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  1. Use ore scrubbers between harvest position and storage locker. Watch (overlay) how your storage lockers get infected. Don't use that material inside your base to build stuff, while it's germy. Store slime in storage lockers, 1/4 deep in clean water (no pollution) Cooling
  2. Plastic Balance

    Finally found my first oil slickster and before i could open his/her cave, it's dead..
  3. Plastic Balance

    Thank you ^^ long way to go. I need water first, found just my first icebiome.. Freaking hard map.
  4. Plastic Balance

    How do you guys come so quick to that point (oil)? Devmode? I have so far nothing seen from oil, only thing a chlorine geysir..
  5. I use the Oil preview and used 9x9 "999999999" as seed. Not only that it's freaking hot around me. Game forces me to use ore scrubber/chlorine. I can do it without, but impact is heavy. They get sick quick and with 3x speed, better reload, then say "sorry" I like it.
  6. In the new preview are new sounds. They sould not make game to easy. When ppl have "bad reflexes" they should stay away from 3 x speed ^^ I am no "optional"-stuff friend .
  7. When one dupe is using the manual wheel, another one is doing same animations. They sync up and when the dupe from the MW jumps off, the other starts to work again. It's not happening everytime, but when dupes jump/climb / change path/used object, just when the other one is starting the MW. Edit1: So far only turner seems to be influenced. I deactivated "power" job in turners job menue too, still the same Edit2: I can not give turner a "move to" order, but the one on the MW and then turners "ani-loop" is ending too.
  8. Ah ok, then it's not a new ani, ty. They do it after they got stuck (sometimes) before suffocate and then they "work" again.. Edit 2: Good tip ^^ They sync up animations. When one dupe is at powerwheel, another one sync the animation. After the dupe leaving the manual wheel, the other one "resets" too..
  9. Similar here. Sometimes dupes making a weird looping, after they got stuck (reset dupe ani?)(never seen that before(new?)). They get stuck everywhere.