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  1. Lilalaunekuh

    Help picking hardware

    Since the last update (banhis-automation-innovation-pack) does my game have problems running on 16GB of ram. [If I boot up my biggest base >30mb savefile and >5000 cycles playtime and let it run for some time (first autosave will not break it, but I can´t let the game run for 1-2 hours), the overhead needed to do the autosave can result in an out of memory exception thrown by my operation system.] => Since this game is still growing in complexity and a dlc will add some more, I would recommend going for >16gb of ram
  2. Just to add my 2 cents: 1. I always considered duplicant time as a resource. So beeing able to do the same chores with less duplicants in the same time frame does matter. (For me mostly game performance wise^^) 2. A long time ago I did the math on power positive metal refining and it all came down to how high does the tinkering stat need to be to make a specific refining process power positive. => The time a machine needs to run determines it´s power consumption, not the amount of completed tasks. PS: If you rely on the automatic "harvest" after 4 cycles and time the irrigation and fertilization of your farms you can produce at perfect conversion ratios. [The only downside is a not perfect space utilization.]
  3. Free power ? -> NO If you ever played a base for a bit longer (>1000cycles) you will notice the most important resource to optimize for isn´t oxygen, food or even duplicant time. => It´s "game performance"
  4. It was a pain to rework my existing base, but I don´t think every patch should be adapted until it doesn´t break existing systems. => Ask yourself the question: If you started with the current patch would you want to undo the changes ? (For me it´s a clear no.)
  5. Lilalaunekuh

    [Game Update] - 397624

    Sure it´s only 3-4% ? At least for my late game bases it feels like much more.
  6. You need to take my point of view: When I venture into outer space, my oxygen and food production is secured. (At least for a full real life day on max speed ...) => The time I count or use to distinguish if something is worth the effort is the time I actively construct or supervise something. [My base will still be running if I leave for a few hours, so even if I just let my steam rocket alone for a few hours I will never have a bottleneck on databanks again^^.] Keep in mind I farm a close planet not for databanks, but for resources to advance my base. (Flying "cargo-less" rockets just to advance to better rockets, will still result in you farming a close planet for space materials. So I automate my first rocket just after installing a cargo bay.) You mean you're doing the whole sour gas boiler thing and running tons of NG gens to produce more water to then feed to a few dozen electrolyzers? Man that seems like a lot of work. I just finished getting to the temporal tear just using a little petrol from a regular refinery to power two petrol rockets before I had to switch to hydrogen for the range using up the spare hydrogen collected from my two hydrogen vents and whatever I got from the coolrod spoms that didn't get burned for power. Maybe I'll have to try a new world with more dupes and some of these crazy huge projects just for a fun challenge. I buid the hydrogen generators of my oxygen production most of the time as a part of my centralized powergrid, so if I want to start my first hydrogen rocket it´s just about generating more power. [PS: I don´t like to go the full sour gas boiler route, it´s tedious and you done it once^^]
  7. I look at my space adventures in an other way: I travel into outer space to bring back "new/advanced" building materials, so my goal is to farm these resources. => Most of the time I will send my steam rocket just x times to the closest planet (Some automation to launch the rocket and the research will accumulate faster than needed^^) I prefer to build everthing with a "setup and forget" - mindset, so I hate/dislike builds I know I will need to alter later on. => And setting up some liquifiers isn´t that hard to do after you have done it a few times^^ I only build what I "need": I need to build a steam rocket and maybe I keep this rocket flying 24/7 for the rest of my playtime. Everything else is upt for debate .... => I like to skip petroleum rockets and solid oxidizer just for fun PS: I don´t rely on hydrogen vents (mostly cause of their "low" output), so most of my hydrogen is coming a longer chain starting with oil reservoirs.
  8. Ok most of what I read here seems a bit overdimensioned, so here my 2cent: Covering the asteroid with bunker tiles or doors is nice, but has nothing to do with a requirement. Most of the time I build my first rocket just after I got ~4t of steel. My first rocket will not start in a silo and the fuel is just generateed by pumping some excess water onto nearby regolith. I mostly jump from steam to hydrogen rockets (supercoolant and other advanced materials are not necessary for this progress.) (If I want to farm a close planet with my steam rocket beyond grinding research, I build 2 bunker doors above my rocket and a row of bunker tiles below. I only do this so I don´t need to manually dig my rocket free of regolith.)
  9. Ok after my few cycles of reworking my automation my results are a bit different: - Doing automation wire crossings using 4-bit cables can be cleaner than using just automation wire and bridges. - I reviewed most of my builds (in not just one colony) and couln´t find a spot where a 4bit cable crossing would be an improvement. => I like that ribbons behave like heavy-watt wire for power cables
  10. Hello guys, the new update regarding automation just reignited my interest. But starting in a new preview means starting without mods, which shows how much I miss some of the features. => How about you, which mod would you call mandatory and would recommand to ANY player ? (Sure some mods are fun and can create new challenges, but I want to focus on mods you would recommand even a new player just starting ONI.) For me the real mandatory mods would be: Wounded go to med bed = Just let duplicants use med beds based on their current health. (Like the "triage cot" did in earlier versions of the game.) Falling Sand = A way to prevent the deletion of dig orders on falling tiles. (Or a way to reschedule them).
  11. Lilalaunekuh

