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  1. Yep, sometimes "empty storage" works too, but bugged since looong time..
  2. Eat Iron Marines for a while, to get bad taste away ^^
  3. That are hard conditions for a setup yes CO² will block flow of oil. Thats the reason i use a mesh tile(below vent), filled up with liquid and when stuff starts to overflow, i build walls. I used mesh tiles, because without sometimes those systems failed.
  4. Not really hard to setup, when you remove marked tiles, while filling it up. What there will be to much, will flow outside. When you need exact one tile with liquid (left example), you can mop the rest away, before finishing building.
  5. @Denisetwin Make a liquid lock out of pet / crude oil, then open the crude sour gas pocket, then the oil pockets, they have overpressure, could fill triple space..
  6. I don't need it, was an idea to calculate, how much could be stored on one tile.
  7. Perhaps someone can mod a pressure plate, to show such amounts..
  8. That sounds very complicated, for me. I would kill all slicksters, to increase efficiency and vent everything i do not need, into space.
  9. Playtime record

    and here we have an example how ppl waste their life, commenting other peoples wasted life.
  10. I have many hours on my clock, from that point ONI was worth every cent, but it changed. Last bunch of updates reduced my fun, to play with that game.