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  1. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    Oxygen not included blog Oxygen not included teamspeak chat Oxygen not included skype chat
  2. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    I will respond and add some more points! Lightning hit the house, router broken. Router firmware update failed, router broken Grandma crushed router with wheelchair, router broken Lightning hit cat and has to go to the vet first, before responding, cat broken Lost cash in casino, prepaid card empty, broken. Something with router or cat. Keyboard not responding, after lightning hit the hose. Lightning hit grandma, grandma broken. Peter Ulbrichant (1870-1967 † ) analyzed it much deeper.
  3. When they use lubricant for it, i would call it an exploit!
  4. Amen, Bread, Chicken, Dog, Tree, Cloud?
  5. I can see some birds in the trees around, filing a take down notice for DST, because of copyright issues
  6. When you run a big city, with all that traffic calculations there, i think it could be CPU hungry, like ONI is, but only Klei coders could know for sure. When you have a "fork", you can not eat "chicken soup" well with it, even when it's the finest chicken soup ever. Blaming the fork does not stop your hunger. All you can do is eating some cookies, even when you like chicken soup much more.
  7. Unity is not to blame for it. There are many well optimized games out there, running on Unity.
  8. .SAV gone ?

    When on windows, type -->*.sav <--- in the searchbar. If it's not there, then it's not there. You can always use "Save as" to create new safe file, i did it before i touched something evil, like volcano or Space biome.
  9. @Ipsquiggle I get for sure a "small" FPS increase, perhaps 5 FPS with the base in the attachment (from pre launch - zoomed out max. without mods). When i drag the screen around, it drops sometimes very much (below 20 FPS). At random times (not many), i get for 1/2 sec no ambient/game sound. (complete silence), i have music disabled, not sure if it stops too. When i zoom in, on fog of war areas, i get up to 60 FPS.. Saved Base (pre launch created) meth drei Cycle 862.sav