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  1. No need for rockets then.
  2. No No I do not use spacestuff so far. Spacebiome sucks for me and all that rocketstuff makes small sense only..
  3. How to get babies, without "love" and how do dupes give birth to babies? Like hatches do? About the "construction" part. Sure! But what about signs, to organize traffic? Perhaps a new suit, where we could put a critter in it (based on biome), to reduce dupe workload, while idle. (I made a quick "drawing" because madbro is to lazy, but i think it's important to "support" thinking "out of the box" (I used software to manipulate a picture)) Without signs, the idea is toast! Perhaps a petition could help, petitions are always nice and very important.
  4. Game loading time

    I tell you, when you find all!
  5. Store it for later When you pump gas out, temps of gas/room could climb up, keep that in mind..
  6. Before the washbin you could use a dupe checkpoint and a pressure plate below sink. When sink is used, no dupe can pass..
  7. Depends, how you build them. You can use a puddle of any liquid (one tile law of ONI)
  8. I am confused about the "Pls" part, sounds like "no" is optional, but ok perhaps to offtopic. Cley should add such arcs and they should toast dupes(better?).