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  1. Makes me wonder that noone complainsz about that But sweepy seems to use 25 kg refined metal, each time it has to recharge. When you remove the stored refined metal,dupes supply fresh one.
  2. When consumes sweepy the refined metal? Mhh my sweepys are consuming the refined metal - 100 kg
  3. Sweepy: "Errands"

    It means that your lazy dwarflings have freetime. Check later again^^
  4. Still crashing - no warning message - when i load your save for first time. When i then restart ONI and press continue with your save it runs for me. Nice compact high tech toy you built there, but i am having problems to understand, how things work, when others built them. When you want, you can explain it a bit more? My stoneage thing is very basic, when those drum areas get bigger, not all the audio is played at once, same level - offscreen silent. I would like when copied selections in sandbox - backspace, would keep the wiring configuration. 1.ogg
  5. I got a mod warning when it crashed two mods where missing or similar. No reason to say sorry, you did well I am no musican too, i try to replicate basic pattern / sample players. techno.wav
  6. Wow ^^ All that wiring for the simple melody? I can hear "only" beep boom boom boom bi da boom (loop) Mhh oni crashed once, loading your save and now i have no more automation overview.. ^^ Here my sound For me it would be nice when it would be possible to choose, when automation sound should be played without overlay. loop.wav loop auto.wav
  7. [Game Update] - 396529

    ONI has some very well hidden creative sound tools, reminds me at the old sample players. Sound dev is really great for this game. Nice updates!
  8. Let Duplicants Ride Sweepy

    I would like your suggestion very much, for dead dupes even more! Roopy could deliver fallen dwarflicants at the service station, for further use, but only when all tiles horizontally are filled (by natural or artificial tiles), If not, sweepy takes the dead body and throws it into the hole, to create a natural tile by decomposition, to fill layers with natural tiles! Same rules for placement, could be used, like pip ones. In combination with pips, players could create a natural paradise, very easy.
  9. Unfortunate Screencaps

    His last task, before he will cross rainbow bridge.
  10. When you overcharge base station, sweepy explodes. Then the dwarflicants have to collect all pieces, to build a new sweepy.
  11. I got a "oopsie" report sent. Was looking like falling sand caused it.
  12. ONI multiplayer

    Mhh sry bro, i can not share your point of view, perhaps it's OS related, because i did today a quick test on my main bus line and for me it worked up to 17% (bad weather conditions and birds reduced efficiency of test results by accident). Here are the passengers with fake stream oxygen not included multiplayer network setup. Here are the passengers without fake stream oxygen not included multiplayer network setup . I think anyone out there can see how much social impact ONI multiplayer could have!
  13. ONI multiplayer

    Sry bruh with only four players you can not even pull a dead herring from a cat. I would call it a good start! It could offer even more multiplayer options for ONI too, like hot seat, where up to 64 players swap seats in front of one gaming rig, could work mobile too! A whole bus filled with passengers, could play ONI together at once, with one smartphone in local lan (bluetooth)! Perhaps different teams from different bus routes could play against other different teams from different bus routes. I would not focus too much at flying buses for now with the lan developement, because i see no chance with any flexible enough lan cables, to setup teams for more then 100 cycles. For helicopters it could work, they are not so fast. On bicycle it would be problematic too and i see only little chances for surfers. Klei wake up, take the chancesz!