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  1. New base. My fourth dupe can't learn any skills. Help appreciated.
  2. Black screen as if the cursor had moved to a dark area when you come out of jobs menu.
  3. Ah OK, so it's not a new tool it's the addition of the old copy settings to new stuff. Thanks!
  4. Uh what copy tool? What do you need to do to see it?
  5. Experimental updates aren’t for existing save games. If you want to use an existing save game and keep your game stable, wait for the patch to be live.
  6. The Morale thing is only important if you are playing with stress on right? If you don't play with stress on then it doesn't matter what the Morale setting is, correct?
  7. New dupes no longer will find an available bed, noting that this happened after I added a dupe and forgot to give her a job. She then didn't find a bed, so I assigned her one. But no other dupe who I added after her found a bed either.
  8. The other question is why do I care? Or is this regarding changes to come?
  9. I'm not getting the scheduler to work. How do I paint the schedule?
  10. Try going into Properties and validating your files.
  11. If you aren't on Linux I guess, try restarting Steam and verifying your files, that worked for me.
  12. My save game no longer loads It worked this morning.
  13. Bottom right buttons still don't work consistently for me unless I run the Razer software. I use a Razer mouse.