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  1. I make a doublepost that you see it I have fixed it.. Emisoft online armor caused it I had to add the steam folder, to exclude it from firewall check. Really no clue why i had to do it and why it worked before, but wanted to let you now @Ipsquiggle Holy papoly ^.^
  2. Yes hoho brohoho it's already in there. ATI was never included, always Nvidia. Greetings you Thank you for the detailed answer I tried so many things now.. @Ipsquiggle Complete deinstall CCleaner regedit - remove everything Still crashing at menue, or at logo "stopped working" that really sucks, because ONI was my most loved game so far..
  3. Hey you, thank you for your time too. No *.log created but added the dxdiag in Greetings
  4. DxDiag uploaded @k_nicole Thank you for your time Edit: Sometimes i come to the menue before it stops working(...*.exe stopped working), sometimes at logo I reinstalled / verified by steam before oozi.txt
  5. Game still crashing, since November now (Vanilla)
  6. Same here what's up bros was running fine then update - nothing Waiting since then..
  7. I changed my impacted vent - designs a bit, not really a problem for me, but i am not an automation guru, like others here. I dunno if an option in vent menue (automated *checkbox*) would make things better. Perhaps secondary option to build old ones, without automation, would be better for gameplay.. You need to give modders some time, to fix their stuff for the new live branch updates
  8. So far i know there was a bug that cloned those button, the clone was removed only
  9. Yes i see it the same way. At first i thought they are someway distractive, but i got quick used to it and now i like the changes. Humanzees don't like changes in general, even if they are good. For me they are.
  10. I like that they stick with that to the "original" ONI design rules. Small sheets / screws / bolts, not so shiny and smooth like the reservoirs.