    [Game Update] - 395444

    I hope that was my save game^^ I know it´s a free update, but it seems like a good (or my last) chance to ask for some features of mods I feel are mandatory to be added to the core game: Wounded go to med bed = Just let duplicants use med beds based on their current health. Falling Sand = A way to prevent the deletion of dig orders on falling tiles. (Or a way to reschedule them).
  12. Had to many crashes loading (the early ones mostly cause I had an other application still running) and some crashes even after a reboot. After my 2. game crashed while saving I gave up. (So I had only a bit less than 10 cycles playtime with saves every 5 cycles.) => I wait for the next hotfix
  13. Ok I tested bases with 2000-4000 cycles playtime and 18-38mb savegame size. [All bases were last saved/played before meep´s mandatory recreation update if that matters.]
  14. And have more than 16gb of available ram. It seems the current version of the game isn´t able to load any of "late-game" bases (Cycle >2000) using a reasonable portion of my ram. (I was able to load a map after killing many system tasks ... just to find out that the auto-save will result in an out of memory exception and an unsaved game.) => I would love to mess with the newly possible automation, but a new base isn´t offering this possibilty in a reasonable timeframe^^ PS: I had the crashes with and without the new low resolution setting.
  15. Ok after half an hour of testing [mostly an idle test with 24 duplicants in base cycle ~3000] => I hope it´s just the usual testing branch logging code, but my game seems to run 3-4 fps worse. (3x speed and without moving the camera for a couple minutes) PS: If the current testing branch is just about performance increases, I might switch back to the stable branch ... [There is nothing new to spark my interest in tinkering with it.] => Even a single melting point change or something like that could do the trick
  16. Lilalaunekuh

    [Game Update] - 366134

    Just wanted to start a colony and it seems my seed doesn´t work anymore^^ [The game crashes before I see my starting crew.] OCAN-A-153838-0 OCAN-A-64840-0
  17. Lilalaunekuh

    [Game Update] - 365655

    I hope the resource list will be changed again [maybe to offer a customizable list] or the change will be reverted. That´s in my eyes one of the most annoying UI changes ... [I dislike the new automation sensor coloring aswell, but that´s cause I would say it doesn´t fit the overall art style.]
  18. Lilalaunekuh

    [Game Update] - 364722

    Should multiple simultaneously actived gantries be able to overload a conductive wire ? [I can did some tests with a peak draw of 31,2KW on a 2KW wire, without problems. So the activation time seems to be below threshold for wire damage.]
  19. Lilalaunekuh

    Save File Editor

    Is there a way to edit space destinations at the moment ? [I know if it can be done, it´s hidden in the raw editor.] If there is no way, I would love to have this added [I mainly use this editor to save time. So instead of endlessly rolling duplicants I edit them .... You can savescum the resource allocation for space destinations, but that late into a game it´s a pain to do it.]
  20. Lilalaunekuh

    Shove voles make a lot of meat

    Hope voles stay the way they are. The only problem could be the occasional high roll at the prininting pod.
  21. Lilalaunekuh

    [Game Update] - 361684

    please just dont, it is artificial shove vole. it eats my fps and drops nothing, not even meat. My suggestion wasn´t a jet suit only achievement, but to allow the "job suitability" achievement to trigger for both types of suits. @Ipsquiggle After the critter sensor was reworked I revisited my old stables: How should the "Fish Release" work ? [Right now it always shows 0/X critters and the slider is pointless.]
  22. Lilalaunekuh

    [Game Update] - 361684

    Job Suitability For 10 cycles in a row, havevery Duplicant in the colony complete at least one chore while wearing an Exosuit. Just tried(/failed) to the complete the new achievment: => Is there no love for jet suits ? [I am running a core base with 4 jet suits exits^^] PS: I found some strange things/bugs: Seems the "no dock available" message and a duplicant dropping his suit at a checkpoint (all vacancy only) seems to trigger if (but not always) when a duplicant is exhausted and will sleep at the checkpoint. The errands screen for my duplicants seems to show "test text" or some other "test strings" while they stutter.
  23. Lilalaunekuh

    [Game Update] - 361684

    Shouldn´t I have the critter whisperer achievement ?(All critters are marked green)
  24. Lilalaunekuh

    Save File Editor

    Maybe I am not the only one trying this: How can I delete specific items/tiles ? [I mostly want to get rid of some useless clothing/databanks and artifacts.]
  25. Lilalaunekuh

    [Game Update] - 359645

    Thank you so much