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  1. Transit Tubes

    If you could just bridge over them, there'd be no issue.
  2. That's so dumb. I've had it happen 3 times and thought the oil well was the only nearby source of water, but i'm still amazed.
  3. Speaking of obstacles, i find geysers to be the main one to worry about.
  4. I think that's Earth and you can't go there. Read the description it says "so and so is blocking travel here"
  5. I like around 30-40kg per tile minimum.
  6. You'd need 100 carbon skimmers to deal with it all. I think that's the point they're making.
  7. Knew it! I'd say it's worth keeping like 10 cycles default. Even if i never use them.
  8. Just curious, because i'm lazy, but does it just deselect your tool temporarily during the autosave?
  9. Just curious but is there a valid reason for stacks to be limited to 25t? When you can have millions of a resource in world, isn't splitting them into small stacks only a bad idea?
  10. Where dupes die? Not sure what you mean.
  11. What's it for anyway? Always wondered.
  12. I'm the same. I use them for a temporary break in to an area i'll be sealing up. Setting up a full V liquid lock is a pain to clean up unless you make them with multiple liquids, but they're 100% reliable.
  13. I get you. I was there too at first. However what drove me insane more was carving out huge storage areas all the time. Such a waste of good real estate lol.
  14. Recently i've started storing everything in one tile and having a sweep only automatic dispenser. That would solve your issue, no?
  15. I wouldn't mind if they stopped leaving 33g puddles and made liquid flow to it's inevitable gravity well. That wouldn't affect any of my liquid locks but would likely pacify anyone complaining that it's cheaty. Nobody is forcing you to use a tiny packet of liquid if that doesn't suit you.
  16. Simply changing it to 60w would help a lot in making them more attractive. I don't even collect wild lettuce, for that very reason.
  17. Liquid cooling loop help

    New liquid going into the loop needs to have lower priority. This means having a bridge onto the loop to fill gaps after liquid leaves.
  18. I mean, outside of dupe time it's only going to add power. But if you have a volcano you can design an oil boiler with steel tech level, as long as you cool down your petroleum before pumping it.
  19. I was in a similar situation on Oasisse with no oil biome or natural gas vents. You should at least have an oil reservoir and that alone, even if you manually convert the oil into petroleum, should provide enough power. It's not efficient but combine that with the natural gas from converting water into oil and you have something viable early and mid game. I tried ethanol production and sage hatches for coal but the demand was just too high to be reliable, though i'm sure they helped.
  20. Agreed. Also, store them separately to the save file so we can manually delete them.
  21. Steam Achievements question

    I disabled mine by accident because i had a habit of using Alt+Q to move stuff when i was lazy.
  22. I will note that my old 2200 cycle save file is below half the size of my latest 800 cycle save file.