC of ethanol for some additional cooling^^]
  12. The holy grale of bad seeds

    Ok, I did some more or less realistical testing: A volcano spawns with 28 tiles of magma around it containing 1840kg each. I started 3 maps and used debug to copy the volcano to the right of the printing pod. [20 tiles between the magma and the prebuild tiles.] => I copied the volcano into the starting biome, which is closer than it should ever spawn. [I always ensured a passage for at least gas to transfer the temperature from the magma to my duplicants.] => It is/was doable, but if there is really a passage it´s more about blocking the gas transfer and "evacuating" my duplicants to the other side. [I needed to leave the printing pod behind^^]
  13. Why use jet suits?

    There are tiles ONLY reachable using jet suits. => If there is no other way, jet suits can´t be pointless^^ [It´s only about some tiles inside the gravitas, so if you don´t want to "rebuild" the facility...]
  14. And what is the problem about a to cold turbine ? In my current base I have 2 turbines cooled by the output of an saltwater geyser. [They don´t overheat but the keep very hot^^] On the other hand I have an other turbine runnng at roughly -190°C. => The amount of cooling I have to apply to my turbines to keep them running is the same. More ethanol will do the following: PRO: Better temperature stability CON: More heat will leak out to the sides => I would fill the bottom layer completly with ethanol.
  15. Regolith clearing

    The most fun I have playing ONI is finding, overengineering solutions for ingame problems. => I was never a fan of door crushers in any way, but they do their job well. My current base (>cycle 2000) does rely on a steady supply of new filtration medium. My current solution: I have an automated rocket, which clears some regoltih when it starts or lands. => I use a rocket for my regoltih supply