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  1. Good to know, that it works now for me (sharing seeds) ^^
  2. Make a screenie, i post one in debug, to see, if it's same.
  3. I tried some times to use a seed, found in the forum. Never worked, always different result.
  4. Berry Sludge farm

    Hmm i always avoided high quality food. May change ^^ Cool thing!
  5. It 's some times hotter, without problems *3
  6. I tried to reverse the process, with gasses. I was thinking to use the effect for steam heating. Mixing steam/co²/hydro. Possible?
  7. This is another dripcooling feature, but in the other version of this feature, the majority liquid takes the minority/input liquids temperature in a vertically way. In this example not. Its not cooling vertically, more horizontally, but it seems that the ladder has up to -10C less, then the input temp. Falling through 70C hot area. It only works, when ladder ends touching a bit liquid, but instant. Cool Ladder
  8. Last time i tried to play without any bug/exploit, i came to that point, where a dupe peed into oil biome and cooled the water accidentally.. When it's in the game, use it. I don't care ^^ Edit: It's no real gamebreaker for me, but sure it sucks..
  9. And when another icon is below that one?
  10. Wheezies are cheaty too ^^
  11. I search always for high learning and the trait. Happy that game loads quick ^^ reload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/rejectreload/reject
  12. I like it, because it looks like the Perlator mini V2!
  13. Such a great idea (no exotic materials needed and could be done easy without debug), ok when i copy it?
  14. Can the robocop arm reach through the tiles, where the puffs poop slime?